Dec 31, 2013

Hope Tolokonnikova in Lookbook online store

Hope Tolokonnikova in Lookbook online store

Participant punk band Pussy Riot Nadezhda Tolokonnikova recently emerged from prison under an amnesty, but that does not stop her Lookbook shoot for fashion brands. This time she shot for Lookbook online store TrendsBrands.

Pictured Nadia posing in casual-images composed of things American Apparel, I AM, Evil Twin, Glamorous and others. Photographer sets made Fedor Bitkov, style girls engaged Alexander Zubrilin, and makeup and hair - Vera Kulikova.

Hope Tolokonnikova was set free Dec. 23 under a presidential amnesty. She was sentenced to two years prison for execution "punk prayer" at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow.

Hope Tolokonnikova in Lookbook TrendsBrends

Dwyane Wade became the father before Gabrielle Union made an offer

About a week ago, actress Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade basketball player announced their engagement in Instagram. The girl posted a picture of the ring with 8.5-carat diamond and a cute signature. However, at that moment she did not know that just a few months ago, Wade was born child. Name the baby's mother kept a closely guarded secret, but we know that the boy was born.

News about the kid and it angered the Union has decided to move away from the time the groom. From the comments and official statements both parties to refrain.

Recall pair Gabriel and Dwayne together since 2009, and usually they do not hide their feelings in public. In basketball also has two children from his first wife Siovan Fanches. Finally he divorced her in 2010 alone, paying her compensation of 50 thousand dollars in damages.

Beyonce: it is the wrath of NASA!

Beyonce: it is the wrath of NASA

XO in the first official song from his new album, Beyonce uses sounds from the crash of space shuttle Challenger accident in 1986, a diversion that NASA does not like at all.

This is a controversy that should come somewhat tarnish the huge success of her new album ...

While Beyonce a hit with its eponymous album released on December 13, the element of surprise worked, American singer 32 year old finds himself involved in a tricky business with NASA.

In the clip of his XO title, Beyonce begins the song with sounds from the crash of space shuttle Challenger accident in 1986. We can hear the voice of the retired officer Steve Nesbitt, which was recorded the day the shuttle exploded after taking off from the Kennedy Space Center. The disaster killed seven people. "Air traffic controllers monitor very carefully the situation," stated Steve Nesbitt at the time. "There apparently was a big failure." he added.

Some current and former NASA employees are very moved that Beyoncé has used this "sample" a few seconds to remind them of very bad memories, as in June Scobee Rodgers, the widow Commander Dick Scobee. The latter told ABC News that she is "disappointed". "The passage of the clip is a hard time for all those who have lost a limb in the accident." Has she said.

Given the controversy, Bey was quick to respond. "My thoughts are with the families of the victims. XO The song was recorded with the sincere intention to help these people and remind us that unexpected things can happen and it takes advantage of those we love." American singer said in a statement to the media.

These words be enough to make us forget his awkwardness? Not on!

Florine (Secret Story 7): would she drew Bruno Mars in his nets?

If you believe the recent confessions of Florine finalist Secret Story 7, singer Bruno Mars would have succumbed to its charm and much more ...

If one believes the claims of Florine, it could be that the global super star Bruno Mars has fallen for her ... In other words, the interpreter of "Gorillaz" made the finalist Secret Story 7 his little "treasure".

In the bath blogger Jeremstar, the blonde, who was in love scalp Jamel recounts his first meeting with the singer: "I had the chance to meet Bruno Mars It's a story. crazy. concert I went to when I had no place and they made me go into the backstage to see him (unlike Tal and M. Pokora who, themselves, have been denied access Ed). Indeed, it may be there was a kiss but we mostly talked a lot (...). I had the honor of being in his single cell with him. There was reconciliations, I do not dévoilerais all. "

next? Florine prefer to keep to herself, probably because Bruno Mars has asked him to stay quiet (or not). Anyway, users openly mock this story they are likely to consider it invented from scratch

Florine SS7 would have kissed Bruno Mars. Yes yes ... She was photographed in it was true Jamel Filmography -. Lucia (@ JustPokofan) December 30, 2013
Florine secret story would have typed Bruno Mars. This is a big joke? It's as if Michael Jackson tapped Zaz. # # BrunoMars SS7 Filmography - Manon. (@ ManonShudder) December 30, 2013
Florine embracing Bruno Mars hm its meaning the invention of his life Filmography - Ta madre ♡ (@ princessiaSo) December 30, 2013
And you ... What do you think of these statements? Info or Mytho?

Photos: Kim Kardashian: much more comfortable on Louboutin heels on skis!

Party to celebrate the new year in the mountains of Utah with her boyfriend Kanye West and her big sister Kourtney, Kim Kardashian was seen yesterday trying to ski with them. The famous American bimbo is not ready to become a queen of the descent.

Check the last weekend in Park City, located in the state of Utah, by private jet with almost his entire clan, only his little sisters Kendall and Kylie are missing, they remained California, Kim Kardashian has invested white stripes yesterday (Monday, 30 December).

Accompanied by her boyfriend Kanye West, who did not want to miss a piece of skin in the freezing cold, and his big sister Kourtney, who as always class, Kim Kardashian donned her skis to slide down very nicely small slopes of the area. Because believe that the unsteady gait of California bimbo, it is not a great fan of winter sports or are not often driveway.

Warm in his suit coat and fur, the young mother of 32 years was not very stable air on skis. Positioned well forward, Kima struggled to reach the chairlift she borrowed with Kanye and Kourtney.

Photographed going down a path that no longer had a blue, Kim took his time to drag to the end point.
Give him a pair of Louboutin heels and feet Kim will regain his confidence bimbo in no time!

As it was, the wedding Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish

In the network appeared the first photos from the wedding of Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish made by a professional photographer. Pictures published in Martha Stewart Weddings style. By the way, business-woman and was an organizer of the ceremony.

Wedding was intimate and even homemade, country-style. The couple wanted to have their family and friends to enjoy the true beauty of the American nature, and therefore chose a ranch in Montana. On the menu was simple but tasty food - barbecue, burgers and salads. For dessert served fresh fruit, peach and cherry crumble. Instead, individual cards with a list of food and drinks on the table was just taut tent combo treats.

Most interesting thing in the ceremony - how to take part. Simple table setting with an bribed fresh wildflowers and horseshoes, which was used instead of napkin rings (nothing idea for New Year's table in the year of the horse?). By the way, all the napkins at the dinner table - both paper and textile had Monogram young, and some were even printed their caricature portraits.

Proprietary monogram on that day were everywhere - even in decorative bottles of bourbon . Also, the entire staff of wedding - the waiters, bartenders and others, was dressed in cowboy style jeans, plaid shirts and linen aprons.

Even before the wedding Kate admitted in an interview that her wedding will be unlike any other:

I can tell you so far only one item - it will be completely different from the traditional celebrations, and even promise a lot of drink!

Would you like to spend as your wedding?

First Dance Suite Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish