Jan 3, 2014

No longer desperate: Eva Longoria enjoys comfortable

Hollywood actress, best known for the television series "Desperate Housewives" Eva Longoria gave herself all the charms stay in warmer climates. Christmas holidays celebrity spends about fun in the pool with friends.

Photo report it immediately posted to the social network. The picture shows the actress flaunts her fit body in a bathing suit, pulling themselves vest son Manuelito.

«Who needs a lifeguard?" - Signed picture Longoria.

Sexy brunette denied, exactly where it rests, but it is known that celebrate New Year's Eve, she went with a few friends. "Goodbye, LA! Destination - New Year! We're on our way! "- Singer signed under photo on the eve of the exposed. The photo shows a group of people on a background of a private jet.

Recall that not so long ago Eva was mad at one edition of reporters who wrote lies about her future plans. They wrote that the star is going to play in three soap operas, one of which must play Longoria mother party "Dancing with the Stars' William Levy. The fact that she is already credited role older women is probably the most outraged Eve.

She described his frustration on Twitter: "How can people write such things? Not one word of what was said was not true! They even invented a false quote! Latin Post IS will be responsible for incorrect information! Melissa Kastellyanos, you should verify the information before you print it! Now rewrite it, you idiots! "

Britney Spears fans disappointed

Ardent fans of Britney Spears, each of whom paid the $ 2,500 for the chance to meet the singer, left disappointed long-awaited reunion. According to fans, the star spent with them literally "three seconds", and then hastened to greet.

Meeting behind the scenes, for which fans have posted a round sum, took place in the framework of Britney performances in Las Vegas (we recently already seen some of the rooms of her new show.) As told by insiders portal RadarOnline, the appearance of Spears fans prepared a special way:

They were told that they should not hug Britney or touch her without her permission, and they were not allowed to bring any gifts.

According to the same source, collect stars paid quite a bit of time:

When they finally saw Britney, she just smiled, photographed and goodbye. Each had just three seconds to communicate with her.

Price "VIP package" and meeting with the star entered a ticket in the first row, as well as souvenirs with the image of the singer, but, as told to the press, the fans still were dissatisfied:

They expect vivid impressions of communication, but the meeting was strange and awkward. She almost did not talk, just nodded, smiled and thanked everyone.

Turns out that every second communication with Britney worth more than 800 dollars? Average!

Britney too quickly said goodbye to fans
Britney Spears at her concert in Las Vegas

Rihanna for Balmain: behind the scenes footage

In mid-December we were treated to a photo shoot Rihanna's new advertising campaign Balmain, which is known photographers Inez van Lamsweerde and Matadin Vinud removed in the spirit of the 80-90s. Now we have the opportunity to look behind the scenes of the acclaimed photoset: fashion house has released three videos, giving an idea of ​​how work was going.

In one video Rihanna expresses his admiration for the creative director of Balmain Olivier Rusteyng who found the singer in the face his muse:

few months ago, she came to our studio, and I wanted to create this whole collection with the thought of it. It is a new icon, she mixes fashion and music, and this is the idea that underlies my collection.

Rihanna 27-year-old designer calls the icon of his generation, and work with it - a dream come true:

Dreams Come True. When a woman, inspiring you, putting your creations, your vision of the world becomes integral ... In this campaign, Rihanna embodies my idea of ​​Balmain. Before the camera, she makes you think she's the only girl on the planet.

Enthusiastic about cooperation with the renowned brand and campaign heroine herself:

Balmain - my old love, and the chance to work with them - it's just amazing. Moreover, on the set, we had a great time.

Share the opinion of Rihanna: working together, and the truth, failed.

Jessica Simpson is losing weight for the wedding

Jessica Simpson admits that it took a long time and perseverance to lose weight after both of their pregnancies. Now 33-year-old star, who gave birth to a son in June, is in good shape, but - no limit to perfection: as the singer admits she's going to throw a few pounds - in fact ahead of its long-awaited wedding.

New video support nutrition program Weight Watchers, which is Jessica, the singer says:

This year you will definitely hear about the wedding, and it's very exciting for me. I think the time has come. The idea that I have a wedding soon, forces continue to count calories and do in the gym. 'll Understand when you see my dress.

The date of the ceremony until Simpson calls, as well as the place where she and Eric Johnson are getting married. Journalists believe that the wedding couple can play in Italy: love vacationing there in the fall and is rumored to be simultaneously looked for a place for future celebrations.

Regarding preparations for the wedding, then, according to Jessica to look good in a dress can not do without the right attitude:

I always set myself a new goal. But do not just conceive of something global, even if at first it will be something simple. Now my goal - to feel confident in jeans and T-shirt.

Seems confident enough that the star was feeling and in a suit with shorts - in that dress, she appeared on the cover of Weight Watchers.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson at a party in New York in early December

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson with children in early December

Ustinenko and Gobozov a scandal in the New Year Eve

Fans of the TV project "Дом-2"(Dom-2) actively discussing web how their favorites celebrate. It was learned that Alexander Gobozov and Aliana Ustinenko met the new year in a karaoke club that belongs Tigran Salibekovu. On the Internet, there were rumors that the couple Sasha and Aliana Ustinenko sort things out in a raised voice, insulted each other. Olga, Sasha's mom Gobzova, drank too much and began to demand an apology from the daughter, what Aliana Ustinenko  said another portion of insults. Sasha tried to separate the women. When Gobozov learned that cause intoxication mother Rustam became the sun, which is constantly filled glass pensioner Gobozov attacked Solntseva, men had to separate the guards of the club, and Olga called an ambulance and was given a sedative.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones noted the New Year together

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones with children Carys and Dylan
Just a few days ago, we were glad that this year parted Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas again wear wedding rings. Apparently, the news about the reunification of spouses - not just rumors.

Actors finally calmed fans worry about their possible divorce: 69-year-old Douglas posted on his Facebook page a photo of the entire family, conducting these days in Canada . Still actor signed:

Helmet you Happy New Year from Quebec, Canada, is now minus ten Fahrenheit.

Skiing Michael riding with 44-year-old wife Catherine and children - son Dylan and daughter Carys.

recall that a few days ago the star couple were spotted together - for the first time since August announced a pause in their relationship. Before the news about the separation they have been married for about 13 years. In November, the press reported that Michael and Catherine not only divorced, but decided to live together again.

Hope that 2014 will be the best pair for acting and all contradictions remain in the past.

Michael Douglas and his son Dylan and daughter Carys

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas a few months before the news about the separation

Alyssa Milano responded to insulting joke

Alyssa Milano in her tweet responded to the attack in his address by comedian Jay Mohr. Celebrities with the ceremony were NASCAR races in Las Vegas, then Moore commented star shape "Charmed" when he gave an interview to a radio station.

Air Jay said the following (called, among other things, Alyssa " Melissa, or as it is there "):

She was one of the leading. It is low rise, and it seems that birth, she decided: "I do not care what you think." She was not wearing underwear slimming, and I look at her and think, "Oh my God!"

41-year-old Milano, which two years ago gave birth to a son, without its rudeness, very calmly answering the offender in his twitter:

Jay Mohr, very sorry that you felt the need to publicly criticize my weight. All you good, and God bless you. Please convey my best wishes to his lovely wife.

Interestingly, Mora wife, actress Nikki Cox, in 2011, bore him a son, not so long ago in the blog has expressed its concern what insensitive with respect to each other people began:

Our culture has become incredibly fierce. In social networks, people say hurtful and terrible things, believing that this is a very funny and witty.

Interesting that Nikki thinks about her husband jokes?

Alyssa Milano
Jay Mohr and his wife Nikki Cox

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber: former met again!

Not everything is perhaps not entirely completed between the starlet and Canadian singer, since they both met again yesterday ...

Last December, tired of always being linked to her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez was the crisp clear to her fans that she had moved on and she did not want to be told about him .. .

"It's been over a year now ... Please know that my thoughts are only mine. Believe me, I did not need a man to define my decisions or that I post on Instagram. This is silly ... We went to something else so now you should do the same. (I send you) a lot of love and respect. Always "she had then wrote on his Instagram account.

These words ring true today especially since it would seem in fact that the starlet "made in Disney" has not really made a cross on the Canadian star!

Filmography And because Selena and Justin were spotted together just yesterday (Thursday, 2 January) when they were a ride Segways on the streets of Calabasas, California, where the singer resides.

interpreter as Hold Tight 19 years old and the singer of the hit Come & Get It 21 years old parted there a while now and had not been seen together for months .

It is even rumored that the recent overwork Selena was due to her break she had not digested ...
one who had a break in his career- she finally decided to give a chance to his first love?

What is certain is that both were indeed reviewed in the company of another friend (see photos HERE). To be continued.

Celebrity Street Style: Heidi Klum in Los Angeles

Heidi Klum arrived at Los Angeles International Airport from Las Vegas. 40-year-old model picked an outfit in black tones, adding a few bright accents.

Klum was dressed in tight black jeans, slim-lined jacket in tone and black hat beanie. Great additions steel pumps red, bright red lipstick and a black top with skull, embroidered with multicolored beads. Silver nail polish looked elegant and combined with the way in the style casual.

New Year's Eve Star "Project Runway" has posted photos to Instagram, where she admires the scenery of Las Vegas. The mother of four added signature:

Paris? No ... Vegas!!!

Celebrate in "Sin City", Heidi returned to Los Angeles.

The way, now Klum and her boyfriend Martin Kristen want to buy a spacious house for herself and four children - 9-year-old Leni, 8-year-old Henry, 7-year-old Johan and 4-year-old Lou. Couple together since last year. According to rumors, they are looking at the mansion Katy Perry: 7 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms in the Hollywood Hills allure model.

Perry, in turn, bought a house in 2011 with then-husband Russell Brand: they wanted to do repair it, but diverged in December of the same year. The mansion was built in 1912, it has a pool with a waterfall, a garden and two guest houses. Katie recently dropped the price to $ 6.5 million.

Heidi Klum 

Heidi Klum in Las Vegas