Nov 15, 2013

Lady Gaga in New York: three images per day

In New York, Lady Gaga is clearly not waste time. So, for one day she could take part in the TV show rehearsal, open fashion shop and undress right on the street. By the way, there is now a rather cool.

Wednesday night Gaga opened fashion store H & M, cutting the symbolic red ribbon on Times Square. And on Thursday morning fresh and sprightly she left her hotel in elegant red overalls with a gorgeous red bow at the waist and flared leg. Massive necklace with shells, which is complemented image. And of course, a blond wig. Where did Gaga without artificial hair?

By the standards of Lady Gaga this image could be called boring, but in our - very exquisite. Gray unusual boats on a small heel and a little fit in ordinary everyday life of the singer.

Nevertheless, evening Gaga returned to the old path: underwear, socks and hair in the style of Miley Cyrus. Where the singer directed, journalists have not learned.

Note that this Saturday Lady Gaga to become the leading television show Saturday Night Live on channel NBC. It's literally a dream of her childhood, as she said in Twitter. By the way, Miley Cyrus participated in the legendary show a month ago. So Gaga has to actively rehearse - it is necessary to plug the belt Cyrus.

Katy Perry's new music video teaser Unconditionally

The network has a new teaser video for the song Katy Perry Unconditionally. The song is the second official single from the album Prism. Preceding bright clip Roar liked the fans of the singer. Some time passed, and Katie is his new creation.

Always bright and optimistic, Katy Perry showed the many facets of his talent. The new clip is designed in the style of the 19th century, and the action takes place in a luxurious castle. For a 40-second spot Katie changed several outfits: The singer appeared in a long dress, decorated with golden ornaments and baroque in green velvet. In one scene, a singer in a wedding dress stands surrounded by men.

Already, we can assume that the clip will turn dark. And the song itself does not add optimism, and the words suggest, unrequited love:

I will love you no matter chto.Na throughout the clip appears in the frame owl. As you know, this feathered creature has long been considered a symbol of wisdom.

View the full version of the video will be later on November 19. While we can appreciate the teaser and see the dark-haired beauty outfits:

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart on vacation in Rome

Jennifer Lopez nearly two years met with boyfriend Casper Smart, who at 18 years younger than the singer, but recently there were rumors that the American pop diva plans to part with his young lover.

Despite recent media information, yesterday paparazzi caught a couple in Rome: November 13 evening, they went shopping at expensive Italian boutiques, and the next day arranged themselves sightseeing holiday in the Vatican. Jen and Casper cute cooing and holding each other's hands.

So maybe the news that they parted just a rumor, and fans of the famous couple not to worry about?

Robert Pattinson bought a cello auction GO GO Gala

Robert Pattinson suddenly resurfaced at a charity auction GO GO Gala in Los Angeles. The actor revealed to the world a new image: auburn curls and beard - all hope for art's sake, and not for the love of fashion and perfumes Dior.

The purpose of the auction, and - help orphans and children in distress. Robert is not the first time taking part in it: so a few years ago, he became one of the lots - some lucky bought for 85 thousand dollars a visit to the set "Twilight" saga of Rob. At this time, the actor was among the guests, but actively participated in the auction as a buyer. In a bitter struggle he bought a cello made of waste materials, for 5600 dollars. Here's a generous guy!

Roman adventure Jennifer Lawrence and her...

Roman adventure Jennifer

"The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" were presented to the public as part of the Rome Film Festival. Aroused great excitement premiere, fans took their places near the red carpet with the night.

The event seems to have been the most fun of the whole series of press tour film. So, Jennifer Lawrence pleased people on Photocall. The actress wore a dress Proenza Schouler (and shoes Saint Laurent, if you're wondering), and in some angles neckline dress opens eyes lourensovu chest. Gossips already hard obmusolili this piquant moment, we do pay attention to the original Kaffa from Graziela Gems, which is very well suited for makeup Jen.

Roman adventure Jennifer

On the red carpet burned everything. Josh Hutcherson launched into an outdoor dance and prayer, Liam Hemsworth showing victory sign, and Jennifer came in a yellow dress and gold Christian Dior sandals Manolo, alluding to his fiery Katniss. Her earrings were ordinary, but decoration on hand from Ana Khouri is peculiar. Actress honestly sign it on the red carpet and even in places not intended for autographs, where her fans have caught.