Dec 22, 2013

Daniel Radcliffe has admitted that he has a drinking problem

Hollywood actor Daniel Rerkliff, gained worldwide popularity for his role as Harry Potter, admitted that often abuse alcohol. In his words, the relationship began during the filming of one of the Harry Potter films.

According to the magazine GQ, Daniel became so dependent on alcohol that without it ceased to feel life.

"For several years I was obsessed with celebrity match the image, when in fact this style does not suit me" - tried to justify its reliance Radcliffe.

While the actor was friends with green snake, it just might not caught by paparazzi, but he narrowly avoided their cameras. Frank recognition to the fans, he said, should reinforce his desire to once and for all put an end to this addiction.

Improve results are already evident - Daniel again started seeing his beloved, with whom relations have collapsed through drunkenness and inadequate state drunk actor .

course, acting career, Daniel has no plans to terminate. Currently he works in one of Broadway shows, and then plans to return again in the cinema.

About his plans for the future actor Radcliffe said: "If I can grow Harry Potter, my role will be diverse and long film career, I have no one not reproach that the reason for my success - Baby luck ».

Meanwhile, tired of the role of small sorceress Hermione actress Emma Watson also is trying to get out all the familiar image: that" adult "role play, the star in a candid photoshoot.

itself the creator of the magical world writer JK Rowling has launched its own online gaming site.

Tom Cruise won the case for 50 million dollars

Tom Cruise sued the Bauer Media Group Life & Style after the tabloid said that the star father threw his daughter Suri from his marriage to Hollywood actress Katie Holmes, and after the divorce did not communicate with her.

51-year-old Cruz has issued a lawsuit against media group in October 2012. Tom moral damages estimated at $ 50 million. And here, in California federal court recently held a meeting at which the court sided with the actor.

Recall that the five-year marriage between Hollywood stars Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes was called one of the best, but after 5 years the couple separated. The reason was the overreliance Tom Scientology religion. After the divorce, Katie in the ship's order banned her ex-husband take the child to his church.

Lawyer Bert Fields, Tom Cruise said: "Tom - not aggressive people, and does not like to sue people. But when these lecherous vultures make money on his honest name and lie about the relationship with his daughter, he had no choice ».

Furthermore, at the hearing the plaintiff's lawyer said that he frequently speaks with Tom, Suri, and if it is not possible see - they talk on the phone.

Ksenia Sobtchak took first television interview Mikhail Khodorkovsky in Berlin

On Saturday night, Ksenia Sobchak took first television interview Mikhail Khodorkovsky in Berlin. Journalist held in a hotel room businessman freed under an amnesty for about an hour: Ksenia asked questions most frequently asked by the public and shared a couple of photos in Instagram with the comment:

right now online Rain Khodorkovsky's first television interview program # Sobchakzhivem. Transcription is constantly updated.

So, during the conversation Sobtchak asked Mikhail Borisovich why he flew to Berlin on Khodorkovsky said:

I must say that not all the facts have an explanation. Still, the amount of information which I speak is limited. I'll start with something gradually to understand, but I know not all.

Hero himself never called and did not think I was doing what he think is right. 

Next Sobtchak showed readers sweets in the room Mikhail Khodorkovsky:

right in the room with Mikhail Borisovich huge table sladostey.predlagal pick up a cake with-but after the interview there would not be desirable: (

In Berlin airport Sobtchak met with the editor The New Times Yevgenia Albats:

Meeting on the Elbe. :) Laugh out loud with Albats. We are now just like Pugacheva and Rotaru in the public eye. :) 

Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Ksenia Sobchak

Mikhail Khodorkovsky

Leonardo DiCaprio bet half a million dollars on her wedding

Leonardo DiCaprio is about to win 500 thousand dollars from his fellow actors Tobey Maguire and Ben Affleck in a dispute that began three years ago. Maguire and Affleck put every 250 thousand. the fact that for 40 years DiCaprio is already married and had a baby.

Leo agreed to the dispute and in all that time he changed several supermodels, but no one he does not come to the wedding. Perhaps it is because of the dispute, and may, indeed, have not met the very unique.

Anyway, Leonardo and 11 months banging 40 years, and on the horizon is not visible yet no wife, no children so that Toby and Ben was worried that they will have to shell out a quarter of a million dollars each!

Beyonce: I want to follow in the footsteps of Madonna!

Yesterday in New York, held a party in honor of the release of the new album of the same name Beyonce Beyonce. 

The singer arrived at the event in a black dress designer Tom Ford's spring collection of 2014 and jackboots with open cape.

Numerous directors of 17 video clips from the album also came to the party. Of course, fans of Beyonce, who won invitations to the radio, gathered to hear his wife Jay-Z.

Once guests watched all the videos, Beyonce climbed on stage to answer questions submitted by fans on Instagram.

32-year-old singer said that he personally selects each of the directors. On the question of why she opened the heart on a plate on the relationship with Jay-Z, Beyonce said:

I guard my personal life, I'm secretive, but after I became a mother, I realized that it is necessary to break the four walls seclusion. Now I feel free.

What, according to the singer, the audience to take away from the new album?

Take your flaws and all those features that make you interesting to other people.

What thinks Beyonce during work on the show?

The main goal - happiness ... When people come to my concerts, I want to give them a sense of hope.

The singer said that she wanted to make a record as a surprise gift to his fans. She thanked all members of the team for the music that they were silent, adding:

I was nervous as it was a huge risk. The purpose of the new album - not one hundred percent hit, but a demonstration of my development. I put it all fears, doubts. All what they have learned in 17 years. All embedded in Beyonce.

Where does the nickname Yonce, who named one of the songs? It was invented Beyonce producer The-Dream, when Justin Timberlake thump in the recording studio.

Speaking of idols, and life goals, the singer wants to become a "powerhouse" and follow in the footsteps of Madonna.

Angelina Jolie flew with children from Australia

Two days ago, Angelina Jolie and six children actress flew from Australia to celebrate the Christmas holidays.

38-year-old Angelina Jolie filmed in Sydney drama "Unbroken" and her beloved 50-year-old Brad Pitt was in London, where he was finishing work in the military ribbon "Rage" is directed by David Eyre.

So during departure Angelina 12 -year-old Maddox, Pax 10-year-old, 8-year-old Zahara, Shiloh 7-year-old and 5-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne were always close to his mother. Celebrity-Jolie-Pitt family boarded a private plane: Angelina wore a black top with a coat of the same color, and hair pulled back in a low bun. Note that the muscles and tattoos on his arms actress particularly striking because of a heavy bag on her shoulder.

Recall December 18 Pitt celebrated anniversary. According to an insider in an interview with Us Weekly, Brad did not suit the lush holiday:

He did not do anything special and said he did not want any surprises. He really wants to talk about his birthday.

Nevertheless, the actor still planned to celebrate the 50th anniversary later - this weekend, but with the family.