Feb 16, 2014

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski had a daughter

Today, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski were first parents. Girl named Hazel.

34-year-old actor said about this in Twitter:

wanted to share the news firsthand. Emily and incredibly happy that today was born the daughter of Hazel! Happy birthday!

Note couple announced the pregnancy in September 2013 Emily. Actors married in 2010 in Italy.

candid photoshoot: Alena Vinnitskaya pleased fans

Pictures in which it is embodied in the lower red lingerie, Alena Vinnitskaya has posted on his page on "Facebook." The singer appeared in a playful romantic form, which, first of all, pleased with her husband, musician Sergei Grand.

Pair have been together for 20 years. Sergei was personally present at the shooting with make-up artist and photographer, and identified good and bad shots.

Alena Vinnitskaya photoshoot

Alena Vinnitskaya photoshoot

Photos: Ksenia Sobchak in Ukrainian costume visited Evromaydan

Controversial Russian TV presenter found time for a visit to Evromaydan

Ksenia Sobchak now more than ever in demand on Ukrainian television. According to rumors, the Russian star has invited just two Ukrainian TV channel. On one of them Xenia today premiered dance show "Pristrast? on parket?" ("Ukraine"), which will be attended by Ukrainian celebrities with their halves.

 In between filming Sobchak informally expressed a desire to visit Evromaydan. TV presenter and journalist refused public appearances, as she wanted to just chat with the protesters and express their support evromaydanovtsam. Interestingly, for a visit 32-year-old TV star has chosen very urgent look - Ukrainian national costume.

Ksenia Sobchak in Ukrainian costume visited Evromaydan

Ksenia Sobchak in Ukrainian costume visited Evromaydan

Ksenia Sobchak in Ukrainian costume visited Evromaydan

Marina Aleksandrova gave his parents wedding in Maldives

Marina Aleksandrova gave his parents wedding in Maldives

Russian actress celebrated in an unusual way with his father and mother shared their anniversary - 30 years of marriage

Marina Aleksandrova parents presented a very romantic gift - wedding arranged them in exotic Maldives.

It looked so present that Marina "handed" mom and dad on the 30th anniversary of their marriage.

According to the actress, the ceremony was insanely beautiful. Wife again uttered an oath of loyalty to each other surrounded by flowers and even received a marriage certificate. After the official part of the "newlywed" waiting for a gala dinner on the beach, writes portal "7 days".

Interestingly, when it came time to fly home, the father asked the organizers Marina give him the pictures and video from the celebration, but oddly enough, he was only the pictures and video from the wedding will be transferred to a state institution Maldives.

found that in accordance with local laws, this marriage is official, so Marina joked that if her parents want when someday divorce, they have to do it in the Maldives.

Bradley Cooper and other stars at the pre-party BAFTA

On the eve of today's 67th BAFTA awards in London held a party in honor of stellar nominees.

Guests pre-party "British" Oscars "were Bradley Cooper and Sookie Waterhouse, Amy Adams, Lily Allen, Lupita Nyong'o, Helen Mirren Olga Kurylenko, Poppy Delvin, Naomie Harris and many other celebrities.

note home party was organized with the support of the fashion house Chanel, so Lupita Nyong'o, Olga Kurylenko, Lily Allen and other celebrities wearing dresses and accessories of this particular brand. Note also branded clutches.

Again, the prestigious BAFTA Film Awards will be held tonight.

Charlie Sheen and Brett Rossi engaged

Yesterday Charlie Sheen proposed to his 24-year-old girl - porn actress Brett Rossi. The couple spent Valentine's Day in Hawaii.

Previously appeared in the press rumors that lovers supposedly already married. But this time, information about the engagement confirmed publicist Jeff Ballard bus.

For 48-year-old Charlie this is the fourth wedding, he was married to model Donna Peel in 1995, actress Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller.

wedding date yet Rossi is not assigned. Porn actress gave a comment portal E!:
Yes! We're engaged! He behaved like a gentleman and knelt. I totally did not expect it. We had a lovely Valentine's Day. He made me an offer in the early morning after we met the dawn.

Ring classic and beautiful, but I do not have photos to share with you. This is the happiest moment in our lives. Charlie - my best friend and soul mate. 
Recall that on the novel by Charlie Brett became known only in November 2013, when the couple was vacationing in Mexico.

Kanye West: Shoes auctioned For 16 million

Kanye West Shoes auctioned

Kanye West is a man of extremes. Whenever the rapper has his finger in the pie, it must be greater than ever. A good example of this is the planned day-long and pompous wedding ceremony, he wants to celebrate with Kim Kardashian. But now he has probably taken care of for a new record for eternity. 

Here, the musicians had actually only indirectly something to do with it. But to the beginning: For the sporting goods manufacturer Nike Kanye had brought the sneaker collection "Air Yeezy 2" on the market. The course was a very short time - more precisely ten minutes - sold out. Even if that's a record, but this is not yet the record. Following many of the copies on eBay have been offered and one of the couples went for the incredible price of 16 million dollars over the table! The lucky buyer of a pair of shoes could even purchase a villa in West Hollywood or about 30 Ferraris for the money.

An incredible price for a single pair of shoes. The other auction winners had more luck, because they paid an average of $ 15,000, which is also still a lot of wood. In the shop the transgressors the way only cost $ 245.

scandal: Stefan Raab does not know the der Bachelor

In Schlag den Raab there besides sports games and skill tests with traditional Whatever the duel in "Shame or Cash". The counterparty get actual questions from different categories provided, where they can shine with general knowledge. In the first issue of the year it came on the quiz even see an exciting showdown in the suddenly intervened and the Bachelor! But Christian Tews was not a surprise guest of the show, but one of the trickiest questions of the contest

After Elton presented his boss Stefan Raab and whose opponent Michael the question of what TV format you know the Berlin Christian Tews. But instead of as quickly as possible to cut down on the buzzer and to smash the correct answer was found in the faces of the two gaping void. Neither Raab nor the candidate knew that Christian is the Rose Cavalier, looking more or less successfully his great love in South Africa. After a few seconds of silence quizmaster Elton finally broke the tension and said: "The Bachelor!" But this resolution presented Stefan Raab not satisfied because the only annoyed countered: "I remember me the name of a matter of principle not" A nasty provocation towards Bachelor!

However, despite the knowledge gap Stefan grabbed the quiz and won the match ball for themselves!