Nov 6, 2013

Lady Gaga will be soon live in space!

Lady Gaga the first artist to perform live in space!

Lady Gaga will beat all records. After becoming the most powerful and influential celebrity in the world, Mother Monster is set to compete Felix Baumgartner. And because it will be soon live in space!

Lady Gaga is ready to score history. There are some days, the interpreter of "Applause" is separated from her manager Troy Carter. However, it remains a full-fledged artist with a head full of ideas. And nothing seems to be impossible for one who loves everything XXXXXXXL ... even to conquer outer space!

Lady Gaga is the real star of Zero G Colony Festival 2015. It is obvious that the singers like to get on stage with great fanfare ... but that was before Gaga!

Out special effects and other optical effects of 2.0, Lady Gaga is already in the future and it will show as she tweeted earlier: "GagainSpace 2015." As enigmatic as it might seem, the message was clear, however: it will invest space! A particular source told PEOPLE our colleagues in the event held at Spaceport America in New Mexico rely on Lady Gaga to finish off three days of celebration: "The third day of the event, Lady Gaga will off the spaceport aboard a starship (...) Arriving in space, it will become the first artist to perform outside of the atmosphere, weightless "has added the source.

In any case, while it gives almost want to make a back to the future to see if the show will keep his promises!

Kara Devlin will play Amanda Knox's sister in the movie 'Angel Face'

Kara Devlin is determined to consolidate its status as not only a successful model, but also a talented actress.

We have already mentioned that the Briton will play in Michael Winterbottom's "Face of an angel", but now it became known that the role of she inherited. Thus, the Western media claim that fashion model will play the role of Diana Knox - the main character's sister Amanda.

Recall that the script for the film based on the true story of American student Amanda Knox. Woman accused of killing his roommate Meredith Kercher, who was found dead in his room 1 November 2007. Meredith and Amanda shared a flat in the Italian city of Perugia, where both came to study.

After investigation, the length of two Knox and her boyfriend Raffaele Sollechito accused of rape and murder, were sentenced to 26 and 25 years in prison, respectively. However, four years later, both men were found not guilty because the investigation was not enough evidence of their guilt. The story caused a stir in the world press, and has remained unsolved. Now the case of the murder of British student is reviewed.

By the way, it was shot in the film were the reason why the 21-year-old actress in the show this season, will miss the Victoria's Secret.

Close friend of the model said:

Victoria's Secret are very eager to participate in the Kara catwalk this season. But the film industry - it's something that really is her heart. And she puts it in priority than the modeling business.
It seems like the news we have heard today - Irina Shayk allegedly refused to participate in linen show for the same reason.

The daughter of Andrei Konchalovsky and Julia Vysotsky remains in serious condition

Maria after the accident so never once came to life for 25 days.

October 12 director Andrei Konchalovsky and his family had an accident in the suburbs of Marseille (France). 14-year-old daughter of Andrew and his wife, Julia Vysotsky suffered the most. As it turned out, she was not wearing a seat belt. The girl was in serious condition were evacuated by helicopter to one of the French clinics where for her life continue to fight the best specialists.

Maria to be in serious but stable condition and 25 days never regained consciousness.

Vysotsky and Konchalovsky not comment on the ill-fated car accident.

Recall, October 12 Andrei Konchalovsky lost control and drove into the oncoming lane, where head-on collided with the oncoming car.

Couples: Ashton Kutcher Mila Kunis is ready to make an offer?

Ubiquitous insiders told reporters that next week, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis can get engaged. According to them, the actor is so happy that he and Demi Moore, has finally signed the divorce papers that he would not delay the marriage proposal. With Milla he meets more than a year.

Recall that the procedure of divorce Ashton and Demi lasted a long time: Kutcher filed for divorce last winter - after a whole year after they actually broke up with Moore.

a source familiar with the situation told the newspaper The Sun:

protracted divorce darkened relations Mila and Ashton. Fortunately, Demi is now also wants their marriage was officially dissolved, and she continued to build their own lives.

She agreed to lease a few million and a portion of the shares owned by Ashton various start-ups in the technology sector.

Now everyone is happy, and the documents are signed, so Ashton can safely make an offer Mile.

Not so long ago, by the way, there were rumors that Kutcher and Kunis already engaged. Such a conclusion is made by representatives of the media, seeing a small gold ring on his finger Mila. We suspect that soon will appear on her arm decoration bigger.

Miley Cyrus wrote a love letter to Liam Hemsworth

In mid-September the fans of Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus have been sorely disappointed: it became known that stars a rift relations and the long-awaited engagement couples had to cancel.

Since then, Liam has devoted his spare time his film career, but Miley has gone To White Castle: girl not only has released a series of provocative videos and continues to shock the audience with their performances, she also began to disappear at parties ...

Now, however, the singer began to understand that her behavior alienated lover. According to the source close to the young star, Cyrus has decided to rectify the situation:

It took some time, anger, and anger subsided. Miley started to feel the pain that caused her breakup with Liam.
 At first she wanted to write a few songs in which I could express my feelings, but then I decided, why not write a letter to Liam himself, in which she would have asked for forgiveness and said she now feels.

In addition, the singer realized her feelings for Hemsworth are still strong enough:

In his letter, Miley said the ex-boyfriend that still loves him. She asked him about the meeting, which could put an end to their relationship, or be the beginning of a new chapter of love. Whatever it was, she wanted to see him and talk about everything that excites her.
Recall that in the present Hemsworth already found a replacement for Cyrus: if you believe the rumors, his new choice was a 23-year-old Mexican actress Ace Gonzalez and singer. Miley also credited with an affair with her producer.


Irina Shayk miss the Victoria's Secret show because filming of 'Hercules'

Team Victoria's Secret is actively preparing for the annual show to be held in November (and it will be broadcast in December), and a list of models that take part in it, already partially approved.

It is known that there is no Irina Shayk : according to press reports, Russian model simply did not have the opportunity to become a party to the show as busy on the set of tapes, "Hercules: The Phoenician war".

Recall that for Irene this film will debut in cinema. She got the role of a shrew - the wife of the protagonist, played by Dwayne Johnson. Also in the film directed by Brett Ratner busy colleague Irene Barbara Palvin.

As for the upcoming show Victoria's Secret, you already know the names of those models that will be on the podium for sure: it is Alessandra Ambrosio, Candice Swanepoel, Adriana Lima, Lily Aldridge Lindsay Ellington, Karlie Kloss, Doutzen Kroes and Behati Prinsloo.

Misses the show, according to rumors, Erin Heatherton, Anne Vyalitsyna, Jordan Dunn and Kara Devlin. Miranda Kerr has confirmed that it will not participate in the show this year.

Chris Hemsworth loses weight for new film

For his last project, "Thor: The kingdom of darkness" Chris Hemsworth gained about nine pounds of muscle mass, but stay in the image of the hero of his brawny actor was to short. Hemsworth is now busy filming a new movie, "In the Heart of the Sea", for which he has to sit on a strict diet.

30-year-old actor went on a TV show Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he spoke about the project director Ron Howard and his endeavors

This is a film based on the true story that inspired Herman Melville to write the novel "Moby Dick." Whaler crashed after the whale attack. The ship's crew rescued on small rafts, which is drifting for 90 days. In general, they are on the verge of death, start eating each other ... Such is the romantic comedy!

To be like suffering from hunger, had to throw off the weight not only Hemsworth, but the other actors:

We have to be very thin, so we have to use 500-600 calories per day. It's very funny: 15 healthy guys playing sailors sit and talk about counting calories and the fact that you can eat and what is not.
According to Chris, the hunger strike is given to him is not easy:

What is 600 calories? This may be a milkshake. So sometimes has to do a couple of salads, a small amount of protein and go to bed hungry. Then began a period of complete starvation, when you do not eat anything 15 hours before you start to eat several times a day in small portions.
However, as with all slimming happen at the actor and "failures." On the show, he admitted:

Now I'm in a great mood. Just a bite of pizza, ate only some ten pieces. But it happens only once a week, and then comes the guilt.
It cost if the result of such suffering - will know when the film will be released. The date of its premiere has not been announced, but we already know that in addition to Hemsworth in the film are shot Ben Whishaw and Cillian Murphy.

Nominees of People's Choice Awards

In Los Angeles, yesterday announced the nominees for People's Choice Awards, which has more than thirty years, presented to the most popular people of the world of show business. List of nominees drawn up on the basis of audience voting.

In the announcement of the list of contenders for the award traditionally involved a celebrity, and this time of the press conference were Ciara (which is displayed on the red carpet weighty engagement ring) and Rachel Bilson.

People's Choice Award is awarded in various categories - from "best on-screen chemistry" and "series, in which we miss you most of all" to the traditional "Best Film", "Best Song" and so on.

This year's music categories leads Katy Perry, claiming the five awards. The same number of nominations, but in the movie, Sandra Bullock.

Main nominations this year look like this:

Best Picture:

"Despicable Me 2"

"Fast and the Furious 6"

"Iron Man 3"

"Monsters University"

"Star Trek: Nemesis"

Best Actor:

Channing Tatum

Hugh Jackman

Johnny Depp

Leonardo DiCaprio

Robert Downey Jr.

Best Actress:

Gwyneth Paltrow

Jennifer Aniston

Melissa McCarthy

Sandra Bullock

Scarlett Johansson

The best on-screen duo:

Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto ("Star Trek: Nemesis")

Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis ("We - the Millers")

Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow ("Iron Man 3")

Sandra Bullock and George Clooney ("Gravity")

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy ("Cops in skirts")

Best comedy actor:

Adam Sandler

Bradley Cooper

Chris Rock

James Franco

Zach Galifianakis

Best comedy actress:

Emma Watson

Jennifer Aniston

Melissa McCarthy

Sandra Bullock

Scarlett Johansson

Best Comedy Series:

"Two girls on the rocks"

"The Big Bang Theory"


"How I Met Your Mother"

"Modern Family"

Outstanding Drama Series:

"Chicago Fire"

"Correct wife"

"Grey's Anatomy"


" Parents'

The series, in which we most miss:



"Studio 30"


"Breaking Bad"

Best Singer:

Bruno Mars

Blake Shelton

Justin Timberlake

Michael Buble


Best Singer :

Britney Spears

Demi Lovato

Katy Perry Pink

Selena Gomez

Best Group: 

Imagine Dragons

Maroon 5

One Direction

One Republic


Best song:

Just Give Me A Reason (Pink and Nate Ruess)

Mirrors (Justin Timberlake)

Radioactive (Imagine Dragons)

Roar (Katy Perry)

When I Was Your Man (Bruno Mars)

The winners will be announced on January 8, when the ceremony will be held People's Choice Awards.

Woman of the Year:Victoria Beckham and other celebrities

Year after year, the most prominent representative of cinema, art, music industry and the fashion business going in the heart of London at the awards ceremony the British edition of Harper's Bazaar "Women of the Year".

Every star in the evening hoping to receive an honorary award, it is not surprising that last night on the red carpet to collect a huge amount of celebrity.

Among those celebrities were spotted Victoria Beckham and son Brooklyn, Cate Blanchett, Rita Ora, Tom Ford, Colin Firth, Gillian Anderson, Natalia Vodianova, who yesterday confirmed the news of the pregnancy, and many others.

Award Winners Harper's Bazaar "Women of the Year 2013":

"Special Award" - the creators of the TV series "Downton Abbey"

"Bazaar Green Award" - Livia Firth

"Model of the Year" - Jordan Dunn

"Businesswoman of the Year" - Aerin Lauder

"Special Award for his contribution to the fashion industry" - Victoria Beckham

"TV icon" - Gillian Anderson

"Musician of the Year" - Rita Ora

"Philanthropist of the Year" - Natalia Vodianova

"British actress Year "- Naomi Harris

" International Designer of the Year "- Frida Giannini

" International Actress of the Year "- Cate Blanchett

" Man of the Year "- Idris Elba

Hugh Jackman will again become a Wolverine

Hugh Jackman

It was learned that the Hollywood star Hugh Jackman is going to star in the sequel to the movie actor fresh "Wolverine: The Immortal".

Authoritative publications have reported that 45-year-old Hollywood actor re-appear on the screens of the world in the image of the principal and, one might say, turning the character of his career. The plot has been kept secret, but it is expected that the sequel will be no less exciting than the last part, which appeared in the car this summer.

Also learned that on this adventure of Wolverine's not over. In 2014, the expected new part of the movie "X-Men" where such a favorite with all the mutant again go save the world.

Jackman himself, said that it was a great honor to play such a role for all these years:

Wolverine, he is like a best friend. This hero - the beginning of my career here in America. He still me. It's been 14 years and I am very hard to believe. I love my character. I love to play it, and it's probably my favorite part of my career.

Recall, at the end of the summer appeared information that 20th Century Fox Film, Hugh Jackman offered $ 100 million for appearing in four films in the image of Wolverine.

What kind of projects is in question - new parts of the franchise "X-Men" or "solo" pictures with clawed mutant in the title role - not reported. But perhaps the fans of the actor and his character - a man with superhuman abilities - will any tape, the main thing that it appeared handsome Hugh.

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman become a Wolverine

Christina Aguilera continues to show off a slender figure

Christina Aguilera, show

How is Christina Aguilera? Fantastic! Earlier this week, continues to grow thin 32-year-old singer showed the audience the show The Voice their ideal forms: the star appeared on stage in a revealing outfit of the project, which will provide a look at her new body in all its details.

Aguilera and rapper Flo Rida performed a musical show their new song How I Feel. For this room actress chose a black tight-fitting jacket with a plunging neckline and a cylinder of the same color. Later star rid of excess clothing, staying only in tiny shorts and bra. She looked at the time more confident than ever before.

Recall that recently Christina at every step to say that curvy shape of her suit, and she's not going to get rid of them. However, the actress changed her mind yet.

Aguilera has achieved amazing results in less than a year, which led to a hearing regarding the manner in which Aguilera has lost so quickly almost 37 pounds: the diet or is it plastic surgery

Christina Aguilera, show

Christina Aguilera, show

Christina Aguilera, show

Yuri Kolokolnikov appears in the TV series: Game of Thrones

Yuri Kolokolnikov appears in the TV series

In the fourth season of the fantasy drama "Game of Thrones" (Game of Thrones), which will be released in the spring of next year, the cast of the popular television series will join not only the Icelandic band Sigur Rós, but also Russian actor Yury Kolokolnikov.

The project production HBO, which has already become a cult classic, Yuri will play Magnar Tennov Steer. According to the description, the hero Kolokol'nikova - tall bald man with no ears.

Earlier it was reported that this role has been selected actor Joseph Gatt, so the news that the leader of the clan Wildling will play a Russian was a complete surprise as in America and we have.

Yuri Kolokolnikov