Dec 25, 2013

Roger Federer and his wife become parents again

Tennis champion Roger Federer and his wife Miroslava preparing to become parents for the second time: the Editorial shared news blogger GayFriendlyGirl. This athlete wrote in his Twitter.

Mirka and I are happy to share the news that his daughter Maila and Charlene become big sisters in 2014! Happy holidays!

Recall that in July 2009 the victor tournament "Grand Slam" and his wife were born daughter twins - Charlene and Mila Rose.

Jennifer Aniston has denied rumors that shaved bald

Jennifer Aniston has never done a very short haircuts and, especially, never shaved bald. This was stated by the representative of the actress.

Screenshot snapshot of a social network in which Jennifer Aniston looks almost bald, previously circulated several media. It was reported that a haircut she did in support of his niece, a cancer patient.

Representative star news about this "charity" denied:

This is nonsense. She does not even have any nieces, a cancer patient.

Photo "bald" Aniston, originally published in Facebook, was made using Photoshop in the spring, as an April Fool's joke. It is unclear why some of the press workers suddenly took this picture at face value and even invented his explanation as a story about a sick niece. Original image - photo Jennifer, made in 2006 at the premiere of "Friends with Money".

Surprising that believe in newspaper fiction and some of the fans of the actress - although Aniston, and the truth, often experimenting with style. A month ago, the actress made a short bob haircut, and showed her the joyous sight of their subscribers.

Jennifer Aniston haircut

Jennifer Aniston at the premiere of "Friends with Money" in 2006

Helena Christensen: I hate diets because it is obsessed with food!

The green-eyed brunette from Denmark model Helena Christensen celebrates its 45th anniversary, which can not be said for her skin and figure. Pretty woman working in the modeling industry since 1986 after winning the "Miss Denmark", and during this period managed to adorn the covers of leading fashion magazines, including Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar and W.

By the way, the model and 45 continues to work as a model. About how leggy beauty rising 178 centimeters so unable to look good, you learn from it personally.

Christensen In a recent interview talked about her beauty-mode:

I love to moisturize the skin, because often feel dryness. I also fly a lot, so I need a really good nursing facilities. Favorite moisturizer - Crème De La Mer - this is the best product in texture to a person that I have ever tried. I love cosmetics brand Nude for natural ingredients and wonders that their branded funds are doing to my skin. No chemicals! Mask of Miracle Mask is fantastic - just five minutes it makes the skin brighter and younger.

As for cosmetic procedures, the Helena prefers microdermabrasion and facial massage with green tea in the New York spa Christine Chin.

How Christensen maintains a slim figure?

I started swimming and kick-boxing. The first time in my life I began to think about yourself, about your body. I never used to really care about him. It's like a diet. I hate diets because it is obsessed with food. I'd rather die than to limit yourself. I respect people who have to think about the weight. This is probably the most difficult in my life. Somewhere at the child's birth.

But at the same time, Helena believes that a woman during pregnancy, with a rounded tummy and excess weight - not a cause for ridicule:

I think women should show solidarity. The question is not about what the woman in question and that she wears. The fact that pregnancy - a difficult period, it is no laughing matter.

Ksenia Sobtchak arrived in Krasnoyarsk to see his Tolokonnikova

Every day after the release of "Pussy Riot" presents new surprises

Show «Pussy Riot» Krasnoyarsk continues.

By "star parties" in the VIP hotel, where Peter lived Verzilov, Hope Tolokonnikova and flown to her Maria Alekhine, for a moment now Ksenia Sobchak. Arrived in Krasnoyarsk overnight flight to take from Tolokonnikova interview horrified breath Krasnoyarsk industrial air:

"I'm at the airport. And really suffocating. Poor Krasnoyarsk: (... How do you live with such environmental problems? You the grass of this air ...

and sped to the early morning of the next day in the capital, laying in instagram photo and signature, "Very interesting interview happened».

Local journalists no longer have time to catch a change of scenery. Revealed photo: Alekhine Toloknnikova Ksenia Sobtchak sit on your lap. On the floor - burgundy carpet, background - white tulle on the window.

What's next, no longer tells even the most violent fantasy.

- Maria Alekhine not just flew to Krasnoyarsk - answers the telephone to the question - why her friend, why did not the son - Alekhine lawyer Peter Zaikin. - She had cases related to human rights work. Very urgent, if it is not addressed, then may be too late. Issues that had to personally discuss with Hope - not on the phone and not through intermediaries. Well, you know why.

understand nothing, it seems, only Nadina grandmother, Varvara Ivanovna. Today her granddaughter had to visit the hospital in cardiology, a close relative. Like, going in the morning.

But still not arrived ...

Lady Gaga: I was born with sadness in my heart. And on stage I feel that I live

Publicly Lady Gaga became known in 2008: It's hard to believe, but since then has only been five years, and we can not imagine a world without music of this singer. Absolutely everyone wants to work with the flamboyant pop diva - musicians, film makers, famous brands, fashion designers and, of course, glossy magazines. It is not surprising that the heroine of the February issue Fashion Magazine was precisely Lady Gaga.

Artist not only graced the cover of the magazine, the author of which, incidentally, was the illustrious duo fashion photographers - Inez van Lamsweerde and Matadin Vinud, but also gave a frank interview to the popular publication.

About love and relationships with men:

Find love was for me a real problem, but I did it. When you meet a person who is not afraid of you wonderful people around, it is love. Men were not always happy for me. Hard look at how successful woman.

About depression and joy:

The new album I put all my pain and joy. This album - joy: if you look at the cover plate, you will see an explosion of joy that emerged from the deepest sorrow in my heart. I was not born happy, although many do not believe that this is so. I was born with sadness in my heart. And only on the stage, I feel that I live.

About fashion and own style:

Fashion saved me from sadness. I always kind to my stage costumes and clothes. When I go out, I want to look beautiful - for my fans. I want them to feel happy and enjoyed that theatricality in my life that I create. This is who I am - no PR and marketing is not here. Fashion - a large part of my life.

Unfortunately, the Internet has got not much of excerpts from an interview with Gaga and frames series, but fans of the singer will be able to learn a lot more about his idol for 12 January next year, because it was then magazine will go on sale with a star on the cover.

Stella McCartney celebrating Christmas in the company of Dame Edna

Stella McCartney is a Christmas spent in the company not less flamboyant women than herself - Dame Edna. Tv-known character of British comedian Barry Humphries visited her boutique in London.

Identity Dame Edna - purple hair, fancy glasses "cat" form and extravagant outfits based on the classic suit. The main surprise for the guests was that Stella is completely copied her image. As they say, imitation - the best recognition.

After surprise and joy of the first meeting held for Dame Stella small tour of the boutique. Guest tried on dresses from the latest collection of designer and end of the meeting wished her all the best in the coming year.

Anastasia Volochkova corporate arranged in the bath

Anastasia Volochkova has repeatedly admitted that she is a big fan of warm up. Ballerina so believe in the healing effects of baths and saunas that even corporate his team decided to arrange it in this place.

«In my opinion, corporate team in the bath and a healthy pastime - much better than binge drinking and feasts" - stressed Anastasia Volochkova. So while the rest of the labor collectives choose dresses and costumes, Anastasia staff under the strict guidance of her wearing swimming suits and went to the bath together in the south of Moscow.

Itself Anastasia Volochkova, wearing a flirty red hat, began to share positive experiences. "Contrast ice and hot fonts - this is the best muscle recovery," - said Anastasia. Judging by the happy smiles steamed workers, they were satisfied with the decision of his boss.

However Anastasia Volochkova would not be a, if not pleased with his fans another seductive image. Left only one red cap, Anastasia plunged into the pool, slyly covering neckline brooms

Anastasia Volochkova sent all the bath

Sherlock returns: Benedict Cumberbatch in the new mini-episode

The creators of the series "Sherlock" did a real gift for Christmas all the many fans of his brainchild. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman appear on the screen in the seven-minute mini-episode, called "Many Happy Returns".

Recall that in the new season, which kicks off on January 1, it turns out that Sherlock Holmes is alive despite the fact that the last series of the previous one, the second in a row, the season ended with the fall of the hero Cumberbatch roof.

New video brings investigator Dr. Watson, played by Freeman, a box with things Sherlock. It is a disc with the video of the famous detective to his friend.

Series producer Steven Moffat says:

's been a long time since Sherlock Holmes jumped off that roof. It's time to reveal the truth about what happened between him and the sidewalk.

Truth about the fall of that same promise to reveal the authors of the series already in the first episode of the third season, which will be released under the name "Empty hearse".