Jan 14, 2014

Beyonce wrote a manifesto in defense of women's rights

Beyonce has joined the league of celebrities fighting for women's rights and wrote a column manifesto for the annual report of the former First Lady of California Maria Shriver about the status of women in America. In the text it raises issues such as low pay for women's work, education and equality in children a sense of unity.

We need to stop taking for granted the myth of equality. He has not yet become a reality. Women now make up half of the U.S. workforce, but the average wage of working women is only 77 percent of what a man gets working. As long as women and men do not recognize this situation unacceptable, nothing will change.

We must teach our boys to respect and equality, so that when they grow up, gender equality would be a natural state of affairs. And we need to tell our girls that they can reach all vertices, which in principle can reach people.

His column singer signed full name, which received after marriage - Beyonce Knowles-Carter.

Proper essay written for the report Shriver and other celebrities: so Eva Longoria noted the need to protect the rights of Hispanics, and basketball star LeBron James raised the issue of single mothers as himself brought up without a father.

Same Girl: Teaser for the new clip of Jennifer Lopez

The network has a new teaser clip of Jennifer Lopez, full version of which appears on the Internet two days later. Composition, which was filmed a video called Same Girl.

Filming new creations pop diva took place in New York in just a few days before New Year. Moreover, the platform is the singer and her team located not in some trendy area of ​​the city, and the "national" Bronx. It lived there in childhood and adolescence Lopez.

The new clip artist decided to show fans how she once lived, show local flavor: the shooting took place at the Metro station, which every day Jen went to Manhattan for dance and vocals, as well as on the streets of the district.

tracks created in the style of R'n'B, will be the second single singer in support of her new studio album tenth.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper came to the 'Golden Globe' with moms

On presentation of one of the most prestigious film awards "Golden Globe" accepted to come with a couple - someone takes the second half, some of the girls were pregnant (unborn child - not a couple?) And someone took his closest women - mothers. So did award nominees Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper.

I must say that the Hollywood hunk was in whom grow so charming - their mother looked almost like a girlfriend of his sons. Irmelin Indenbirkin - Mama Leo and Gloria compan - Bradley mom were very smiling and literally radiate good cheer.

Leonardo DiCaprio and his mother Irmelin Indenbirkin 
Bradley Cooper and his mother Gloria compan
Idris Elba, Nayan Garcia, Bradley Cooper and Uloriya compan