Nov 16, 2013

Tina Kandelaki made a big deal

Tina Kandelaki est une journaliste et présentatrice de télévision russe. Le 26 novembre 2006, elle fut impliquée dans un accident de voiture à Nice alors qu'elle était passagère de la Ferrari Enzo conduite par l'homme d'affaires Suleyman Kerimov. Wikipédia

Center for Strategic Communication "The Apostle" Tina Kandelaki announced the acquisition of 35% stake in British branding agency HuntHaggarty for $ 1.3 million is planned that by 2016, the proportion of "Apostle" will be increased to 49%.
Buying shares in a British agency will "apostle" to strengthen the direction of branding and design, as well as begin the formation of an international network.

HuntHuggarty develops customized strategies to promote brands with specific cultural and perception in different countries. Among the partners of the agency - the company Unilever, Motorola, Nokia, Adidas, Google, Revlon, Dell and Coca-Cola. "The Apostle" has already collaborated with HuntHuggarty. British agency implemented the project of re-branding, as well as one of its partners.

In turn, holding "The Apostle" brings together companies working in the areas of media such as PR, digital communications, analytics, branding and design, production graphics, audio and video content. Among the clients of the holding corporation "Rostekhnadzor», Yota, STS, "Aeroflot», Oriflame and others.

Kandelaki in his microblog spoke about buying so:

«Once upon a time, I said that went into business because she was looking for a new development strategy and would not depend neither on whose decisions. That's when my life appeared Basil brow and the company "apostle." For five years, my colleagues and I worked constantly, rarely slept more than 5 hours a day, but our business is growing rapidly - this applies to clients, staff, revenue, scale and complexity of the goals of our project ...

Founder and CEO HuntHaggarty Steve Haggarty - a true professional and amazingly talented man. For me, the acquisition of a 35% stake HuntHaggarty - a symbolic Rubicon. Thus we have expanded not only its geographical presence, but also their competence ... We have global ambitions, and is confident that in the near future you will hear no more about a major deal, "Apostle," as in Russia and abroad ... "

Model Jessica Hart: Taylor Swift did not fit into the show Victoria's Secret!

Maybe Kara Devlin, Erin Heatherton and Lily Aldridge and were glad to see the singer Taylor Swift at the annual show of Victoria's Secret, but the Australian model Jessica Hart has a different opinion. Turns out, she found out Swift is not in the format of the show.

27-year-old model expressed their views on the participation of the singer in the show after party during the Victoria's Secret. In an interview with WWD, she said:

Could Taylor ever become a model for our brand of underwear? Definitely not. You know, of course it's a great singer, but, in my opinion, it was not in the format of Victoria's Secret. Oh, maybe I should not have said?

Next Jessica Hart tried to motivate his opinion about Taylor:

All models Victoria's Secret has a huge experience. Most of us have been in business for 15 years. The main thing - it is the experience and the confidence that you're doing the right thing. This is the key factor in any employment.

By the way, 21-year-old Karlie Kloss has a different opinion:

Taylor We just have to be best friends! She's the coolest girl and my role model.

She echoed Lily Aldridge:

Taylor - one of my closest friends, and in the show we had a spectacular joint output. I love it.

Recall that at the recent annual Victoria's Secret fashion show Taylor sang a song I knew you were trouble, and danced with the models.

Well, Taylor at all, "Angels" is not please everyone.

And in your opinion, is worthy of Swift Victoria's Secret?

Taylor Swift on the show Victoria's Secret

Taylor Swift and Lily Aldridge
Candice Swanepoel and Taylor Swift 
Taylor Swift and Marina Linchuk
Taylor Swift at the afterparty
Jessica Hart at the afterparty
Jessica Hart on the show

Kate Winslet and Shayleen Woodley in the new trailer tape 'divergence'

Producers sci-fi thriller "divergence" released a new trailer. The film directed by Neil Burger performed Kate Winslet, Shayleen Woodley, Ashley Judd and other Hollywood stars.

Recall that the film is based - Veronica Roth novel, which is constantly compared with the author of "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins. Judging by the trailer, the target audience for "divergent" and "The Hunger Games" is identical.

The scene tape - Chicago in the future, the population of which is divided into five groups according to the type of personality: The dedicated, honest, brave, smart and peace-loving.

However, the heroine Woodley Tris learns that she does not belong to any of the factions - it is chosen. Obviously, this does not suit the society and power, so that it wants to destroy.

Kate Winslet got the role of the main villain of the film - that she mastermind eliminate those who do not fit into the system.

Premiere "divergence" in the United States is planned for March 2014.

Princess Charlene at a charity event in Monaco

The night before, Princess Charlene and Prince Albert attended a charity gala evening in Monaco. Note that the fund, which founded the princess herself in the past year, helping autistic.

35-year-old Charlene was wearing a sumptuous sapphire evening gown of velvet. By the way, this has always been considered a royal color and was one of the favorite colors of Princess Diana. As accessories princess chose blue and silver boat, sleek silver clutch and dazzling diamond earrings "shandelery".

Hair Charlene were stacked with soft waves and dark red lipstick stunningly contrasted with the color of dress.

In his royal attire, she is happy about the whole evening a smile.

Harry Styles: twerk exhilarated by Miley Cyrus, drag it by texting!

According to the Daily Star, Harry Styles regularly would exchange text messages rather intimate with Miley Cyrus for her performance at the MTV VMA last August!

These two have they found good? Since it is separated from Taylor Swift, Harry Styles did not find any official girlfriend. For its part, Miley Cyrus thoroughly enjoyed his separation from Liam Hemsworth. An officially occurred after the separation performance was the buzz at the MTV Video Music Awards last August. It was also at this time that Harry Styles has started to come into contact with the singer Wrecking Ball for flirting, according to the Daily Star.

"For the Harry intimate circle, is no secret that Miley has in mind, "he told a friend of the singer at the Daily Star. According to the same source, "It started when she made her twerk and moved her buttocks at the ceremony." Harry Styles present that evening had commented on the provision of Miley Cyrus in the media, the first time in evil, then good. For Halloween, he even dressed up as her!

"He decided to send text messages to make sure it did not take it badly. This is not the case, and since They continue to write messages, "the source said. These exchanges are transformed into flirting lately: "He asked if he could drive his car one day and reminded him that they were both single, a typical remark to Harry when he drag a girl! "

Beyonce and Jay-Z: This is really the end of their relationship?

In all English media rumor persists and if Beyonce and Jay-Z were really on the verge of separating?

They like to show welded: support for Barack Obama, demonstrations, basketball games, a dream vacation in the Mediterranean, gaga for their little Blue Ivy relatives ... But their careers and success would have it too in competition, to the point they can support themselves? This same argument Hollywood Life!

Since their marriage in 2008, though their relationship seemed worthy of fairy tales. In addition to living a true love story, they chained their separate ways, or duo, tubes and consecrations. Beyonce and Jay-Z? This is the couple of the most influential showbiz and richest on the planet! But now, collaborations (eight in all), they have done since 2008 and Pray and Lift Off. And after close to Beyoncé, beautiful find that Jay-Z has become too "selfish"!

"Lately, Beyonce feels like a single mother, she warned her husband their marriage is in danger, "a source told Star Magazine. The same person said that Beyoncé has not supported that Jay-Z program of concert dates as she has not finished her tour, Ms. Carter Tower, and therefore can not accompany him to support and take care of Blue Ivy! If this crisis torque falls within the ego of the two stars, it is likely that no one unscathed!

Do you think they are a couple welded?

Marion Cotillard: behind bars for a good cause!

Marion Cotillard attended a Greenpeace protest held in Paris on Friday to protest against the detention of 30 activists in Russia.

As we know, Russia does not mess with the order. Anti-gay laws, Pussy Riot and imprisoned for two months, thirty Greenpeace activists jailed. Them wrong? Wanting to climb an oil platform north of Russia to raise awareness of global warming. They are accused of piracy and hooligalisme. Crimes that can cost them up to 15 years in prison. Outraged by the disproportionate charges, personalities from politics and culture gathered in Paris on Friday, locked in a cage to protest. Marion Cotillard was among them.

"There are people who have the courage to defend our planet, it really starts to hurt. Faced with this courage, the penalties are absolutely absurd and crazy ... We should rather thank these people," said Marion Cotillard in the media from covering the protest number.
Taking his work very seriously, the actress has long posed with the sign "I am a supporter of climate" hands. For the occasion, exit the glamor of the red carpet and ultra luxurious advertisements, wife of Guillaume Canet has braved the cold a screw cap on the head. Like American actors like Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon, Marion Cotillard therefore wants to use her fame to make things happen. Is it enough?

Eugene Feofilaktova leaves the TV?

Eugene Feofilaktova, apparently tired from public life. The press wrote that ex-member of "House-2" has decided to leave the television. Forever or not is unknown.

Feofilaktova allegedly confessed that she was bored camera. According to Eugenia, now she most wants peace, tranquility and family comfort.

"I'm very happy that the family is a family, and not for show. What I finally felt like a man, not a monkey, "- said Feofilaktova.

She added that overlooks the street except for walks with her beloved son Daniel, or to the store. Eugene says that if she still wants to get back on TV, there is no labor she did not make.

Olga showed Buzova wedding photo

Olga Buzova shared with fans a photograph taken during her wedding with Dmitry Tarasov. "What I want most to get where only you and me, darling!" - Said the TV presenter.

She complained that she and Dimitri only one full vacation a year, so they are leaving for a vacation just the two. "Many couples do not understand us, but we really do not need anyone," - added Olga.

"There is still a lot of work, hops, different cities, shooting ... And then ... our paradise. In the photo with your loved almost a year ago, when we played a wedding in the Maldives, "- concluded Buzova.

Commentators, as usual, in awe. "Cool! I love the Maldives! And we had a wedding in the Dominican Republic, was also very cool! "- Confessed to one of the readers. "My dream: I, my husband, son - in the Maldives," - said another. "I want these bright relations" - said the third)

"We are also always loved traveling together, so it is what you mean," - told another fan of Olga.

In the TV series How I Met Your Mother will be a spin-off

It's time to say goodbye to the cult TV series "How I Met Your Mother ': after two weeks of negotiations TV network CBS has signed a contract with the 20 Century Fox Tv on filming spin-off titled" How I met your dad. " The story of the protagonist Ted Mosby and his friends continued to gather at the screens of viewers around the world. In addition, in the bank founders - Twenty-eight nominations for an Emmy and nine statuettes.

So, producers kind of comedy sitcom will continue not only to the original creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, but also the producer of the series "All Night Long" Emily Spivey.

Although the project "How I Met Your Mother" and the spin-off of "How I met your dad" will be a common theme, the authors promise a lot of new characters and, in general, a separate plot. The situation is presented only from the female point of view.

As a bridge between the old and the new heroes of the spin-off producers decided to choose a favorite pub Ted, Barney, Marshall and Lily MacLaren. While it is unknown whether there will be new characters, "How I met your dad" in the final series of the comedy sitcom.

Note that the world's authoritative publications have criticized the project as soon as the spin-off. For example, Time magazine published an article under the headline "Please do not do the spin-off of the TV series" How I Met Your Mother '! " However, it is the spin-offs continue to be the main solution to financial problems for broadcasters networks, which are highly dependent on the loud recognizable brand.

Recall that the last ninth season of "How I Met Your Mother" was launched in the U.S. 23 of September. His first series was released in 2005. The main role in the project played Josh Radnor, Neil Patrick Harris, Kobe Smolders, Jason Segel and Alyson Hannigan.

Victoria Beckham has presented the spring-summer collection in Munich

Victoria Beckham is visiting Germany and enjoys his own success: two days ago, she as a designer won the prestigious Bambi in Berlin, yesterday unveiled its spring-summer collection 2014 is already in Munich.

Owner of the boutique Suzanne Botshen gladly helped Victoria to make a presentation. In addition, Beckham has developed exclusively for the store six models of handbags, whose prices start at $ 750 apiece.

39-year-old Beckham delighted with his fashion triumph. So, she celebrated award Bambi fun party with two best friends - stylist Ken Peyvsom and make-up artist Sarah Lucero. And on the next morning they flew to Munich.

After the presentation, the collection of Victoria went to the gala dinner in a posh mansion that she has arranged for the German version of the magazine Vogue. Plus, the representatives of the glossy magazine sent Beckham 8000 rose from Amsterdam.

Note that Beckham is very active in Twitter, so that photo reports highlights of her life we ​​can track every day.