Nov 18, 2013

Mickey Mouse is celebrating its 85th anniversary.

Today, Mickey Mouse is celebrating its 85th anniversary. In honor of this holiday studio Disney is cooked over a small gift: an excerpt from a new short animated film "Horse-fire".

Fully cartoon can be seen on December 12, his show in front of a full-length animated film "Cold Heart." Who remembers the studio for a long time there was such a tradition to precede large cartoon showing small - and they are no less legendary and beloved than a full meter. "Horse-Fire" - black-and-white of the summer, in which Mickey Mouse speaks of the voice of Walt Disney. Mickey and his girlfriend Minnie undisputed go for a ride on a cart in the company of Horace Horskollara and Cows Klarabel. Friends have fun, laugh and sing while on their way not appear legged Pete, who is trying to push them off the road. As a result, Mickey Minnie loses sight and must be smart to bring back his beloved.

The cartoon combines the classic black-and-white animation and modern technology. The style of the classic black-and-white animated film in 1928 recreated some of the best animators of our time and organically supplemented by computer graphics and 3D technologies. This experience is a combination of traditional and modern technology has brought the studio prize Academy Award "Oscar" in 2012 for the short film "Paper Romance". The film's director Lauren McMullan became the first woman directed the short film about Mickey Mouse.

Do Ashton Kutcher sick dog

Paparazzi were waiting for Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis at the veterinary clinic in Los Angeles. Ashton brought his dog to the hospital, and Mila supported lover in this sad period of time for him. Dog, they say, it was very bad, and how frustrated actor, seen on his face. We hope that everything worked out, the little dog to cure or at least alleviate the suffering. Well, Mila and Ashton still find the time and get married - in London or anywhere else, does not matter!

Do Ashton Kutcher sick dog

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis

Johnny Depp and Ewan McGregor on the set of Makkabreya

Johnny Depp and Ewan McGregor on the set of Makkabreya

We have already seen the new image of Johnny Depp for the film Maccabree - a mustache blond Charlie Maccabree, art dealer and thief who is looking for a picture with the code of the safe-deposit box, which houses the gold Nazis. The other day, paparazzi photographed, as with Johnny work at the site Ewan McGregor and Paul Bettany, as well as their backups. Perform stunts with the machine: Maccabree was driving, and the hero of Paul Bettany - on the roof. Life does not have to risk the actors and stuntmen were given to them.

Johnny Depp and Ewan McGregor on the set of Makkabreya

Johnny Depp and Ewan McGregor on the set of Makkabreya

50 shades of gray can come in censorship and adult versions

Many of us worry about the age rating of the film "50 shades of gray." In it, we recall, should be the mass of hot sex scenes, but then what about the children who will penetrate to the sessions? Producers picture protect yourself contemplating the two versions of the film: a censorship R-rated and full of explicit scenes with a rating of NC-17.

"Of course, the film should not be lower than rated R, - says producer Dana Brunetti. - However, this is only my opinion, you never know how to decide in the end. But personally, I always thought would be cool if we release version of R, and then - NC-17 version a few weeks later. Everyone who wants to enjoy the relaxed option, and then if they want to see the movie again, you will be able to see more candid version. It would be great since and fees can be increased in this way ".

Now the decision is not accepted, the studio is waiting for the fans reaction to such a proposal. It is understandable that you want and satisfy the desire of the public, and to make a movie as close to the book, and did not get a ban on the age category of the audience. Time will tell on which the decision to stop the studio.

Beyonce and Jay-Z are considering a second child

There are no perfect families, and that's Beyonce with Jay-Z are going through the same difficulties as ordinary people. But despite all of the problems they face, their pair is considered one of the strongest in the world of show business. In addition, according to recent reports in the Western press, the singer and rapper are planning to have another baby.

According to the informant, relationship problems Beyonce and Jay-Z did have a place to be, but now the couple solved all the problems and move on:

She was in a quarrel with him, but it's just stress from her tour it is because of him their relationship a little "derailed." But there is nothing to worry, these problems will not affect their relationship.

The source also added that the daughter of Beyonce and Jay-Z - Blue Ivy baby - the most valuable thing in the life of stars, they go through all the tests in primarily for the sake of it, it combines them better than anyone. That's why musicians want to have another child:

Beyonce really wants to increase her family.

Recall that in the spring of this year, rumors of pregnancy the singer was rife. Beyonce was worth only report that she does not mind to have another baby, like all immediately began to find a reason to call her pregnant.

So is a similar story again and this time, or will soon star family still bring happiness to his fans good news?!

Dita Von Teese goes to Kiev

American star to showcase their talents to a private party.

Famous burlesque star of the U.S. Dita Von Teese in November will come to Kiev. This information is published on the official website of the artist.

Reportedly Dita arrive in the Ukrainian capital on November 15 and will be performing at a private party. For these reasons, the place and time of performance are not reported.

Who invited Dita in Kiev and on what action it will act - the press is still unknown.

Miley Cyrus threw a sadomasochistic party in honor of his 21st birthday

A young American singer Miley Cyrus is once again going to shock the public. She is preparing for his birthday and is planning to throw a big party in the style of BDSM.

Five minutes to 21-year-old singer is preparing to perform at the American Music Awards on the very day of his birth, and then go to your party, which invited her famous friends.

Sources say that she is planning another "holiday disobedience" .

She gave the job directors party to create a kind of sex dungeon with cells and whips. Also at the festival will be dancers and dancers. The surroundings complement the lamp in the form of manhood.

As it became known, Miley invited to the birthday party of ex-boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. Sources close to the singer told Hollywodlife:

Liam Miley invited to his party. They discussed her 21st birthday in the days when we were together. So Miley hopes that he will come.

See if the ex-boyfriend Cyrus at this festival of debauchery

Britney Spears is looking for a new understudy for video

Pop princess Britney Spears has never been shy to show her body. However, the other day she announced casting for the role of his double to shoot the new video, the website Hollywoodlife.

Required understudy Britney Spears. Please respond only to those who meets all the criteria, or as close to them.

So what are the criteria put forward a 31-year-old pop diva? Required parameters: height - 164.5 cm, weight - 58.9 kg, clothing size S, and the shoes - 38. Girls must have a 81-69-89 figure, to be fair-skinned and aged 21 to 33 years old.

As it turned out, Britney used a stunt double in the video Till The World Ends, which was released in April 2011. And in February of the same year, the singer denied that she used a double in the video Hold It Against Me.

How to become an object of desire: Tips from Anna Sedokova

Sedokova decided to help his admirers in the eternal battle for a beautiful figure. The singer posted a photo of yourself in the gym and said that an hour of hard work three times a week "will turn your body into an object of desire".

"Think it's only an hour, and you have as much as 23 others on nothing" - said the singer. "So no excuses to me))) We got up and walked out! In zalchik, my girls "- this is a call Anna.

"I've been doing three times a week for 2-3 hours)) for 3 months) and the results are already evident," - said one of the Sedokova readers. "I agree! Have been doing for a month, a day for an hour, the upper press already traced)), "- another happy fan. "The main thing - the first time to force yourself not to miss, and then it's tempting to work on yourself) Girls, go for beautiful and healthy body)," - she added.

And one reader said that he prefers Sambo and pool))

After some time, Anna has once again shown to the public, in what great shape it is. Sedokova released with her dancers and wrote: "My strong half team. I have nowhere without them)) Yes, we are crazy, but they are always safe and nothing to fear. "

"Figure! Eye-catching "- said Sedokova commentators.

However, not all readers were kind enough this time. "Where's the third looks" - some speak maliciously. "The boys have nothing to surprise" - believed others.

Angelina Jolie: If my mother was alive, she would be proud of me

Last Saturday in Hollywood took fifth annual awards ceremony Governors Awards, where Angelina Jolie has received from the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Jean Hersholt special award for individual contribution to humanitarian work - so-called "humanitarian Oscar."

Note that this award in the history of the "Oscar" was given to a total of 35 times, Jolie was honored to become the 36th winner of the coveted statuettes.

Director and actress knew that in the evening on November 16 it will have to go on stage, because of the It was announced two months earlier.

From the stage, Jolie turned to his family:

My family, my love, your love and support can make everything possible. I have no greater honor than to be your mother (Angelina Jolie came to the ceremony with Brad Pitt and son Maddox - Ed.).

She also remembered her late mother, Marcheline Bertrand, who has always inspired her to charity:

My mother loved art. She wanted me and my brother were artists. She believed that life does not mean anything if you do not do anything useful for others.

Star also reminded the audience that evening guests that she was lucky to have food, shelter, love, family and the opportunity to star in a movie, and But many other talented people are refugees and in need of help:

All of us who are in the hall, very lucky. I do not understand why my life has everything you need, while the talented women in the world who could do no less great films to be stuck in a refugee camp. I will do my best to help them. If my mother was alive, she would be proud of me.

In addition, Jolie thanked the Bosnian actors who have played in her film "In the Land of Blood and Honey" (In the Land of Blood and Honey).