Feb 3, 2014

Krass! Disney star (5 year) gets death threats

What can a little girl only have done to annoy another person so that he wishes him to death? In the case of five-year-old Mia Talerico which determines now the police.

Krass! Disney star (5 year) gets death threats

Mia, who in the American Disney Channel series "Good Luck Charlie" plays the title role since 2010, extremely hostile receives messages for about a month on her Instagram profile, such as, but TMZ reported. "Mia Die, Die to hell! Kill yourself, you deserve to die," is only one of the hateful lyrics. As if that was not reprehensible enough, the as yet unknown perpetrators also posted another photo of the girl who is covered by a bloody fist. 

After the nut has turned to the security service from Disney, now cares the police to the resolution of this offense. By all means the LAPD tried to make the author of the death threats identified.

Krass! Disney star (5 year) gets death threats

Viktor Pavlik decided to make his charity concert

Until now the concert organizers regularly sold tickets. But whether the revolutionary events in Ukraine, whether patriotic feelings prevail over national artist of Ukraine, but the fact remains - Pavlik decided to make his charity concert. Most of the tickets are now distributed free of charge to children's homes, veterans, disabled societies, teams of teachers and doctors. Although still a small portion of tickets sold at the box office for the most ardent fans waiting for his concert in Kiev last year.

- I and my friends are the patrons of the concert - explains his step Viktor Pavlik. - When in the country are such events, I want to support people and give love. And while many artists canceling their concerts and trips to Kiev because of the fear of revolution, we decided: "Concerto be".

However, the singer admitted that some joke on him, saying, Pavlik was crazy. After making a charitable concert, the singer did not receive any royalties for their work, and in addition it will still need to pay the costs of the organization, equipment, salary musicians and participants of the show.

- Many people think that I'm very rich, - says the artist. - Not at all. Enough problems: apartment loan, children grandchildren ... But, you know, many people are turning me on facebook asking to get to the concert. I understand they just can not buy a ticket for this reason, they never were in the palace "Ukraine". And I thought, if I give it to them, what joy will shine their eyes. Is not it worth it.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Nina Agdal spotted together

Leonardo DiCaprio was seen yesterday with model Nina Agdal. Paparazzi captured celebrities when they were leaving a nightclub in New York about five o'clock in the morning. I must say that the photo of Leonardo DiCaprio and  Nina Agdal leave the institution separately, but journalists have reported that the actor and model sat in the same car and drove off together.

easy to believe that DiCaprio could get excited about a 21-year Agdal, because everyone knows the passion of the actor, first, to the top models, and secondly, to blondes. All anything, but Leo seemed to have settled down and recently noticed it only with one girl - blonde and top model Toni Garrn. We can only guess why this time the company loving DiCaprio was not Tony.

Nina hails from Holland. Recently she met with soloist boy band The Wanted Max George. Earlier she had a brief affair with another connoisseur of model parameters - Adam Levine.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Nina Agdal

Leonardo DiCaprio and Nina Agdal

Leonardo DiCaprio and Nina Agdal

Leonardo DiCaprio and Nina Agdal

Kristen Stewart talked about her biggest fashion mistake

Kristen Stewart is one of the favorite stars fashion critics - she is constantly experimenting with his way, and it means that we are always waiting for a bright and unexpected bow on the red carpet.

Kristen Stewart talked about her biggest fashion mistake

However, the actress still occasionally make mistakes, but, according to the stars, all this can not be compared with its fashionable failure in 2002.

That year in rolling out a new picture of David Fincher's "Panic Room" in which Stewart played one of the main roles. Of course, the young actress had to appear on all the premiere screening of the film, but, alas, while it is not yet versed in fashion trends, and stylist she had:

My biggest fashion mistake? I think that my view of the premiere of the film "Panic Room." I look at myself and think, "Oh .. my ... God".

It would seem that I should not be ashamed, because then I was very young. And yet it is so.

Stewart also added that in the age of 12 she could not say exactly what she likes and what is not:

At this age, I do not know how to dress, I could not even decide what I like. I was just a stupid kid.

Well, the image of Stewart in 2002 on a red carpet and really leaves a lot to be desired, but it is impossible not to recognize that over the years the actress makes fewer mistakes fashion that certainly pleases fans Star.

JK Rowling - 'Harry should get Hermione'

Actually, another end of the hit series was planned

Who would have thought? Did not we always been all secretly feel that Harry and Hermione would have been the better couple? Now confirmed author JK Rowling, 48, the suspect - it was actually all very different planned!

JK Rowling told now that she likes Harry had seen on the side of Hermione itself. As fate would have it, however, so wanted everything changed.

"I wrote the Hermione / Ron relationship, as a kind of performance," said the 48-year-old in an interview with the "Wonderland" magazine.

"I know, I'm sorry. I can hear the anger and the wrath of some fans, but I'm absolutely honest, the distance has given me the right perspective on it. It was a personal decision. "

Who knows what would have taken for an end to the whole story with Hermione at Harry's side? However, we are all happy about that book series with the survival of Harry finished, and to be quite honest, Ron and Hermione are still a cute couple!

Ginny Weasley (Bonnie Wright) and Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe)

Captain America: The Winter Soldier: Chris Evans and others in the trailer tape

Last week, the creators of the tape "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" have pleased fans of the project the first poster for the film, and today they are published in the official trailer for the new network pattern.

Chris Evans , Captain America

In the shooting of one of the most anticipated bands this year was attended by Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson and other actors. In addition, one of the key roles in an exciting project went to Robert Redford.

By the way, appeared on the Internet, not only the trailer, but also two new poster for the film.

Captain America The Winter Soldier New posters

Captain America The Winter Soldier New posters

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp on daughter shopping in Hollywood

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp on daughter shopping in Hollywood

It seems that not only endorses Vanessa Paradis relationship with Johnny Depp Amber Heard, but also children of ex-lovers are not against their appearance in a new human life.

So, on the eve of the Los Angeles paparazzi captured Hurd of 14 - old daughter of Depp and Paradis - Lily-Rose.

girls who looked like a girlfriend or sister having a great time: first, they had dinner together, and then went shopping at the best boutiques of West Hollywood.

Judging by the pictures, snared, Amber Rose and Lily get along well with each other - almost all pictures of a girl smiling and laughing.

Recall that in the near future Hurd will officially become stepmother children Johnny Depp - less months ago it became known that the actor made his girlfriend a marriage proposal.

By the way, recently ubiquitous photographers for the first time made a few frames wedding ring Hurd. Definitely - decoration with weighty jewel Depp cost a pretty penny.

Amber Heard and Lily-Rose on shopping

Amber Heard and Lily-Rose on shopping

Amber Heard and Lily-Rose on shopping

Amber Heard and Lily-Rose on shopping

Amber Heard and Lily-Rose on shopping

Anna Sedokova was burning brunette

The singer Sedokova decided to change its image.

The photo, which shows that it has become a burning brunette, singer has posted on his page on social networks. In addition to the new hair color users social networks also drew Frank outfit Sedokova.

Anna Sedokova was burning brunette

"Good morning," the singer signed photo.

On weekends, the singer performed in Minsk, where it still has the old hair color.

Anna Sedokova was burning brunette

Elena Tretyakova won the final Miss Russian

The winner of the qualifying round of the contest "Miss Russia-2014 was Elena Tretyakova from Samara.

Elena Tretyakova won the finalMiss Russian Standard

Official site of Jumping "" Miss Russia 2014 "reports that in the competition in the resurrection of the founder of Samara travel, model Elena Tretyakova won the final, which took place in the nomination" Miss Russian Standard ».

Line vote showed that for Helen Tretyakov was given 31 thousand 580 votes. Elena Tretyakova won the qualifying round in the "Miss Russian Standard"

Final of "Miss Russia" will be held on March 8. The final competition will be broadcast online.

Samara girl has already won the Audience Award at the international contest "Miss New Sensation 2013", it drew the attention of the organizers of the "Miss Russia" and she was invited to participate in the qualifying round

Elena Tretyakova provided video and photo shoot with his participation.

Elena Tretyakova won the final Miss Russian Standard

contest "Miss Russia" one of the most popular beauty contests. It is worth recalling that the winner will receive a prize of 100 thousand dollars. This is a good starting investment in the promotion of its brand. And the winner gets the right to participate in the contest "Miss World" and "Miss Universe" as the representative of Russia.