Dec 20, 2013

Excellence with Johnny Depp: The first teaser

The filmmakers "Excellence", which will premiere in April 2014, released the first teaser picture themselves in our disposal thanks to blogger NGLG. According to a short video is difficult to draw any conclusions about the upcoming premiere, but these shots look intriguing.

Recall that involved starring Johnny Depp, Kate Mara, Morgan Freeman, Cillian Murphy and Paul Bettany. Wally Pfister took off his belt, better known as the operator. He became famous thanks to the work on the films of Christopher Nolan's "Batman Begins," "The Dark Knight", "Prestige", "Home".

Net project Pfister tells the story of a computer genius Will download to your brain supercomputer. This experiment is not only courageous, but also dangerous because the mere Will begins to speak and behave not as a living person, but as a machine.

I must say that the network has already had many joyful comments about what Depp this time appears on the screen without a bright make-up and will finally look like himself. It seems from the screen incarnations that were previously so admires audience, the audience is tired.

Mark Zuckerberg will donate to charity nearly $ 1 billion

One of the richest men in the world, Mark Zuckerberg said that before the end of the month will donate nearly $ 1 billion to charity. Tidy sum equal to the cost of 18 million shares of Facebook, developer and founder of which he is. Value per share to date is 54.09 dollars.

Proceeds will be donated to charity entrepreneur - Community Foundation Silicon Valley - and the fund The Breakthrough Prize in Life Science - awards created as a kind of equivalent of the Nobel Prize.

By the way, the state of Zuckerberg, the main shareholder of Facebook, is estimated at $ 19 billion, so he probably does not even feel that his bank account has decreased.

Zuckerberg intends to sell on the exchange belonging to him 41.35 million shares of the social network, which will reduce its stake in the company from 58.8 to 56.1 percent. This is stated in a document published on 19 December at the company's official website.

Worth noting that in addition to Zuckerberg also sell their shares to a board member Marc Andreessen. He is ready to part with 1.65 million shares.

Mark Zuckerberg

The Other Woman: trailer with Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton

The creators of the film "The Other Woman" posted a net trailer. The tape itself with Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton, Nicki Minaj and others will be released in April 2014, according to blogger DobrayaGrust27.

In the story, the heroine Diaz met with the wife of her new boyfriend. However, instead of a scandal girls decide to support each other. Also, when on the horizon there is another passion of their common men, they join forces.

Director Nick Cassavetes films made, the author of "The Notebook" and "Face".

50 shades of gray: new photos from the shooting

In Canada, in the midst of shooting the film adaptation of the novel writer E.L.Dzheyms "50 shades of gray" where removed starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, just recently became a father. We have an opportunity to look at another (and not just the last!) Serving images from the set.

Most recently we have seen a photo of the first screen kiss heroes Dornan and Johnson, now let's see how the filming process develops further.

insider who was present at the shooting, told the E! Online, that the actors do not leave and between takes: for example, those pictures where they dance, were made during a break between scenes. As reported source, thus playing the main roles were just trying to keep warm.

Same-informed source said that on the court focuses on the security: there are 10 police officers in plain clothes. Say, paparazzi also have to work hard to discreetly take a picture, because members of the crew teams try to avoid it.