Jan 4, 2014

The conflict is: Jay Mohr apologized Alyssa Milano

History with a bad joke comedian Jay Mohr addressed Alyssa Milano ended quite well. Celebrities have turned to each other in blogs and it looks like "buried the hatchet".

43-year-old Mora struck criticism of the press and colleagues after in a recent interview he said that Milano waved at her hand after birth of a child and is not in vain slimming underwear. In response to his comment 41-year-old actress wrote in his twitter that really upset him hints on her overweight and "all good wishes" abuser.

Jay reaction was not long in coming. In his microblog, he spoke about Alyssa:

She is awesome. I mistakenly thought that the absurdity of my words will perceive it as a joke. # Fail

Next Mor Milano dedicated a post on his blog, writing:

comedians sometimes go too far, and I did. I can not change what has already been said, but I assure you, my heart is broken because I hurt her. I'm very sorry. It was not funny. I was tormented by the thought that she Alyssa, her family, friends, fans, and especially her husband heard these hurtful words. For me it has always been one of the most kind, caring and beautiful people only saw this city.

Luckily for Jay, Alyssa was not a man of vindictive. On twitter she left a message:

Thank You. Apology accepted. (She growled viciously, but diligently tightening themselves from head to toe to waist underwear). # DaytePechenku

Apparently, that comes to a sense of humor, Milano may even surpass the famous comedian!

Alyssa Milano took apologies
Jay Mohr admitted that "too far"

Michael Schumacher may remain paralyzed

Michael Schumacher is still in a hospital in Grenoble in a coma. On the state of health of the race driver on duty outside the hospital yesterday told reporters one of the victim, a former racer Shtrayff Philip, who spoke with the head of the Brain Institute and other family Schumacher surgeon Gerard Salyan.

Shtrayff says:

I doctor, I'm just passing that said Gerard Salyan. He says that the state is serious, but fortunately, a danger to life was over.

Meanwhile, he said, doctors do not rule out that the incident may result in serious consequences for Michael: in particular, the right side body paralysis and loss of voice.

Recall that Schumacher suffered a head injury while skiing in the Alps. Police has been studying camcorder recordings, which was installed on a helmet while riding a racing driver. Investigators also find out details of what happened at the 14-year-old son Mick Schumacher and his friend - they witnessed the accident.

Near the hospital where Michael is constantly are his fans. Many of them came from other cities and countries to support the rider - especially since yesterday was his birthday: Schumacher turned 45.