Dec 24, 2013

Mariah Carey: I do not want any more children

Many famous mothers do not stop at one or two children, but Mariah Carey is not one of them applies. 43-year-old singer, whose twins grow biennial Morokkan and Monroe, admitted during a television interview that he is not ready to give birth again.

Lead TV show Watch What Happens Mariah said her pregnancy was hard enough:

I suffered from pre-eclampsia (a disease associated with cerebral ischemia, developing in the second half of pregnancy ) and gestational diabetes (impaired carbohydrate metabolism in pregnant women ).

It was hard pregnancy, and the main part I remained alone.

star husband Nick Cannon tried to support his wife, but the work did not allow him to reside with her:

Nick is wonderful, but he was busy with work He works all the more in show business.

Now the singer is ready for the next replenishment of the family only under one condition, that will perform very difficult:

If Nick could have a child himself - then can be. Then I said, "Come on, we love kids!".

However, according to Carey, his family is quite happy with it and would not want to change anything:

We Nick boy and a girl. Best and impossible wish.

Way, recently in the press there were rumors that Mariah and Nick Cannon a rift in the relationship, but new photos from social networks singer refute this information. Star recently published family pictures taken at a ski resort in Aspen.

Recall that Carey also had time to congratulate the fans a Merry Christmas by placing your photo in a bikini for a traditional holiday red.

Draft Day: first trailer tape with Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner

On the Internet has its first trailer sports drama "Draft Day" directed by Ivan Reitman with Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner in the lead roles.

The plot command history of American football, "Bears Cleveland." Its general manager is trying to recruit promising player during the draft of the National Football League. At stake is not only the prestige of the athletes, but the main character and career.

World premiere tape "Draft Day" is scheduled for April 11, 2014. When painting "gets" to the Russian audience, not reported.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher on the wrestling match

This weekend, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher attended the wrestling match in Iowa. The couple decided to support their favorite team actor - university University of Iowa, and their rivals were athletes from Penn State.

Fans Kutcher filmed a couple on a smartphone and posted photos to Twitter. Unfortunately, the fans are not stellar team wrestlers brought success: University of Iowa lost.

Recall last year Mila and Ashton spent Christmas vacation is in Iowa, where born actor. Most likely, these holidays as they meet there.

Olga Slutsker the third time became a mother

End of the outgoing year was unusually bright: we have seen many high-profile events, which now can be ranked and motherhood Olga Slutsker. According to rumors, the 48-year-old businesswoman, for the third time became a mother.

According to press reports, two weeks ago, gave birth to twins Slutsker, which endured a surrogate mother. Who is the father of the kids and what country they were born - remains an issue, as well as whether truthful information appeared in the media.

Olga herself did not comment and did not confirm the news. No longer a secret that leads Sloutsker indoor lifestyle and does not talk to the press about his family.

Recall that businesswomen already has two children - son Michael and daughter Anna, whose father is Vladimir Slutsker - ex- Olga's husband.

Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas celebrate Christmas separately

Prince Harry and his beloved Cressida Bonas celebrate Christmas separately. According to the newspaper The Telegraph, the girl did not come to any Sandringham boyfriend or a traditional photo shoot in honor of Boxing Day.

Thus, a close friend of the 24-year Bonas said:

Cressida spend Christmas with her family.

note, it was twice in Sandringham on different occasions, but in those days no Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip or were not present in the residence.

way, the royal court commented on the situation so :

Prince Harry realizes that Miss Bonas visit at Christmas does not comply with the royal court, as they are not married.

Nevertheless, Harry plans to spend time with his girlfriend until 25 December and after. During a charity expedition to the South Pole, according to insiders, he really missed Bonas. So, which flew to the UK a day earlier than planned. And even missed a farewell party in honor of the expedition itself.

Recall couple meets for about two years. Lately there have been rumors of their imminent wedding, but stepbrother Bonas denied such information.

Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas
Cressida Bonas

Lady in pink: Jennifer Lopez on American Idol audition

Jennifer Lopez not only returned to the American music show American Idol, she had graced like no other. Want proof? Her images speak for themselves - the last pictures that managed to make the paparazzi, the singer looks phenomenal!

In casting the project in Hollywood, Lopez appeared in feminine and sexy outfit - pink blouse with sleeves, mini skirt of the same color and, of course, in the shoe heels.

Many have noticed that in this ensemble actress looked amazing: tanned legs and seductive curves pop diva drew all eyes around her.

Recall that Lopez did not think long over the offer to return to the show American Idol: star happily signed on to participate in the 13th season of the popular "Look talents".

Jen is no stranger to select contestants earlier celebrity was already the judge in the previous seasons of 2011 and 2012.

Girls: Lena Dunham in the second trailer of the third season

Wait for the third season of the comedy series "Girls" is not so long - the release is scheduled for January next year. However, for the fans do not get bored of the project, the company posted an HBO network the second trailer for the new season of the television movie, one of the main roles which still takes Lena Dunham.

In the new episodes, which has already become a cult classic, we waiting for more exciting adventures and interesting events. For example, the heroine Dunham - Hannah Horvath - meets again with Adam, Jesse returned Marnie left alone, Shosh continues strange experiments with hair ...

In general, the girls live to the fullest, as indicated by the slogan of the third season - "Happy, no matter what happens later".

Rachel Zoe said his son's name, and published his first online photo

Caius " Kai " Jagger Berman - so named his newborn son Rachel Zoe and her husband Roger Berman .

In addition , the American stylist, designer and writer shared with fans the first baby photo : Zoe published a touching picture in his blog where just told the boy's name .
I wanted it to The Zoe Report readers first saw photos of our family , which appeared Caius Jagger Berman, aka " Kai ."
 Roger , Skyler and I love him madly .Thanks for all your kind words, they are very important for nas.
Zhelayu you and your families a great holiday and a Happy New Year !

We remind that on pregnancy Zoe became known last September. Despite the imminent addition, Zoe was to last light. Yesterday it emerged that in the star collection was a joyful event-the designer's second child was born.
The 42-year-old Zoe and her husband have a son, Skyler, who, by the way, thanks to the efforts of MOM-stylist is considered one of the most fashionable of the children of the world.