Nov 28, 2013

Penelope Cruz on the pages of Spanish magazine Telva

Penelope Cruz photos

Heroine of the December issue of the Spanish magazine Telva became Hollywood actress Penelope Cruz. Shared news blogger Tanushka28.

Sultry beauty not only took part in the colorful photos, but said in an interview with glossy magazine about his work and, of course, family.

I appreciate your work. Over the years, I understand more and more that people should live by the fact that he likes.

However, Penelope Cruz immediately hastened to add that at the moment for her after all the first place is a husband and children:

main priority today for me is my family.

Recall that soon will hire a new picture with the actress Penelope Cruz played one of the main roles in the film adaptation of the eponymous novel by author Margaret Medzantini "Born twice ".

Penelope Cruz photos

Penelope Cruz photos

Penelope Cruz photos

Penelope Cruz photos

Penelope Cruz photos

Penelope Cruz photos

Kim Kardashian told how to do selfie in Instagram

Kim Kardashian, socialite, television personality, girlfriend of rapper Kanye West and experienced users of social networks, told all the girls to make the right selfie in Instagram. Parody video tutorial, shot together with her best friend Britney Gastineau during a hike to the nail salon, the girl posted on the internet.

First, telediva advises shoot yourself on, then eyes are large and expressive, and his cheeks - less. However, if you believe Kim Kardashian, the shooting angle should be changed often - just so you can find your winning angle.

Kardashian and Gastineau also recommend abuse "duck-face", pulling her lips and giving them an unnatural plump shape. Although, they immediately contradict myself:

lips, folded tube, show beautiful line cheekbones

Most subscribers Kim Kardashian Instagram is not serious about her passion for "crossbows". However star boyfriend Kanye West believes that Kardashian - "Modern Marilyn Monroe" and only enjoys her new photos.

Close refused to come to the wedding Gobozov

Before the wedding, Aliana Ustinenko and Gobozov few days left. Hen and Stag went bang, the last organizational issues and the preparations are complete, it remains only to celebrate the nuptials.

But members of the "House-2" are concerned. It was learned that Sasha's father refused to come Gobozova the wedding of his son. The fact that Gobozov Sr. saw in one of the last esters as Aliana offends future mother in law. Man hurt like behavior daughter, he quarreled with his son because of this, and said he would not come to the wedding.

Also learned that friends of Gobozov, who promised to help with the organization of young holiday, for unclear reasons, not come to the wedding.

Lexus GS: Leonardo DiCaprio for sale on eBay

Leonardo DiCaprio

Who wants to buy a car once belonged to Leonardo DiCaprio and Gisele Bundchen? Welcome to eBay: there is for sale Lexus GS 400 1999 year, which belonged to the actor.

Brian Someone selling cars, argues that bought Lexus GS in 2001 from a dealer, and according to the document, the principal owner machine was exactly Leonardo DiCaprio, who took her rent and returned when the contract expired. Machine since, of course, already trains, so Brian gives it for 20 thousand dollars. Yet willing to buy a car with such a train could not find - but still ahead!

Lexus GS

people: Adriano Celentano daughter admitted to lesbian-ism

Youngest daughter of singer and actor Adriano Celentano Rosalind has publicly stated that she - a lesbian. 45-year-old actress made coming out last week, told the Italian edition of Vanity Fair story of her love with another actress, 40-year-old Simone Borioni with which she even wanted to marry. However, in Italy, same-sex marriages are prohibited.

"As soon as I found out, I first talked to her eldest daughter Rosita Adriano ... we said a little later ... commented Rosalind mother, Claudia. - Recently my husband proposed and I agreed with him, talk frankly with Rosalind, tell it will not change anything in our relationship. Our love for his daughter will always and we would like to see her happy, because it makes us happy and. Wish I did not do it sooner ".

Rosalinda Celentano - the youngest of three children, Adriano Celentano and Claudia Mori who married in 1964. One of the most famous actresses of roles - the devil is in the sensational film Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ".

Angelina Jolie will create a fund to fight cancer

Angelina Jolie with his family organizes a new charitable foundation to fight cancer. The organization will be called Marcheline Debra and Raleigh Foundation - that is, after the mother of actress Marcheline Bertrand, who died of ovarian cancer, as well as aunts and uncles and Debra Reilly, who also died from this terrible disease.

News Press reported another Uncle Ron Martin actress. "In the foundation's work will also be involved father Jon Voight Angelina Jolie  and her brother James, - he explained. - Angelina itself will also help, she and Brad Pitt is very close to humanitarian action, and the theme itself is close to the entire family ".

Recall the same Angelina Jolie underwent the removal of mammary glands after the diagnosis of her gene BRCA1, increases the risk breast cancer. Coming rehabilitation, Angelina Jolie  has publicly stated about the procedure and the whole family is proud of his awful girl who uses her celebrity status to benefit mankind. "It's great that it's so true disposes fame - says cousin Angie Francis Bertrand. - Her mother believed: life has meaning when you give people something in return. She would have been proud of soy daughter. I hope Angelina actions inspire people. For herself is very important - because it operates from a pure heart. "

Barnabas and starred in a candid photoshoot

A few days ago singer Anna Semenovich published in his blog a photo showing her in a sexy member of Comedy woman Catherine Barnabas.

At this very erotic picture Catherine is in the bathroom, and in a short skirt Semenovich pours her champagne right in bath. "Sometimes beautiful girls must take a bath with champagne" - signed picture Semenovich.

Chris Hemsworth: Baby eating in the Canaries

Another portion of emotion from the mighty Thor Chris Hemsworth's waiting for you under the cut! -)

Australian, married to a Spaniard, Elsa Pataky, you know, she brought with her a couple of nice cat-daughter India, which is now 18 months. And just like the hero of our previous News - Megan Fox's son Noah - India soon will be in the family elder, as her beauty-mom expecting her second baby. Elsa's stomach until it is too obvious, but it is still now the fourth month of the beginning of his spacious drape clothes.

Together with the little India, husband and his parents Craig and Leonie Elsa resting on one of the Canary Islands - La Homer. Photographers caught the entire company for a walk and found that they showed up competitor - himself, Chris, who did "paparazzi", taking my daughter to the camera. She hesitated at first, but after "Thor" has promised to eat it for lunch (and even almost completed "threat" -)), began to pose willingly.

Candice Sveynpol became the face of the new denim collection

Candice Sveynpol became the face of a new advertising campaign brand Woolworths, which is prepared for the new collection of denim fashionistas.

According to a popular brand of blonde beauty perfectly fit into the overall concept of the project:

We chose Candice because that it is a South African supermodel who achieved worldwide success. In the end, it "angel" Victoria's Secret.

Furthermore, the authorized person stated that their choice is determined not only by the world-renowned Sveynpol:

Her look and attitude to life is very similar to the ideas our brand. It is not just the owner of a pretty face, but something more.

Known that shooting involving Candice took place in Cape Town, where the model was flying at the end of September.

Celebrity Street Style: Kate Winslet on shopping in Chelsea

On Wednesday journalists noticed actress Kate Winslet, who is expecting her third child, shopping on King's Road in Chelsea. Star, apparently, has been preparing for the Day of Thanksgiving, and it did not bother about their appearance. That is not surprising - because judging by their appearance, before delivery is not much time.

It is a convenience that is so necessary in her position, and determined the choice of clothing Kate. She wore dark jeans, black T-shirt and a spacious park, which, despite the style, not buttoned Winslet due to surround the stomach. Image added sloppy scarf.

Last time Kate Winslet was seen in the light of the world premiere of the film "Labor Day", where she played a major role. October 15, she appeared on the red carpet already rounded belly. However, this did not prevent her look gorgeous: red Jenny Packham dress and jewelry De Beers and Kate were very stressed her feminine image.

We look forward to adding to the family of Kate and Ned Roknrolla.

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher officially divorced

On the eve of divorce Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher was formalized. The couple announced parting two years ago - around Thanksgiving in 2011.

Before yesterday all relevant papers were legislatively designed and approved by the Superior Court of Los Angeles, so that now 51-year-old Moore and Kutcher 35-year-old again formally free.

Recall that the actors were married in 2005, but the divorce process has been delayed due to a problem with the imputation of the common property in the amount of $ 300 million.

wonder whether accelerate final divorce Ashton wedding Mila Kunis and with whom he began dating in April 2012, and now it even helps his mother with the housework.

way for Kutcher's first divorce, and for Moore - third: she was previously married to actor Bruce Willis and rock musician Freddie Moore.

Jessica Alba became a blonde for the role in the comedy 'especially dangerous'

We learned about the new hair color of Jessica Alba from her Instagram: actress recently posted photos from filming the comedy "especially dangerous." Bright blond contrasts with dark roots, eyebrows and brown eyes Jessica.

By the way, in addition to the new tape Alba also starred Haley Steynfild as 16-year-old killer, who leads a normal life and decides to enroll in suburban Institute .

However, most likely it is only a temporary change of hair color. Just a couple of days ago, 32-year-old Jessica was photographed by paparazzi already familiar with brown hair.

And who do you think is more effective: Alba blonde or brunette Alba?