Dec 16, 2013

Leonardo DiCaprio goes on holiday

DiCaprio on filming Wolf of Wall Street

Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio decided to take a sabbatical and a little break from shooting areas, flights, hotels.

Last two years, he worked hard on the film, which became, and some will certainly become very successful. Among them, "Django liberated", "The Great Gatsby", "The Wolf of Wall Street."

At the moment, screen star in constant flights due promotura latest film, which predict many awards. This intense film and tour life could not but affect the well-being of the actor. Now he wants to relax.

Course, we are not talking about retirement, because now Leonardo DiCaprio is at its peak, and each of his presence in the film is considered a sign of quality. Also, being on the crest of success, he can claim more than one "Oscar", so he has something to strive for.

Christina Aguilera thinner on Japanese healing technique

Journalists discovered the secret of successful weight loss famous singer Christina Aguilera, who always had a weight problem. It turns out, the artist engaged by the Japanese Reiki technique.

«Reiki - a Japanese technique for healing the body, emotions, mind and soul. In addition, Christina sits on a low-carb diet and doing yoga. But it Reiki helps her set up correctly and discipline yourself to eat healthy and lose weight continue. She goes into closed classes reiki three times a week ».

Technique Reiki healing is considered and is based on the idea that a healthy mind - healthy body bail. In Reiki healing technique used by touching hands on certain energy fields of the human body. Energy is sent through the palms.

The godfather of one of the children Pugacheva and Galkin was Igor Nikolaev

Last weekend took christening one of the most popular now children - twins Lisa and Harry Galkin. In this celebrity mom Alla Pugacheva revealed the secret as to why the boy chose a name - it turns out, he was named not after the British prince.

Sacrament of baptism was held kids at home - in a mansion Maxim Galkin in the suburban village of Dirt . The Church does not forbid pets ceremony, especially if they pass the winter, and the children are still very young. Twins Lisa and Harry December 18 will be 3 months. In addition, so Pugacheva and Galkin wanted to protect their children from prying eyes and paparazzi.

Christenings gathered only the closest friends of the family: naturally Orbakajte with her husband Mikhail Zemtsov and children, Philip, family Yudashkin Buynova , producer Alexander Dostman with his wife, Alina Redel (businesswoman and friend Pugacheva) and Igor Nikolaev with his wife Julia Proskuryakova. By the way, it became known that Nikolaev's godfather of one of the children. After all, the religious name little Harry - Igor.

However, as it turned out, Harry was named in honor of the baby ... Harry Potter! Primadonna explained that when she first saw Maxim Galkin, he reminded her Potter. And then she just liked the combination of first and last name: Harry Galkin.

Victoria Lopyreva married footballer Fedor Smolov

Victoria Lopyreva accepts congratulations judging by the frame, published celebrity twitter, model and TV presenter married her lover, football player Fyodor Smolov.

Now Victoria and Fedor are in the Maldives, where they went with friends and family - it also says that the lovers had a special reason for this trip. In his microblog Lopyreva published a photograph of a Mother's birthday Polina, who recently celebrated there on the islands.

Today same photo blonde convinced fans that the long-awaited wedding finally took place. The images Theodore, who leads Victoria hand holding a bridal bouquet. Supports the assumption of public and hit the shot entourage: ribbons, lights and the like of the altar.

Picture Lopyreva commented simply:

   I do.

Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Photos from Twitter Victoria Lopyreva

Fedor Smolov and Victoria Lopyreva

Prince Harry girlfriend is prepared to join the royal family?

Prince Harry girlfriend Cressida Bonas
British Prince Harry girl Cressida Bonas can have fun. Affair with her Harry sprang up in spring 2012. However, unlike other girlfriends Prince Cressida - a representative of the famous British aristocratic family. Her mother Mary Curzon was known in the 1960s 70s socialite. So girl, first, does not seek at all costs to get a member of the royal family - she herself with a mustache. And secondly, Cressida knows a lot about how to properly celebrate. Fan community 24-year-old British women in social networks are full of photos with daring parties, in which she takes an active part. Cressida gladly embraces boyfriends and girlfriends, raises glasses with a variety of drinks and is not shy to actively express their emotions.

However, most candid shots Cressida pretty quickly removed from the network. If such merry photos and remain on the Internet, from the hands of friends magically erased glasses and glasses - one must understand with alcohol. Looks like someone specifically monitors the girl did not have time to yourself unnecessarily compromise. Does this mean that Cressida Bonas is prepared to join the royal family and the wedding of Prince Harry - time will tell.

Prince Harry girlfriend Cressida Bonas

Prince Harry girlfriend Cressida Bonas

Prince Harry girlfriend Cressida Bonas

Jessica Simpson: she appears without make-up!

Celebrities never cease to appear without make-up these days, after Heidi Klum, Cameron Diaz and Bar Refaeli, it is the turn of Jessica Simpson to prove that she is naturally beautiful.

Maxwell's mother aged 19 months and Ace, 6 months, decided to show without make-up this Saturday on Twitter. American star of 33 years therefore succeeds Heidi Klum, Cameron Diaz and Bar Refaeli who, too, wanted to surprise us recently unveiling their little faces with no trace of makeup.

In any case, if Jessica Simpson tries to prove that she is naturally beautiful, it succeeded. The actress and singer, who is probably going to a dinner with her fiance Eric Johnson, is simply ravishing in this black and white photograph. It also stipulates that a legend has used Aquaphor, the mark of his cleansing cream for babies that it is truly fan. One thing is for sure, so he will pamper the complexion!

The muse Weight Watchers, who was recently in New York to follow up appointments professionals, is a super mom who knows how to transform Genuine businesswoman when necessary ... And regardless of the roles to be fulfilled, beauty sticks to the skin.

Mary Kate Olsen is pregnant

One of the Olsen twins soon become a mother. 

Hollywood actress and fashion designer Mary-Kate Olsen waiting for the firstborn of the brother of the former President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, Olivier. For a happy Father's will be the third child, growing up in France, two daughters from his first marriage: 12-year-old Julien and Margaux 10-year-old.

Mary-Kate is very happy, but in no hurry to marry. At least officially about his plans for marriage, the couple is not available. Actress recently noticed in one of the jewelry boutiques. Star Screen repeatedly returned to the store to make the choice again.

One of the selected rings even reduced the size of her thumb, but Mary-Kate finally has not yet made a choice.

Recall that the pair began their relationship in the spring of last year. Three months later became lovers cohabit in New York.

Despite the fact that few people believed in the sincerity of the relationship and the Hollywood beauty for her much older Olivier. Nevertheless, they are together, and it seems that soon become spouses.

The actress from 'Game of Thrones' will be the new Sarah Connor

Actress Emilia Clarke, who played in Dayeneris Burerozhdennoy television series "Game of Thrones" will play the role of Sarah Connor in the new "Terminator».

The Hollywood reporter claims that the future of film director Alan Taylor has already collaborated with the British actress, so approved her for the role, without hesitation.

New Terminator film will be the fifth. The film will see exactly Arnold Schwarzenegger, but the role of John Connor claims many actors. Most likely it will give Jason Clark, but the list of contenders also have Garrett Hedlund, Tom Hardy and Taylor Kitsch.

Anticipated movies for showing is planned for summer 2015.

Emilia Clarke will play the mother of John Connor, the protagonist of the film, whose mission is to unite people to fight with the rebels machines.

remind you that in the first two parts of the acclaimed blockbuster Sarah Connor played by Linda Hamilton in the third and fourth this character did not appear.

But in the TV series "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" channel Fox colleague played the role of Sarah Emily on the set of" Game of Thrones "Lena Headey. In this film she played hoops Lannister.

Benedict Cumberbatch has become the most popular face Tumblr 2013

Tumblr blogging service published the results of the year. According to statistics, users often post photos in their profiles Benedict Cumberbatch, Jensen Ackles and Jennifer Lawrence.

Basically, it was footage from the TV series "Sherlock," "Supernatural" and "Doctor Who." Top 10 most "guards" actors and actresses as follows:

10 of the most popular actors Tumblr

Benedict Cumberbatch
Jensen Ackles
Matt Smith
Jared Padalecki
Misha Collins
Dylan O'Brien
Tom Hiddleston
Cory Monteith
David Tennant,
 Martin Freeman

10 most popular actresses Tumblr

Jennifer Lawrence
Emma Watson
Vanessa Hudgens
Lea Michele
Kaya Scodelario
 Karen Gillian
Kristen Stewart
 Kim Kardashian
Ashley Benson
Billie Piper

Salma Hayek visited the Opéra Bastille in Paris

Salma Hayek and Leticia Holliday

Salma Hayek continues to show the public its taste and sense of style. Some time ago we admired actress Stella McCartney at the party, but today, the network appeared pictures of Star Opera Bastille in Paris, which she visited last night.

For its release Hayek chose a cream-colored dress, which complemented the high black boots bolero and big beads.

Company actress on that day was her charming daughter Valentina Paloma. Also among the guest stars in the opera hall were seen model Leticia Holliday and other representatives of the French elite.

Blake Lively told the perfect gift for Christmas

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds is one of the most successful couples in the world of show business, however, when it comes to choosing Christmas gifts, the actress does not want her husband went bankrupt.

Few days ago, Lively attended the opening French boutique jewelry Van Cleef & Arpels, where, as it turned out, she had to look after yourself a pair of expensive products that would not have refused to find a star of presents under their Christmas tree.

These jewels are incredible.

One of the journalists, talking with Lively, decided to make a joke: she looked into the camera and said:

Ryan, did you hear what she wants for Christmas? If you look at it, you just can not be justified! She had to find these ornaments under the tree!

In response Blake laughed and admitted that she and her husband will have to declare bankruptcy if Reynolds still buy these vintage jewelry.

Well, actor, who could not attend this evening next to his beloved should be proud of the fact that his wife did not tranzhirka and takes care of the family budget.

Beauty requires sacrifice: Kristen Stewart spoke about the hatred of high-heeled shoes

Kristen Stewart is known for its ease public in choosing clothes. Favorite Things star wide screens sneakers, jeans and regular shirts, but the high heels actress feels extremely awkward. About it herself told Stewart in a recent interview.

I feel confident when I stand firmly on his feet. In the photographs, it is obvious that I look better when I high-heeled shoes, but if planned walk or party with dancing, the heels severely limit menya.Mne think that these shoes will not let me fully relax, so most I love walking in sneakers or running shoes.

Well, despite all the inconveniences, Kristen continues to delight us with their bows at social events, to enter the actress who tries to pick up the original shoes that reflect her character and rebellious style.

Lena Katina told about the operations of Yulia Volkova

Former member of the group "Tatu" Lena Katina even several years after the collapse of the group looks a young girl. Image mischievous teenager left behind, but Lena, as then, looks young. Many fans have criticized the appearance of Yulia Volkova, made several plastic surgeries. In a recent interview with Lena Katina told about how it relates to transactions made by a colleague. "I for naturalness, but it is a choice each person. Julia was practically standard of beauty, and she did not have to change anything in itself, but ... "- Lena told reporters.