Nov 27, 2013

Nigel Lawson every few years taking drugs

TV presenter Nigel Lawson again in the center of the scandal - former assistant star said that she was in for 10 years is a drug addict.

Sisters Francesca and Elizabeth Grillo, former assistant Nigel and her ex-husband, billionaire Charles Saatchi, were in court on charges of embezzling 300 thousand pounds. There, they said that in fact the money Nigel paid them voluntarily - so she bought their silence. Nigel did not want her husband learned that she abused cocaine, prescription drugs and other similar substances.

The court was also read email Lawson former husband Charles Saatchi, in which he states that he believes the sisters Grillo.

Grilo says Nigel itself allows them to spend their money. [...] And now I have no reason not to trust them.

Recall divorce Charles Saatchi and Nigel Lawson was preceded by a scandal. Press photographed public quarrel couple on the porch of their favorite restaurant. According to witnesses, at one point Saatchi began to choke his wife.

After the scandal in the press, Saatchi tried to justify. He said that the strangulation only one only looked the part, that's actually not as easy as it may seem, and his wife was crying just because he does not like fighting. Nigel refused all comment, and soon after the incident, the couple filed for divorce.

Mila Kunis helps in the house mother of Ashton Kutcher

Mila Kunis was spotted in society mother of her fiance Ashton Kutcher - Kutcher Diana Finnegan. Future mother in law and daughter in law, unless they can already call it that, instead of buying products.

We recall not so long ago it was announced that Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have signed all the necessary documents for divorce. Fans of the actor believe that the cause of the divorce had a relationship with Ashton with Mila and his desire to make her an offer, because they occur more than a year. However, an official statement about the engagement of Hollywood actors did.

But this does not prevent us from fantasizing about the impending wedding of Mila and Ashton - because Kunis long walks with a golden ring on "the very" finger.

Alexa Chung starred in a new advertising campaign Longchamp

Known model, TV presenter and fashion editor Alexa Chung became the face of the spring 2014 collections from Longchamp. In the new season lineup bags waiting for a nice addition - in addition to the classic beige Longchamp used coral and lemon skin.

Decision that it will advertise Chang Spring Lookbook, was taken after a party to celebrate the opening of a new boutique in London Longchamp where she performed as a DJ.

Recall last year Chang acted as designer and created a range of clothing is compatible with Madewell. After this long time it was rumored that Alex will launch its own line of clothing. However, this has not yet happened.

30-year-old Alexa Chung became known for shooting in magazines such as Elle Girl and CosmoGIRL. She also participated in advertising campaigns Fanta, Sony Ericsson, Sunsilk, Urban Outfitters and Tampax.

Jessica Alba made a new tattoo

Body Star "Sin City" Jessica Alba has a new drawing, or rather, the inscription. Now on the knuckles of the index, middle and ring fingers of the right hand of the actress flaunts inscription NO!.

Jessica Alba new tattoo

New tattoo done in black, so reminiscent of traditional "Zone" tattoos. The only good news is that two letters and an exclamation point can easily close the massive ring, fashion this season.

Recall Body Alba already had several tattoos, also made black: flirty bow at the waist, on the rosebush shoulder, which she "stuffed" during the filming of "Adult children after divorce," daisy with ladybug on his head. They did it as a sign of total family experience with my mother and aunt. Also on the wrist star emblazoned inscription in Sanskrit.

Meladze first went public with the illegitimate son of Albina Dzhanabaeva

Singer after the announcement of divorcing his wife, Irina, for the first time decided to appear in public with her son from Albina Dzhanabaeva.

Singer Valery Meladze yet filed for divorce from his wife, Irina. Singer is ready to go to the demands of his wife on the division of property, but she herself had asked the court to give them time to reconcile with her husband.

Meladze, it seems, finally ready to break off relations with his wife. The singer has already give a frank interview with reporters about the son of a singer Albina Dzhanabaeva, which connects the artist long novel, and for the first time appear with him in the frame.

Documentary about the life of the famous singer will be released on November 30. Valery tells about life on two

Megan Fox shared her impressions about the second pregnancy

Star of "Transformers" Megan Fox was last seen during a family trip to the dentist in Beverly Hills. Preparing for the emergence of a second baby, Megan was in the company of her husband Brian Austin Green and the firstborn of Noah Shannon Green.

I would say that the second pregnancy given me much easier than the first. I think it's because I have a lot to do with my son. I have to take care of it, so it's time to experience due to "position" I do not have.

The photographs show that tummy Megan already noticeably rounded. However, the actress continues to lead an active life and follows his busy schedule.

Hilary Swank with her boyfriend for a walk in Paris

Hilary Swank with her boyfriend

Earlier this week, Hilary Swank, along with her boyfriend, French Estate Laurent Fleury went for a romantic stroll in Paris. Cold was not a problem for the actress: hot kiss Laurent black suede park and warm boots warmed her better than any stove!

Funny coincidence is that the couple kissed just boutique near Saint Laurent. So the 39-year-old Hilary could theoretically make a wish between two Laurent.

Recall that the pair began a relationship last year, and now lives in a swank apartment, together with Laurent and his two children.

By the way, Hilary French realtor accompanies all significant events and at leisure lovers prefer to play tennis or simply walking.

Paris Jackson will in rehab years

Good news and bad at the same time: Paris Jackson, who came after a suicide attempt in a boarding school in Utah, it was better. But! Problems in 15-year-old daughter in the King Michael Jackson is still so much that, apparently, it is delayed in this place not even a month, but for years ...

Paris, do you remember the summer sent in boarding Diamond Ranch Academy in Utah - a specialized school and medical facility for troubled teens who survived a great sorrow and staying depressed. Relatives Paris believes that the girl had still not recovered from the death of his father, followed in 2009.

The other day, Paris was once a family therapy session: the girl was in a doctor's office in a boarding school, and her grandmother Katherine and Debbie Rowe mom talked to them on the phone. A positive consequence of this session is as follows - Paris in January for a few days be allowed to go home, but then she comes back to the orphanage, and he will be her second home is still very long. We are talking about years ...

Note stay in Diamond Ranch Academy since not everyone can afford - month stay in Paris its walls costing her relatives in $ 14,000, but for the sake of the health of their little girls they are ready to pay.

Sandra Bullock: I am the same vain and selfish as all the actors

Sandra Bullock

For his role in the film "Gravity" Sandra Bullock enterteynerom recognized according to the magazine Entertainment Weekly. In an interview after the awarding 49-year-old Sandra Bullock confessed that she is not devoid of drawbacks ambitious people. According to her, it is the same vain, selfish and capricious, like all actors.

I pick on every little thing in their work. Yes, I am an actress - vain, selfish creature, like all artists. Selfishness manifested, literally, all over. Every day you have to work on yourself and harnessing their whims. I am very proud of the experience that got on the set of "Gravity" Alfonso Cuaron. Since it was so simple, I was afraid of nothing. If he told me to climb to the bottom of a 10-meter water tank, I just said "okay, I'll sit there and will climb all day".

This year has been truly successful at Bullock - in addition to "Gravity", the actress starred in the popular comedy "Cops in skirts", which critics have dubbed "summer blockbuster in 2013." Before that Sandra was almost a two-year interval between shots - the last work was the adaptation of the novel by Jonathan Safran Foer's "Extremely Loud, Incredibly Close" in 2011.

Sandra Bullock

Stars on the evening of Prince William Winter Whites Gala

The night before, at Kensington Palace in London hosted a charity evening Winter Whites Gala, which was organized by Prince William. The main purpose of the event - to help young homeless people. Note that the Duchess Catherine in the evening the prince was not the company.

Note that completely transformed the palace, he was decorated in a Christmas tale, and the red carpet has replaced the blue. In addition, it was decided to import snow - to create a festive mood.

Guests of the gala evening was Taylor Swift, Colin Firth, Jon Bon Jovi, Benedict Cumberbatch, James Blunt and many others. Laureate of the American Music Awards in 2013, 23-year-old Swift sparkled in evening dress Reem Acra and was very pleased at the invitation of the ceremony:

Oh, I'm so nervous before a performance at Kensington Palace! Snow, lights, decorations - all this creates an atmosphere of Christmas! Real surrealism! I'm in the palace!

During the charity dinner, Prince William, Taylor Swift and Jon Bon Jovi sang together hit Livin'on a prayer, tearing the deafening applause of two hundred people in the hall. After that Prince William spoke movingly and awarded John Bon Jovi charity award Centrepoint Great Britain Youth Inspitarion Award.

At the end of the evening to a reporter's question about the experience of Us Weekly from a meeting with Prince by William Taylor Swift noted that it seemed to her very funny.

Duchess Catherine fired wedding stylist

The royal family decided to dismiss the Duchess Catherine wedding stylist James Pryce, after he decided to make advertising due to its name.

Note that using the services of the Duchess Catherine Pryce for eight years, starting in 2003: it was he who worked with her in the day of the announcement of the engagement and during the marriage to the Prince by William in 2011, and then went with the Duchess on a tour of North America.

Sam Price noted that hairstyle Duchess, on which he "conjured" for two hours, was his "finest hour".

But just since that time, the barber began behave incorrectly. So, he began to spread in social networks with a view photos Catherine advertise their services. By the way, Price originally worked in the salon Richard Ward of the same name Richard Ward Salon, and then decided to offer their services in the mode of freelancing.

According to insiders, the Duchess continued to visit the salon Richard Ward:

Richard makes her hairstyle and hair color. Plus, stylist Amanda Cook Tucker makes her styling for events. But James was in the "black list" forever.

Way, Duchess Catherine will use the services of the former Princess Diana stylist Joe Bailey in the tour of Australia next year.

Well, obviously, if to James was more modest, it would not have lost the enviable's client.

Let us estimate the most famous works of James Pryce.

Nain Gnomych branché Yana Rudkovskaya

Yana Rudkovskaya shared new photos of his little son Sasha, better known by the nickname Dwarf Gnomych. "Where is my mother's nose?" - Signed as a picture in which the baby shows the correct answer))

"Yanochka, I am really glad for you! As well, everything in life you have is wonderful and you are happy! This is evident by the way you look! Suppose you always so shine your eyes! Love is so adorns a woman! And looking at you, and we all just want to move forward and to dare and do and love "- written Rudkovskaya enthusiastic readers.

" How nice to look at such a luxurious mom and son - a miracle! I wish you happiness, "- say the fans and added:" Mom - just a bomb! A malyshulya - kewpie doll! I wish you happiness and health! "

Other photographs Dwarf Gnomych diligently plug mom mouth))" Not greedy, expensive shares "- joking commentators. "Very family photo, you are beautiful as always)) And nice little gnome))," - they believe.

But there were a spiteful critics. "Stars do not wear home clothes?))) Always in shoes and dresses?)))" - They are interested.

Third photo Yana signed as follows: "Just ate! By the way, the whole day engaged with Gnome Gnomchem very important things! While we will not declassify them! "

Readers offered several versions. In particular, they decided that Ian and Sasha prepared gifts for the New Year. Or participated in a photo shoot for a fashion magazine.

Alec Baldwin dismissed channel MSNBC

Shows Up Late Alec Baldwin on MSNBC channel off the air, and the actor himself fired.

Representative Matthew Hiltzik Baldwin confirmed in an interview with The New York Post:

TV will not come back on the air MSNBC. Previously, Alec wondered return him to the project or not.

Staff channel, in turn, said:

It's a mutual decision, and we wish all the best for Alec. Each issue of Up Late beat ratings channel CNN. In general, show significantly increased audience MSNBC. Baldwin was very involved in the process of working on the transmission and gave it a lot of time. He has a lot of great ideas, and Alec is well able to work in a team.

Recall that Alec Baldwin apologized for the alleged abuse: actor misunderstood. Moreover, according to him, the paparazzi literally around the clock duty at his home and provoke his aggression, bringing inconvenience to his wife and little daughter Hilary.

Shows Up Late started in the air just a month before the scandal with journalists. Later, he was suspended for two weeks, and now his fate is unknown.

Jennifer Love Hewitt had a baby girl and married

Jennifer Love Hewitt on the eve of a baby girl and married actor Brian Holliseya. Information was confirmed by an official representative of the actress in an interview with Us Weekly:

Jennifer Love Hewitt and her husband Brian Hollis happy to announce the birth of a daughter. Outamn James Hollis was born on November 26. The couple married in a private ceremony recently.

Recall that we learned about the pregnancy and engagement to 34-year-old actress in June. Then the paparazzi captured her first engagement ring and appearing tummy on a romantic journey through Florence in May. Previously reported in love, got married only after birth.

Well, Jennifer and Brian podravlyaem double happiness!

Miroslava Karpovich appeared in public in a strange form

Miroslava Karpovich, actress and star of the series "Father's Daughter" - an infrequent visitor at social events. But recently, a girl came to the premiere of "Taper-show." Actress surprised fans with his outfit, her costume was very similar to suit the healthcare worker. While fans still decided that Karpovich looks great, and a sense of style can sometimes bring any girl.

There are pictures from the bachelorette party: Aliana Ustinenko

As we have already mentioned, recently passed a bachelorette party and bachelor Aliana Ustinenko Alexander Gobozov. Men's half of the participants "House-2" celebrated this day quite modest, but fun for all girls. Girls invited strippers and drank a considerable amount of alcohol, as evidenced by the pictures they posted on social networks.