Dec 2, 2013

paparazzi: jessica alba family on the beach in Malibu

Since then, Jessica Alba became a mother, she rarely appears on the wide screen, but paparazzi interest to the actress still has not gone. So, photographers captured the Hollywood beauty with her husband Cash and daughter Honor Marie and Haven Garner on vacation in Malibu.

jessica alba family have a great time they walked along the beach and took pictures on the joint memory.

jessica alba family

Incidentally, many tabloids have already assume that Alba with her family went to the ocean to find solace there, because on Saturday afternoon in Southern California at the age of 40 years died actor Paul Walker, which is rumored to have been when the Alba- is novel.

According to most of Jessica, she was devastated by the news of the death of a friend:

Eternal memory to Paul Walker. He was a wonderful person - so sweet and down to earth. I wholeheartedly with his family.
Worth noting that, despite the assumptions of our Western colleagues, Alba looked happy and have fun with babes.

jessica alba family

jessica alba family

jessica alba family

jessica alba family

jessica alba family

film: Bradley Cooper and Amy Adams at the special screening tape American Hustle.

Last night in West Hollywood hosted a private screening of crime thriller American Hustle. Present its new project stellar guests arrived actors starred in the film - Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Rohm.

The new creation is directed by David O. Russell also evaluated Gwen Stefani pregnant with her husband Gavin Rossdale and other celebrities - movie lovers.

Unfortunately, the other stars of the picture - Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro and Christian Bale - could not visit predpremerny screening of the film.

Recall that the basis for the story, Russell took a real story that happened in the late 70's in America. "Scam-American" tells the story of FBI raid, which was carried out to expose traffickers in stolen antiquities.

Stars of Paul Walker

Paul Walker

Stars continue to remember their colleague Paul Walker, who died Saturday at age 40. Followed by Vin Diesel, and other familiar actor spoke Reese Witherspoon, Michael Jordan, Zoe Saldana, Ryan Phillippe, Mary J. Blige. Here's what the star wrote in his Twitter'ax:

Reese Witherspoon:

So sad to hear the news. With him was a pleasure to work with, it was a real gentleman and honest nature. My prayers and love to his family.

Zoe Saldana:

Indeed, a very sad day. R.I.P. Paul Walker. Our prayers are with you and your family.

Michael Jordan:

Life is so short. People who you road can be at this moment together, and the next gone. Do not count life just a bit bugged. RIP Paul Walker.

Jenna Duvall-Tatum:

just heard the terrible news about Paul Walker. So sad. I always heard about it but good. Prayers to his family. : (


Very, very sad news. My heart is broken!

Mary J. Blige:

I grieved the death of Paul Walker. Lovely and talented people went so fast. # RIPPaulWalker

Denise Richards:

shocked by the news of Paul Walker ... So sad. My heart is with his family and loved ones. He was a wonderful kind man.

LeAnn Rimes:

What terrible news, I pray for the family of Paul Walker. never know ... Appreciate every breath is a gift. Kris Jenner: Rest in peace, Paul Walker. real talent who has gone too soon . Gisele Bundchen: Paul Walker was simple and nice person. sending him and his family our prayers. Lady Gaga: It's true, and if so, then this is an incredible tragedy. pray for his family, friends and fans. I have no words.

Lady Gaga:

It's true, and if so, then this is an incredible tragedy. pray for his family, friends and fans. I have no words.

Kris Jenner:

RIP Paul Walker. real talent who has gone too soon.

Gisele Bundchen:

Paul Walker was simple and nice person. sending him and his family our prayers.

news: Angelina Jolie will be the co-chair of the summit next year

Angelina Jolie is beautiful in all that she was doing: accepting the actress participated in photo shoots, if removed in the movie, has any children ... But most importantly, what we respect the Hollywood star, so it for what it is a lot of time and effort spent on charity.

When it comes to people who are in difficult circumstances, eloquence Angelina Jolie does not leave anyone indifferent: actress knows how to pick up the words that affect everything heart.

Angelina Jolie

So, Goodwill Ambassador of the UN Refugee Agency joined the British Foreign Minister William Hague, to become co-chair of the summit on combating sexual violence in war zones. The summit will be held next year in London. The actress said:

necessity of this summit has been brewing for a long time. Must be an end to impunity, we must have justice and respect for survivors of these heinous crimes.

Angelina Jolie also noted that relies on the support of other countries:

We want to help these people, and I I hope that other countries will also take part in our project and fulfill their responsibilities.

On the global meeting in London should be attended by representatives of 137 countries.

film: 50 shades of gray first Hot shots

Premiere adaptation of the novel 50 shades of gray, we wait a long time (recall that it was moved in 2015), but as long as you can watch with how the filming process. The network already appeared the first Hotshots scene in which the main characters are involved - Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson. Work on the film is in Vancouver.

50 shades of gray

On the internet, by the way, after the photo went disputes about how it looks in a vicious Dornan millionaire Christian Grey. Some expressed the view that the actor is perhaps "too nice" for this role.

However, to draw conclusions too early, will ensure that both are shooting.

photo: Christmas cards from Kardashian family

Kardashian clan traditionally prepares for Christmas cards with your own image. At this time, Kim Kardashian, her sisters Kourtney and Chloe, mother Kris Jenner and other close shot acknowledged master of controversial photo shoots David LaChapelle.

Before lens of the famous photographer with her sisters Kylie Jenner appeared and Kendall Jenner, as well as the youngest star of the family - children Courtney Mason and Penelope. But the daughter of Kim and Kanye West North, apparently still too young to participate in a photo shoot.

Only man in the shooting became Bruce Jenner (even though his separation from his wife Kris Jenner).

Family of David Beckham at the premiere of the documentary film

In London last hosted the world premiere of a documentary film project called The Class of 92, one of the heroes of which was David Beckham. At the premiere, along with football star came his wife Victoria Beckham and sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz. Photos from this event first discovered blogger anna14.

Family of David Beckham of the documentary film

Documentary devoted to six players to the famous club "Manchester United". Besides Beckham is Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Nick Butt, Gary Neville Brothers and Phil Neville - they also appeared last night on the red carpet.

Movie name associated with the victory of young players, "Manchester United" in the Youth FA Cup 1992 - from that triumph began the ascent to fame heroes tape.

Couple: Miranda Kerr is in secret relationship with billionaire James Packer of Australia

Today it was reported that Miranda Kerr is in secret relationship with billionaire James Packer of Australia, which is engaged in the casino and media business.

Sensation "unearthed" the newspaper The Daily Telegraph, which, in turn, quoted sources close to the couple.

Ostensibly, tomorrow in the journal Woman `s Day will be sensational confirmation relations Australian model and businessman. Cover edition has already appeared on the network. It is curious that the former owner of this edition was late father Kerry Packer.

30-year-old Miranda and 46-year-old James are old friends. Recently, it was he who gave her valuable entrepreneurial advice when she launched a cosmetics line Kora Organics.

In 2012, Miranda, Orlando Bloom and Flynn went a little along with Packer, his now ex-wife, 30-year-old model Erica and their children on holiday in Bora Bora. Families long revolved in some social circles.

Just three months ago Packer announced separation after six years of marriage. And in October, we learned about the separation Bloom and Kerr.

Ironically, Miranda and Eric were born in a small town - Gunnedahe.

We will follow developments.