Jan 17, 2014

Turretless 40th anniversary of Kate Moss as the model celebrated her birthday

Last night everything London paparazzi gathered outside the restaurant "34", located in Mayfair. Ask - what's the occasion? The answer - the legendary top model Kate Moss rolled in this fashionable establishment grand party on the occasion of his birthday - Star podiums and gloss on January 16 it was 40 years.

Kate Moss, Jamie Hince spouse

The birthday guests become her family and close friends, among whom were Naomi Campbell, Stella McCartney, Mario Testino, and many other media persons, who all appear as one on the holiday with flowers and expensive gifts.

But, of course, distinguished this evening Sir Philip Green, a shareholder of the fashion house Topshop, he gave Moss the most valuable present - black Porsche.

solemn action Moss arrived with her husband Jamie Hince. It should be noted that the model looked stylish and cool: for his release, she chose a little black satin dress and fur coat leopard, adding image pink handbag from Chanel.

However Kate holiday leave in quite a different form - freshness on his face was gone, and tired eyes were covered with black glasses. By the way, quite a few guests left the restaurant in a similar form, and it shows that the party was a success.

Kate Moss, Jamie Hince with spouse

Kate Moss

Kate Moss

Kate Moss

Beyonce in a commercial of his new fragrance Rise


In this year ferale Beyonce launches its new, the third fragrance Rise, thanks to product called Still I Rise by Maya Angelou. Its creator - Lok Dongnae.

Official representatives of the manufacturer of flavor tell:

The concept of the perfume is the idea of ​​strengthening women's influence in the world, overcome difficulties and find inner strength that makes them beautiful . Through new sexy and sophisticated fragrance Beyonce again shares with his fans something personal.

Recall Beyonce actively advocates for women's rights: she recently wrote a manifesto in defense of their rights. Her new "manifesto" can and sniff and "vilify" on itself.

By the way, the first two perfume pop diva has devoted his concert tours - Pulse NYC and Heat The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.


Zara Phillips gave birth to a baby girl

Zara Phillips

Granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Anne's daughter, Zara Phillips and her husband, rugby player Mike Tindell, became parents for the first time - according to blogger Aia0604. News has confirmed at Buckingham Palace.
According to Daily Mail, 32-year-old husband Phillips present at birth the baby, who became the 16th in line of succession to the throne. Name newborn girl is not reported.

Recall that Zara and Mike met in 2003 in Australia, and eight years later were married. The fact that they are waiting for the addition, it was revealed in July 2013th.

Zara, like her husband, athlete. She engaged in equestrian sport and in 2010 won the silver medal of the Olympics. The last time the expectant mother competed, being already in the third month of pregnancy.

Zara Phillips and Mike Tindell

Zara Phillips and Mike Tindell

Johnny Depp has made a bid Amber Heard

Johnny Depp has made a bid Amber Heard

The press did not cease gossip about the engagement of actors Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. Earlier this week, the paparazzi photographed the actress with a ring on the ring finger, and immediately trumpeted the tabloids about a possible betrothal stars.

Familiar pair shared the information with the press:

Offer happened on Christmas Eve. But Amber has not yet given its consent. She decided to think a little.

Recall that it was Christmas, Johnny gave Amber jewelry worth 50 thousand dollars: the previously reported diamond earrings and pendants, apparently, complete set-finalized with the same ring.

The news of the engagement, apparently influenced the former common-law wife of Johnny - Vanessa Paradis. Recently she changed her hairstyle.

Amber and Johnny together since 2011: they met on the set of "The Rum Diary." Then the actor has decided to part with Paradis, who has lived with cohabiting 14 years. Vanessa and Johnny have two children.

Amber Heard


Kim Kardashian shared photos of baby daughter

Reality TV star visited the popular show "Ellen DeGeneres," where he shared his feelings during pregnancy, as well as Kim surprised everyone with new photos of baby daughter.

Kardashian told that their joint work with rapper Kanye West's daughter Nord not has a strong temperament, but rather its angelic appearance fully consistent with the nature baby.

Kim Kardashian shared photos of baby daughter

33-year-old star admitted that during pregnancy appeared to her a real challenge: "No one would not wish what I experienced. But in fact, through all the difficulties I had to go, then to fully experience the joy of motherhood. " Kim said that only now realized that her mother, who gave birth to six children alone deserves a medal.

Six months later, after the birth of daughter, for Kardashian is still a sore point is overweight, "I was not just hard . I developed preeclampsia. This disease, which resulted in swollen hands and feet, feel constant nausea and dizziness. " Also, Kim said that because of this illness she was forced to give birth to a baby prematurely. But the young mother did not regret it, because she now has "the sweetest kid in the world».

Recall North West baby was born in July 2013.

Princess Lyuksemburg pregnant firstborn

2014 parents make many celebrities. Will be no exception and the heirs to the throne Prince Felix of Luxembourg Lyuksemburgsy and his wife Claire Lademaher. Couple married in September 2013, did not waste time with the heir.
Prince Felix and Princess Claire

Representatives of the younger son of the Duke of Lyuksemburg and Princess Claire (she is also the daughter of a millionaire Hartmura Lademahera, founder of telecommunications company LHS Telekommunication) officially announced that crowned wife waiting for the firstborn: "His Royal Highness the Duke and Grand Duchess of Lyuksemburg are pleased to announce that Prince Felix and Princess Claire waiting for the first child ». 

By the way, the couple met in college Alpin International Beau Soleil, and their relationship lasted for more than 10 years, so it is not surprising that they did not check the relationship of time and immediately started to procreation. After college, the prince followed her lover, and joined her at the University Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum. Claire also has worked in the publishing house Conde Nast. 
Wedding Felix and Claire was very solemn, to the wedding, which was held in the chapel on the south of France, was invited more than 350 guests. Immediately after the wedding, the couple left for their honeymoon. According to tradition, the prince himself was preparing a surprise bride and reveals the secrets about your destination before you go directly.

Benedict Cumberbatch on the cover of Entertainment Weekly

Benedict Cumberbatch on the cover of Entertainment Weekly

The hero of the acclaimed TV series "Sherlock" Benedict Cumberbatch appeared on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. In the photo shoot was also attended by his colleague frame - screen Doctor Watson Martin Freeman.

In an interview with Benedict admitted that he immediately accepted the offer to play in the series, because he realized that to fulfill the role as a famous character Arthur Conan Doyle - great responsibility.

When I agreed to the role of Sherlock, I knew that my work will be increased interest, because it is truly an iconic character. So I sought to bring a fresh look to the image. And it took me pause to think about how to present the role.

First of January to the screens came the first series of the third season of "Sherlock"

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch

Justin Bieber advised to go to Rehab

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber recently hit the often scandalous stories that can result in treatment for an artist Rehab. According to journalists close 19-year-old singer urging him to seek professional help, because they believe that he has a drug problem, as well as some behavioral disorders.

Especially relatives and friends of Justin bothered in recent days: first neighbor star called police after Bieber and his friends pelted his home with eggs, then searched the house for officers of the law to the singer and found illegal drugs in there is rapper Lil Over - best friend Justin.

source close to the performer told the press :

People who are worried about Justin and are particularly close to him, would like to see he did not refuse assistance.

However, according to an insider, Bieber agrees to undergo treatment.

Earlier media reported that the girl singer Selena Gomez, with whom he maintains a relationship again, offering her boyfriend also undergo anger management to avoid further scandals with his participation.

Here is what the informed source:

Selena - brought up in the traditions of old-fashioned girl from Texas, she believes that good manners and decent behavior - is very important. She told Justin that he would have to be corrected, since they started dating again.

Hopefully singer listen to the advice of relatives, because the last time he really shows itself not the best way.

Romantic weekend in Italy: Michael Fassbender and Madalina gene

Romance Michael Fassbender and ex-lover Gerard Butler Madalina gene finally received confirmation: paparazzi captured the couple during a stay in Italy.

Michael Fassbender and Madalina gene

25-year-old Italian model of Romanian origin and a 36-year-old actor caught the eye of the omnipresent photographers when walking through the streets of Milan. Michael Madalina and held hands while talking about something nice.

Earlier, Western sources reported that in November, Fassbender went with the Director in New Zealand, and New Year's holidays and all beloved spent at home model - in Romania.

Michael Fassbender and Madalina gene

Michael Fassbender and Madalina gene

Michael Fassbender and Madalina gene

Michael Fassbender and Madalina gene

Around disease Janna Friske scandal

Information about the illness of a popular Russian singer Zhanna Friske circled the Internet and the public plunged into shock. Further discusses the fact that the singer does not refute the rumors. Recently tabloid Life News has posted a video in which, if we believe the signature imprinted Zhanna Friske on medical gurney while waiting for a flight to Germany. Among Russian informants stood Andrei Malakhov - he was one of the first told the fans that Jeanne sick.

In response to a lot of rumors about a serious illness Friske representatives singer denied rumors claiming that Joan and his family are in Miami. According to rumors, the representatives of Life News made their conditions: if within 3 days Zhanna Friske personally appear in public and to refute the rumors about the disease, tabloid pay her a million dollars.

Stars at the ceremony Critics' Choice Movie Awards

Kinonagrad season in full swing, and yesterday in Santa Monica, California, once again determined the best names. Ceremony Critics' Choice Movie Awards Been stars like Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, Cate Blanchett, Matthew McConaughey and Meryl Streep.

As for winning films, their list could be easily predicted: "Gravity," "The Sting-American", "12 years of slavery," "Dallas Buyers Club," "Wolf Wall Street. " List of Winners Awards this year pass without any surprises.

The main triumph of the evening was the film "Gravity" Alfonso Cuaron, who earned seven awards Critics immediately.

Here is the list of winners in the major categories:

Best Film - "12 years of slavery"

Best Actor - Matthew McConaughey, "The Dallas Buyers Club"

Best Actress - Cate Blanchett, "Jasmine"

Best Actor - Jared Leto, "Dallas Buyers Club"

Best Actress - Lupita Nyong'o, "12 years of slavery"

Best aspiring actor / actress - Adele Ekzarkopulos "Life Adele"

Best Ensemble - "Sting on American "

Best Director - Alfonso Cuaron," Gravity "

Best Costume Design -" Sting in the American "

Best Makeup -" Sting in the American "

Best Visual Effects - "Gravity"

Best Animated Film - "Cold Heart"

Best shooter - "Survivor"

action Best Actor - Mark Wahlberg, "Survivor"

action Best Actress - Sandra Bullock, "Gravity"

Best Comedy - "Sting in the American"

Best Comedy Actor - Leonardo DiCaprio, "Wolf with Wall Street "

Best comedienne - Amy Adams," The Sting-American "

best film in the genre of sci-fi or horror -" Gravity "

Best Film foreign language - "Life Adele" (France)

Best Song - Let It Go, Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, "The Cold Heart"

Best Music - Stephen Price, "Gravity "