Feb 14, 2014

With low cut look, Beyonce is just dance the side of her sister

The American singer has spared no expense in the excitement party during Fashion Week in New York

The singer Beyoncé was the center of attention during a party at fashion week in New York. Accompanied her sister Solange Knowles and friends, the mother of little Blue Ivy, two years, squandered good shape in a short one platinum look that left her belly bare.

Saint-Valentin Mariah Carey is back...(video clip)

Suitable for Valentine's Day Mariah Carey is back with new music and an accompanying video clip. "You're Mine (Eternal) 'is for" Beautiful "and" The Art of Letting Go "is already the third single from her 14th Studio album "The Art of Letting Go". 

The right music video was shot at the El Yunque National Forest in Puerto Rico. The singer dances, embellished with glitter, in the forest and swims with an evening gown through the water. Rapper Trey Songz, which can be heard in the remix of the song that plays in the clip the lover, sings about the Carey.

Four days before the publication presented Mariah Carey her fans "You're Mine (Eternal) "For the first time, when she saw him live at the BET Honors on 8 February was performing. After her performance she chirped joyfully, "I had so much fun for my Lambs to sing and surprise them."

Katy Perry granted her fans

Forget Cleopatra - here's Katy-Patra! Katy Perry granted her fans a first look at their new music video for the single "Dark Horse" 

it she takes on the role of the last queen of the Egyptian Ptolemaic and adheres to their look -. Except for the grills, Cleopatra 2000 years ago certainly did not contribute.

In the video it says, "There are legends about a magical Queen of Memphis, Egypt. At any blackout traveled the kings of Brooklyn to Babylon in order to win her heart. When she falls in love, you're a top mate. "

His video premiere" Dark Horse "on 20 Celebrate in February. Until then we will have to wait for us to find out who will win the heart of Katy-Patra.

The single is for "Roar" and "Unconditionally" the third single from "Prism", the fourth Studio album by Katy Perry. In the U.S. the song made it to number 1 on the Billboard charts.

David Beckham and Prince William came to the defense of wild animals

David Beckham and Prince William came to the defense of wild animals

Yesterday in London, held a press conference dedicated to the protection of wildlife. Among the main presenters at this meeting - Prince Charles and his sons William and Harry.

Monarchs issued a statement in which they expressed their dissatisfaction with the situation and insisted that it was time to take some action:

Need to take urgent measures to put an end to trade in animals, which has become a serious threat not only to wildlife and people defending it, but also for the safety of many countries. 

Prince Harry, Prince William and Prince Charles

In addition, the network has two videos by William Prince, who urges people not to support the wildlife trade, but rather to help save them.

The action charity WildAid also attended by famous footballer David Beckham and Chinese basketball player Yao Ming, the company which made the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II on the set of rollers.

David Beckham and Prince William came to the defense of wild animals

Ksenia Sobchak will be leading the dance show in Ukraine

Socialite coming months will spend the weekend in Kiev on filming the show "Passions on the floor", which starts on February 23 channel "Ukraine".

Ksenia Sobchak will arrive in Kiev directly to the shooting - every Sunday. Russian star will live in one of the most luxurious hotels in the capital - "Hyatt", located in the city center. This location was chosen Ksjushej ulterior motive - the wife of actor Maxim Vitorgan actively interested in the events in the Evromaydane. As for the rider - supernatural delights star does not require fresh fruit, vegetables and water.

Noteworthy that one of the judges of the new show will be Eugene Papunaishvili with which Ksenia Sobchak took part in one of the dance projects.

By the way, recently recorded an interview with Ksenia Ukrainian politician Oleg Tyagnibok for channel "Rain" - discussing the opposition, nationalism and attitudes toward Jews.

The star of 'Transformers' Megan Fox gave birth to second son

The star of "Transformers" Megan Fox became a mother for the second time. On Thursday, February 13th, she gave birth to a son, reports Daily Mail. Childbirth attended husband Brian Austin Green actress. Happy parents named the baby, not reported.

On the second pregnancy of the actress became known in August last year. Firstborn acting couple - Noah Shannon Greene - was born in September 2012. For Brian Austin Green was the third newborn child: actress Vanessa Marcil from it has 11-year-old son Cassius Lidge.

During her second pregnancy, Megan Fox worked hard. "At home runs year-old child, and I myself work 16 hours a day. So when I get home, I do not sleep, and try to spend time with my son, "- she said in an interview.

Hollywood mourns! Ralph Waite died

Great sadness in Hollywood: Within a few days you have to say goodbye to Shirley Temple now of another drama-size. Ralp Waite is peacefully asleep yesterday. The hollywood reporter reported, citing Waites press secretary. The Hollywood star was 85 years old. 

Best known Ralph Waite for his role in the cult series "The Waltons", where he played the family head John Walton Sr.. He had one of his last appearances on the American soap opera "Days of Our Lives". Since Ralph Waite made his debut in the 1960s, he appeared in numerous film and television productions as an actor. He played small roles in such renowned shows such as Cold Case, Bones, Grey's Anatomy or NCIS. In the thriller "Bodyguard" of the 1992 Ralph Waite played alongside music legend Whitney Houston (48) and actor Kevin Costner (59).

The Hollywood star is survived by his third wife two daughters. With its numerous films Ralph Waite will be memorable.

In the royal family expected to arrive

In the web appear regularly talk about what the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting their second child. According to rumors, Kate Middleton and Prince William dream for his daughter and would like to call a girl after her grandmother - Diana.

Despite the fact that the representative of Buckingham Palace did not give official statements about pregnancy Kate, Duchess herself again given rise to gossip about the replenishment of their family. On one of the recent events she came to free dress and the audience noticed that the young woman was repeatedly covered belly hand.