Feb 5, 2014

Elizabeth Hurley had an affair with Bill Clinton?

There are reports that Bill Clinton had an affair with Elizabeth Hurley: According to press reports, the relationship lasted about a year.

The journalists Radar Online got a recorded conversation with a former lover Tom Sizmorom Hollywood actress. With Tom met Elizabeth for about three years. They met in 1992 on the shooting of the film "Passenger 57».

Record, by the way has been made in the last month. So, Sizmor claims that in 1998 began an affair between Elizabeth and President of the United States of America, and met fans adultery thanks Tom.

During a demonstration of the film "Saving Private Ryan" in the White House, Clinton called Tom, took in one of the rooms and asked whether it was true that Sizmor maintains relationships with Elizabeth Hurley. Received a positive response, the president of America lash out (according to Tom) and literally demanded phone Hurley. Bill dialed Elizabeth at Tome. Actress first took over all a hoax, but Clinton was insistent and even sent his private jet for her.

According to Tom, the novel's first husband and Elizabeth state lasted about a year. Naturally, his wife Hilary nothing guessed. After Bill twisted romance with kakoy0to obscure young actress, Hurley stopped a relationship with him.

Official confirmation or refutation of such information nor Clinton nor Hurley did.

Fan Bingbing also drying out a childhood Photos

Wallace childhood sun shine eyes cherry mouth play Princess 

PhotosFan Bingbing Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year holiday is coming to an end, many small partners are unwilling to face the reality of the state to return to work, even Wallace also microblogging asked: "?? Today beginning a few confused over how to" Fan Bingbing also drying out a childhood Photos, big eyes painted on eyeliner, side head tilt play princess, very cute.

Irina Shayk undressed in Sochi

Irina Shayk a montré le maillot de bain érotique exclusif pour les Jeux olympiques

Model Irina Shayk arrived at Olympic Sochi. Girl is preparing for the opening ceremony, and in between times pleases fans of spicy pictures.

In the photograph, published in "Instagrame" girl posing in bed. From clothes to her only cap and gloves sets Olympic forms that Irina applied as a bra. Sheik company was one of the mascots of the Games - Leopard.

Irina Shayk undressed in Sochi

Note that in the opening ceremony to attend the world-famous Russian ballerina Diana Vishneva. It is in his "Instagrame" jointly published a picture with Sheik and reported that they are preparing for this important event.

Rihanna offered money for the funeral brutally murdered fan

Barbados singer Rihanna has donated money to the funeral of his 14-year-old fan Thiago Sobral Valence from Brazil. The guy was from a poor family and all his short life collecting money for the concert of their idol. Thiago also collected discs, clippings from newspapers and magazines.

The teenager was killed by a drunk stepfather during a family scandal. Also Thiago despot sent to the light of his mother and 9-year-old brother.

Learning from what happened from fan forums, Rihanna got in touch with the family of the deceased and offered financial support, however, a father refused to Man. He asked only to arrange a tribute to his son, "he looked down from heaven».

Impressed by the incident, Rihanna tweeted: "Rest in peace, one of the best of the fallen soldiers. Brutally murdered Thiago from Brazil bude always in our hearts. " A little later she added: "Just found out that my mother also died and younger brother Thiago! Oh my God! Let's support of his family and friends at this difficult time for them. "

Selena Gomez for sports brand: first frame of the video

Selena Gomez announced that its joint clothing line with Adidas NEO brand will be on sale February 12.

Besides, the singer posted on Twitter the first frame of the spring-summer advertising campaign, as well as video. As part of promotions such videos will appear daily, so Selena advises his fans to follow the hashtag # NEOsneakpeek.

Each clip - previews fashion collection and sources of inspiration Gomez.

Each video will be is available for viewing only 24 hours. Plus, find the videos are not so easy: it is necessary to closely monitor the tips from Gomez and representatives of the brand in social networks.

Those who find all the promos, a chance to win items from the new collection of Selena and meet her personally.

Recall Gomes became the face of the brand in 2012. Her debut collection included 53 items, created for active girls. Prices range from $ 25 for a T-shirt to $ 85 for sneakers.

Vice President Adidas NEO Claire Midwood last collection of the singer called "rebellious".

Itself 21-year-old Gomez said:

So much fun to break the rules and publish my favorite new images to start a collection! Cool that I can share my inspiration and talk about the process of design work. I hope everyone will like to search for videos! 

So stay tuned for tips Gomez.

Selena Gomez for sports brand

Prince Harry's ex-girlfriend starred in a candid photoshoot in a bikini

While the public is discussing the possibility of early separation of Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas, became public knowledge recent photograph ex-girlfriend Florence Brudenell young man Bruce. Model took part in the shooting of a new advertising swimwear collection Rigby & Peller.

In the picture shows Florence red bikini and tightened his slender figure. Note that ex-lover Prince Harry often appears on the covers of glossy magazines and is working with companies such as Swatch and Aspinal.

Recall that the girl met the grandson of Queen Elizabeth in the summer of 2011, the couple broke up at the initiative of the Brudenell- Bruce: it was reported that it was difficult to cope with the increased media attention associated with known by her boyfriend. In July last year, Florence married multimillionaire Henry St. George.

Wonder whether had already Prince Harry evaluate new photo model in a swimsuit?

Florence Brudenell-Bruce in advertising bikini

Beyonce and Jay-Z at a basketball game

While most celebrities this weekend dedicated to the Superbowl, Beyonce and Jay-Z were preparing to play the Brooklyn Nets vs. Philadelphia 76ers, held in New York on Monday. It's no secret that the celebrity couple are big fans of basketball and tries not to miss the competition of their beloved New York team.

Beyonce and Jay-Z at a basketball game

Jay-z has followed the games, as evidenced by the photos of the paparazzi. Artist emotionally experienced every good and bad time of the competition, while his wife quietly watched the developments at the site. Beyoncé has chosen to match jeans-skinny jeans, a checkered jacket and knitted hat with Mickey Mouse "ears".

Perhaps the big basketball fans will think of his daughter's career Blue Ivy and when she gets older, celebrities will be cheering for her on the Court and learn over time

Beyonce Mickey Mouse Jay-Z at a basketball game

Beyonce and Jay-Z at a basketball game

Beyonce and Jay-Z at a basketball game

Beyonce and Jay-Z at a basketball game

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were married in the Bahamas?

The upcoming wedding of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, which became known last month, remains one of the most talked about events in the community. The public wants to know more details about the future ceremony, and its interest is very clear. Curiosity of the fans still warms the fact that celebrities do not make any comments about the wedding.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were married in the Bahamas

But no event in show business is not without the help of various insiders who delight of fans to share information with the media. So, marriage Depp and Heard already acquires various rumors in the media. The source alleges that the ceremony will be held on Valentine's private island in the Bahamas, Johnny.

Also a close friend of the pair said that celebrities do not want to arrange a noisy celebration, but rather prefer a quiet holiday in the circle of his closest friends and relatives. If you believe the insider, the ceremony musicians will perform familiar Depp and end wedding barbecue on the beach.

It was learned that the island was owned by the actor, so for a lot of the star couple. That's where celebrities flew reunited after the break last summer. According to his friend Johnny, a trip to the Bahamas in love helped to understand that they can not live without each other. Therefore, in this place Heard and Depp dream to exchange vows of fidelity and never leave.