Feb 18, 2014

Plushenko returns to the ice on March 18 in St. Petersburg

Plushenko returns to the ice on March 18 in St. Petersburg

The most discussed news last week was the news of the departure of Evgeni Plushenko from the sport. This topic has caused heated discussion among admirers skater. Later it became known that the athlete will participate in the farewell tour and still delight audiences. Now we have information on when the ice will Eugene after the Olympics for the first time - performance will take place on March 18 in "Ice Palace" of St. Petersburg.

This news was published on the official website Plushenko. In "Show Champions and friends" involved such as figure skating stars as Irina Slutskaya, Johnny Weir, Brian Joubert and Stephane Lambiel. Recall first performance originally was to be held in Izhevsk March 3, but due to health problems Eugene tour start date was postponed.

According to organizers of the show, "tickets purchased on deferred show valid." Also the team skater and he brings "sincere apologies for the inconvenience".

Plushenko returns to the ice on March 18 in St. Petersburg

Rodriguez & Delevingne are a pair?!

For weeks is rumored that supermodel Cara Delevingne between and actress Michelle Rodriguez runs. That the two strikingly understand well, is no secret. However, whether their relationship is purely platonic or goes beyond a pure friendship, was still unclear -. Yet now Michelle has made even the rumors to an end

In an interview with the English Mirror made the former Lost actress no move more to hide their affection for the 14 years younger model. When asked about the relationship of the two she replied.. "It's going very well between us is so cool when we started to spend time together, I just thought she was just great and we just have a good time together but they. can also be quite tough. You do not want to mess with her ... "

rumors of a love affair between Cara and Michelle were first emerged after the beginning of the year were closer come quite publicly at a basketball game. It is now even been speculation about whether the two openly bisexual women want to move in together.

Pete Wentz will soon become a new dad

Social networking is becoming an integral part in the lives of celebrities. Not so long ago using instagrama Doutzen Cruz announced her pregnancy. 34-year-old member of the «Fall Out Boy» Pete Wentz decided to do the same drummer posted a photo on his page, which shows he and his girlfriend Megan Camper. Musician holding his hand on his stomach and his beloved thus alludes to the fact that she is pregnant. Caption bassist wrote:
 "We are extremely pleased to announce that we are expecting a baby!"
Recall Pete Weitz was previously married to Ashlee Simpson, but the marriage did not last long pair (2008-2011). During life together with Pete and Ashley was born a boy, named Bronx Mowgli Wentz. Now the child is 3 years.

In Sochi police detained Tolokonnikova and Alekhine

Hope Tolokonnikova and Maria Alekhina detained in connection with the theft, which was made at the hotel where they live. This "Interfax" stated in the Department of Internal Affairs of Sochi.

As emphasized by the police, along with Alekhina and Tolokonnikova police interrogate all hotel guests. Adler Head Police Department said that the girl did not formally delivered to the site, and invited for interview. Told "Heathcliff" said lawyer Alexander Popkov, who arrived in the department. The hotel "Malachite" stated that they recorded case of theft of the purse, according to WSJ.

Activists were arrested on February 18 in the afternoon near the seaport. They were placed in the paddy wagon and taken to the police station. Together with Tolokonnikova and Alekhina, according Popkov detained 12-15 people, including a journalist of "Novaya Gazeta" Eugene Feldman. Journalist of "Radio Liberty" Anastasia Kirilenko published a video from the site.

Hope Tolokonnikova told that in Sochi activists came to a series of actions, namely to come up with the song "Putin will teach you to love their homeland." Composition dedicated activists who are being persecuted for political reasons. The speeches by participants Pussy Riot planned to mount a music video. At the moment of detention, according Tolokonnikova, they did not spend the shares, and just walking down the street.

Tolokonnikova and Alekhina in late 2013 under an amnesty came from the colony, where he was serving two-year terms for the performance of the song "Lady, Putin Put . " After his release from prison girls traveled to Europe and the U.S., and on his return to Russia went to Sochi.

New Love Nest for Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas

After Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult spent a common love vacation in the British home of the actor, they demonstrated with a public kiss at the Golden Globes love. Shortly thereafter was also known that the two young stars got engaged. Together, they now want to start in their future.

To go a step further in the direction of a life together, told The Sun that the two have now bought a house in England.
 "Jen loves the English lifestyle and the two together it's serious. So it makes sense, somewhere to buy something,"
 said a confidant told the newspaper.

 "They fell in love with the house when she saw it. Know that it is not realistic at this point in their careers, to live in the UK, but they want a common retreat have" revealed the insider.

your new home should be very near Nicholas 'parents' home in Berkshire. During her Christmas visit, the two should have fallen in love with the house that they have bought now.

Irina Muravyova father died

Irina Muravyova not want to see strangers on her husband's funeral

His father died in a Moscow hospital due to stroke - told reporters youngest son Eugene Kuchma.

Official farewell to Leonid Eidlin will not - only the funeral service in the church, after which the director will be buried in a Moscow cemetery. Date and place of burial Irina V. prefer to hide from the press, only notifying the relatives.

Irina Muravyova father died

Paparazzi: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham

In spite of all the rumors and detractors Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham continue to prove to the public that about any crisis and their relations can be no question. Paparazzi have caught the famous couple on the streets of London. Supermodel and action star had a romantic evening in one of the capital's schools.

For Dating girl chose a black outfit: tight pants, coat volume, high boots one shade. Bright accent image became red lipstick Rosie and elegance "angel" Victoria's Secret has added a massive gold necklace. But even precious jewel on faded background happy smile Whiteley, who never left her face.

Do supermodels have reason to rejoice: a successful career and beloved boyfriend. Jason not only leads the girl on a date, but gives nice gifts. Rosie shared with fans on Instagram image bouquet presented to her actor on Valentine's Day. Statham praise for their attention to the beloved and enjoy the fresh pair of images.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon will spend the whole day with a fan for 10 $

Ben Affleck and Matt charity

Friends and colleagues of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon went back to their good deeds. So, Hollywood actors invite all who wish to spend time with them for a fee - it's about the symbolic sum of ten dollars.

However, not everything is so simple the lucky ones who get the chance to spend a day with the stars, can be only one people. Determine the winner of the lot.

Charity action from the actors was invented in order to collect money to assist the residents of the Congo. All funds raised will be directed to the organization of Eastern Congo and Water.org Initiative, whose founders are precisely Affleck and Damon.

Worth noting that in videoprizyve stars, which appeared online a few days ago, my friends could not dispense with quips and jokes about each other that fans of the film industry figures, certainly appreciated.

But the jokes are not over - after a while Damon again became the object of ridicule from Affleck, which this time joined Jimmy Kimmel.

All started with the fact that broadcaster retvitnul post actor calling to participate in it with a friend charity event. Word for word, and already the main topic of conversation turned Damon reluctance to join social networking.
Matt might be too afraid to Twitter, because nobody loved him.
This Kimmel created the hashtag # FaxingMattDamon. However

actor did not even think to take offense and even more jokes colleagues leave unanswered. So, Matt offenders sent a fax with a picture of his fifth point and signed it:
Dear Ben and Jimmy. This is my fax number. Love MD. 

jokes Matt Damon