Nov 19, 2013

Maxim Galkin told about family grievances

After the birth of twins Harry and Elizabeth's family Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva was a change. Habitual way of life has changed. As told Maxim, one member of the family not happy with these changes. Galkin showed reporters a small red Pomeranian and told me that dog named Maroussia very jealous of the hosts for the children. "Before, when I came from work, she always greeted me. And as there were children - took offense. For the first time did not run to me ", - told reporters Maxim.

Sobchak was shocked by the cynical phrase about the tragedy in Kazan

Many active web users these days have been shocked by the statement of Ksenia Sobchak related crash in Kazan, which killed 50 people, including Irek Minnikhanov, the son of the president of Tatarstan. "There is only one good (if I may speak in general) in the news about Kazan. The president's son rep-ki flew airliners ..... Rip », - said Sobchak from your page on the social network. Cold-blooded and cynical statement could not be left unattended, and at Xenia hit a lot of accusations and even insults. Sobchak was shocked by the number of collapsed at her critics, and published an explanation of his words of apology: "But the essence remains the same. Rottenberg's son Roman, I think, do not even know how looks airliner. And the fact that the president's son was flying a modified aircraft, and not private, like the children of many well-known corruption, inspires a lot of respect. That's what I wanted to say. I'm sorry if came out sloppy. Sincere condolences. "

Taylor Swift meets with Douglas Booth?

23-year-old singer Taylor Swift has arranged a secret rendezvous with a 21-year-old British male model and actor Douglas Booth, who plays the lead role - Romeo - in a new film adaptation of "Romeo and Juliet".

According to insiders, this weekend a couple had lunch in a London pub:

They booked a private area and disappeared from view. One of the employees of establishments stood outside and controlled so that no one even comes close to Taylor and Douglas. When he left, they were laughing and joking. From a distance they looked like a happy couple in love.

Source said very naughty parts:

They were not parted for a single moment. Swift and Booth went to the restroom alone. However, the booths were separated! In general, they spent a few hours in the pub.

Recall that last boyfriend Taylor was a singer Harry Styles, and Booth relationship with actress Vanessa Kirby.

Swift representative confirmed her lunch with Douglas, but not a romantic relationship.

wonder what will happen next?

Glukoza withdrew his friends in the new video clip

Natalia Ionov, known in Russian show business as Glukoza, has released a new video for the song "You want to hurt me?". The main feature of the video has become his naturalness: Natalia instead of professional actors in it withdrew their friends.

Glukoza new video clip

The singer did not warn anyone about what is planned shooting, and invited everyone to a normal party. Bewilderment of friends knew no bounds when they saw the camera, which had taken off tourists. This was the main idea Glukoza and her producer Max Fadeev. They wanted to photograph the emotions and chat live long familiar people in a relaxed atmosphere.

A friend of the singer, Paul, so react to what is happening:

Would you even warned that we have such a responsible mission. We would have dressed up!

But after half an hour after the start of the feast unwitting participants in the shooting process stopped being shy cameras are naturally behave and enjoy the evening with your friends.

Itself Natalia commented on the new clip so :

I saw the video exactly the way it turned out - the theme of the party asks itself! But as the song is very relaxed, did not want to do from the video shoot with professional actors and feigned emotions - explains Gluk'oZa. - We were singing, drinking, smoking hookah, many were photographed laughing and dancing - in short, everything that accompanies any party of close friends.

Music for the song is traditionally written Glukoza producer Max Fadeev, and co-author of the text became its lead singer of another ward SILVER Olga Seryabkina. According to Natalia, Olga good it feels. The singer said that the new song is very close to her, and immediately got into the top favorite of their own repertoire.

See how Glukoza resting with his friends in the new video.

Glukoza new video clip

Glukoza new video clip

Kate Moss awarded the Order of chivalry?

Kate Moss is likely to receive knighthood of the British Empire for his contributions to the fashion world.

39-year-old model, who recently became a guest editor of the British magazine Vogue, will receive an honorary award from the hands of Queen Elizabeth II.

According to an insider in an interview with The Daily Star, this is a long-standing dream of Kate Moss:

She met with the queen, loves all of their family, and has done a lot for British fashion. This will be a significant event in her life. All friends of Kate keep the cams.

Recall that one of the best friends Moss - British designer Stella McCartney received the Order of the British Empire in March. Before she was named designer of the year according to the British Fashion Awards, and last year she came up with the form for the British team at the Olympics. The same source admitted that it was Kate Moss, Stella convinced that she will soon also receive a knighthood.

So Kate gets in a waiting list knighted with David Beckham.

What Well, maybe shooting for the cover of the anniversary Playboy played a decisive role?

Orlandq Bloom appeared on the Artios Awards-2013 with Rashad CONDOLA

CONDOLO Rashad and Orlando Bloom

Less than a day after reports that Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr parted, the actor in an interview, instead of the expected declaration of severance of relations with the model preferred to talk about the kiss with her partner on the musical "Romeo and Juliet" CONDOLA Rashad. Now, actors and all appeared in an embrace on the Artios Awards-2013 in New York.

Apparently, the relationship between Bloom and Rashad has long passed from the scene in real life. On the red carpet star award behaved quite uninhibited: they are constantly hugging and laughing and generally felt quite comfortable.

Is Orlando parted with one of the sexiest models in the world because of the black beauty?

CONDOLO Rashad and Orlando Bloom

CONDOLO Rashad and Orlando Bloom

Children Jennifer Lopez visited her mother on the set

Jennifer Lopez in the movie "The Boy Next Store", but do not forget that in the first place it is - a loving mother. A few days ago the actress came to work her twins Max and Emma. Rebyatnyu accompanied them to the driver-bodyguard.

Lot of time on the film-making process children are said to be not taken away because the case was drawing to a close, and Max and Emma took the beloved mother home.

In the film, Jennifer plays a single mother. In the story, she falls in love with a young neighbor - the friend of her son. How will this story, we'll see in 2014.

Children Jennifer Lopez visited her mother

Children Jennifer Lopez visited her mother

Children Jennifer Lopez visited her mother

Rita Ora urgently taken to the hospital

British pop star Rita Ora yesterday urgently taken to the hospital: the singer became ill on the set of a beach photo sets for fashion brand Material Girl Madonna in Miami.

22-year-old star fainted in his trailer, and then watched the paparazzi as it is moved on a stretcher in an ambulance.

As later cleared up the words of Dr. Ora David Farsi, she suffered heat stroke that occurred against the background of dehydration. Who is the girl, thank God, all right.

Kristen Stewart spent the weekend in the company of friends

At present, the star vampire saga "Twilight" Kristen Stewart is busy filming a new project: the actress landed a role in the dramatic film "Anesthesia" (Anesthesia). However, as soon as the girl emerged weekend, she went straight from New York, where the shooting pictures in Los Angeles to meet up with friends.

Paparazzi catch Kristen in the company of friends near a grocery store in Long Beach, California. The actress was in a great mood: she always smiled and talked with his friends.

By the way, the plot of the new film featuring Stewart tells the story of the inhabitants of New York, whose life affected philosophy professor Walter Zarrou, filled with joys and tribulations . Producers of the project were Julie Buck and Josh Hetsler. Director of the film was made by Tim Blake Nelson.

Prince Harry began his journey to the South Pole

Yesterday morning, Prince Harry left his home in London to travel to Cape Town, South Africa, and from there the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II will be forwarded to the Russian Antarctic station Novolazarevskaya. It was there to begin an adventure heir to the British throne, he went camping with former soldiers who had been wounded during armed conflicts.

The Prince will take part in a charity project Walking with the Wounded: Harry becomes a member of one of the three teams that have to go 300 kilometers, overcoming all the difficulties that they had prepared for unfriendly Antarctica.

Member of the royal family to lead a British band, and will become the leader of the American Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard. Commonwealth team will lead the British actor Dominic West.

Presumably this trip will last about 16 days, but due to the unpredictable Antarctic weather changes may be made to the schedule.

Recall that Prince Harry was getting ready for a long time this expedition. Monarch even visited the training center MIRA, where he passed a course of preparation for an upcoming trip to the South Pole: in a special room where the temperature was maintained at minus 35 degrees Celsius, Harry and travel partners trained to install tents and withstand physical exertion in cold conditions.

Rihanna showed off a new hairstyle

Rihanna has once again changed her hair style: Sunday, she went to her friend to a party in a black velvet mini-suit and with a new bob haircut. But it is not a wig?

Rihanna showed off a new hairstyle

The singer is known for its beauty-love experiments and shock fans with new bows literally every day. However, black bob with thick bangs, of course, decorated with Riri. Like her revealing outfits in the cool November.

Rihanna herself on the same day posted their photos in Instagram with the hashtag name of their stylist Ursula Stephen, who made her dramatic bob back in 2007. Therefore it is quite possible that this is real hair 25-year-old singer.

Note that the bean - the main trend in Hollywood, which eclipsed even "pixie" Jennifer Lawrence. One has only to recall the new bow Jennifer Aniston and long bean Lily Collins.

By the way, Rihanna completed her world tour Diamonds World Tour, so now is the time to celebrate success.

Rihanna showed off a new hairstyle