Dec 9, 2013

George Clooney supported Evromaydan

Hollywood actor George Clooney has supported Evromaydana. Clooney message appeared on Twitter Klitschko brothers today, Dec. 9. It actor shares his opinion about the political situation in Ukraine and support stoiltse opposition.

Look forward and not look back.

True democracy can not exist without freedom Ardarutiun and honor. We wish you peace. We wish you a government that you want. 

By the way, Hayden Panettiere was the first of the Hollywood stars, made a statement in support Evromaydana. December 6 actress along with her boyfriend Wladimir Klitschko spoke to protesters in the main square of the Ukrainian capital.

Fast and the Furious 7 will be released despite the death of Paul Walker

The director of Fast and the Furious 7 James Wang said that the tragic death of Paul Walker does not negate the release of the movie. He noted that the script will be finalized and tape rewritten.

He did not rule out the possibility that the real tragedy that happened to Paul Walker, is transferred and his character. How it will be solved technically - not yet completely clear. Editors can use real footage of the accident from the DVR, and can wreck cars peresnimut involving understudy.

Filming Fast and Furious 7 began in September of this year, the prime minister was appointed on July 11, 2014. However, due to the death of Walker's company Universal release date postponed indefinitely.

Recall actor Paul Walker was killed Nov. 30 in a car accident. Together with his friend Roger Rodas he returned from a charity evening organized by his foundation to benefit victims of the typhoon in the Philippines.

Lindsay Lohan ambushed a brother of Paris Hilton?

On the eve of the younger brother of Paris Hilton - Barron was in the hospital after a brutal attack. In Instagram he posted a picture of his bandaged face bruised. Barron police said that the organizer of the attack was Lindsay Lohan. According to him, while he was beaten, she was standing beside him and urged on the attacker.

"Malice" was a Ray Lemoine and his version is very different from TELL Barron. According Lemoyne, a fight began Barron, who did not want to leave the rented house after the party Ray. During the incident, Lohan really was his guest - the actress just introduced them, and says Lamon, to the fight she had nothing.

However Barron famous sisters - Paris and Nicky - already up in arms against Lindsay . In an interview with NY Daily News senior Hilton promised to avenge his brother.

They both pay for what they did. No one can deal with my family and go beznakazannym.Ee sister Nicky expressed more reserved. In his tweet, she wrote that poor invariably happens if contact with bad people.

The conflict Paris and Lindsay began back in 2006 when the actress stole from heiress hotels groom - Greek heir Stavros Niarhosa. At the same time the Internet is widespread video of Hiltons laugh Lindsey and assign her obscene nicknames.

Cher likes to wear wigs

The famous singer Cher was forced to throw his favorite orange wig.

Singer hit «Believe» was very upset when I found out that this thing is gone wardrobe. One of the assistants explained the loss of a wig that bred there insects, namely spiders.

Friend singer admitted publication National Enquirer: «employee responsible for wardrobe Cher wig thrown in the trash when I saw that not only climb wig large specimens, but also that they have laid eggs. She decided not to spend time cleaning the wig and threw it away. "

On hearing this, the actress and singer agreed actions assistant and asked to call a special service to control insects that they treated everyone else concert clothes.

Lately Cher became very often wear wigs not only for live performances, but also in everyday life. Despite the fact that it is quite normal "their" hair, the actress simply wants from time to time to change your style.

Previously, she wrote: "My real hair all over the place, they are long and dark, and nothing had happened . I just love wigs, and always loved. This is simply the easiest way to spice up my image. "

Sergey Zverev new song dedicated to Vera Brezhnev

That's really the irrepressible king outrageous. It ignites with vengeance Anastasia, then demonstrates a passionate kiss with Tatiana Bulanovoj and now Sergey Zverev switched to Ukrainian beauty Vera Brezhnev.

Sergey Zverev and Vera Brezhnev

Home phrase and a chorus of a new song Sergey Zverev reads: "Vera Brezhnev, want, will have you first? "In the verses of the song almost no sense, as in all other creations stylist. It seems like the main focus was always on the picture. Clip as usual full of glamorous image, leopard coats, expensive shoes from Chanel and bulging men in leather suits.

Song creators hope that it will become the new hit not only for fans of Sergey Zverev, but for fans of Vera Brezhnev. The singer has not commented on the new song King outrageous.

Sergey Zverev and Vera Brezhnev

Trailer of Sherlock new season

December 8 at 20:00 London time (00:00 MSK) on the channel BBC One trailer premiere of the third season of Sherlock. Simultaneously on the website it appeared Wiremax interactive version. Thank for the news blogger Fox07.

Recall series premiere is scheduled for the Christmas holidays. The first series of the third season, viewers will see on January 1. The second series will be shown on BBC One on January 5, and the third - the 12th.

Earlier, December 4, BBC One launched a teaser series, from which it became clear that the main character - Sherlock - alive (in the last episode of the second season he dies).

In continuation of the advertising campaign, after the announcement of the release of the first episode of the streets of London launched a hearse, announcing the premiere. Note that the third season will begin with a series titled "Empty hearse".

Stars represent the: American Hustle

The team of the movie American Hustle
This weekend, the star of the movie American Hustle have been busy promoting her project: another show tape held yesterday in New York. Presents a picture of Amy Adams, who came to the event with her fiance Darren Le Gallo, Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner, Elisabeth Rohm and Christian Bale appeared accompanied by his wife Sibi Blazic.

Among the spectators a movie based on a true story, were and other celebrities - the bride of Adam Levine Behati Prinsloo, actress Kelly Rutherford, designer Prabala Gurung, leader of the group REM Michael Stipe.

A day earlier, the same director David O'Rassel and actors involved in the project presented a "scam-American" members of the Academy during a special show, which also took place in New York. Let's see if the picture will go to the list of nominees for the "Oscar".

Cate Blanchett made cry Penelope Cruz

Cate Blanchett, Penelope Cruz

Hollywood actress Penelope Cruz says his colleague Cate Blanchett "incredibly talented».

39-year-old owner of the "Oscar" having fun on the main character of the film "Jasmine» (Blue Jasmine - Eng.) Filmed by Woody Allen in 2012. Actually, it was while watching this movie Penelope cried. And no wonder, since the film received many awards, in particular, many of them - for the best female role played by Blanchett.

«I looked" Jasmine "and fell in love with this movie, I was blown away. Cate Blanchett well, just incredibly talented actress. She made me laugh and cry "- admitted Cruz

Penelope also spoke about his love for the television series" Sex and the City. " Spanish actress appeared in an episode of "Sex and the City 2" in 2010, and since then considers himself an expert of this film: "I can answer any question with regard to this series, I know all the details».

Although, as the actress admitted , TV series she is not looking. Just Penelope Cruz, which only in the summer 2013, in July, gave birth to a daughter of the moon, as well as with her husband Javier Bardem brings year-old son Leonardo, just once.

Britney Spears is going to leave the stage for the family

Britney Spears said that he was going to leave the stage for the family. In an interview with Mario López singer admitted that she wants to marry her boyfriend David Lucado and make his children. The only thing that keeps it in show business - a two-year contract in which it must give at least another 90 concerts with the new program. Thank for the news blogger starsndiamonds.

Britney told TV host:

Piece of Me - the hardest program I've ever done. It is much more than dance, it is necessary to put much more effort. But above it is very interesting work. Under the contract, I have to work out 96 concerts with a new program for two years. After that I may go and "retired", who knows. I would certainly like to get married and have children.

Last week, Britney Spears delighted fans release new album Britney Jean, who she already admitted dedicated relationship with ex-boyfriend Jason Trawick. The singer said that the album as a whole became the epitome of all trudostey that she experienced lately.

Britney Spears at the presentation of the album Britney Jean

Angelina Jolie on the set of 'Unbroken': new footage

Angelina Jolie, new footage

Angelina Jolie continues to work on his film "Unbroken", based on the true story of Louis Zamperini athlete, which fell during World War II, captured by the Japanese.

Shooting took place in Australia, and on the set is complete without the paparazzi that try to capture Jolie while she guides the process. Thanks to them, the press got another batch of photos - they actress looks quite pleased with how things were going.

Good mood star apparently explained by the fact that to see her son arrived at the shooting Maddox. Recall that soon will arrive in Sydney the whole family Angelina: the journalists found out that actress fiance Brad Pitt and their children are going to Australia for Christmas.

Angelina Jolie, new footage

Angelina Jolie, new footage

Angelina Jolie, new footage

Angelina Jolie, new footage

Angelina Jolie, new footage

Angelina Jolie, new footage

50 shades of gray: Dakota Johnson sits on a juice diet

Dakota Johnson

After the start of filming tape "50 shades of gray" in Vancouver 24-year-old Dakota Johnson sat on the juice diet, which is now very popular among Hollywood stars.

According to an insider, the actress and director Sam Taylor-Johnson bought fresh juices cold Spin a local company The Juice Box:

They adore these juices. They designed an exclusive order. Of course, they do not starve, but only drink a couple of bottles a day.

Probably Dakota Johnson gaining strength with difficult and grueling shooting:

Sami shooting will last three months, but the scene will change constantly so that a tight schedule. Sometimes they start work at 6:30 am. Juices help them feel great and maintain a balance of nutrients. They energize, so there is no temptation to pounce on sweet or coffee.

On set Johnson usually drink with lemon juice, ginger, wild flower honey and organic turmeric - either from Hawaii or from Peru - depending on the season.

By the way, Juice Box juices in glass bottles are not cheap: the monthly "subscription" to 40 pieces will cost $ 340.

50 shades of gray