Feb 1, 2014

Planned sex change? Bruce Jenner became a woman

At the appearance of the ex-husband of Kris Jenner (58), Bruce Jenner (64) are always to recognize major changes. The hair is longer, the facial features always feminine. Now, a photo of him once again surfaced, documenting his tremendous versatility. 

Bruce Jenner became a woman

Former Olympic Athlete, who was last by his separation from Kris in the headlines, seems to convert the woman more and more. Also, his Adam's apple he was already "beautify". This procedure is done by many men who want to also undergo a sex change later. Whether Bruce because so really been planning something? Even with his general appearance is always active female, be it the hair, the face or the figure and long fingernails. Really the "laryngeal shave" behind ..

Will Bruce be a woman - at the new photo you can see him now, as he leaves a hospital in Beverly Hills with a bandaged neck? Supposedly he was looking even for a new name for his female I: Instead of a female form of Bruce, but he had probably "Brigitte" envisaged - of course in reference to Brigitte Bardot. Even Bruce has not yet ruled on all these rumors, but also ex Kris is aware of Bruce's extremely feminine side clear.

Spicy! Sienna Miller admits sexual relationship with Daniel Craig

There are piquant details that just get in the course of litigation to light. Especially dirty: Sienna Miller, 32, and Daniel Craig, 45, had an affair.

A few months ago it was announced that the renowned British newspaper had intercepted "News of the World", many celebrities to get more information on these people.

The Journal today there are not more, but is the Group currently on trial. Among those affected is Sienna.

The actress had to testify. This Sienna also admitted to have conducted a "short" sexual relationship with colleague Daniel. The British met in 2004 on the set of "Layer Cake" know.

In 2005, Sienna was still with Jew Law, 41, romantically involved, but of the "James Bond" actor was the blonde her fingers still not be:

"It does not matter if I was in a relationship with Daniel Craig, because there was no relationship, it was only a short rendezvous and he was my best friend," says Sienna justified before the judge .

Did the public until now that Sienna and Jew mainly because HIS affair with the nanny would have broke up, things look now, but quite different.

The two movie stars were once strange. The relationship was no longer wanted apparently from both sides. Today, Jew and Sienna are but friends.

Lana Del Rey and Barry James O'Neal secretly engaged

Lana Del Rey and Barry James O'Neal secretly engaged

Lana Del Rey and Barry James O'Neal secretly engaged. Engagement couple held last summer. Numerous sources magazine Us Weekly confirmed the information.

27-year-old Del Rey and party Scottish band Kassidy O'Neal began dating in 2011. In July 2013, there were rumors about the engagement: lovers photographed when they were looking for a house in Los Angeles, and on the finger Lana was a diamond ring.

Lana and Barry James belated congratulations! 

Great grief: Maximilian Schell died

Recently shocked the message, the Austrian-Swiss actor Maximilian Schell (83) should have been admitted to a hospital because of a bad pneumonia, the public. Although the world-famous mime had been discharged from the hospital in Kitzbühel, Austria, a few days ago, but now the sad fact: The actor has lost the battle against the disease.

"It's all very well," his spokeswoman had announced a few days ago. But then on Saturday confirmed his agent Patricia tree peasant loud Focus Online that Schell had "died sudden and serious illness" from the consequences of. Born in Vienna in 1930 actor had made a name in the course of his life around the world. Engagements at theaters in Essen, Bonn, Munich and Berlin have made him one of the most celebrated actors in Germany, his commitment on Broadway did the rest. After the 2nd World War II was the first German-language Schell actor who won the Academy Award: For his role of a war crimes prosecutor in he was awarded the 1962 "Judgment at Nuremberg" the coveted trophy. Until recently, he was active in his profession: Shortly before his death, he still turned for ZDF

Schell is survived by his wife, the opera singer Iva Mihanovic (35), which he only on 20. August had married in 2013, and a daughter. We speak to the family and friends our sincere condolences and wish them strength in this difficult time.

Singer of the band 'VIA Gra' showed his daughter

Daria Honey rarely shares photographs of his family.

Daria VIA Gra

Participant new lineup "VIA Gra" Daria Honey decided to share with fans photos of his daughter, according tv.ua.

girl pictures published on his page on the social network. Artist rarely shares details of his personal life, because we know that having a family member in the group never welcomed.

Recall that Dasha have a small daughter and husband.

Singer of the band VIA Gra showed his daughter

Prince William has banned the brother to marry

Duty to the royal family and prevents blood Prince Harry choose her the girl, which is his heart. Recently it became known that the elder brother Prince Harry, Prince William's younger brother against relations with Cressida Bonas.

I must say that the girl Harry too blue-blooded, but after Cressida stepfather committed suicide by swallowing narcotics, Cressida appearance at court was how to put it mildly, undesirable.

William explains his position that, after wedding to Kate Middleton and the birth of their baby Georgie love to British royal family began to grow. The turning point in relation to the crowned family was his mother's death Princes William and Harry Princess Diana, in which the British adored. After her death, many were unsure of involvement of the royal family to the tragedy. Now that the love and trust of the British in any case can not spoil dubious connections and scandalous relatives.

Rumor has it that Harry beside himself with rage, and torn between feelings of loyalty to the girl and her family. Its beginning to annoy everyone around indicate how it looks (grandmother told to shave his beard), and with whom to meet. I must say that Harry was not a frequent visitor of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, now seems to be with my brother and he will have a strained relationship.

Fergie with her son on the set of advertising

Filming for the new advertising Avon singer Fergie became particularly pleasant. After 38-year-old mom assisted her little son Axel Jack. 5-month-old toddler is sitting quietly at Fergie on your hands until baby daddy Josh Duhamel pictures of his family. It should be noted that since less than six months postpartum, and the singer looks amazing - slender legs, trim figure, radiant appearance.

To advertise Fergie wore a red mini-dress, which was entirely embroidered with sequins, and added black image and white pumps. Toddler Axel also that more mod - in jeans and sneakers, a jacket and a cap-kengurushka - it is like a small little man.

Recall Jack Axel was born in August 2013. Despite his young age, he tries to imitate my mother:

He's trying to talk to me and even sing. I sit next to him sing something to him, and he looked at me attentively, sometimes laughing, and even tries to repeat something for me. It really makes a strange sound, and I slap him and rejoice. Proud of my child.

Despite the fact that some kid in the makings artist is still there, Fergie is not concerned about who he will be when he grows up:

 I will support him always and everywhere.

In an interview, Fergie was asked if she wanted her daughter to buy her different outfits, teach apply makeup, etc., to which the singer replied: "It was wonderful." After such an optimistic answer, I hope that the baby will be in the future Axel sister.

Owen Wilson became a father for the second time

January 30, Owen Wilson and his personal trainer Caroline Lindquist became the parents of the boy.

For 44-year-old actor is the second child.

Information about pregnancy 41-year-old Caroline appeared in October 2013: as Just at this time it was in divorce proceedings with some plastic surgeon.

It is worth noting that the couple broke up earlier. A source close to the actor said the following:

Although they do not live together, Owen wants to participate in child care and help in every way.

Recall, the first son of Robert Owen Wilson was born in January 2011 . Mother became ex-girlfriend of actor Jane Dyuell.

Caroline Lindquist
Caroline Lindquist

Owen Wilson and Caroline Lindquist
Owen Wilson and Caroline Lindquist