Dec 8, 2013

Jessica Alba showed off her husband

Hollywood actress Jessica Alba says that she has "the best husband in the world.»

Without it, she said, would have been impossible her movie career, work on the eco-line for children, writing her book about life.

Husband Cash Warren, Jessica helps her also in educating their two daughters, five-year and two-year Honor Haven.

In an interview with the actress admits: "cache - the best husband in the world. I would not be able to continue to work on your company and write an autobiography, if he had not supported me and did not devote so much time to our family and daughters in particular. He is always very attentive and understand who I am and what my purpose. We complement each other ».

Despite the crowded work schedules, Jessica and Cash are always sure that they have exactly the night to revive their marriage.

In an interview with the British edition of OK! Jessica said: "We assure you that we have the time, when we are closed off from the world and remain alone»

actress also confessed that she is grateful to her parents, who often help them with their children. So the wife can afford a romantic date in a restaurant, or Alba can prepare itself for something special for them.

Jessica Alba with her husband and daughters

Star Instagram: snow drifts, hot sand and pug hat

That was a regular rough week. Winter came into its own, but always hot star Instagram.

Lindsay Lohan, like most celebrities, flew to the exhibition Art Basel in Miami, where having fun with Kim Kardashian, her brother and his friends. Katy Perry and Rihanna anticipate the January ceremony Grammy, Taylor Swift and Alessandra Ambrosio enjoying a bath, and Miranda Kerr continues to intrigue happy photo.

That summer, that winter - Star Instagram always warms!

Katy Perry and Rihanna decided to spend time together
Gisele Bundchen and small "coach" do yoga
Miley Cyrus plays music
Lindsay Lohan in Miami shows the figure, going to the pool
Alessandra Ambrosio and Taylor Swift prefer natural ponds
Apparently, Miranda Kerr does not miss Orlando Bloom
Kelly Osbourne: Turanga Leela or Malvina repainted in purple?
Another cartoon image - Lady Gaga in Japan
I do not whether it looks for Vanessa Hudgens?
Mariah Carey is going to light a Christmas tree with Barack Obama
Cofiya Vergara shows its predatory nature, posing on leopard print background 

Kim Kardashian new photos engagement with Kanye West

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West engaged for more than one month, but obviously, the girl went into the nostalgia and yesterday posted two new photos taken in a solemn day.

The first picture of Kim and Kanye kiss in the midst of the baseball stadium AT & T Park in San Francisco already after Kardashian said "agree" to a marriage proposal from a beloved West. Recall the words rapper added diamond ring in 15 carat jewelry brand from Lorraine Schwartz.

Well, on the second shot, which Kim shared in social networks, we see a huge screen in the same stadium with the words:

PLEASE marrying me!!!

The foreground requests neon Kim and Kanye lights again kiss, but this time we see a shining ring on the finger of a girl.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis attended the wedding of her brother in Florida

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis

On the eve of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis attended the wedding of actress brother in St. Petersburg, Florida.

36-year-old brother Kunis married 29-year-old ballerina Alexandra Blaker that Mila and prepared for the filming of the film "Black Swan" in 2010. Couple became engaged in December last year in San Diego.

Wedding ceremony took place in the Cathedral Church. The ceremony was Mila Kunis appeared in Powder knee-length dress.

According to sources, Mila and Ashton Kutche gave the newlyweds a 10-day honeymoon in Australia.

Recall Kutcher finalized the divorce with Demi Moore so that the rumors about the imminent wedding with Kunis multiplying the speed of light.

Soon we will see Mila Kunis herself in a wedding dress?

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis
Michael marries Kunis

Eugene Linovich and other celebrities at the opening of the Christmas season

In the heart of Moscow, a legendary historic hotel "Metropol" the opening of the Christmas season, "Winter's Tale", inspired by the Russian folk tales.

Guests of the event were Eugene Linovich Oksana He Yegor Beroyev and Xenia Alferov, Pauline and Askeri many other stars.

Russian folk tales literally lived in the windows of the hotel as a gift to the city and its residents. Lounge and bar turned into a snowy mysterious forest.

The sounds of the piano leading Dubass pm Alex and Lena Kuletskaya immersed guests in the memories of how as a child he read his favorite fairy tale "The Swan Princess", "Firebird" "Shamahanskaya Queen," "The Snow Maiden", "Jack Frost", which formed the basis of the unique collection showcases made by famous designers and artists: Anastasia Romantsova, Paul Kaplevich and Valentin Yudashkin.

In addition, guests were able to enjoy the culinary masterpieces of traditional Russian cuisine from Chef Andrew Shmakova and feel the Christmas mood created by renowned event designer Roman Kovalishina.

By the way, on the facade of the building for the entire month at five o'clock in the evening until two o'clock in the morning show will be broadcast three-dimensional Russian winter on arts and crafts.

Throughout the month, the gallery will operate the hotel art fair, which exhibited the work of artists and designers involved in the project.

Eugene Linovich

Elena Kuletskaya
He Oksana
Polina Askeri
Egor Beroev and Xenia Alferova
Elena Lyadova
Ilze Liepa and Andris Liepa
Tatiana Zavyalova