Feb 6, 2014

Russian celebrities organized a party in honor of Bradley Cooper

Russian celebrities organized a party in honor of Bradley Cooper

Yesterday in the capital nightclub Russian celebrities organized a party in honor of the star of David O. Russell's comedy "The Sting-American" Bradley Cooper, who just recently came to Moscow fans. Obviously, Sookie Waterhouse so busy modeling career, I was not able to make the actor company. Or, perhaps, a friend of the nominee on "Oscar" frightened Russian frosts?

In any case, the Hollywood star warmly welcomed the newly minted wife Ida Lolo and Alexei Kiselyov, Kira Plastinina, Veledeeva Daria, Daria Subbotin, Laura Jugelia Vick Steep, Katya Mukhina and many other amateur and amateur acting Cooper.

party in honor of Bradley Cooper

Ida Lolo et Aleksei Kiselev

Ida Lolo

Kira Plastinina

Daria Veledeeva and Kira Plastinina

Katya Muhina

Daria Subbotin

Laura Jugelia Jana Valencia and Vic Steep

Kira Plastinina and Laura Jugelia

Anastasia Vinokur

Olga Kalaeva

Yana Lebedeva

Irina Kurbatova

Hovhannes Poghosyan and Eugene Zabolotnyi

Victoria and Anton Borisevich

There are rumors of a death in the family Zhanna Friske

Persona singer and actress Zhanna Friske now being actively discussed on the Internet, her life and creativity grows lots of rumors, it is inevitable for the public people.

 A few days ago, the network has information that Friske was a twin brother. When Vladimir and Olga, dad and mom Joan waited addition, physicians reported that they would have twins.

 Wife wanted to name children Ruslan and Lyudmila. But, according to rumors, the children were born two months premature, and the boy was born with a congenital disease and soon died. Parents named the girl, who was born weighing only 1380 grams, Zhanna Friske.

 Fans of the singer and just caring people, learning about it, came to the conclusion that Friske has conquered death once and do it again.

Jennifer Lawrence joined the ranks of comic book characters

Currently, Jennifer Lawrence is at the peak of fame - the actress and then offered roles in various projects, fashion brands want to make it to their face, and millions of people see it as their idol. So it is no surprise that the publisher Bluewater Productions released a biography of star, made in the form of comics. 

comics Jennifer Lawrence

Looking for bright pictures you can easily understand what is at stake for each of the pages. The creators of the comic book writer and artist Michael Troy Irgl Ben tried to note in his creation of the brightest moments of life of the actress.

So, in drawing a biography of Lawrence included the most famous heroine, which she had to play - Mystic tape "X-Men "Katniss Everdeen from" The Hunger Games "and the picture of Tiffany" My Boyfriend - crazy ".

By the way, for his work on the latest project Star won the" Oscar ", which was also shown in the comic.

"book" about the life of the actress can get anyone - in electronic and printed form. The cost does not exceed three comics-four dollars.

Earlier, comic book heroes also became Angelina Jolie, Michelle Obama, Kristen Stewart, Lady Gaga and many other celebrities.

comics Jennifer Lawrence

comics Jennifer Lawrence

comics Jennifer Lawrence

comics Jennifer Lawrence

comics Jennifer Lawrence

comics Jennifer Lawrence

comics Jennifer Lawrence

comics Jennifer Lawrence

Teen Mom Farrah: 'I was raped several times'

Teen Mom Farrah raped

Farrah Abraham, known from the reality show Teen Mom made with their behavior again and again stir. What they are now, however, divulged in an interview that allows their absurd actions appear in a different light. Because, as she explains, she was beaten as a child and later experienced more than one rape

In the American inTouch spoke the young mother about how much violence they had to endure in her life already about yourself. She accused her now divorced parents to have them regularly beaten with a belt and even though she was still a little girl. "I had cuts, bruises, swelling, and scarring. Those days has made me ready and made me feel as if I would not live," said the 22-year-old. That was also the reason for its beauty operations. She wanted to thereby gain more self-confidence. "I try to be perfect," she explained.

The great crash came after her sex tape when she has delivered with the wrong people. "I was down several times and raped drugged. It was a bad time," she revealed in the emotional interview. Meanwhile helps her therapy with the traumatic experience to deal properly.

Selena Gomez on drug withdrawal? Secretly in clinic

The last few months have not been easy for Selena Gomez. She was especially shocking because of her lupus and unveiling the problems with Justin Bieber in an emotionally difficult condition. Therefore, they should have spent two weeks in a clinical setting.

Radar Online claims to have learned that the actress from the beginning to the middle of January was being treated in a facility in the U.S. state of Arizona. This is called "Dawn at the Meadows" and is involved especially in young adults with emotional trauma and addictions. Sources should have told the magazine, the 21-year-old had taken various drugs. In addition, the many parties as well as the pressure in Hollywood to have sapped their strength. "The glory of the party lifestyle came," it said. "The celebration was at times hard. Wanted to help her and your family to encourage them to rehab. Too others that you are very close, advised her to seek professional help," another source said.

Also of grief for the broken relationship with Justin Bieber did to create it, the online service reported on. Whether on these rumors really something to it?

Dasha Astafieva singer is looking for a partner

Dasha Astafieva singer posted a photo of his social networks slim figure and admitted that she is looking for a life partner, says Ivona.

The pictures Astafijeva posing in translucent blouse.

- I am the owner. Approximately know what I want, - said the star fans. Fans here have suggested that the girl broke up with her young lover.

- Thanks to everyone who was, and is, in my life. Let kindness and love always win, let yourself be the only loyalty, and the desire to get better, greatest desire - added shortly singer.

Dasha Astafieva singer is looking for a partner

Hit of the season: Britney Spears and Lady Gaga will record a duet

Britney Spears and Lady Gaga will record a duet

After Madonna and Miley Cyrus sang together on the program MTV Unplugged, Britney Spears and Lady Gaga also thinking about the duet. It was learned that one of these days "Queen monsters" attended the show pop princess in Las Vegas, and after the performance Britney girls discussed possible cooperation and decided that their joint hit should see the light.

According to the source, in while talking in the dressing room star attended Spears manager Larry Rudolph. It turns out that celebrities have long nurtured the idea of ​​joint singles, during the presentation of the new album Britney Britney Jean, the singer admitted that she would like to work with the flamboyant Gaga:

It would be great to record a duet with Lady Gaga. I think she's different from all the pop singers, it is very interesting and challenging.

Lady Gaga did not miss this offer on deaf ears and did not long delay the answer. She has published on his Twitter account, which wrote:

Let's do it, Britney. The time has come.

Regarding the recent Spears performances in Las Vegas, then Lady Gaga came to the delight of celebrity concert. According to eyewitnesses, Gaga danced throughout the show in the VIP-box, singer and sang in between songs, Britney sent kisses.

Remains to be patient and wait for the new single of the two stars. Willing to bet it will be a real hit.

Britney Spears and Lady Gaga will record a duet

Bradley Cooper in Moscow

Yesterday afternoon the singer starring in David O. Russell's "American Hustle" Bradley Cooper participated in a press conference and Photocall in Moscow, and in the evening the actor came to one of the shopping centers of the capital to present the film to the Russian public.

Bradley Cooper at the premiere of The Sting-American in Moscow

Film, claiming the top prize "Oscar" this year, collected, unfortunately, not so much of local celebrities in the audience, as his rival for Film Award "Wolf of Wall Street." But Cooper fans at the premiere was rife: on the ground floor of the building where the show was held, was packed.

Worth noting that Bradley was very polite with fans and nobody tried to deprive attention. As a result, fans had longed for autographs, and the actor went to the VIP-box theater

Bradley Cooper at the premiere of The Sting-American in Moscow

Russian fans

Bradley Cooper at the premiere of The Sting-American in Moscow

Bradley Cooper in Moscow

Danila Kozlovsky in the trailer of the film Dubrovsky

While in Hollywood audience greeted the film "Vampire Academy", appeared in Russia trailer another film featuring Danila Kozlovsky "Dubrovsky". Director of the film was Alexander Vardanov and company star "Legends of number 17" on the set was lovely Claudia Korshunova.

The basis of the tape lay titled "bandit" a novel by Alexander Pushkin. Kozlowski in the film adaptation of the classic works starred Korshunova played in the film Masha Troyekurov.

Plot of the film is known to all: the protagonist's father died, and he is ready to do anything to avenge the honor of a parent. Dubrovsky befriends a bitter enemy of his father, Troyekurov to ultimately destroy his life. A clear plan for the young man broke out feel to violate daughter Troekurova.

Learn what the outcome of this love story, and that win in the end, passion or desire for revenge, everyone can already March 6. Agree distributors made a great gift to all admirers of Daniel to the International Women's Day.