Dec 30, 2013

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham walking with pets

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham continue to prove to the public that any problems in their relationship does not exist: the network appeared the photo on which the actor model and sealed while walking with pets.

Paparazzi have caught lovers when they walked their dogs on the beach in Malibu, located near their home. Rosie and Jason enjoyed each other's company, but kept aloof. Most likely, the reason for such behavior of stars were the photographers who noticed a mannequin. However, despite the stiffness, Huntington-Whiteley and Statham looked quite happily.

Recall that not so long ago, the couple had already pleased us jointly pictures: in Instagram "angel" were published photos taken during a romantic weekend stars.


Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas again donned wedding rings

Apparently, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas finally solved all their problems: to Western press reports, on the ring finger of the couple reappeared wedding rings.

Paparazzi made a few frames actor couple, the code that was walking around New York with their children - son Dylan and daughter Carys.

Starry family held together all day, they visited one of the restaurants in the city, then visited a theatrical production - the musical "Motown" and later moved Movies, where the second part of the tape watched Peter Jackson "The Hobbit".

Note that the assurances of the source, the meeting was not organized for the children. Also, Zeta-Jones and Douglas looked as if never parted.

Well, let's hope that in the relationship of one of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood came the best of times, and in 2014 New start for them with clean slate.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones


Paparazzi: Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux and Courteney Cox in Mexico

A few days ago Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux arrived in Mexico, where lovers meet New 2014 and spend an entire vacation in the company of close friends.

Paparazzi have already managed to take some pictures of Hollywood actors when they were resting near the pool in Cabo San Lucas.

Besides the star couple sunbathing together with them took Courteney Cox, Howard Stern, Beth Ostroski, Jimmy Kimmel and his wife Molly McNerney.

It should be noted that all campers are in good physical shape, but, of course, our attention is drawn in particular 44-year-old Aniston, who sported by the villa in a tiny bikini, showing off her perfect curves, and her best friend 49-year-old Cox, whose body is also the envy of any girl.

As Theroux then already be jealous Aniston - she got a really handsome man. The actor is constantly working on his body, and his tattoo on the back attracts many of the fair sex.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux
Justin Theroux
Courteney Cox

Jennifer Aniston, Beth Ostroski and Courteney Cox

Former Nicolas Cage decided to show everyone his sex video with Charlie Sheen

Nicolas Cage's ex-wife Christina Fulton is ready to show sex video with his participation and with Charlie Sheen to prove motive robbers who recently stolen from her home computer and a box of four video explicit content.

For crimes already Handyman arrested Ricardo Oroztso Fulton, has been charged. And the mistress is going to provide the court a copy of a sex tape to prove his guilt.

Reported that after the robbery, the criminals came to Charlie Sheen's lawyer, to know how much this sex video can cost.

Christina Fulton was married to Nicolas Cage from 1988 to 1990. They have a common son - Weston Coppola Cage, who plays black metal bands.

Itself Fulton played several roles in the movie, in particular, in the movie "Dracula" by Bram Stoker, "The Girl with the hungry eyes" "Diaries" Red Shoe ".

Rachel Zoe appeared in public with a newborn son

Week has passed since the moment when Rachel Zoe gave birth to a second child. However, this does not prevent the designer to go on vacation with his family, where she demonstrated a great figure and an excellent sense of style.

Paparazzi managed to take some pictures of Zoe, her husband Roger Berman, the eldest son and newborn baby Skyler, who, to word named - Caius "Kai" Jagger when they arrived at the Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles.

As expected - the whole family looked very stylish. Zoe for your chosen output black dress on the floor, jacket and high-heeled shoes, and sunglasses complemented image and massive decorations.

Junior Skyler was dressed in a stylish suit, his head adorned hat, without which we probably , rarely see a boy.

But spouse designer opted for a classic suit in light gray.

Rachel Zoe with her husband Roger Berman and son Skyler

Roger Berman with a newborn baby Kaiusu
Toddler Kai


Josh Hutcherson: I love Emma Watson. Dying to meet her

Currently, Josh Hutcherson is at the peak of fame: due to the work on the project "The Hunger Games", he received worldwide recognition. Actor travels around the world to present a new picture, attends photo shoots and gives a lot of interviews. So, at a recent show, he admitted that he feels affection for the star of the Harry Potter - Emma Watson.

I love Emma Watson. Dying to meet her.

Furthermore, Hutcherson added that tries to get in touch with his colleague:

I tried to get my manager to call Emma agent so that they can arrange a meeting. So far, that has not happened. But once that happens, I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

According to Josh, no embarrassment and problems while dating with Watson not arise:

We're both actors, we understand each other's way of life, so that this knowledge could pass naturally.

Well, maybe, Emma, ​​and she does not mind to have a new acquaintance. Who knows?

Emma Watson

Josh Hutcherson


Daughter Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will have its own car

Auto Kanye West and exact mini replica for his daughter North

Daughter Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is not even a year, but in the parking lot near the house she is already auto: rapper turned caring daddy and baby pampers North just as you can. So, the girl appeared mini-Lamborghini, exact copy machine West.

New gift daughter through her social network boasted star mom - on his page on Instagram telediva published photos showing two expensive vehicles.

It should be noted that a similar gift to the little girl does not get used. North only six months, but the most famous designers already endows her with his creations: Stella McCartney, Giuseppe Zanotti and other fashion designers and fashion houses greeted the girl with Christmas, sending her couture outfits.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West with her daughter North

Michael Schumacher in a coma

Seven-time champion "Formula 1" Michael Schumacher suffered a brain haemorrhage and was in a coma. Earlier it was reported that the driver suffered a serious head injury while skiing in the Alps.

The helicopter is 44-year-old Schumacher was taken to hospital in Moutiers 15 kilometers from the crash site, and then - in Grenoble, where he got already in a coma. There he immediately made the necessary neurosurgical operation, as reported by the representatives of the clinic in a written statement.

Renowned neurosurgeon in Paris Seyan Gerard came to the hospital to monitor the condition of the athlete.

Recall originally Director resort said that Michael injury "not serious".

Schumacher rode in Méribel off-piste, fell and hit his head on a rock. So said police gave him first aid.

Next Friday Schumacher must be fulfilled 45 years.

Taylor Swift topped the list of the most generous philanthropists

Many stars can not imagine my life without charity - and this was 24-year-old Taylor Swift. According to the organization in the largest U.S. organization dedicated to attracting young people to the charity cases (from volunteering to simple donations), the singer topped the list of the most generous philanthropists.

On his birthday actress donated 100,000 dollars to The Nashville Symphony, that helped her to take the lead line rating. Besides, did not go unnoticed her performance at a charity event Winter Whites Gala: Taylor Swift, Prince William and Jon Bon Jovi sang together hit Livin'on a prayer, tearing thunderous applause two hundred people in the hall.

worth noting that last year the first place this rating also took Swift: star donated four million dollars in the Hall of Fame and Museum, country music, and became the youngest winner of "The Pulse of Hope" at the Robert F. Kennedy.

The top 20 most generous philanthropists in 2013 also included a group of One Direction, Beyonce, Paul Walker, Sandra Bullock, Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lawrence, Miley Cyrus and other celebrities.

Taylor Swift


Shakira with her son Milan celebrate Christmas

Shakira, footballer Gerard Piqué and young son pair Milan celebrate Christmas. Obviously, 11-month-old boy was upset about something. Dad managed to shoot and favorite son, to put the tradition on Twitter with the comment:

Lovely ... Everyone a Merry Christmas!!!

36-year-old Shakira copied mimicry crying son, so they are very similar to this fun frame. Now the singer from Colombia enjoys free time with family and recording a new album.

In February 2014 she again become a mentor in the 6th season of the musical show "The Voice".

Son Gerard and Shakira celebrated Christmas for the first time in my life. December 26, he was taken to the great-grandmother, who gave the boy Caga tio - Catalan Christmas hero mythology in the form of logs slotted eyes, nose and a big smile. Yesterday Pique with your favorite visited the Louvre in Paris, that the player also instantly posted in the social network.

Gerard Pique, Shakira, Milan and his gift from her great-grandmother Caga Tio