Jan 18, 2014

Celebrity Street Style: Jessica Alba in Santa Monica

Jessica Alba in Santa Monica
Yesterday Jessica Alba visited his office in Santa Monica, California.

32-year-old actress, as always, showed good taste. Jessica wore skinny jeans, a black top and plain cardigan. As accessories spouse Cash Warren stopped by massive gold watch and a few concise bracelets, rings, earrings small, as well as - on thin gold chains with pendants.

Call attention to the large, dark red-rimmed glasses and flat shoes soles of the same color. Narrow belt with leopard print - great image detail.

Large wading suede bag with red lining completes the perfect bow in the style casual.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

50 shades of gray: the hero Jamie Dornan gives Anastacia cars

50 shades of gray

In Vancouver, continue shooting "50 shades of gray" Recently shot a scene in which the hero Jamie Dornan Christian Grey gives Anastacia Steele (Dakota Johnson) red car Audi A3.

31-year-old Jamie Dornan closed 24-year-old Johnson presented his eyes and expensive present. The actor was dressed in an elegant suit and actress - in a pretty gray dress. On legs girls flaunted Uggs, but in the frame of this obviously was not visible.

Note in the novel Christian decides that the machine Anastacia Volkswagen Beetle, which even has a touching name Wanda, unsafe, and therefore gives a new . Girl gives the car Audi nickname "Special slave" as a Christian, practicing sado-masochism, bought this model all your Pass.

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson on the set of 50 shades of gray

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson on the set of 50 shades of gray

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson on the set of 50 shades of gray

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson on the set of 50 shades of gray

Jamie Dornan

Dakota Johnson

Edward Snowden threw his girlfriend

Edward Snowden tricked his girlfriend Lindsey Mills. Departing first in Hong Kong, and then in Russia, the former CIA officer told my friend that goes on a mission to work and back in a few weeks. As a result, 28-year-old dancer was alone.

According to her dad, she is still trying to understand what happened and decide how to act on. Snowden not spoken to her since the moment flew to Hong Kong. Edward did not tell her what the. All news about its activities Lindsey learned of an interview in the Guardian.

Father Lindsey Mills shared with reporters the details the couple's relationship:

He said he was going to a business trip for a couple of weeks and will be back soon . About what happened, daughter learned of the news. She was adrift.

Turns Edward and Lindsey met online:

Until she learned that he was in Hong Kong, she was thinking about the wedding and life together.

Dancer expressed their suffering in the blog and Instagram:

My world opened and closed in a jiffy. I was left alone in the sea without a compass.

Mr. Mills added that his daughter graduated from the prestigious Institute of Art Maryland Institute College Of Art:

She is very artistic, free spirit and open - as opposed to me and Mr. Snowden.

Edward as he described:

They met about five years. He was quite closed. He has strong opinions about what is bad and what is good. I'm sure that's why he challenged the world and all it has done. He saw what was incredibly wrong and wanted to do something. I support him. If I knew I could help, I would have tried.

Recall Edward Snowden now lives in Russia: President Vladimir Putin earlier granted him political asylum.

Ex-girlfriend of Edward Snowden Lindsey Mills
Ex-girlfriend of Edward Snowden Lindsey Mills
Lindsey Mills and Edward Snowden
Lindsey Mills and Edward Snowden
Lindsey Mills and Edward Snowden

Father Jonathan Lindsey Mills
Father Jonathan Lindsey Mills

Penelope Cruz dined with Ridley Scott in London

Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz yesterday met with the director "Advisor" by Ridley Scott and his wife, actress Giannina Fazio to dine in a London restaurant Scott's. Javier Bardem was not with them.

39-year-old Spaniard was dressed in a black wool coat with belt, lace dress in tone and suede high-heeled boots. In her hands was a large black leather bag brand Loewe, the person she is.

Cruz hair was arranged in a fashionable braid, and her face framed individual strands. Makeup Penelope was very natural that in everyday life outside red carpet for her characteristic.

Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz

Ridley Scott
Ridley Scott

Beyonce daughter received a gift luxury cars


Beyonce and Jay-Z generously pampered 2-year-old Blue Ivy. The singer has posted photos Tumblr mini versions of luxury cars, which are now represented in the fleet girls.

The picture - pink Cadillac and blue Lamborghini. Recall last machine also has been on the vehicles daughter Kim and Kanye North.

According to insiders, the parents also presented the birthday horse for 75 thousand dollars, as the baby loves animals.

Also singer shared frames Blue Ivy in white lace dress while playing with his parents near the house.

luxury cars

Blue Ivy and Beyonce

Jay-Z and Blue Ivy


Laura Linney her first child

Laura Linney

Star of "The Truman Show" and the TV series "Law & Order" Laura Linney and her husband Mark Schauer realtor became the parents of the first-born.

January 8 49-year-old actress gave birth to a boy, whom they named Bennett Armistead. This is the first child for both Linney, and for her husband.

Representative star gave a comment magazine People:

Mom and baby happy and healthy.

The couple announced their engagement in 2007, and married in May 2009.

Kanye West does not change diapers daughter

The famous rapper and groom teledivy Kim Kardashian Kanye West is not one of those people who change diapers and diaper their children.

While his bride can not dote on her common law husband and father of her daughter Nord, she confesses that he is not involved in some aspects of everyday life of the child.

Kardashian said: "It is honestly the best dad. He loves her so much. When he leaves town, I send him her pictures and videos. He always says, "She has grown so much," and I would reply, "Baby, you have not seen one day, not much has changed." He's really a dad who keeps abreast ».

At the same time, Kim is sympathetic to the fact that Kanye does not change the diapers of their daughter, she knows that if there is a critical situation, he will know how to act. "I know that sounds silly, but I love to change her own diapers, so it brings a child, I like our relationship," - smiling, told them.

The talk show Ellen DeDzheneres TV star spoke about how beloved made her an offer of marriage (it happened at the stadium at a baseball game): "In fact, I always know what he's going to do, but it is perhaps the only case where I doderzhat secret he managed to finish without blurted. It was such a great mystery ».

Recall that, despite the fact that the couple have a six-month-Nord daughter in marriage, they have not yet made. Ceremony is scheduled for the summer. Since the venue and date have not yet decided, but do not rule out that the marriage will be concluded in space.

Russell Brand fell in love again

Hollywood actor Russell Brand "deeply in love" in Jemima Khan.
38-year-old comedian, ex-husband of popular singer Katy Perry, with whom they split in December 2011 after 14 months of marriage, said that the new relationship "very different "from those he had ever been, and he's incredibly happy.

Russell Brand

On Jonathan Ross show actor came with a dog Jemima. On the question of what will happen to a dog if they go out, Russell said, "Do not even say this, buddy. I'm really in love with her. It would have broke my little heart ».

« I became very good in these respects, they changed me. They are very different from the relationship that I have had before. I feel that they are based on friendship and love, and it's just wonderful, exciting, I've never been that way, "- shared with the audience love the actor. About his new lover Russell also could not help but say a few nice words: "She is gorgeous, beautiful woman».

Brand, who originally was famous for more than a close relationship with alcohol, heroin and sex, and in fact became more calm. Russell drew attention to spirituality and positive attitude towards life: "I spend time in meditation and spiritual things, and now I feel myself very, very good. As a result, I think I attract positive events in their lives. "

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale are waiting for the boy

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale are waiting for the boy

Became known the sex of the baby Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale: couple expecting a boy.

News reported the singer in his Instagram:

I was ready to pass the crown, but it seems that I'm still the Queen in the house. # # Etomalchik vokruzheniimalchikov

Recall, 44-year-old Gwen and Gavin, 48, are already parents of 7-year-old Kingston and Zuma's 5-year-old. Earlier, the singer admitted that parenting has strengthened her marriage to rocker.

Gwen Stefani waiting boy

Gwen Stefani
Gwen Stefani January 16

Maleficent: Angelina Jolie in a new trailer fantasy

The company unveiled a new trailer for Disney fantasy film "Maleficent" director Robert Stromberg, starring Angelina Jolie who played Ellie Fanning and other stars.

Game's story - the story witch-villain from the cartoon "The Sleeping Beauty" filmed in 1959. 38-year-old Angelina Jolie appeared exactly in the form of Maleficent and Fanning - in the role of Princess Aurora. Viewers will learn what embittered heart and made her a witch put a curse on the young beauty.

In the U.S. release "Maleficent" will be released May 30, 2014.

Angelina Jolie in a new trailer fantasy

Angelina Jolie in a new trailer fantasy

Angelina Jolie in a new trailer fantasy

Angelina Jolie in a new trailer fantasy

Angelina Jolie in a new trailer fantasy

Angelina Jolie in a new trailer fantasy