Nov 4, 2013

Blake Lively: share the secrets of her beauty-regime.

Blake Lively_ share the secrets of her beauty-regime.

Blake Lively luck in everything: a handsome husband Ryan Reynolds, a film career in Hollywood and a terrific figure. After she became the face of cosmetic brand L'Oreal, Blake could not help but share the secrets of her beauty-regime.

In an interview with the French magazine Vogue Blake Lively honestly told me that had never sat on a diet:

I have absolutely nothing to do! I just am in constant motion. I'm always running somewhere, so I do not need a fitness coach or trendy diets.
In addition, Blake every day eating sweets:

I just can not drink for breakfast a cup of hot chocolate! In the evening, I should definitely eat a couple of pieces of dark chocolate. It makes me happy!
As for grooming, the Lively is not particularly zealous:

I have a very simple operation - removing makeup, sun protection and basic skin care. My favorite product - BB-cream with a protection factor of SPF 30. Do not take less!
To relax, the 26-year-old actress is always going to the spa:

I love massage in New York Spa Mandarin Oriental. After that I again feel the beauty.

Well, if in addition to chocolate Blake Lively have nothing to eat, then she says can be trusted.

Kate Winslet becomes the wife of Colin Firth

Kate Winslet becomes the wife of Colin Firth

Actors Kate Winslet and Colin Firth can play a couple in the new film adaptation of the life-adventurer yachtsman Donald Crowhurst, who went missing in the Atlantic ocean during one of his trips.

Crowhurst became notorious during the regatta in 1969, when the projectile his yacht with the latest technology, took part in the race. Negligence in the preparation of the ship led to immediate failure. The very same Donald concealed location yachts, giving the wrong coordinates and leading a false logbook to rig round the world. All of this he decided to save his business, but the plan fell through. His boat found empty, and the log entry said that he was crazy and probably committed suicide.

Filmmakers have twice applied to the history of Crowhurst. The first of it was filmed the French - "Roaring Forties" in 1982. And four years later, the Soviet Union came to the screens drama "Race of the century." The new version of events came up with Scott Z. Burns. The project is still only in its infancy, as well as negotiations with the two stars.

Kate Gordon explained the relationship with Mitya Fomin

Lead singer and Kate Gordon finally decided to clarify its relationship with Mitya Fomin. The page on the social network, she wrote: "Friends! Time to dot the i - we got married on the project Fomin "The Island", as friends, and all participants are witnesses. We have many reasons why there is nothing but friendship. Mityushev - my friend and a wonderful person and I hope our marriage will be a symbol of the island of friendship to all of you ».

Recall that recently Kate constantly intrigued by their fans. The singer even tried on a wedding dress. But on his return from filming the show "The Island", young people began to appear together at social events and gave a joint interview in which he claimed that they have all seriously, and another, now the official wedding is just around the corner.

It is worth noting that in his interview with "StarHitu" Fomin admitted that he devoted himself to creative work, and the team - is his family, and that friendship sometimes people are much more similar than loving.

Victoria Lopyreva explained why run away from his own wedding

Victoria Lopyreva explained why run away from his own wedding

According to the presenter, she simply "lost his nerve."

In September, the long-awaited wedding was canceled presenter, "Miss Russia 2003" Victoria Lopyreva and attacking Moscow "Dynamo" and the team of Russian Fyodor Smolova. The fact that the celebration will not be, guests learned at the last moment. As reported by the bride Kate Osadcha in "Social Life", the reason for cancellation was a nervous breakdown.

- Sometimes women on the eve of the wedding event of an emergency. For example, stress. Or pass the nerves. In principle, it is no secret that I have some problems with it. So I was called - "Runaway Bride." And I just at some point started to panic. And I was kind of a shrew. I ceased to be a - says TV presenter.

According to her, "it happens in every family".

- Such things is checking whether these feelings and attitudes. So the wedding to be! - Said Lopyreva.

Earlier, the presenter reported that the wedding will be held in the capital of Russia.

Adriana Lima bought a yacht for a million dollars

Model Adriana Lima visits the largest yacht show in Fort Lauderdale, which was held from October 31 to today. Not wanting to leave empty-handed, Lima paid a million dollars for the Dutch motor yacht Zeelander 44.

According to insiders Page Six, Adrian decided to buy at once:

Administrators Zeelander Lima invited to a private dinner for yacht owners. There she was tempted to buy their own.
Note that deliver Zeelander 44 Adrian in Miami exactly one week.

Perhaps a walk on the new means of transportation Lima distract from claiming Fantasy Bra, which must wear Candice Swanepoel?

Lady Gaga threw a boyfriend?

Lady Gaga threw a boyfriend

According to sources of the newspaper Sun, Lady Gaga has remained the same: actor Taylor Kinney decided to part with it, because it gives him too little time.

Relationships 27-year-old singer and her 32-year-old boyfriend were on the verge for recent months, as the bear "crazy" schedule Gaga is extremely difficult:

Taylor repeatedly reproached her that she literally "married" for their work. In addition, he started to go crazy with numerous images and alter ego of Lady Gaga.

He loves Stephanie when she looks like a lively and intimate girl. But the singer is working always, in her heart she composes songs, and in a dream - the costumes. So that they meet once a month.

Note that this is not surprising: Lady Gaga's shocking the public around the world several times a day.

Gaga really cool, like a squirrel in a wheel: the promotion of the album ARTPOP takes a lot of time and effort. Surgery on his hip in February and knocked her their rhythm.

Last disorder singer - the death of his beloved dog Alice a week ago.

Beyond Graphics girlfriend, Taylor Kinney completely in awe of the fact that his Man is constantly surrounded by the crowd and Assistant bodyguards.

Last pair were seen together in August of this year.

However, there is a chance that the pair will meet on Thanksgiving Day. At least Lady Gaga is hoping.

Lady Gaga and her boyfriend

Pamela Anderson ran a marathon with his brother

Pamela Anderson ran a marathon with his brother

Pamela Anderson recently demonstrated the world its new short haircut, took part in a charity event. "Redemptrix Malibu" ran a marathon in New York City to help the people of Haiti affected by the devastating earthquake of 2010. Company actress was her brother Jerry.

Anderson family's efforts were not in vain: the brother and sister have collected 76 thousand dollars for the J / P Haitian Relief Organization.

46-year-old Pamela ran a marathon in the usual top form. However, before the competition Anderson mused, as if she did not wear his famous red swimsuit from "Baywatch", as her friends asked. "They thought it would be really funny. The bad news is that I have thought about it twice! "- Actress joked.

Pamela Anderson ran a marathon with his brother

Pamela Anderson ran a marathon with his brother

Pamela Anderson ran a marathon with his brother

Pamela Anderson ran a marathon with his brother

Pamela Anderson ran a marathon with his brother

Alsou has surprised fans of her childhood photos

Alsou has surprised fans of her children's pictures. The pictures were taken in 1994 and 1996, and see a future star on them pretty hard)) According to some fans of the performer, these photos Alsou is very similar to my mother. Other commentators believe that the singer is a bit like her husband.

"This puhlyashka! There was a kid))) And now such krasotulka))) "- written by readers. "Great transformation - the girls in the ladies))," - sure they are. "It's funny, as if two different people," - yet some commentators believe.

"Yes, it happens when we climb up to the old album," - they conclude.

But the fans did not forget what she looks like now, Alsou posted his very recent photo))

Demi Moore made a pilgrimage to India

Demi Moore decided to go to India to recover after signing the divorce papers with Ashton Kutcher. Yesterday, the actress arrived at the airport in Los Angeles with his guru Hargopalom Kaur Khalsa.

51-year-old actress took part in the 27th Conference "Mind and Life", which was held at the residence of the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala. The theme of the event were the insatiable desires of the people and their dependencies.

Final completion of all formalities, the divorce process will occur within a few weeks. According to friends of the actress, she has regained consciousness and looks forward to a new phase in his life.

Moreover, Demi has built a relationship with her daughter Rumer, which did not communicate for some time.

Recall , last year, Demi Moore had to be treated in a rehabilitation clinic: the end of the relationship with Kutcher made her depressed.

Well, apparently, now Demi really gained harmony with itself.

Demi Moore made a pilgrimage to India

Ireland Baldwin grows too fast?

The American model Ireland Baldwin will not soon leave the pages of tabloids. The daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, seems determined to prove that a grown woman.

Journalists and fans continue to condemn her outfit for Halloween: she chose an Indian costume, and it's obviously not quite politically correct Especially in such a multi-ethnic country like the United States. Yes, and at a party at Disneyland. Ireland later apologized to Twitter, explaining that it was an innocent costume Indian chief of "Peter Pan".

Now another scandal is brewing: 18-year-old Ireland published in his Instagram too candid shots. It's about a photo shoot in a studio in the famous Hollywood photographer Solmaz Saberi.

Young Baldwin poses in jackboots to the hip, leather micro-shorts and a black transparent top, which, moreover, have applications in the form of hands that mimic touching her breast.

Looks like Miley Cyrus appeared competitor. I wonder what he would say dad Alec Baldwin?

Ireland Baldwin on the set of a new photoshoot
Ireland Baldwin dressed as an Indian chief in full

Ireland in everyday life

IrelandBaldwin and his father Alec View

Partners for the TV series Jennifer Morrison and Sebastian Stan broke up

Partners for the TV series Jennifer Morrison and Sebastian Stan

Jennifer Morrison and Sebastian Stan split. Their affair lasted less than a year.

Partners for the TV series "Once in a fairy tale" Jennifer Morrison and Sebastian Stan broke up. Their affair lasted less than a year.

As it turned out, the couple hid the gap is very long. According to the source the magazine Us Weekly, they separated four months ago - once and for all.

Jennifer and Sebastian started dating in the summer of 2012. Since then, we've heard almost nothing about the details of their romance.

34-year-old Morrison continues to act as Emma Swan in the TV series "Once in a fairy tale." In addition, she starred in the sequel to "Star Trek: Nemesis," which was released in September on dvd.

Now 30-year-old Stan starred in superhero movie "The First Avenger: Another War," which will be released in the spring of 2014.

Recall that from 2006 to 2007 Jennifer Morrison was engaged to a partner on the series "House MD" Jesse Spencer. And Sebastian Stan earlier met with Diannoy Agron and Leighton Meester.

Well, good luck to both of them.

Partners for the TV series Jennifer Morrison and Sebastian Stan

Britney Spears has introduced a new single Perfume

Britney Spears Perfume unveiled the second single from the new album Britney Jean, which will be released on December 3 this year. The producer of the song was, and authors - plus the singer Sia. Britney personally alerted about a new song of his fans in Facebook:

I share with you a song, like a piece of my heart!

Perfume - is a lyrical ballad that is not similar to the first single Work Bitch. Britney sings about his fragile soul and romantic experiences.

Commenting Perfume, Britney Spears said:

I think this story is everybody's business. Everyone in my life has gone through a stage when he was thrown when he felt pain and vulnerability. The song captures exactly what this smysl.Pri here perfume? The new single, Britney sings about how he hoped that the next woman in the life of her beloved feel the smell of lyrical Spears.

Britney shows stunningly powerful vocals and emotional anguish. Let's enjoy Perfume.

YouTube Music Awards: Lady Gaga, Eminem, and other guests of the ceremony


In New York, held its first annual awards ceremony YouTube Music Awards. Musicians and stars of the Internet has finally come out into the real world to please with their performances and become the winners of the prize hands.

Winners in six categories defined in the public vote. The whole ceremony was in the air. Note that it is participation of the audience and distinguished from other loud event like the MTV VMA and Grammy.

Scenario hour and a half ceremony - extravaganza improvisation, chaos and craziness of light. "No order" - the motto of the night. All the rooms were stage-style "live" clips YouTube.

Among the star guests were listed Lady Gaga, Eminem, Vanessa Hudgens, Michael Shannon, and many others.

By the way, Lady Gaga appeared in the the very image that adorns the cover of her latest single Dope.

As part of the ceremony, of course, made by Eminem and Lady Gaga. 27-year-old singer played the piano and sang a touching ballad from the new album Dope ARTPOP, and rapper closed the ceremony with a new song Rap God. Yes, Eminem is the King of Rap.

Award ceremony received well-deserved awards: Eminem was the Artist of the Year by YouTube, and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Breakthrough of the Year.

In addition, in the "phenomenon of YouTube "Taylor Swift won video I Knew You Were Trouble.

Among the other nominees were listed Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj.

Leading the event were Jason Schwartzman and Reggie Watts, who tirelessly joke, and the most outrageous highlight of the evening was the release Schwartzman and Child during the award presentation Macklemore.

Recall that it was thanks to YouTube have become international stars Justin Bieber and Psy.

YouTube Music Awards  Lady Gaga

YouTube Music Awards  Lady Gaga

YouTube Music Awards  Eminem