Feb 15, 2014

Kristen Stewart: Women are not the 'weaker sex'

Kristen Stewart | Instagram

Kristen Stewart breaks a lance for the women's world. In a recent interview with the magazine, stylist 'she spoke out against sexism from 

"People refer to women as the weaker sex - that's crazy.", The ex-Twilight Beauty. "You have to argue against it and be prepared for things that are hard and serious."

"The female pursuit is different than that of men. Men have an instinct to make a mark in the world, that we remember them, "Kristen explained. Women, however, are considered to be "filled with the selfless drive to create things. ., But the largest part of efforts to find out what can be good, and to pursue it "

" It's a total cliche - a man in a position of power is regarded as self-confident, a woman is, however, a , bitch. '"In addition, Kristen Stewart thinks that people are much quicker to stop to listen to a woman when they do it in a man.

Debby Ryan announces first album 'One' for June to

Debby Ryan announces first album 'One' for June to
Just to be an actress, Debby Ryan is not enough. She wants to make a name as a singer. Together with her band "The Never Ending" working on her first album. 

The plate is titled "One" and is already on 24 June hit the stores. "The album does not exist because I wanted to make an album", the "Jessie" star said in an interview with the, Billboard 'magazine.

"It probably exists in spite of myself as an actress I tell the stories of others and that gives me a certain feeling of security. But I have developed this insatiable desire to tell stories out of my head and speak from my heart. "

Only in December took Debby and her band, a cover of the song" Santa Baby "and placed it with a matching music video online.

The album consists of nine songs and helped Debby Ryan to find her voice. "It's happy, it's fun, it's love and stubborn, it's broken, hurt and healing."

"My band members are my best friends and the most real guys I ever met. To know that I can tell them each side of a story without having to judge me ... this is such a great feeling. Instead, they help me to convey the stories correctly. You have truly become my brothers. "

Miley Cyrus presented show Bangerz Tour in Vancouver

Miley Cyrus presented show Bangerz Tour in Vancouver

Yesterday Miley Cyrus concert tour opened Bangerz Tour outrageous concert in Vancouver, Canada.

At the beginning of the show 21-year-old singer emerged from the huge layout own head. More precisely - rolled off the plastic first!

Miley changed for more than ten evening dresses - as the selection, very frank. Singer straddled a huge hotdog, gold car and danced twerking with blue bear.

Describe bright show impossible, so let's evaluate the performances Cyrus photos.

Miley Cyrus presented show Bangerz Tour in Vancouver

Miley Cyrus presented show Bangerz Tour in Vancouver

Kandelaki saved from evil spirits

Tina Kandelaki pictures from the gym

Blog Tina Kandelaki still full of pictures and videos from the gym.

"Guys, you little beaten as a child. It must be remembered! "- Says Tina, showing intricate exercise resembling boxing punch.

TV star also delighted fans a new tattoo. Kandelaki made tattoo on his leg in the form of a scorpion. It is known that such a tattoo has long been used by Indians and Africans as a form of protection from evil spirits and bad people. The main thing that Tina herself did not become as poisonous.

Kandelaki tattooed tattoo from evil spirits

Christina Aguilera and Matt Rattler engaged

Christina Aguilera and Matt Rattler engaged

In Valentine's Day February 14 Christina Aguilera announced on Twitter that is engaged to her boyfriend - filmmaker Matt Rattler.

Couple together since 2010: the singer met with loved the movie "Burlesque." While Aguilera was in the process of divorce with Jordan heavy Bretmenom.

So yesterday Christina wrote the following on Twitter:
He asked for my hand, and I said ...
Next Aguilera shared a photo of hands sealed lovers, Christina's finger - the ring with a huge diamond

So, obviously, 33-year-old singer said, "Yes!"

Insider magazine People says:
They are very in love with each other and anticipate the next step in a relationship!
Recall Christina has a son from his marriage to Max Bretmenom.

Christina Aguilera's engagement ring

Simon Cowell has become a father for the first time

Simon Cowell has become a father for the first time

Producer of the TV show X Factor Simon Cowell became a father for the first time: the former wife of his friend - New York it girl Lauren Silverman bore him a son. Boy named Eric.

First information was confirmed by a representative of a TV presenter, and then he wrote about it in Twitter:

happy to announce that Eric was born ... He's healthy and cute. Lauren feels great. Thank you all for your kind messages. We named my son after my dad.

Source People magazine added:

Lauren feels great. With her not only her parents, but mom and dad Simon. They are very happy. Everybody is excited. Is it possible to be happier? Wonderful kid.

Recall pregnancy Lauren became known in July 2013. It was a surprise to many, as the girl at the time was married to a close friend of Cowell Andrew Silverman. In December, a couple a divorce. They have an 8-year-old son Adam.

On The Ellen DeGeneres Show music mogul Cowell said:

situation was not very comfortable. But it happens - now everything is quiet, I'm happy.

Regarding education son, 53-year-old Simon holds this opinion:

I want as quickly as possible to teach him what I can myself, and hand over the reins. I really dream to teach him how to conduct business producer. 

Zhanna Friske:Treatment goes according to plan

Zhanna Friske  Treatment cancer

Doctors conducted a consultation. Treatment Zhanna Friske goes according to plan - shared with "KP" close friend of the singer, "Mrs. Russia 2012" Anna Gorodzhaya. - We called up with Zhanna - her voice cheerful. She laughs and optimistic. Understands that the treatment will last for one month, but it warms that close relatives - husband and friend Dima Shepelyov Olga Orlova. And most importantly - the doctors are very good. American doctors tell her the right thing: "Everything will be okay We will win! Look out the window - what nature, life is beautiful!"

Zhanna Friske and all her friends to thank fans for their support. For it is very important that millions of people supported her in difficult times, not only money but also prayers.

Ellen Page has announced his sexual orientation (VIDEO)

Recently at a conference in support of the LGBT community in Las Vegas star "Juno" Ellen Page has announced his sexual orientation:

I am here today because I am a lesbian. Maybe I can change something and help others. I feel a personal obligation and responsibility to society. 

26-year-old Ellen continued:
All this is strange: I'm an actress, which in some ways is an industry that imposes on us all unrealistic standards. Not only young people, but at all. Standards of beauty. Successful life. Forced to admit that such standards and influenced me.

To mind put certain ideas, thoughts, which did not exist before. They tell you how to behave, how to dress and what to be. I'm trying to counter this, be yourself, follow your heart. But it's hard. 

    At the end of the speech the actress wished everyone a happy Valentine's Day.

    Later in Twitter Paige thanked fans for their support.

    Note that in the near future we will see an independent drama "Freeheld", which together with Paige plays Julianne Moore.