Nov 5, 2013

Jennifer Aniston New Haircut: I am ready for a change

Jennifer Aniston New Haircut

Jennifer Aniston pretty surprised fans, appeared before the paparazzi with a new haircut. In place of the long-groomed tresses, for many years it became a kind of "calling card", it is "torn" quads.

Actress has managed to comment on the changes in his appearance, saying:

I felt that ready for a change. Realized that I wanted something new, wanted to open the face.

Now I have short hair. Strands of a person reach the chin, back they just koroche.Lyubopytno, prompting Jen to such unexpected beauty-experiment? Perhaps she was offered a new role? Or maybe the point is that the actress wanted to bring to your life with fresh emotion?

One thing is clear: if it did go down the aisle with Justin Theroux, sloppy blow "just out of bed," about which she had dreamed of, it will be given to it without difficulty.

Jennifer Aniston New Haircut

Jennifer Aniston New Haircut

Odessa Barbie turns the mother of his twin

Valery Lukyanov,Odessa Barbie

Senior Warrant Officer was wearing a mini-skirt and cast a bright make-up.

Odessa Barbie Valery Lukyanov increasingly began to spread in social networks blond photos of his mother, who over the years younger and becoming more and more like a friend of his eldest daughter. The eyes of women has increased, widened, became more blue, knotted wings of the nose, there was a small waist and chest increased markedly. As it turned out, two years ago, Irina Pashkeeva listened to the advice of his daughter - decided to find doll shape and become more beautiful.

- First Mom took her meals, - explained the "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine" Valery. - She became a vegetarian, and then, just as I switched to a raw food diet. The results you can see for yourself - there thinness, improved skin color, body became more youthful.

Valery Lukyanov,Odessa Barbie
The woman lost 7 pounds. Photo: social networks
If it used to height 167 cm mom weighed 58 kg, but now it weighs less than 51 kg. In this case, Barbie says that her mother did not resort to the help of plastic surgeons. To emphasize a marked depletion Pashkeeva updated wardrobe - to replace the jackets and loose trousers came covered with jeans, short skirts, form-fitting dresses. According to Valerie, my mother's friends often make her remarks, saying that she dresses for his age, and far too brightly painted.

- I explain to my mother that she just jealous, and it should only listen to my advice, - said Lukyanov.

Valery Lukyanov,Odessa Barbie
Pashkeeva listened to the advice of his daughter and changed the image. Photo: social networks
Irina herself on his page on the social networks noted that should never pay much attention to the insults or praise. May offend out of envy and praise of pity. By the way, now, "Barbie Mom" ​​is engaged in private business. Over the years, a psychologist by training was a military - a senior warrant officer.

Lady Gaga's music manager stops cooperation with the singer

After a long and fruitful years of cooperation music manager of our most flamboyant singer Lady Gaga, Troy Carter dismisses the pop diva because of "ideological differences".

Man who signed the contract back in 2007 with no one had known start- singer said in an interview:

It is very specific in its view of the world and creativity. All her music and lyrics have always been with her, the only thing she needs is a man who helped to translate them into plain language of the world. That's why I came.
Former music manager actress often talked about how to build their business relationships: 95 percent of the decisions he took only five - she said. The strategy to promote Lady Gaga worked, and they have created a musical phenomenon, having sold more than 20 million albums worldwide.

Sources close to Gaga and Carter say:

On the one hand it's sad the other - quite naturally. One door closes, another opens.
Troy now works with musicians such as John Legend, Lindsey Stirling and the group Mindless Behavior.

As for Lady Gaga, she is preparing to release its new (and already acclaimed) album Artpop. The singer has already released several singles that are leaders in the global line charts.

See how the changes work "Queen monsters" after the termination of cooperation with the manager who once opened her name all over the world.

Lady Gaga

Ex-Lady Gaga's manager Troy Carter

Miley Cyrus: she pushes her voice on the new title of rapper Future Real & True

The American singer has a new duet with the rapper on the Future "Real & True" title ...

New for featuring the sultry Miley Cyrus exposing her "power" voice on the new title of rapper Future Real & True ... After many teasers, who unveiled the first notes of the song or the first images of the clip, here is the full song has been unveiled.

Real & True is taken from the upcoming album Future Honest (expected in stores in early 2014) and was produced by Mike Will Made It, the new mentor Miley and famous producer of Hip Hop U.S..
A duo posed between the R & B and rapping flow, which also provides the voice of British singer Mr Hudson, who has intensified the chorus.

The clip Real & True is forecast to land him on 10 November, and will discover a gentleman in Future 2.0 and the young American singer sexy alien! But in the meantime, tell us what you think of Miley's new collaboration with the fiance of the beautiful Ciara

Note: Future will be touring with his friend and Canadian rapper Drake with the famous "Would You Like a Tour? ", particularly by Paris Monday, February 24th on the stage of Bercy.

Miranda Kerr: finally appears solo

The top was inseparable from her ex-husband since announcing their breakup finally made a solo appearance yesterday in NY

Miranda Kerr appears solo

Since the announcement of her breakup with Orlando Bloom, the beautiful Miranda Kerr has never ceased to appear alongside him in order to prove to the world that all was well in the best of worlds, despite their separation !

Family outing with their son Flynn, tokens of affection and complicity ... The top Australian and British actor had orchestrated everything for their media separation goes well! And it worked well.

Moreover, when the bomb 30 years was spotted yesterday (Monday, November 4) the release of his New York apartment in Upper East Side, many were those s 'surprising not to see in the company of Orly!

Indeed, while Mr. should certainly take care of their baby boy, Miranda, she was working to join with style JFK airport to fly to Los Angeles. Besides a few hours later, the muse Mango and Swarovski landed at LAX, where it caused a sensation with its chic causal fashion denim mini-skirt, a beautiful wool coat signed Givenchy's it-bag to chain strap and stylish black suede boots.

Kaley Cuoco showed an engagement ring

Kaley Cuoco showed an engagement ring

Star of TV series "The Big Bang Theory" Kaley Cuoco and her boyfriend, tennis player Ryan Sweeting, there are only four months, but in the end of September, the couple announced their engagement.

Athlete has not stinted on an engagement ring for his beloved - on the ring finger actress appeared expensive decoration.

Previously we could not manage to see the jewelry up close, but over the weekend photographers were still able to capture the jewel close up.

Kaylee and Ryan appeared together at a charity event in Los Angeles, where the paparazzi and were able to make a couple of successful shots not only the couple, but also a wedding ring.

the way, in a recent interview, the actress admitted that she is likely to go up to the altar at the beginning of next year, but she is willing to legalize the relationship with Sweeting at least now:

We do not have the exact date, but I'm ready to marry him tomorrow. I want to do it as soon as possible!
Cuoco also reported that the organization of celebrations totally fell on her fragile shoulders:

Everyone I have dealt with. He knows that the day I was planning for 25 years, so he does not dare to interfere in the process.
Recall that not so long ago, the actress acted out of its subscribers in Instagram: Keighley posted on the social network picture in which she displayed in an elegant dress and veil, and signed it, "Today is my wedding". But as it turned out, it was just a photo shoot with a new tape The Wedding Ringer, in which she seems to play the bride.

Kaley Cuoco showed an engagement ring

Ryan Sweeting and Kaley Cuoco

Sarah Jessica Parker at the premiere of the show 'city.ballet'

Last night in New York's theater Tribecca 48-year-old actress Sarah Jessica Parker introduced the world to his new reality show "citi.ballet". This is the story of the secret life of dancers, New York City Ballet. Parker took part in the creation of the project, from producing to voice narration series.

As for the look of the actress in the evening, she opted for an asymmetrical pink dress Giles. Perfectly complemented his leather jacket Saint Laurent, inlaid with rivets. And (who would doubt it!) The image has not been without green boats Manolo Blahnik, so beloved heroine Sarah. The only thing that slightly confused by some of the fashion critics, this sleeve dress, full mesh with embroidery in the form of blurred pink lips. Perhaps it echoes from the past to Kerry Parker Bradshaw?

Before participating in the legendary actress show about the life and experiences of four friends, Sarah Jessica Parker could hardly claim to be the "style icons." Sometimes her outfits found themselves on the brink of a foul. But stylists of "Sex and the City" actress instilled a love of the world's fashion houses and refined, elegant style. And despite the fact that in her life she still prefers dresses in the style of casual, comfortable and simple, all the social events the star never ceases to consolidate its status as fashion icons.

Victoria Beckham 'was upset' to learn that Kate Moss will be the editor of gloss

Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss scandale

In mid-October, 39-year-old supermodel Kate Moss was officially appointed as a guest fashion editor of British Vogue. Since the new year will be his readers to contemplate a photo shoot, styled British fashion model.

But, as it turned out, Victoria Beckham has long been expected to get this place and was very upset when she found out that it "took" to the other, the equally famous or popular Englishwoman.

Reliable sources said:

Victoria has always been on excellent terms with Alexandra Shulman [Editor Vogue], and two years ago for the business's lunch in London expressed their interest in this work. Try yourself in a glossy publication has always been a dream of Beckham. And when this question is raised, it was full of enthusiasm. Victoria knew that in addition to her were still candidates for the post, but she had no idea that among them was Kate.
Former member of Spice Girls has established itself not only as a fashionable person. She has her own design studio, which employs more than a hundred employees, it produces four collections a year, shows them at Fashion Week in New York, and plans to open its first store in Mayfair.

Well, in any case, it "bypassed" worthy opponent. And whose work you would be interesting to see in the pages of glossy - Vic or is it Kate?

Natalia Vodianova is waiting for a fourth child?

Natalia Vodianova is waiting for a fourth child

If you believe the press, Natalia Vodianova has become a mother for the fourth time. The model itself has not commented on the information, and on her figure is difficult to suspect something, but journalists refer to the kind of interview that gave my mother Natalia Larissa Gromov.

Speaking of the daughter on the set of children's show "The Voice" She says:

Filming began at seven in the morning and continued until the second half of the night. Of course, being in a position to deal with such a load is not easy. And the toxemia Natasha tormented. During the filming, I was there with my daughter and help her cope with bouts of nausea proven folk remedy - pickles.
We will be very glad if the information is not an invention of journalists would be another, but do not take the time to congratulate Vodianova and her fiance Antoine Arnaud and forward comments from most of Natalia.

Natalia Vodianova and Antoine Arnault
Natalia Vodianova and Antoine Arnault 
Natalia Vodianova with her son Lucas and Antoine Arnault
Natalia Vodianova with her son Lucas and Antoine Arnault

film: Far from the madding crowd: the first pictures of the film with Carey Mulligan

The creators of the film "Far from the Madding Crowd," in which the main role is played by Carey Mulligan, presented the first official footage tape. The very same film adaptation of the novel by English writer Thomas Hardy is due for release in 2014.

In Carey in the film directed by Thomas Vinterberg play Tom Sturridge, best known for her roles in the movie "The Boat That Rocked" series "Scum" and other projects, as well as Martin Sheen and Matthias Shonarts, which not so long ago we saw in the acclaimed film "Rust and Bone" with Marion Cotillard.

All three fans are playing the heroine Mulligan, among which it is necessary to pick one .

Before the release of "Far from the madding crowd" Carey can be seen on screen in the Coen brothers' "Inside Davis Lewin," where she co-starred with Oscar Isaac and Justin Timberlake. The Russian premiere is scheduled for January 16.

Drew Barrymore is expecting her second child

Drew Barrymore

A couple of months ago, Drew Barrymore said in an interview that really wants her daughter Olive was not the only child in the family, as was the case with most actresses. The desire to materialize star: 38-year-old Drew and her husband Will Kopelman will soon become parents again.

Official representative of the actress confirmed the press that Barrymore is pregnant. But guess this was not too difficult, looking at the free dress, in which the actress came this weekend for an evening at the Museum of LACMA.

Recall that the daughter of Drew and Will was born in September of last year, three months after they were married.

Drew Barrymore and her daughter Olivia