Nov 12, 2013

Konchalovsky daughter remains in a coma

The health status of the daughter Konchalovsky today, 12 November, is a serious but stable. For 29 days, the girl is in a coma

According to media reports doctors make predictions about the first girl's health. According to them, if Masha regains consciousness, she is likely to be needed serious rehabilitation period, but still a full recovery is possible for her.

- Coma - one of the most unpredictable things. You can come out of it and everything will be fine, you can not go out at all, but you can get out, but with very serious consequences. It's hard to try and make predictions, since I do not know all the details of what happened. But I can say from my experience in Africa, where I have seen such cases, he thought that the child is no longer possible to save, and all ended well. Unfortunately, sometimes vice versa. This is the unpredictability of the coma. If you ask me about is whether all end well for Mary, I'll tell you - yes! I hope that this will happen - told Metro chief physician of the City Clinical Hospital № 71 Alexander Myasnikov.

Recall, the daughter of Andrei Konchalovsky and Julia Vysotsky Maria got in an accident on October 12 of this year. She was not fastened and suffered most.

At the moment for the life and health of 14-year-old Mary Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky best doctors are struggling hospital.

Andrei Konchalovsky with his wife Julia and children Maria and Peter

Angelina Jolie at the first official poster for 'Maleficent'

That, ladies, here and waited: the network has the first poster "Maleficent" with Angelina Jolie in the title role, and tomorrow will premiere trailer.

That, ladies, here and waited: the network has the first poster "Maleficent" with Angelina Jolie in the title role, and tomorrow will premiere trailer.

Recall that in the new film adaptation of a magical story of "Sleeping Beauty" will be presented from the face of the dark forces - terrifying witch who tried to deal with the princess (Ellie Fanning). It is this image - the image of the witch Maleficent - and embody the screen beauty Angie.

By the way, the picture will also play the daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt - baby Vivien. She got the role of Princess Awori in early childhood.

the new :VIA Gra 'Armistice'

November 12, the premiere of the first clip of the new composition of the group "VIA Gra", which is the producer Konstantin Meladze. Eric Herceg, Michael and Anastasia Romanova Kozhevnikov presented to the audience a video for the song "Truce».

It is worth noting that the movie, directed by Alan Badoev, in the spirit of "VIA Gra" - sexy outfits, big plans fire-dancing, provocative poses ... In the video, the girl beautiful female warriors, requiring the representatives of the stronger sex truce: "I want a truce. Who without you in this world am I? "

Recall the new "VIA gras" was the trio of Hope Granovsky (Meyher). Eric Herceg, Michael and Anastasia Romanova Kozhevnikov thanks to the voices of the TV project spectators were new faces one of the most popular female pop groups in Russia and Ukraine.

A few months producer Konstantin Meladze with colleagues in front of the whole country is going to the new composition of "VIA Gra". Had selected from 15,000 contestants from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

"I am very pleased with the choice of the public, while all six finalists are equally close to me and the road, and each of them is worthy of place in the group - shared his impressions after the project Konstantin Meladze. - Mike, Eric and Nastya - very promising, versatile and creative people. I think they will be able to continue and enhance the success of our team, to soak up the best traditions, passed to them by former participants, and make new colors to the modern stage. "

Ekaterina Vilkova and Igor Lyubimov wait a second child

In the family of Russian actors Ekaterina Vilkova( Екатерина Вилкова ) and Ilya Darling joyful event: according to press reports, the couple will be the second time parents. News with "whisperer" shared blogger Meltem.

Earlier spouses have reported that they plan to expand the family, but no one could not have imagined that the news about the interesting position Vilkova appear so soon. Presumably the baby should be born in the spring of next year.

Currently, Ekaterina Vilkova is in the early stages of pregnancy and feels great, but the actress still gave up some projects because of its location: Vilkovo will not take part in the filming of TV series "The Battalion of Death", for which she did in the early fall rid of the long hair.

Recall that Ekaterina and Elijah have brought up a daughter of Paul, who will soon be two years.

Bianca Balti in the November gloss

Italian model Bianca Balti continues to collaborate with one of the major Italian fashion houses Dolce & Gabbana. Being the muse of the Italian fashion duo, the model has long been the face of women's fragrance Light Blue.

Working with photographer John Russo, Bianca Balti was featured in a photo shoot for the Mexican Esquire. Dressed in autumn-winter collection of Dolce & Gabbana, she will appear on the cover of the November issue of the magazine.

During shooting, which took place at the Four Seasons in Milan, the Baltic States take candid poses and enjoyed a wonderful and Milan in the afternoon. At the same time, the director Aron Alzen filmed mini-movie that, like himself photoset was very sensual.

Adele refused the contract of 12 million with L'Oreal

Since 2009, the face of L'Oreal Paris is a singer Cheryl Cole. This year, the brand has decided to change its representative and conducted lengthy negotiations with the British singer Adele. The actress was asked to become the face of the company for 12 million pounds. According to the company, Adele was ready to agree, but at the last minute for some reason changed her mind.

As a result, the singer refused to world famous brand. What was the reason, a mystery to everyone. As it turned out, L'Oreal is not the first cosmetic brand, which did not want to be bound by the business relationship Oscar-winning singer. Whether Adele is afraid that it will come from a good model, if at all, and thinks that the game is not worth the trouble, or maybe just does not want to associate themselves with these companies. The fact remains that!

While the new face of the company is not found, Cheryl Cole continues to hope for continued cooperation. Also, the new envoy of L'Oreal Paris recently became Lara Stone.

Adele refused to become the face of L'Oreal
Perhaps, the singer decided that the game (read: contract of 12 million) is not worth the candle? 
... The question - why?
Soon Adele on posters we see

Rachel Zoe: 'I was eight months pregnant'

Wow! It turns out that 42-year-old Rachel Zoe, who in early September, confirmed that the expecting her second child, is the ninth month of pregnancy. No one would have thought that a designer can give birth at any moment, she always chose for their outputs outfits free cut, allowing the star to hide her figure.

About that, what's Zoe term plans for the future and how she manages to cope with all Rachel said at the annual block party Baby2Baby Gala, which took place over the weekend:

This is wonderful. It's great. I mean, it is likely that output will be my last outing at a social event in the near future, because I'm on the ninth month. I'm going to lie down to sleep!

Rachel and her husband Roger Berman has brought up her son Skyler, who, according to the mother star, very excited about the upcoming new addition to the family: he is not happy with the fact that he will have to share my mom yet with someone and was starting to get used to the idea.

I think he's ready for it. He finally realized that the baby growing inside me. This process took a while, he could not understand and get used to the idea, but now everything is different.

About their figure is not particularly worried Zoe, now it's time for the main thing - it's a baby. Rachel said he was not going to do anything special to get rid of extra pounds after giving birth (though we doubt that in her case kilograms in general can be "superfluous"):

Any woman who has given birth will tell you that exercise do not have to, just to be a mom. Being a mom - it's the best exercise!

What will the Zoe's next? In the near future it will devote themselves to family and only then will his new career. Well, let's wish good luck Rachel!

Emma Thompson: "I have forgiven Helena Bonham Carter affair with my husband

Emma Thompson commented on the first story of the novel, her husband Kenneth Brann with Helena Bonham Carter, but family drama played out in the mid 90s.

Kenneth and Emma were married in 1989, two years after they met. They were so popular that they were called the golden couple of British cinema. But this idyll lasted not too long - or rather, to the time when Branagh began acting in the 1994 film "Frankenstein," which he also directed.

Partner's Kenneth the surveys began Bonham Carter. The romance between them started while working on the film, but continued also after the tape's release, which is why the actor married to Emma Thompson broke up. As far as the press, his relationship with Helena lasted until 1999 (two years later, the actress has a new boyfriend - Tim Burton).

Thompson earlier in the interview concerned the topic of divorce sometimes, admitting that the separation from her husband turned to her depression. The actress once said that the role of the betrayed wife in the movie "Love Actually" was given to it easily, such as the story took place in her own life:

I know how it is - to close the bedroom and cry, and then go out and force yourself to smile, collecting fragments of his heart and hiding them under lock and key.

Now the 54-year-old Emma for the first time speaks about relations with former rival Bonham Carter. As it turned out, "hatchet" long-buried:

not long hold on someone evil, it's pointless. I have for this would not be enough energy. Helena and I made it up for many, many years ago.

Thompson even admits that she and Bonham Carter, with whom she has repeatedly turned out to be cast, have something in common:

We are like a little crazy, and we have both a complicated relationship with fashion. Maybe that's why Kenneth loved us both. Helena is a wonderful woman.

Now Emma is married to actor and producer Greg Wise, whom she met in 1995 on the set of tapes "Sense and Sensibility." They raise 13-year-old daughter and 26-year-old adopted son.

Recall that Helena Bonham Carter, perhaps now and she was in a situation in which there was once Thompson. Although representatives of the actress deny the information about the proposed changes by Tim Burton, it's hard to argue with the fact that the images of the director, kissing an unknown blonde, is unlikely to be a photomontage.

Will Smith celebrated the birthday of the eldest son

"What is a Divorce? Do not you see, we're happy! "- Could say Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith in response to rumors of a breakup of their marriage. But to say they did not say anything (for them, as usual, the press explained the situation anonymous insiders), they have done better - they showed!

This Sunday, the Smith family gathered in Las Vegas to celebrate the 21st day Trey's birthday - the eldest son of Will. Will, Jada, Jaden, Willow and began to celebrate the birthday at the restaurant Hakkasan in society 55 guests, and then the party moved to the club Palazzo Lavo, where Trey entertained all evening honest company of DJ Mixer.

According to those who watched the holiday, Will and Jada did not depart from each other and even honored to dance. Closer to the night Jada with younger children went away, kissing her husband goodbye, and Will a little hang out with Trey and about in the morning was gone, too, leaving the guy has to come off without parental supervision.

Jennifer Lawrence: completely unleashed alongside Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson!

premiere of "The Hunger Games The Blaze", Jennifer Lawrence is shown with a smile - and maybe more - along with his two partners on the screen, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth .

London was abuzz last night, and for good reason! Monday, November 11, the team was complete Hunger Games held in the streets of the British capital on the occasion of the big premiere, held in the district of Leceister Square! To honor the dignity festivities, many actors cast were present to walk the red carpet, including Sam Claflin (Finnick Odair), Jena Malone (Johanna Mason), Elizabeth Banks (Effie Trinket) or Stanley Tucci (Caesar Flikerman ). But those who have probably received the most attention were of course the three stars of famous actors blockbuster ...

Radiant Boy with his new haircut, Jennifer Lawrence is shown in great shape to dazzle cameras! Dressed in a sublime dress the Dior - brand she is the face for a few months, the actress of 23 years took the pose solo before joining the arms of his two partners on the screen, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson. Still close to the two actors, the pretty blonde quickly lost its seriousness to play with them troublemakers. Unbridled and uninhibited, Jennifer has exploded so long with them for a little session of three portraits crazy

More flourished ever since her breakup with Miley Cyrus - also crossing to Europe to smoke seals, Liam Hemsworth appeared once more very elegant in his black suit. There are a few more days, the 23-year-old actor was spotted at the Hollywood premiere of the film Thor 2 to support his older brother Chris. Today, the future looks bright: Australian featured a promotional tour around the world, it is indeed him! To each his success and his saga ... Very

expected to Paris in a few days - the premiere is set to November 15, Jennifer Lawrence and his cronies may surprise us again on the carpet red ... We can not wait to discover new photos!

George Clooney on the pages of the magazine Esquire

The hero of the latest issue of Esquire magazine has become a Hollywood actor George Clooney, who not only took part in a stylish photo shoot, but also gave a candid interview to the publication.

Idol of millions spoke about his relation to social networks, fame, friendship and enmity with colleagues by cinematic shop and more.

On social networks:

I do not understand why if you're famous, you have to register with Twitter. After all, first of all, by doing this, you become more accessible, is not it? Imagine how your life could change just one night - you were drunk, come home, watch TV, someone infuriates you, and you're on my page a negative message ... go to bed, wake up in the morning, and your career is over, or you just hate and criticize. And it could be anything else - you could just speak in the night and these words have not gone all over the world.

About fame:

I had an aunt Rosie (Rosemary Clooney - pop singer and actress 40-50-ies of the last century - approx. edition of "Gossip"), which was very well known. So I learned a lesson, "the glory" at an early age. Then I realized that I should have known not to change. In addition, I understand how to make good use of it.

About his friend Brad Pitt:

long time, Brad was the biggest movie star in the world. It is much cooler than me and DiCaprio. I really admire him, how he copes with his fame. For him, it's not easy, but he's trying. He remains true to himself. And he is not available, and therefore continues to be one of the biggest movie stars. I think he is incredibly talented and smart, but the main thing - is that it is not available.

About feud with Russell Crowe:

The truth is that the Crow sent me a book of poetry, so as to apologize to me for having insulted me for the whole world. He wanted war. He started it just like that, without any reason: Crowe said that George Clooney, Harrison Ford and Robert De Niro-beens. I am very happy that he remembered us, I even thought about to create a group called "Celebrity out of business." Who does he think he is?

Clooney Talking about the relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio, the star wide screens said that at first the actors became friends - they often played basketball together, but one day, George had a nasty incident with his friends Leo, who also took participate in one of the games.

Clooney still can not forget what happened, he believes that DiCaprio indiscriminate in choosing friends:

You know, I can play. I'm not a great player, but in high school I played basketball, so I know very well the possibilities. I also know that you should not open your mouth if you yourself can not show the class. Leo problem is that he is surrounded by guys who talk about what is not. The difference between the way they played, and what they said made me think that it is essential to have in the life of a man who openly tell you the truth. In such a Leo man, apparently not.