Jan 16, 2014

Julie Gayet demands from the French magazine 50 thousand dollars

Actress Julie Gayet, which the French tabloid Sloser accuses of having an affair with French President Francois Ollanom, has become one of the most talked about person of the week. But it's not professional achievements Mademoiselle Gaye, but the fact that the press around the world exaggerates her personal life.

Today it became known RIA Novosti that Gaia requires 50,000 dollars from the magazine. It was the sum plaintiff estimates moral damage caused to her tabloid invading her privacy. Four thousand dollars on account of an actress requires court costs. The second condition, which puts the actress in the lawsuit, is the publication of the court decision on the part of the magazine cover.

Earlier it was reported that the lawyer Julie Gayet required to remove material from the site of the alleged connection actress with French President.

We also recall that for several days the tabloids write about possible pregnancy French actress, but information remains unconfirmed. The French president until the situation has not commented, despite the difficulties in dealing with civil wife Valerie Triyerveyler, which was in the hospital after the news of the novel Hollande and Gaia.

Potatoes, shorts and ice cubes: what can ruffle Elizabeth II?

If you ever get an appointment with the Queen of Great Britain, do not try to stroke her favorite dogs, solve a crossword puzzle in her seat with a dictionary or common table for your child. It turned out that in the royal palace has a secret list of those things that can not stand Elizabeth II. Somehow penetrate this mystery palace managed correspondents Us Weekly.

And that, according to them, is included in the list of "irritants" Her Majesty:

Potatoes: it never served to the table when the queen dines alone.

Soups: they leave royals completely indifferent.

Children at the table: the table is no place for kids queens who have not learned good manners.

three-piece suit: it believes that such ensembles worth wearing only a servant.

word "pregnancy": according to Her Majesty, the term is too vulgar. When it is necessary to speak about a woman expecting replenishment, "she marital status".

When people touch her dogs: Elizabeth, as you know, loves his dogs breed corgi and, as it turns out, can not stand when someone -is trying to stroke.

dictionaries: want to ruffle queen - start with her to solve a crossword puzzle, referring to a dictionary. She believes it is "fraud".

Shorts: men in shorts in the palace is not the place.

Frustrated musical instruments: music playing for the queen should sound harmoniously.

Long sermon: this church ritual should not last longer than 12 minutes.

Ice Cubes: Elizabeth hate knock that they make, so put her drinks on ice chips exclusively circular shape.

"Not real" bow ties: they say the queen from a distance of 20 steps can determine which butterfly on man - a real, you want to tie, or "the fake" - an elastic band (a version of this accessory Her Majesty does not approve of).

Well what can I say, one of us asked his little oddities!

Svetlana Khodchenkova again got a job in Hollywood

Russian actress Svetlana Khodchenkova, who played in films such as "Wolverine: The Immortal" and "Love in the City 3", again got a job in Hollywood. This time, she will play a major role in the film directed by Andrei Consta "Chahtitskaya pani".

Script was written by Matthew Jacobs, who worked on the films "Lassie," "The Adventures of the Emperor" and several episodes of the TV series "Doctor Who." Producer Steven Schneider acts ("Paranormal Activity").

Plot tape based on the true story of Countess Elizabeth Bathory, Hungarian, one of the most famous serial killers in history. According to the Guinness Book of Records, from 1585 to 1610 Countess killed about 650 girls, mostly local peasant.

Filming will begin later this year.

Rita Ora and Calvin Harris parted

Singer Rita Ora and DJ Calvin Harris broke up after 9-month romance.

Source Sun newspaper reported the following:

Rita and Calvin diverged. They both carry heavy gap. But recently spending time together was even worse than what is happening now. He is busy working, and she recorded a new album and starred in "50 shades of gray".

23-year-old Ora arrived in Vancouver on January 14 to begin filming in the role of Christian Grey sister Mia.

Although representatives of Rita and Calvin refused to comment on their relationship, Ora already removed it from subscriptions in Instagram.

In addition to busy schedules ex-lovers, there are rumors that Harris did not like the obsession with fame on Ora:

Calvin prefers privacy than the praise, as does Rita. It also has contributed to the gap. He would be happy to meet with a girl who is not connected with show business.

Recall Calvin and Rita were first spotted together when he took the girl in Las Vegas on his private jet. Then Ora said she "lucky" to meet someone who takes her publicity and with whom she had a lot in common.

Couple celebrate New Year together. It was rumored that Ora moved to his mansion in Beverly Hills after she got kicked out of the apartment in London for excessive noise. Nevertheless, the singer stayed at the hotel.

Kristina Orbakaitė celebrated her husband's birthday

Kristina Orbakaitė noted birthday husband Michael Zemtsova. Wife have been married for 9 years, but Christine does not get tired recognized her husband in love. Incidentally, it was at a party on the occasion of the birth of Mikhail many years ago and met the singer and businessman. Kristina Orbakaitė even jokes that became the biggest present Zemtsova.

Family, including his daughter Claudia, is now in Miami, there was held and celebration. At his 36th birthday Michael gathered only the closest of friends. Dinner was held in the new trendy restaurant-penthouse Juvia, with a terrace offering stunning views of Miami. Kitchen combines in one menu French, Japanese and Peruvian culture, and guests were able to enjoy high gastronomy.

At the gala dinner, fortunately, managed to Philip, who had just arrived in the U.S. from Dubai, where he enjoyed a family stay with children. Philip was one of the honored guests at the party and took his place between the perpetrator and the triumph of his wife. The evening was so chamber and family that Christina even took her little daughter Claudia.

On the birthday of Michael Zemtsova in Miami

Emma Watson in the family happily embrace new boyfriend

Recently, the 23-year-old Emma Watson meets with 21-year-old Matthew regbistom Janney.

Jenny Father David died of cancer at 42 years old, and his mother Jill, who alone raised Matthew and his sister Jemima, died from breast cancer in 2008.

Then boyfriend Watson moved to friends and family Coralie James Day, who became his unofficial guardian. They own the company, which is engaged in real estate.

Mr. and Mrs. Day said they are extremely satisfied with the news of Matthew's novel Emma. 57-year-old said Coralie:

We are very excited that he meets Emma Uoston and really want to meet her. She was very lucky to find such a wonderful young man. No one can say a bad word about Matt. He's charming.

In addition, she said that she is waiting for the visit of the pair:

After my mother's death Matt I became his second mother. I took him under his wing when he went to study at Oxford. And very proud of him. Matthew is very close to my son Harry, whose father and my first husband died. They have a lot in common.

Note, Matthew is not the first time Janney has to do with show business. His sister was studying medicine at the University, then dropped out and became a fashion designer. She meets a long time with Ben Lovett - one of the founders of the rock band Mumford & Sons. Soloist Marcus Mumford - husband of actress Carey Mulligan. The couple lives in New York and communicates well with Mulligan, and Keira Knightley.

Matthew Janney speaks French and Russian languages, and also examines the modern and medieval languages ​​in college Oriel. At Oxford, he was considered the most eligible bachelor and the best rugby player. And last year he was in Russia studying in Yaroslavl, where he played in the team regbistov.

Recall that in October 2011 Emma Watson arrived in the city of Oxford and began to study English in college Worcester. Previously, she threw Brown University in the U.S..

Last summer star of "Harry Potter" broke up with Will Adamowicz.

Emma Watson and Matthew Janney

Jennifer Aniston wants to use the services of a surrogate mother

According to the magazine National Enquirer, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux decided to use the services of a surrogate mother. According to sources, the actress inspired example of her close friend Nicole Kidman:

Jennifer thought of a surrogate child for years. But only after a conversation with Nicole she had the courage to take such a step. They Justin decided that surrogacy is right for them. Now the pair is looking for the perfect female candidate. Deadline - summer.

Insider added that they are very eager to become parents:

Justin and Jennifer realize that the birth of a child - the greatest achievement in life. They got a lot of advice from friends, and Nicole helped the most. She loves Jennifer and considers them to Theroux wonderful pair.

Kidman believes that the child will strengthen their happy union. She knows from experience how the provision of substitute services. Jennifer has always said that in no hurry to have children. Surrogacy gives her time to prepare for the birth of a child without the stress of pregnancy. She was not concerned that this other woman is involved, because the appearance of a new life - a magical experience regardless of the method.

In conclusion, the informant said:

Jennifer did not wait for a baby. It is suitable for this balanced, but recognizes that this is the most exciting time in her life.

We hope that in the life of Justin Theroux, too.

Kim Kardashian wants a second child

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West want a second child: the couple plans to give 7-month-old North brother or sister in 2015.

Source magazine Us Weekly said:

Kim wants to get pregnant by June and become pregnant bride . Please Kardashian wants to give birth to a girl, and then another boy.

Note, it is a bit surprising because Kim was given the bearing of North very difficult:

She had a difficult pregnancy. But Kim loves North.

Soon Kanye and his bride will go to Fashion Week in Paris, where they also will examine potential locations for the wedding ceremony. Perhaps they will arrange a celebration in Versailles.

By the way, on Monday in Beverly Hills, West attacked the 18-year-old young man, who called Kim indecent and even racist phrase. Now he faces a trial, which may interfere with the wedding.

Miley Cyrus made a 'pot'

Two days ago, Miley Cyrus showed off a new haircut: Singer mischievous pixie changed to an ambiguous "pot." Stylists have already compared her hair haircut hero Jim Carrey in "Dumb and Dumber".

Paparazzi photographed girl near the studio in Los Angeles during a conversation with friends. Singer laughed a lot and talked to her manager Larry Rudolph.

In addition, the 21-year-old Cyrus were wearing black suspenders and white edged top favorite. Note black hair roots the same color as dark eyebrows Miley. Red lips completed creative bow Cyrus.

Recall recently Miley busy rehearsing to future tours, which she "can not wait", as written in his microblog on Twitter.

First pictures of Shakira clip Can't Remember To Forget You


A few days ago, the premiere collaborative single by Shakira and Rihanna Can't Remember to Forget You. The song has already become a hit around the world.

Today, the network appeared the first official footage from the video, according to which 36-year-old singer from Colombia show not one candid outfit.

On one of the frames Shakira wore red platform shoes and a transparent dress with scarlet embroidery and fringe to the floor. Gerard Pique beloved sensually slide down the wall. In the second photo the singer posing in a black bodysuit with cutouts and massive gold ornaments.

Which appear outrageous outfits Rihanna, we know very soon. In any case, the Barbados diva did not disappoint his fans.

Note March 25 Shakira is preparing to release the 8th solo album, which will also be single with Rihanna.



Shakira and rihanna

Eva Mendes: If I had not become an actress, would be an architect

What would have become celebrities, if, instead of a career in show business opted for other professions? And they would have been in these roles as successful? Eva Mendes admits that if she was not a movie star, made a career in architecture or design.

In an interview she said:

If I had not become an actress, I would be an architect or interior designer. Yes, definitely! Or florist, because I love to do floral arrangements.

Who knows, maybe the world lost in the face of Eve talented designer or architect of genius?

Meanwhile, in the field of fashion Mendes obviously could would declare itself: she has repeatedly appeared as a model in advertising campaigns and fashion brands can easily give advice to fans in style. So, on their own fashion preferences actress says the following:

I like to supplement their catchy way some detail, but the main thing that this item is not outweighed by all the attention.

Regarding his personal life Eva is not so frank: rumors about parting with Ryan Gosling, continues to circulate in the press, the star has not commented.

Miu Miu: new footage from the advertising campaign with Ellie Fanning and Lupita Nyong'o

Ellie Fanning
A few days ago at our disposal were the first images of the ad campaign Miu Miu Spring-Summer 2014. Now on the Internet, new footage with Ellie Fanning, Lupita Nyong'o and Bella Heathcote, who had the honor to become a fashion brand owners.

Actresses posed for one of the most famous duos fashion photographers Inez van Lamsweerde and Matadin Vinud that more than a year working with well-known brands and glossy magazines. These creators always create unique photosets, looking at pictures of them - a pleasure.

As for the new collection of Miu Miu, it was a very merry and bright: Colorful socks and bags, coats, tops, skirts and more .

Lupita Nyong'o

Bella Heathcote