Jan 1, 2014

Ksenia Sobtchak a publié une photo d'un cheval

Socialite Ksenia Sobtchak always sympathized with his fans not only intelligence and wit, despite the fact that she and blonde, but also a great sense of humor and self-irony.

Although Xenia recently said that she is not a horse, with which it is constantly compared and graceful doe, the New Year she posted a photo of it in the form of horses.

Judging by the signature to a photo Ksenia Sobtchak celebrated the New Year in Miami, and believes that it is in the year of the horse it is she just lucky.

Cameron Diaz: I still eat french fries!

Cameron Diaz has written a book about self-help and self-love The Body Book - "The Book of the body".

Under the promotional campaign 41-year-old actress gave an interview with People:

I still eat fries. Discipline - it is not self-deprivation. I once lived on low-grade fast food. I saw tons of soda and constantly eating junk and oily food. I ate until until I hurt myself. I just lay there thinking, "Why did I do it?"

Cameron admitted that her life changed when a star "Masks" decided to give up sweets and fast food:

These things just are not for digestion. If you understand how your body works, you can make the right choices. I suffered from severe acne, I had a small white pustules. Then I gave up dairy products, and my skin is completely cleared.

Next Diaz shared this recipe of a favorite dish:

Tasty oatmeal - the most favorite thing for me. I cook it to a state of semi - al dente. Add caramelized leeks, green vegetables and Japanese citrus sauce based.

As for fitness, then Diaz would like to train more frequently:

Once I begin to seriously pursue. At least while I'm working, then physically active all day. The cast is very energy-intensive work!

Not afraid whether old actress?

I love getting older. It's part of life. If you're not getting older, you're dead!

Cameron take note of advice and cook oatmeal brand. And you?

Oprah Winfrey will soon marry

Oprah Winfrey is engaged to businessman Stedman Graham for over 20 years. Now he is ready to propose to her: trip together to the funeral of former South African President Nelson Mandela on December 15 it touched.

TV presenter has agreed to marry 62-year-old Graham in 1992, 6 years after the beginning of the relationship. But the wedding never took place. Now he wants to ask her to marry a second time.

Insider told the magazine National Enquirer, the trip to the funeral strongly influenced the couple:

Oprah loved Mandela and everything for which he fought. In a period of severe grief she could rely only on Stedman. It was almost a spiritual pilgrimage. During the funeral, Graham constantly supported her. That's when he realized that he wanted to spend my life with Oprah as her husband.

Stedman feels they are kindred spirits, and it's time to issue marriage officially. In addition, he wants to be buried next to Oprah and know that it will happen only if the marriage.

Stedman Friends urged him to make the presenter offers this January on her birthday - Oprah 60 years.

Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham

Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting married

Actress Kaley Cuoco and tennis player Ryan Sweeting married on December 31 in California.

At 28-year-old star of "The Big Bang Theory" was a pink wedding dress, and a 26-year-old Sweeting - black suit, shirt and shoes.

Keighley confirmed wedding in Instagram, laying ceremony photo with the caption "Yes".

Before the ceremony paparazzi noticed Cuoco and her guests on the hotel balcony.

According to insiders, the wedding night was in the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills.

Recall Kaylee and Ryan were spotted together in August 2013, and in late September announced their engagement.

Rihanna and Kara Devlin noted the New Year at the club JZ

Rihanna and Kara Devlin noted the New Year in a New York club rapper Jay-Z 40/40.

25-year-old singer wore a white fur coat luxury in gangland-style white suit with a black bra and pink pumps. As an accessory she chose creative headband with veil. Bright pink lipstick contrasted markedly with the common onion. Note that the pants were too long: Rihanna constantly picked bottom of trousers, so they do not fall under the heels.

Kara was wearing a shorter top, a pencil skirt and a park with a protective lining.

Rihanna New Year Eve was the hostess. According to an insider newspaper Sun, everything was at the highest level:

Singer ordered elite sparkling drink costing £ 300 per bottle. She Kara and Rihanna's ex-boyfriend 27-year-old Drake sat in a private area of ​​the club, with tables for snooker and huge TV screens. Rihanna never does anything "half".

Singer from Barbados wrote that night in Twitter:

people that night guys should dress like gentlemen! Ladies want to be pleasantly surprised! Girls, you already know what to do ...

Recall Rihanna and Kara noted Christmas together in Barbados. 21-year-old model is regularly laid out on the weekends together photos in Instagram.

As Duchess Catherine and Pippa Middleton celebrated the New Year

December 30 Duchess Catherine and her sister Pippa Middleton began to celebrate the New Year at a house party with friends in Bucklebury.

According to an insider in an interview with People, no red carpet, no camera flashes were not:

Kate looked amazing. She laughed and was happy.

The source also said that the 31-year-old Catherine, who gave birth to a little George in July, "fully regained its slender figure":

It looks even better now! than before birth.

note or Prince William or Prince George at the party was not, but the Duchess did not miss:

What amazes most - it is absolutely normal and smiling. There for Kate nobody watched, so she allowed herself to relax and enjoy the party. When I left, all the while thinking: "She looks so happy." Duchess really shone with happiness and full of vitality.

Recall friendly party - the exact opposite of the recent Christmas celebrations of the royal family, which was attended by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles. Of course, the event assumed an official dinner and strict observance of court etiquette and traditions.

Last year at Middleton family holidays, except pregnant Catherine toured all the local pubs, and then relatives gathered at home for New Year's table.

Miley Cyrus congratulated the people of New York with the New Year

Miley Cyrus performed at the traditional New Year's concert in Times Square in New York. Despite the cold and chilly weather, 21-year-old singer was dressed in a shortened gold top and trousers from the same bundle. Coat still slightly warmed Miley.

First Cyrus sang Get It Right, and then - Wrecking Ball, during which Miley sang a crowd of thousands.

Note outrageous singer admitted leading concert Ryan Seacrest, this Christmas set things on it - "the greatest amount of clothing I've ever worn in 2013." She added that in addition to a much more open, if not the weather.

At midnight sprinkle with colorful confetti.

Taylor Swift outraged neighbors construction work

Taylor Swift relationship with its neighbors in Rhode Island are spoiled: according to the newspaper The Day, the singer, whose house is valued at $ 17 million, conducts construction work without proper permission. As a result, according to the journalist, suffer coastline and residents access to your favorite beach is limited.

The photographs in the publication of the workers moved boulders on the coast near the Swift mansion, located in Watch Hill. Further, the newspaper claims that after the construction works local surfers supposedly can not play sports.

Note, 24-year-old singer bought a house in April 2013 after the sale of real estate in Hyannis Port, where lived next to an ex-boyfriend Conor Kennedy .

Nevertheless, it appears that everything is legitimate all have permission from Taylor. The representative of the Council on administrative resources of Rhode Island Laura Dwyer commented on the situation magazine The Providence Journal, stating that there was a huge misunderstanding:

Large boulders were there historically. We have photographic evidence of previous owner - just stones were covered with sand. When representatives of the Swift came to us with a project, it is we asked them to move the stones as close as possible to the sea. It all started during Hurricane Sandy - his stone wall stood. All permits Taylor received on November 6. Local residents need not worry, as the construction will not prevent them staying on the beach East Beach. Guarantee.

Recall recently Taylor Swift completed a world tour Red Tour concert in Melbourne, Australia.

Taylor Swift