Nov 2, 2013

Ivan Urgant an ideal family

Ivan Urgant, not just an actor, TV presenter and entertainer, but also an exemplary family man. All his spare time he devotes to his wife and children. So on my page in the "Instagrame" he posted a photo where a Saturday night with your family rides in the car. The picture shows a wife Vani, Natalia Kiknadze, her daughter from her first marriage, Eric and their daughter Nina total.

More recently Ivan appeared at the premiere of Sergei Svetlakova "Kiss!" With the eldest daughter Erica. Sitting in the audience, he hugged the girl touching and occasionally kissed her on the head. By this we see that the family is complete mutual understanding.

Worth noting that Urgant periodically post pictures of their children in his microblog. Recall that in the summer of this year, the first time he shared a snapshot youngest daughter Nina, named in honor of his beloved grandmother, the famous theater and movie actress Nina Urgant.

Nabilla Benattia: moved, the starlet bursts into tears when she heard the voice of his father!

We had never seen so! Invited this Saturday on the set of Daphne Bürki, Nabilla Benattia let out a few tears recalling his dad ...

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis bill and coo at a basketball game

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis a basketball game

Looks like Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis are not among those celebrities who hide from prying its proximity. Recently, for example, they did not hesitate to bill and coo in front of thousands of basketball fans directly during the match. This, of course, could not go unnoticed, and most importantly - their picture taken.

Olivia and Jason can understand - they are now the golden period of the relationship, the couple recently announced that it expects the appearance of the first-born. Because they certainly fits of affection was hard to contain. And why on earth do it, let everyone see - that is, family idyll. However, the game was for the parents was no less interesting than each other's company - judging by the parties, both not a little worried about the outcome of the match. In this case, Jason escaped from experience, sipping kokteylchik, but Olivia's such joy is not available ...

paparazzi,Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis a basketball game


Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones is back together

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones is back together

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones is back living together: 6 months after leaving the couple decided to open in the relationship, "a new chapter".

Recall that in August a representative of Douglas and Zeta-Jones confirmed that they "temporarily inhabit separately, to re-evaluate the relationship and understand how to move on. " Note couple has been married for 13 years.

Insider told the newspaper Daily Mirror, 44-year-old Katherine and 69-year-old Michael has lived in a shared apartment in New York. They are eager to establish a relationship and revitalize marriage:

Michael insanely happy. He talks about it to all your friends.

In addition, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michael called the premiere of "Last Hangover" to wish success. And he, in turn, put on his wedding ring to the event.

Well, we hope that the couple will really start their relationship again!

Eva Mendes a Ryan Gosling: the couple could soon be separated ...

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling? According to some close friends, the couple could soon be separated ...

The Ryan Gosling admirers may jump up! Couple for two years with Eva Mendes, the handsome 32-year-old could soon make a comeback on the celibacy market if we are to believe the latest rumors. In fact, things are currently neutral between the actor and his girlfriend Drive 39, reputed to be a real little jealous ...

According to Us Weekly, the pair of stars are cease tear in private! There are a few months, tensions were such that Ryan and Eva decided to separate a short time before putting the cover. Since then, their relationship would sawtooth! "It can be very temperamental and lack of confidence. When she sees an unknown number that appears on the laptop Ryan, she immediately imagine he talks with other girls," says a close torque

In addition, the entourage of the bomba latina noticed a change in behavior from Eva few months. "In July, she kept repeating to anyone who would listen that she made visit her husband on the set of his latest film in Iceland. Now it closes as soon as someone tells him about Ryan. Clearly something is wrong. We would not be surprised if they decided to break tomorrow, "concludes one.

Before Eva, Ryan Gosling attended the actress Rachel McAdams returned single since splitting with Michael Sheen there a few months. From his side, Eva Mendes was in a relationship with producer George Augusto for eight years before breaking in 2010.

Eva Longoria: she would have found love in the arms of a new man!

Eva Longoria the arms of a new man

What little secretive this Eva Longoria! Become very quiet since his surprise break with Ernesto Arguello there two months, the American star fiercely protects every detail of his private life! While the American press imagined back in the arms of her ex Eduardo Cruz, the pretty brunette roucoulerait actually in the arms of another man she refuses to reveal the identity for the moment! Ah, well ...

According to People magazine - usually well informed, the actress of 38 years would indeed be in a relationship with a brilliant native Mexico businessman! Very fulfilling to her side, she would do anything to keep the beginning of this secret romance: "She is very happy and he is crazy about her It's not that she dined with Eduardo Cruz in New York last time. but with her new man, "says one. The languid gestures and kissing in public is finally explained despite the confusion with the younger brother of Penelope, who was in San Francisco at the same time ... A Latino man can hide another!

Yesterday afternoon (Friday, November 1), Eva was again spotted in the streets of Los Angeles. Undressed leggings and a black sweat, the face of the brand L'Oreal had just quit his favorite hairdresser, Ken Paves, located in West Hollywood. Stashed behind a pair of sunglasses, the former Desperate Housewife quickly slipped between the cars to get to his vehicle. Low profile and slight smile, everything seemed to be going well in the best of worlds ...

is now looking forward to the formal presentations with the new baby!

Eva Longoria, paparazzi,

Eva Longoria


Angelina Jolie is suffering from pain in the breast of the new

Angelina Jolie is afraid that the last operation on the chest caused complications, new implants are causing pain actress.

According to Western tabloids, Angelina Jolie might be pregnant. In addition, before the alleged marriage with Brad Pitt, the actress decided to still make yourself beautiful breasts after a mastectomy.

According to sources, the last time Jolie, who raises six children, feel great fatigue, anxiety, and persistent pain:

New implants Angie literally driving her crazy! It's a hell of a pain. She knew that to increase the breast immediately after removal of the breast - it is dangerous, but it seems like a well studied problem.

Jolie happy that her cancer is no longer threatened, but now she fears that the implants caused the possible infection. Yes, her new breasts look elegant, but something is clearly wrong, so she runs to the doctors and ask questions. She was sorry that no one listened and put in these implants. In addition, Angelina did not want this whole issue came to the tabloids. 

Note that Angelina Jolie has decided to insert breast implants almost immediately after a double mastectomy, although most women still make the annual pause between such operations.

Elena Lenina gave of three dogs

Elena Lenina

Elena Lenina recently magnificently and noisily celebrated her 34th birthday. Congratulate socialite and writer has come a lot of guest stars, which sold out only at night. Elena's gifts have presented much as three car! In this case, no one has presented any beauty tsvetochka6 Elena known aversion to the "cut-off corpse flower", so instead she decided to give bouquets of apples.

Star friends and friends-businessmen were generous not only to apples. Among her gifts - a ring with tourmaline, Swiss gold watch with diamonds on a mother of pearl dial, a new dress and a mountain of products for health and beauty. But the most fun and priceless gift that had Lenina - three chihuahua dogs. They are not saying a word, gave beauty Nikita Dzhigurda, Bari Alibasov and Sergei Zverev - each dog!

First two christened in honor of all of your favorite singers and Sausages Bedrosych, but the third was named dollar. Lenina had not yet decided whether she will bring new pets or give them to a friend of the family children's home, children who had long been asking for a dog. Do not know which is better, because in the first case, small animals will eat the eggs and spend the night on a sable coat, and in the second they surround every minute with love and affection the children are not busy filming and business, as Lenina.


Gwyneth Paltrow: I do not care about the criticism!

Gwyneth Paltrow_ I do not care about the criticism!

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow has reached such a state that can no longer be silent: she decided to say what "boiling" in an interview with British magazine Red. So well matched that Paltrow was also the guest editor of the Christmas issue of the magazine.

Recall that for several months in the tabloids there are numerous rumors about her personal life, in particular - about the relationship with the billionaire Jeffrey Soffer.

Gwyneth Paltrow told what life has taught her:

The older I get, the more I realize that the opinions of people I do not means absolutely nothing. It's just a waste of energy! See if you want to talk to your favorite or your best friend that you might hurt a bit, then give it the attention and listen. Well, if it is an unknown character, what is the general difference is that he is thinking about you?

41-year-old actress is trying not to read the tabloids:

all this gossip. Therefore, I will never read.

Also Paltrow treats women badly, allowing himself to criticize others:

No one in the whole world can not point to a woman how much time to give tomu-to, to something and tomu-to. Like, just need to go to the concert, at the fashion party or ... Well, I wanted to spit on someone's orders! It does not matter what others think. It is basic, what we should learn in life.

Actress admits that almost all my free time spent with children:

I found a balance between family and work - if I'm not with the kids, I'm busy career. And who and what he thinks - it does not matter at all. The most important thing - it's what you are thinking about ourselves. And your kids. Want some advice? Do what you think is necessary, and do not waste a second of someone's criticism!

When asked if she wanted more children from her husband Chris Martin, mother of Apple and Moses replied in the negative, as the busy taking care of nephew:

Now my life so I am satisfied that if I open a new chapter in a very interesting novel. Today I was sitting with my son in the bathroom, and I thought, "How good he is able to take care of himself for a". I do not think I could have more time to go through it!

By the way, Gwyneth Paltrow soon will take away children from Los Angeles to London:

I do not want to become that kind "teenagers in Los Angeles. " No way! I have my own approach to parenting: children have to live in different cultures, to understand their own strengths and weaknesses. It's sort of an experiment.

Meanwhile publication Vanity Fair continues to collect information for the mysterious and very critical article about Gwyneth.

Gwyneth Paltrow for red Magazine

Gwyneth Paltrow for red Magazine


Michelle Monaghan gave birth to a son

Michelle Monaghan gave birth to a son

On Wednesday, actress Michelle Monaghan became a mother for the second time: she gave her husband Peter White little Tommy Francis. This information has confirmed the official representative of Monaghan.

Note that the couple already has a 4-year-old daughter Willow Katherine.

In addition, a 37-year-old actress is actively engaged in a career. This year come just three pictures with Monaghan: the drama "Fort Bliss," a comedy "Broken by splitting" with Chris Evans and the TV series "True Detective," starring Matthew McConaughey and perform and Woody Harrelson.