Nov 3, 2013

Nicole Scherzinger: new mind-blowing output in London!

Nicole Scherzinger new mind-blowing

Attention lioness freedom! Last night (Saturday, November 2), Nicole Scherzinger was spotted is again a full army of paparazzi in the northern district of London. The Juror's famous talent show X-Factor just came out of the recording studios where the show was heading Mayfair Cuckoo Club to celebrate the end of the night with his colleagues! A weekend fun and alcoholic perspective ...

Primed a pretty skin-tight black dress, star of 35 years has displayed all smiles for the cameras as she was escorted by his bodyguard. Disguised as a skeleton, he had found the right parade to avoid getting flash alongside the singer, three days after Halloween, costumes are recycled as well! Visibly thinner since its delicate break with Lewis Hamilton, Nicole but seemed in great shape. Hair bulging, shiny curls and eyelashes XXL, the former leader of the famous Pussycat Dolls had left the big game!

Noticed this week at the Halloween party hosted by Jonathan Ross, the English star had recovered arms his great friend Kate Moss for fun as a little crazy. For the occasion, she had drawn very sexy Catwoman costume. An outfit that does not finally moves away from his usual appearances too ... Glamour yes, rash, no!

Nicole Scherzinger, paparazzi, new mind-blowing

Justin Bieber: caught leaving a brothel, the singer combines the escapades!

Justin Bieber in Brazil
Justin Bieber The tornado has struck again! Currently crossing to Brazil, the Canadian singer was photographed leaving a brothel ... The great class!

We thought he had calmed down, it was hard to know! In recent months, Justin Bieber connects pranks, determined to live his life as he sees the top of his 19 years! Until now, the Canadian singer was pretty well shot, sweeping every time a backhand the wildest rumors about him. Today however, the star folichons delusions may overtake ...

Passing in Brazil as part of his world tour, Justin Bieber is currently the bread and butter of the press for a new Once slipped. This weekend (Friday, November 1), the former darling Selena Gomez has been caught in Rio de Janeiro at the exit ... a brothel! Covered with a sheet and escorted by his bodyguards, Juju was engulfed in the most absolute discretion in his vehicle. According to Page Six - who obtained the photos excluded, the interpreter of Beautiful had spent three long hours with some Brazilian prostitutes when he decided to invite her to her hotel. Photographed in the vehicle of the star, the two elected remained with him until the end of the night ...

Justin Bieber in Brazil to caught leaving


Miranda Kerr refused to work with Naomi Campbell

Model Miranda Kerr refused an offer to become a judge Naomi Campbell in the Australian version of the reality show The Face. Recall the essence of the project is that the novice models compete with each other.

According to insiders, Naomi really wanted it to Miranda took part in the filming of the program. However, Kerr, who lives in New York, referring to employment: a stay in Australia does not appear in its future plans.

Well, Naomi found a way out and instead invited the former girlfriend of Orlando Bloom, Nicole Triunfo.
Filming will start on November 13.

Charlie Sheen banned from seeing sons

Charlie Sheen publicly surrendered righteous anger, his ex-wife Brooke Mueller out of rehab, and general sons Bob and Max, after spending time in the walls of the house of his mother, began to suffer nightmares.

The fact that the house Miss Mueller is literally filled with not the most common pets - lizards, insects, and other such creatures. In addition, after a visit to Bob's mom's face had a strange rash - Charlie swears that it looks as if someone had burned. The actor complained to reporters TMZ, that appealed to the Los Angeles-based care service, but there he refused to help. Moreover, despite all the horrors described Sheen, the service intends to expand the temporary custody Brook.

Charlie exploded in response to a bunch of hard-hitting Twitter epithets addressed to the Office of Family and Children of Los Angeles, stating that they unable to protect his children from the "miserable and angry sverhneudachnitsy and whores" Brooke.

Department of Family and Children's hear Charlie ... and banned him from seeing his sons! Denise Richards, custody of the now 4-year-old Bob and Max, a call went out. The actress was told that she was not allowed to bring their children home to Charlie. Offended they are there, in their children's service ...

Emile Hirsch became a dad

Emile Hirsch became a dad

Surprise - Emile Hirsch became a dad! The actor's son was born on October 27 weighing 6 pounds 2 ounces (about 2 kg 800 g), named Valor, which means courage, bravery, heroism and the like. Probably be his general! -)

"This is a very beautiful and healthy boy," - told in an interview with an anonymous source E! Online. As for the baby's mother, then press it is not known. Rumor has it that Emil had met her on one of the Oscar parties. Marriage did not work out, but there was a child. Emil and the mother of the baby at the same time remained friends, and plan to work together to raise valor.

Emil already doing this - 28-year-old artist will gladly nursed the baby. Here's a photo as proof!


gala titled LACMA in 2013 in honor of director Martin Scorsese and David Hockney

Gala, Martin Scorsese,David Hockney

Yesterday, the Los Angeles Museum of Art hosted the annual gala titled LACMA in 2013 in honor of director Martin Scorsese and David Hockney. Was organized by the fashion house Gucci.

To join cinematography and show yourself to the world welcomed such celebrity guests as Olivia Wilde, Nicole Richie, Drew Barrymore, Kate Beckinsale, Kate Hudson, Fergie, Salma Hayek and many others.

Celebrity Street Style: Gisele Bundchen in New York

Celebrity Street Style

Gisele Bundchen style is impeccable as on the catwalks and glossy covers, and in the street of New York.

So it is not surprising that yesterday's walk through the city to the place of photography has once again proved how Giselle is able pick outfit and accessories.

33-year-old Bundchen appeared to be wearing a very unpretentious: Kenzo black sweater with a print of an eye and black skinny jeans with holes.

likely to "simple mortal "is a combination of things would look very boring and banal. But Giselle looked as if ready to shoot for gloss!

Note that the drawing of an eye on the sweater is not as unsophisticated as it seems: eyelashes intricately embroidered with stones, and in the center - the brand logo.

image models complement sunglasses, black bag and black leather ankle boots with silver chains and buckles. Plus, the lack of makeup and luxurious blonde curls in a free flight.

Gisele Bundchen - mother of two children, and her career has continued a rapid flight to the top. Note that just recently, they collaborated with her husband Tom Brady have a new apartment in New York for $ 14 million.

So Gisele seems to make money on. Impeccable style and a perfect body.

Gisele Bundchen in New York