Nov 14, 2013

Penelope Cruz and sister Monica present their new collection for Loewe

Penelope Cruz sister and Monica Cruz since they started to work with the brand Loewe, do not cease to delight fans of the fruits of their laborious work.

We already wrote that celebrities were a few bags that were created in the framework of the collaboration. Recently, their "collection" replenished with new model, named Cruz - in honor, in fact, the authors themselves.

This model is a kind of re-release of the famous handbags Loewe Amazona, and now it is available in three different sizes. In the advertising campaign, which took photographer Nico heroines are accessories in person

50 shades of gray: six new posters

We continue to expect the premiere of the movie "50 shades of gray".

Pity that until February 13, 2015 is still very far away, so it remains to enjoy the posters on which the main actors Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson try on the images of vicious billionaire Christian Grey and Anastacia schoolgirl yesterday.

We have already seen the cover of Entertainment Weekly and the first posters. Now it is the turn of a new portion of cinematic ecstasy - Six new posters.

More passion, more drive! Or ... more frustration?

Group Ilya Lagutenko 'Mummy Troll' will cease to exist?

All good things come to an end. That's musicians popular Russian rock band from Vladivostok "Mummy Troll", which began life back in 1983, decided to end their creative relationship.

On the band appeared in a Facebook announcement in which frontman "Mummy Troll" Ilya Lagutenko said that the current tour would be the last in the history of the musical group. Was made very clear message:

Concerts in December we end the 16-year history of the tour, "Mummy Troll".

When you turn 16, you finish school, it's time to get a passport and thinking about entering the University.

I am sure that my voyage on the musical oceans is not yet finished. But, apparently, the other ship! Yes, and it's time to go back to its home port!

Recall that the final and, as it turned out, the last performances of "Mummy Troll" will be held in Moscow on December 6 and December 13 in St. Petersburg. These concerts will be held in the framework of the promotional tour in support of their latest album, rock band "SOS Sailor".

Justin Bieber wiped the floor the flag of Argentina

Looks like Justin Bieber is angry that recently his name is rarely mentioned in the press behalf of Miley Cyrus, so the Canadian singer has decided to attract some attention to get his share of glory. But which way to achieve goals artist, apparently, all the same. So, Bieber wiped the floor of the stage the national flag of Argentina during their concert in the Latin American country.

The video, which was posted online after the show, it is clear that Bieber's fans throw at the feet of the singer, one after the other two flags of their country. Usually artists raise the flag and waved it as a sign of respect, but Justin did not think to do it. Instead, idol of teenage girls threw their foot away, and then completely used to the microphone stand as a mop to throw flags on the stage.

It is clear that the public was furious because of this behavior Artist: what happened outraged and offended Argentine society, as well as many Bieber fans around the world.

But the singer did not see in his actions no negativity. According to the agent Scooter Braun performer, artist intends in the future to re-visit Argentina.

By the way, according to the laws of Argentina for the desecration of the national flag of the guilty could face up to four years in prison. In the meantime, a criminal complaint against Bieber is not reported.

Jean Dujardin divorcing his wife

In France, broke the "golden couple": after four years of marriage, "the Oscar-winning" Jean Dujardin divorcing his wife Aleksnadr Lamy. Rumors that the couple break up, went a long time, but only now Dujardin has officially confirmed that they are right.

In this case, the actor said that the sordid details, the press speculated that - a lie. "For eight months, the tabloids tried to make me depressed alcoholic and womanizer. But everything is easier - we are a couple that just bred, like many others ".

Jean and Alexander met on the set of the series" A guy and a girl, "and married in 2009. Together with his wife Dujardin once again starred in the movie "Players" in 2012, which he himself had produced. The couple may continue to live in their mode of himself, but Jean is famous throughout the world after the film "The Artist" and was not only the "Oscar", but also a number of international offers. He recently starred in Martin Scorsese in "The Wolf of Wall Street" and George Clooney in "Treasure Hunters." So it is easy to imagine the reasons for divorce: fame, work, and mass temptations around.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green went to lunch

Actress Megan Fox and her husband Brian Austin Green went to lunch in Los Angeles.

It would seem that exercise routine, but the paparazzi were right there and began to literally "attack" Megan pregnant. The girl did not lose her and covered her belly bag - the good accessory was impressive size.

27-year-old star of "Transformers" was dressed in black leggings, a gray blouse and a free gym shoes on a platform sole. Red lipstick - beautiful accent.

The couple married in 2010, and the first-born Noah was born in September last year. Secretive parents hid her son from the media for three weeks. Megan and Brian announced the re-addition to the family back in early August.

Despite the fact that the child in the family - it is always a joy, a little doubt Austin Green:

We are not sure how to get along between Noah and a newborn baby. But we are in anticipation! Here's a baby - and then we shall understand.

Well, we wish Megan and Brian success - raising children is not easy.

Volochkova and Zverev: 'We are a couple!'

Anastasia was announced yesterday to part with Bakhtiyar Salimov with all her characteristic grandiloquence and love for MAT pauses that are in the printed text replaces the dots:

"With Bakhtiar ... we met exactly 9 months ago .. 14.02 Valentine's Day .. In the Far East 14 th has arrived .. During this time we were born larger than life-storm of passions, feelings and emotions, many unknown .. BUT ..... Anastasia wrote in Instagrame in one post and went in the other: Our "phone" romance came to an inevitable end. Time zones and distances kill any relationship .. I decided to finish them right now (not counting possible to continue on), and to this day .. To remain in the memory of the most light. But it was an exciting adventure of my life .. and ended it with dignity ... "

So, this is understandable, but then what? Nicholas - again twenty-five - Basque? No, Volochkova, according to domestic media reports, assured that they Coley very different kind of relationship.

As for the romance, the ballerina think up to save the world with twins beauty and because consorted with Sergey Zverev.

Kate Moss at a meeting in London

Kate Moss in the modeling industry for 25 years, but only now she posed for the January issue of the legendary magazine Playboy, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary. By the way, readers will appreciate the publication first shot Moss in print as early as Friday - photo will appear in the December issue.

Silk bunny ears and a healthy tan, toned body and perfect skin. But in January, Moss turns 40 years old. Can you believe it?

Yesterday Kate Moss went to a meeting in London - without the make-up and processing of Photoshop. Black skinny jeans, suede boots and multi-colored fur coat - brand casual design from Moss.

Yes or no, gossips?

Joaquin Phoenix's girlfriend half his age

Joaquin Phoenix at the Rome Film Festival pripozhaloval not one, but in a society of a new girlfriend, and she - tadam! - His junior by more than half! For the actor recently turned 39, and his lover - DJ Ellie Taylz - only 19 years old.

However, with all that it in show business is not new: in school years she has been preparing various shows in Las Vegas and Palm Springs "on Thursdays after school, I went to the airport, flew to Vegas and worked on the show from 6 am Friday to 2 am Sunday, and then - back to school," - she said in a recent interview.

it, as you see, and still a teenager, and age-appropriate looks. Previously, she said, she had to allow myself a year to give itself solidity: "I had a double life, I lied about my age - continues to Ellie. - But I really got involved in the music world, to make contact ".

As for Joaquin, you know they are very long ago - back in 2008, she appeared in the movie" Little Lovers So Polite ", that Phoenix was shooting for Silversun Pickups. When they became a couple, the press is not known.

Anyway, getting back to Rome! -) As you know, the Phoenix represented there now, "she." In his spare time he is the festival of affairs for a couple of Ellie and society director James Gray and his family went to see the sights of the Eternal City. Doing this for all of them and caught the paparazzi.

Show Victoria's Secret-2013: 10 best of outputs

Victoria's Secret show was left behind, TV broadcast will be held until December 10, and we can appreciate all the outputs of models. Royal Fantasy Bra for $ 10 million hit the guests of the show, as expected. But outputs Candice Swanepoel, Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio and many others are not comparable with any miracle bra. Female beauty is priceless!

24-year-old South African model Candice Swanepoel was honored to wear the same "royal" bra - Royal Fantasy Bra, which definitely deserves its name: 4200 gems with a huge ruby ​​in 52 carat Central. Candice had to "work" on the catwalk of underwear brand as much as 7 years before to win a luxurious outfit.

Behati Prinsloo with huge and, of course, a very heavy white wings complement the image of the "snow angel" high sandals adorned with "winter "patterns. Groom model Adam Levine sat on the front row, applauding loudly and she had sent kisses.

Brazil's Adriana Lima in the form of "bird of paradise" tried on gorgeous red boa feathers and fluffy in tone. Previously, the model admitted that the preparation for the show included boxing and jumping rope.

28-year-old Dutch girl Doutzen Kroes shone in black and a very "sharp little" set, which converge on the neck in the form of a 'collar'. Doutzen admits that before the show begins to actively engage in fitness and a healthy diet - its a way of life.

Briton Lily Donaldson can compete, "snow" wings with Behati Prinsloo. I wonder who they were still heavier? In any case, the output of Lily Donaldson immediately got into our top list.

Kara Devlin has demonstrated tremendous black lingerie and contrasting yellow accessories and rear wings have completed the image of sexy fairies. Specifically, the fatal combination of black and bright yellow - in this fashion list.

Alessandra Ambrosio showed the guests the show spectacular turquoise set. But most of all we were surprised carved black wings in the Gothic style. It's literally an architectural object! Elaborately carved impressive. The most interesting thing is that in fact the wings, of course, made of feathers, but the effect the visual deception. Bravo designers.

Karlie Kloss shows the image in the style of pop art: on the wings - the human faces and hearts in bright girly colors, and on his feet - "rubber" boots.

Erin Heatherton is not Pretty blonde, as it would be naive to not ogle. In fact, the model - the femme fatale in black and very sensual lace lingerie that blends perfectly with the turquoise shuttles.

27-year-old Lily Aldridge knows all about the fall trend: rocker cage all possible colors plus black leather jacket, bolero with rivets and Indian wings. After the show, she admitted that she dreams about pizza night and necessarily themselves by feasting.

Candice Swanepoel
Behati Prinsloo
Adriana Lima
Doutzen Kroes
Lily Donaldson
Kara Devlin
Alessandra Ambrosio
Karlie Kloss
Erin Heatherton
Lily Aldridge

Jennifer Hudson has received a star on the Walk of Fame

Yesterday on the Hollywood Walk of Fame star has become a noun more to celebrities whose names are immortalized in the street which had long been one of the attractions of the city, joined by Jennifer Hudson.

At a ceremony actress arrived with his family members which were no less pleased happening very Jennifer.

Especially for this event Hudson chose a short dress snow white. And why not, because in the last few years, the star lost 40 pounds. It should also be noted that a short haircut that actress made not too long ago came to an excellent overall image of the diva.