Dec 21, 2013

Selena Gomez has canceled the Australian tour

It seems that the Australian fans of Selena Gomez American singer will have to wait a bit to see their idol. 210letnyaya singer canceled her Australian tour. This Selena officially announced on Thursday 19 December.

"My fans are important to me, and I would not want to disappoint them. But for me and for my family, it became clear that I could no longer put work first in their lives. I need some time for yourself to relax, get my thoughts in order, and get a little better than I am "- said Selena.

She also apologized to his fans and expressed hope for understanding:" I sincerely apologize you. You know, guys, that each of you means to me ».

Source close to the singer told the publication UsWeekly, that" Selena worked without interruption for more than 6 years. And now she had no strength and she is forced to take a break to rest. For her it was a very difficult decision, because she hates to disappoint his fans. But it so happens that now she needs to think about their health, focus on yourself ».

Recently, December 6, during a speech at the show Jingle Ball in New York, the singer has experienced a lot of stress when her car stereo system has malfunctioned. Agitated singer to please their fans sang one song more. But apparently not in vain experiences and influenced her decision to leave the stage briefly.

Mated whether this is the fact that a pause in the work decided to make Justin Bieber is still unknown.

Beyonce: it offers 37,000 dollars gift cards to customers during a surprise visit to a supermarket in Massachusetts!

As she prances topped the charts and exploded all records with the completely unexpected release of his album Beyoncé, the American star was again a surprise yesterday by visiting a supermarket chain Walmart located in Tewksbury, in the state of Massachusetts.

Beyonce: it offers 37,000 dollars gift cards to customers during a surprise visit to a supermarket in Massachusetts!

Beyonce loves to be where it is least expected and not a surprise became his specialty at the end of the year 2013! And that's what the American diva has done 32 years yesterday (Friday, 20 December) ...

After celebrating as it should be the release of his new album, Beyonce, New York around video games and a big cake and surrounded by his friends, Bey went the next day in a supermarket Walmart Tewksbury, Town of 28,000 inhabitants located in the state of Massachusetts. Imagine the surprise of customers who had landed Beyoncé while they were trying to fill their shopping carts!

Venue buy his latest album, posted prominently at the entrance of the store, the woman Jay-Z also made a short tour of the supermarket with his cart which was empty. Surrounded by his bodyguards, the singer went to meet customers with ease.

Dressed in a small colorful dress and a leather jacket, super star does not remain there. Christmas fast approaching, she decided to spoil Walmart customers by offering gift cards of $ 50 on which was written "Happy Holidays from Beyonce / Happy holidays from Beyoncé." Bey spent a total of 37,500 dollars!

A beautiful generosity and a nice operation com 'that the singer did not miss sharing on his Facebook offiiciel ...

Robin Wright and Ben Foster engaged

Robin Wright is ready to marry again: actress is engaged to her boyfriend Ben Foster. Actor Ben Foster is known for roles in such tapes as "X-Men: The Last Stand," "Alpha Dog" and "Hostage".

According to an insider interview with Life & Style, all seriously:

It says a lot about the upcoming wedding and really waiting for her.

Recall, 47-year-old Robin Wright and 33-year-old Ben Foster met in 2011 on the set of the drama "Bastion". Rumors about their romance went in early 2012 - one and a half years after the 20-year relationship with Wright Sean Penn. In 1989, Wright Penn and twisted relationship shortly after the actor's divorce from Madonna. Seven years later, they were married, and before that they had two children: Dylan is now 22 years old, and Hopper - 20 years. Initially, Sean and Robin filed for divorce in December 2007, but four months later took the documents back.

In April 2009, the actor once again appealed to the court, and a month later he changed his mind again. As a result, the marriage was annulled in August of the same year when it wanted an actress. In July 2010, in the set point.

Katy Perry: I went to rehab after my divorce with Russell Brand!

Interviewed during a TV show, Katy Perry was a revelation to her fans on the very dark period after his divorce from Russell Brand was there two years.

Today Katy Perry appears happier than ever with John Mayer, with whom she has recorded a duet, Who You Love, clashant even that of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in Bound 2. But the fair has had some disasters. And we do not speak of his troubles on stage but its heartaches. Interviewed on Channel 4 this week, singer Roar is back on the end of his history with Russell Brand.

The couple divorced two years ago, after just 14 months of marriage. Katy Perry then had great difficulty to overcome this ordeal as she said: "I made a rehab for three months," she confit. She explained that she was in a spiral "devastating. I went through a period where a lot of negative thoughts crossed my mind," attempted to sink in alcohol.

Katy Perry says and how it has taken over: "It's fun to laugh about it now but at the time it was not funny (...) But rather than pointing fingers saying. 'You are my problem, you are the cause all my problems' or 'You're horrible, my life is horrible', I said to myself: 'Well, how can I solve this problem?' ". Congratulations Katy, and we advise you to keep on "the eyes of the tiger", as in Roar!

Stalingrad out of the race on the Oscar

Film Academy today announced the shortlist of nominees for the "Oscar". The film "Stalingrad" by Russian director Fyodor Bondarchuk was not included in the shortlist of bidders for the "Oscar" in the category "Best Foreign Language Film," reports Variety. It is reported that the list of nominees includes films from Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, Germany, Cambodia, Hungary, Italy, Palestine and Hong Kong.

Earlier reported that "Stalingrad" Bondarchuk's highest grossing film in Russia