Nov 26, 2013

Tina Karol barefoot appeared on stage in a revealing 'dress nightie'

Popular singer effectively start your tour.

Sunday November 24 in Zhytomyr Drama Theater was sold out solo concert Tina Karol, dedicated to the tour "The Power of Voice and love".

Actress came on the scene piquant "dress nightie", whose style is so fond of lately star. And the song "The Night" Karol performed barefoot.

Singer does not stint on emotions and this evening a lot to communicate with the audience throughout the concert.

Megan Fox against domestic violence

Pregnant Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green came to the event fund Avon, organized against domestic violence. Brand has launched a global campaign on Facebook # SeeTheSigns of Domestic Violence - # Notice the signs of domestic violence. Megan and Brian each posing with placards against the humiliation of women in the family.

Megan selected for the evening black dress ALC Also admitted that given her second pregnancy easier, though still early in the process is always difficult. "The first trimester I was heavy, - said the actress. - But the second is all right. "

Vampire - a zombie: Ashley Greene on the set of new movie

Ashley Greene retrained from girl-girl-vampire zombies. In the new film "Burying the Ex" with Anton Yelchin Ashley tells the story of the poor thing, has not had time to move in with her boyfriend, as turned into zombies. Reasons for this metamorphosis later learn from the movies. Yet taken vengeance boil, Ashley walking the site bloody makeup and Anton tries to help his on-screen lover. Rent the movie will be released in 2014

Shalyapin Kopenkina together and chose a wedding dress

Very soon will be a wedding singer Madame Janette and his beloved retirement age Larissa Kopenkina. The network got pictures of wedding dresses Larisa, which, by the way, the bride chose the company of her future husband Prokhor. Fans of the pair, however, surprised: according to wedding traditions, the groom should not see the bride in her wedding dress until the beginning of the marriage. Apparently, signs of lovers do not care.

Brittany Murphy mother outraged news about the poisoning of her daughter

American actress Brittany Murphy died four years ago, but in the press so far there has been talk about her death. At this time, the star's mother Sharon Murphy was forced to write an open letter in which she said that all the words of the father of her daughter Angelo Bertolotti regarding the death of the actress - a pack of lies.

Recall that a week ago the media reported that Brittany could not die of pneumonia, but from malicious poisoning: a year ago Bertolotti insisted that he be provided with samples of hair and skin actress to be able once again to conduct a full examination the presence of toxic substances. Just after receiving the results of this examination and a new version of Murphy's death.

This statement mother actress just could not leave unanswered:

Four years ago, after the tragic and sudden death of my wonderful and talented daughter I decided to remain in the shadows. Now I have no choice, I have to say, because her biological father, who has never been a real father to her, made an outrageous statement. He said that my dear daughter was killed.

Murphy also noted that the examination that was held at the request of Bertolotti, could be a fake:

Any scientist will tell you that the hair samples that were provided for research, could be affected by many external factors: the hairspray, prescription drugs, food, smoking, and to environmental factors.

It is possible that the cause of death was a mold, which, in the end, was found in her home.

We will never know for sure what actually killed her. But we do know that the coroner of Los Angeles spent a lot of tests and concluded that the death was due to natural causes. And now Brittany has become an angel. 

Recall that the December 20, 2009 and spread around the world unexpected sad news: at the age of 32 years died a famous actress Brittany Murphy. According to the official version of the investigation, the star died as a result of pneumonia, anemia and prescription drugs overdose.

The network got a photo with depraved bachelorette star 'House-2' Aliana Ustinenko

Bachelorette party before the wedding with Alexander Gobozov was, apparently, very successful.

Eve of the wedding on the reality show "Dom-2" Alexander Gobozov and Aliana Ustinenko treated themselves to a farewell party.

Aliana Ustinenko despite the pregnancy, decided to break away from complete. Such conclusions can be drawn by looking at pictures of girls invited to the feast. Unlike guys, headed by Alexander Gobozov fiance that this evening quietly relaxing in the sauna, girls "lit" with guest stripper, but far from sober.

Crisis of ideas: Lady Gaga imitates Britney Spears

Whether in show business there has been another crisis of ideas, whether Lady Gaga wanted to make a dedication to Britney Spears. One of these days, "mom monsters" appeared before the public in a transparent jumpsuit for modesty is solely responsible sparkling crystals.

This brilliant in every sense as the singer left the Chateau Marmont Hotel in Los Angeles. Not to notice the similarities with the outfit Britney video "Toxic" in 2004 is not possible.

And, of course, it is worth adding that Britney was not the first star to try on a transparent, but sheen. Suffice it to recall Marilyn Monroe)

Jennifer Lopez on the set of the movie The Boy Next Door

Jennifer Lopez on the set of the movie The Boy Next Door

The network has pictures of Jennifer Lopez from filming Rob Cohen - director militants "xXx" and "Fast and Furious". New reel of film is the working title of The Boy Next Door, its release is scheduled for 2014. In addition to Lopez filming thriller involving actors such as John Corbett, Kristin Chenoweth, Ryan Guzman, Ian Nelson, Travis Schuldt and Raquel Gardner.

Shooting took place in Los Angeles. Lopez in photographs dressed in gray trousers graphically cut and olive soft pullover. Feminine image supplemented strict dark blue bag.

Anna Netrebko with Erwin Schrott split after six years of relations

After six years of marriage, the couple Anna Netrebko and Erwin Schrott decided to terminate the relationship. This is today's press service reported actress. Notes that Netrebko and Schrott parted amicably.

Anna Netrebko and Erwin Schrott

After six years of marriage, the couple decided to terminate the relationship. This is today's press service reported actress. Notes that Netrebko and Schrott parted amicably.

According to Anna, the end of the relationship was laid because of work actors. Because of the tight tour schedule practically stopped seeing stars:

For us, our joint transmission means a lot, and, naturally, we will continue together to take care of our son Tiago.

In addition, singer promised that family difficulties will not affect their Erwin joint appearance on the scene.

Recall that Anna and Erwin began dating in 2007, the same year the Uruguayan baritone opera diva made a marriage proposal. However, the pair have not played the wedding.

In September 2008 in Vienna Netrebko bore Schrott heir - his son Tiago Arua. For the singer, this was the first child, but her ex-lover from his first marriage a daughter Lara.

Anna Netrebko and Erwin Schrott

Kara Devlin, Miranda Kerr and Natalia Vodianova in the new video iD Magazine

iD Magazine shot the film with the participation of 26 world fashion icons including supermodel Kara Devlin, Miranda Kerr and Natalia Vodianova, as well as world-renowned designer Rick Owens. A total of 26 divas have winked at the camera.

Authors roller which is called - "Podmigni" - Wink!, Became creative director of Surface To Air Jeremy Rose and fashion director Charlotte Stockdale iD. Earlier there were rumors that left Stockdale of iD for a similar position in the magazine Dasha Zhukova GARAGE.

Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt will present at the 50th anniversary of the island in the shape of heart

Very soon star Jolie-Pitt family held a big celebration: Brad turns 50 years old. On this occasion, Angelina is going to give her lover a small island in the shape of heart.

Peter Island, which is located 80 kilometers north of New York, the actress will cost nearly $ 20 million.

Source close to Jolie , reported that the Hollywood actress has long planned to make such a purchase:

Once Angelina learned that the island was put up for sale, she immediately went to watch it. She was vpechatlena.Dom ideal for a romantic weekend and families. Angelina knows that the island, which has a shape of a heart, will mean a lot for Pitt.

The island covers an area of ​​11 acres (0.4 hectares), located a few buildings. This complex houses began to build in 1950 on the project of Pitt's favorite architect Frank Wright. Also there is a heliport, which simplifies transportation of a large family to new properties.

The island, which is going to give Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt