Feb 11, 2014

One Direction to do cameo in Glee

One Direction to do cameo in Glee

The biggest boy band of today must attend 'Glee' soon. The boys from One Direction were negotiating an appearance on the Fox musical comedy channel 

The five British boys have had two of his songs from the soundtrack of attraction, but now they must appear in the flesh aisles . of William McKinley High School

Matthew Morrison, who lives teacher Will commented on the possible signing for the Daily Star tabloid: "They are not much older than high school students, so students could live."

The season, however, already has a good team of special appearances, including Kristin Chenoweth turns and Gwyneth Paltrow in the episode number 100, special that will air next March 18 in the United USA.

Good deeds master Mark Zuckerberg topped the list of the most generous philanthropists in 2013

It should be noted that the act did not go unnoticed businessman - publication Chronicle of Philanthropy published a list of the most generous benefactors of the last year, whose leader and became a world-renowned entrepreneur.

Recall that a tidy sum, which Zuckerberg listed on good deeds, to the cost of 18 million shares of Facebook, developer and founder of which he is. The proceeds amounted to almost 970 million dollars.

In second place among the most generous people of the USA appeared late chairman of the oil and gas and construction of Mitchell Energy & Development, George Mitchell. According to his will at last year's charity was transferred $ 750 million.

Third place ranking went to the founder and one of the owners of the sports company Nike Philip Knight. Businessman and his wife Penelope donated $ 500 million.

Kim Kardashian sisters are ashamed of their father

Kim Kardashian's stepfather, 63-year-old Bruce Jenner, the other day was the first time seen in public since hondrolaringo plastiki surgery to remove the Adam's apple. In addition, a man boosted and made fashionable hair coloring "Ombre". However, such a metamorphosis into confusion his daughters - Kendall and Kylie Jenners.

«Kylie and Kendall did not know what to think. They are confused. After Bruce really began to look more feminine! Especially hard for 16-year-old Kylie, because some of her friends released jokes about the appearance of her father. Furthermore, ridicule in the media also took their toll. And if Kendall continues to spend time with his father, then Kylie does so only on the set, "- said the source RadarOnline.

However, the first wife of Olympic champion in decathlon 1976 Linda Thompson, and their sons Brody and Brandon fully support Bruce Jenner. They believe that all my fault current wife Kris Jenner Bruce. Woman known for his passion for plastic surgery, and has placed it on her husband.

Yulia Lipnitskaia absolutely can not eat

Russian figure skater Yulia Lipnitskaia, which won the audience and the judges with his performance at the Olympic Games in Sochi, forced every day to fight against excess weight. About this portal Team Russia-2014 told coach athletes Etery Tutberidze.

«In my work with not face - she just can not eat at all. <...> When she needed to lose weight, it is the only powder "squeeze" - a fiber that gives energy. It is heavy, and the weight goes down very slowly - from 100 grams per day, "- said Tutberidze, stressing that the 15-year-old athlete himself to deprive.

Now the youngest athlete of the Russian team flew to Moscow from Sochi. Here she will train next week. The fact that the skater is not enough ice in Sochi, and a half-hour sessions a day it is not enough. While Yulia Lipnitskaia will prepare for the short program, which will present on February 19, her coach ponders how to cope with the excitement of the Trust. Indeed, during the team tournament skater nervous.

«We need to draw conclusions and to understand why she started to get nervous. Team tournament ride harder, because any program need to win again from scratch, because the results of the short program and are not considered as lost earnings would be an advantage there. Wheels canceled and need to re-win the first place "- said Tutberidze.

Singer Valeria pregnant

Producer Joseph Prigogine and his wife, singer Valeria have repeatedly stated that they wanted to have a child. Given that Valerie for 45 years, the couple thought about the possibility of recourse - as did Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin - the services of a surrogate mother. But in the end, Joseph and Valerie decided to try to have a baby on their own.

They are to be congratulated: in a recent interview Prigogine said Valeria pregnant. Happy husband said that it is now in the second month. Tours will continue until April. According to rumors, to avoid excessive media attention, Valeria will give birth to one of the foreign clinics.

Half-sister famous Hollywood actress Julia Roberts was found dead

Half-sister famous Hollywood actress Julia Roberts was found dead

37-year-old Nancy Motes found in the bathroom. She left a suicide note.

Half-sister famous Hollywood actress Julia Roberts was found dead in a bathtub in her own home.

According to preliminary reports, 37-year-old Nancy Motes died from an overdose.

What exactly killed the half-sister of actress - medication or drugs, is not specified. We only know that in her home found a lot of medications.

Also it is not clear whether it was suicide or an accident. After investigators found in the house Motes dying message, transmits Reuters.

Results of toxicological examination, which will establish the cause of death, there will be no earlier than 8-10 weeks.

Nancy Motes was the sister of famous actors Julia Roberts and Eric Roberts, she was born in their mother's remarriage.

very same star of films "Pretty Woman" and "Notting Hill" on Monday was not on predoskarovsky lunch, which arranged the Academy of Motion Picture Arts USA.

recall a similar death two years ago died singer Whitney Houston. At the conclusion of the coroner, the singer drowned in the bathtub, unconscious, most likely a heart attack. And it in turn could trigger the use of cocaine - in the blood found traces of the drug.

Examination also showed that the 48-year-old Houston suffered atherosclerosis. Its dependence on cocaine and alcohol singer made no secret - she was trying to deal with it for years, with varying success, but was never able to win.

Congratulations! Nadine Coyle is now Mama

Nadine Coyle even revealed that she is pregnant and expecting a girl. Long the Girls Aloud member had his fans in the dark when it came to the father of her baby, but even here the singer broke the riddle itself, because the dad is Jason Bell. After the couple had just separated, the two came back together and are now engaged have also during the Christmas season

And after the lovely engagement news now follows the next, joyous event. The baby is finally here! Nadine Coyle was the first time mom and was able to welcome her daughter to the world. "I am happy to let you know that our little girl is here. She's great, I love being mommy and will keep you up to date," she wrote on Twitter.

In time for the birth of their child got the singer already some congratulations from her bandmates. So tweeted Cheryl Cole: "It's official, it's a baby Aloud!" And Nicola Roberts said the couple their congratulations: "There is a little baby Aloud Congratulations Nadine Coyle and Jason for your little girl I'm so happy that she is healthy and here!."

Kim Kardashian is going to miss his mother house

Kim Kardashian is going to miss his mother house

33-year-old TV star Kim Kardashian is going to miss his mother's house, where she currently lives with her husband, Kanye West, and 8-month-old daughter Nord.

The chic and rapper estate teledivy currently undergoing renovations, which should end before the wedding ceremony, which is scheduled for this summer. Although Kim is looking forward to moving into his own estate, it is recognized that it will be difficult to leave the house of her mother Kris Jenner.

On Mobio INsider Kardashian fan asked why she does not live alone, because she has enough money to rent a flat for every taste, what TV star said: "I really did not expect that the repair of our house will drag on for such a long time. But now I love living here. It is what I have and I enjoy spending time with my mom and sisters. Of course, I'm ready to move into a new home when he is ready, but I'm sure going to miss and this house. And sure my family will also miss me, especially my mother. After all, there's nothing better than to see every day own child ».

Couple who got engaged in October, hoping to enter his own home at the end of last year, but constantly postponed. Repair already spent about half a million dollars, how much more should spend - is still unknown. It is known that among other frills - gold bowls, personal cinema and a full basketball court. Even before the pair announced that he was going to spend on repairs twice as much money than property itself.

Léa Seydoux and Vincent Cassel at the premiere of 'Beauty and the Beast'

Léa Seydoux and Vincent Cassel at the premiere of Beauty and the Beast

In Paris the premiere screening of the film directed by Christophe Gans "Beauty and the Beast". The main stars of the evening were Vincent Cassel and Léa Seydoux, who chose for this event short dress from Elie Saab and golden shoes Christian Louboutin.

There on the red carpet and other stars - Seydou colleague on the film "Life Adele" Adele Ekzarkopulos and Salma Hayek, who had come to watch a movie with her husband Francois-Henri Pinault and daughter Valentina.

Léa Seydoux and Vincent Cassel at the premiere of Beauty and the Beast

Léa Seydoux and Vincent Cassel at the premiere of Beauty and the Beast

Léa Seydoux and Vincent Cassel at the premiere of Beauty and the Beast

Léa Seydoux at the premiere of Beauty and the Beast

Léa Seydoux at the premiere of Beauty and the Beast

Léa Seydoux at the premiere of Beauty and the Beast

the premiere of Beauty and the Beast