Nov 1, 2013

Tori Spelling offered $ 1 million for porn

Star of TV series "Beverly Hills, 90210" Tori Spelling can give a million dollars for a home sex video. The head of the company for the production of pornographic films Vivid Entertainment made the offer actress, knowing that she is in financial difficulties.

On his decision to the head of Vivid Entertainment Steve Hirsch said in a letter to Secretary Spellings, an excerpt of which are published by American journalists. "This is a serious proposal that can really help you in your difficult financial situation. However, first I want to see the passage of this entry, to verify their authenticity" - wrote the actress pornomagnata.

That sex video with her participation there is, the star of "Beverly Hills" wrote in his autobiography. The book says that Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott filmed their lovemaking on Valentine's Day in 2009.

Shortly thereafter, one of the "friends" of her husband copied itself this record, write "BBC News". After the letter was made public in the case immediately became a lawyer Spelling, and more news from the head of Vivid Entertainment was not heard. However, it is possible that the actress and her husband will offer a businessman, as the couple recently announced that is experiencing difficulties with money.

Tori Spelling, known for her role of Donna Martin in the famous youth series "Beverly Hills, 90210" . On account of an actress and a number of roles in movies, including the comedy "Scary Movie - 2".


Keanu Reeves on the set - with a face that, boy?

Keanu Reeves on the set

The film "John Wick" with Keanu Reeves is scheduled for 2014, but we can already say that the actor is wonderfully accustomed to the role. It's not just blind faith with great talent charming Keanu - To see this, it is enough to see the photos from the shooting made the other day in Brooklyn.

Image with Keanu quite specific - he plays a former assassin who pursues the murderer of his dog, as a result of specific signs a deal with the mafia bosses in New York. Details of the plot, we do not know, but one thing we can say for sure - the person maniac Reeves managed to portray a convincing way, was very charismatic "murderer." Not only that - over a terrifying way to make-up artists have worked well. Our handsome look as if a fight with a cat - face covered with deep cuts, contrasted strangely with the strict business suit.

Keanu Reeves, film, photos,

Keanu Reeves on the set - with a face that, boy

Lana Del Rey refused to sing for Kim Kardashian

Lana Del Rey

According to press reports, Lana Del Rey has received from Kanye West's offer to sing for his bride, Kim Kardashian at the time of the acclaimed engagement, but said "polite refusal".

Insider, who spoke with a reporter Radar Online, says:

Lana politely refused, but did not name the reason why will not be able to speak. It was a firm "no" from Lana and her team. Kanye tried to convince her, but got nowhere. Then he decided to order a band that would play a song for Kim, and then I realized that it was a great idea.

As it turned out, Kim - a fanatical fan of Del Ray, and she especially likes Young & Beautiful song from the soundtrack to "Great Gatsby." It was she sounded when West gave the bride a ring.

Surrounded Kardashian told that the love of Kim creativity Lana its categorical refusal did not affect:

Kim was upset that Lana is not performed at this important event for her, but it's still a big fan. She appreciated the fact that Kanye was trying so hard to organize it. Now Kim jokingly wondered whether Lana wants to sing with them at the wedding.

We do not know whether to agree Del Rey, but we can assume that the celebration will be no less ambitious than the engagement.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart reunited?

As a longtime fan of "Twilight" saga waited such news: According to Western press reports, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart reunited after nearly six months after the separation. Nobody is talking about a romantic relationship, while that young people communicate just as friends.

So, last Wednesday Stewart was spotted Pattinson in a mansion in Los Angeles. Three hours later, a pair of left star luxury housing. The actors took their cars and, according to an eyewitness, headed toward the manor Kristen. However, seeing that they are being watched paparazzi, former lovers instantly divided, Stewart went home alone.

Recall messages about parting couples appeared in the middle of May. Later followed the information that Robert and Kristen are not only ended their alliance, but finally reduced to no communication.

In addition, over the past five months, Pattinson had to assign a number of novels with famous girls, but none of They had not been officially confirmed.

Well, we will follow the development of the story. Who knows, there may be all sorts of options, because we know that the relationship of Rob and Kristen could be the basis for yet another novel, is no less exciting than the one that made them famous: that they converge, then diverge, the quarrel, the put up - and all this under the relentless eye of press.

Jared Leto for Out: On the ground I was a woman

Jared Leto for Out

Jared Leto told Out magazine about what he was to play a transsexual Reyon in the drama "The Dallas Buyers Club." Recall heroine Jared has AIDS and with the hero Matthew McConaughey is engaged in smuggling drugs to fellow sufferers. For these roles, actors lost weight almost to the bone, and look like real patients, and Jared is also completely removed all body hair, including eyebrows.

"I decided to stay in the shape of a woman before the end of filming, because after every take was painful to leave the image and then go into that, "- says the actor. Locals sometimes recognize him as Jared, sometimes not - the same was true of the crew. So much so, that many have forgotten that in front of them - not a lady, and began to deal with summer as a woman. "Of course, I looked at it as a clinical case that saved me. I could not imagine what it's like to live as always, as far as it is painful ".

Jared remembers all the words sophisticated movies - and it's" Requiem for a Dream, "and" Chapter 27 "and" Mr. Nobody " - and says that it insanely happy. "The greater the challenge, the greater the reward. Right now I feel like the happiest person on the planet.

Jared Leto

Unbroken: the first footage from the filming of Angelina Jolie

 the first footage from the filming of Angelina Jolie

About two weeks ago in Australia started shooting the film "Unbroken", directed and produced by Angelina Jolie began. The press has already appeared the first photos from the set.

Film is based on the true story of an American athlete Louis Zamperini (with whom Jolie met before filming), played by Alex Russell.

In the first days of filming was working on one of the most dramatic scenes with Russell and two other actors: the plot of their heroes spend 47 days on a raft, where are the crash.

crew located in the Gulf of Moreton Bay, and I must say that the actors had to thoroughly prepare for the work on these scenes: in a few months, they threw off the weight sitting on a strict diet to impress emaciated by hunger and heat.

World Premiere of "Unbroken," in which one of the roles Garrett Hedlund plays, is scheduled for December 25, 2014.


Nina Dobrev provokes with sex jokes

Nina Dobrev

Charming Bulgarian Nina Dobrev delight his fans on the social network,

by posting interesting status. Written by Nina says: "Sex. Breakfast of Champions".

Although actress quoting lines from the movie Rush, who is currently making a stir at the box office, it seems that Nina agrees with this statement and nothing like practicing it.

"Does anyone give you breakfast in bed," joked again with her fans. Recently Nina Dobrev was again alone, since parted with another boyfriend Derek Hough

Katy Perry: Mick Jagger hit me when I was 18 years old

This week, Katy Perry visited the Australian radio station, where, during an interview said that several years ago she was the victim of violence. According to the singer, she has suffered at the hands of the legendary lead singer of British rock group The Rolling Stones Mick Jagger:

It hit me when I was 18 years old.

It turned out that in 2004, Perry sang on backing vocals for the musician. Then the artists recorded song Old Habits Die Hard, which was the soundtrack to the film "Alfie, or What Men Want" (Alfie). After work, Cathy and Mick went to dine at the restaurant, where there was a nasty incident.

After such a declaration Jagger had to refute the words of Perry:

I deny that I have ever raised a hand to Katy Perry.

to protect the musician stood up and his agent, who also assured reporters that the singer's words are misguided:

Perhaps she confused him with someone else.

Recall that in the spring of this year, Perry and Jagger appeared on stage in Las Vegas: they performed the classic song musical group Beast of Burden, which became a hit in 1978. Then Katie wrote in his microblog:

great honor for me to speak with artists. I did it.

Remarks to reporters after the show, she noted that the 70-year-old rocker was "very kind" to her.

Old age is a joy: Heidi Klum costume on Halloween

Heidi Klum costume on Halloween

Heidi Klum loves Halloween - every year model is suitable for this holiday very seriously. Perhaps she's one of the few stars who spend so much time on choosing a holiday costume. This year we were pleased with the star again in an unusual way: Klum has evolved from a 40-year-old woman in beauty.

The process of reincarnation Heidi shared with his fans on the social network, which has posted a few pictures, which show the gradual application of arduous make-up:

Time fun! Happy Halloween!

Note that Bill Corso and Mike Marino, who helped Klum to age for decades, their best: dark spots and varicose veins have turned ultra realistic, but from the firm and taut skin models left and trace.

To complement its way star donned a rather modest skirt and top, and took the hand crutch.

In an interview, Klum announced that prepare fabulous costumes, it helps the whole team :

I'm starting to come up with the image of a few months before Halloween. I have an amazing team that makes the impossible possible. It takes months of preparation!

Model also wants other people as responsible for this holiday:

I want to encourage people to make the best of my suit. I want my guests to amaze me! It's so fun when you look at someone a few minutes and then you know who it is in fact!

Said, lovers of All Saints' Day, it is better to stay home than come out in a boring suit. View

Old age is a joy_Heidi Klum costume on Halloween


Nicole Kidman has compared marriage Jolie and Pitt with bubble

Nicole Kidman

Australian actress Nicole Kidman told about the relationship with Tom Cruise and compared them with a couple of Jolie and Pitt.

46-year-old actress Nicole Kidman appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine and shared her memories of her previous marriage to actor Tom Cruise.

12 years after her divorce from Cruise, Nicole talked about their past relationships: "When you're in a couple and as a dinner a bubble, then it is very intoxicating and poisons, as you are only together".

The Australian believes that what she said, and felt in their marriage Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. They can understand what she meant, "I'm sure that Brad and Angelina have the same feeling, because there is no one who understands (you), except for the sleeping person next to you".

Now Nicole with her two children and husband Keith Urban live in Nashville and says, "You know, without any disrespect to the fact that we have had with Tom, now I met my great love".

Recall that in September of this year, Angelina Jolie talked about the experience that she needed to live no longer than three years. This fear is caused by the risk of dying from cancer, like her mother. So the actress decided quickly to legalize their relationship with a lover.


Orlando Bloom's relationship with Miranda Kerr: "We love each other. We are family"

Earlier this week, Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom announced their break-up after three years of marriage. But in spite of the situation, they will continue to communicate and maintain a friendly relationship, after all ex-lovers is growing 2-year-old son, Flynn, in which they are not prepared soul.

Recently Bloom said farewell to Kerry in his interview, he spoke about what is happening in his life:

We love each other. We're a family. We will be present in the lives of each other until the end. We will support and love each other for the sake of our son. We roditeli.Inogda life circumstances are not the way we plan and hope, but we're adults. I am now 36, she's 30, we are professionals, we love and care about each other, but even more we love our son.

Recall, according to a representative of actors, the couple does not live together for several months. Moreover, Miranda and Orlando put up for sale a common home in Los Angeles for $ 3 million. However, despite this, they still appear together in public and communicate regularly.


Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Torres on a date

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Torres

Not so long ago it was reported that Leonardo DiCaprio is "started" his brand new modelku. This is one of the Brazilian media reported Kat Torres - the same girl that gave her attention to the actor. Girl depict their enthusiasm for romance with a star, though, was very worried, because Leo promised not to talk. As it turned out, no wonder baby worried - the day after the revelations Torres appeared denial of her romance with Leonardo DiCaprio. It seemed clear - dreaming, child, make-believe what is not ... However, it turned out that the novel is a young actor and model is not that the mythical - recently paparazzi photographed Katie and Leo during a visit to Los Angeles.

Jessica Alba: it exchanges a passionate kiss in the street with Pierce Brosnan!

Jessica Alba kiss Pierce Brosnan!

This is an amazing scene that could assist passers this Wednesday, October 30 in Los Angeles! In fact, the two actors in full passionate embrace offered themselves for all to see! Jessica Alba and Pierce Brosnan have not hidden to exchange several kisses ...

But do not be dismayed, the beautiful Jessica, the mom who never stops to prepare Halloween with his daughters, is not cheating on her husband, Cash Warren! She just turned a new film with former James Bond.

How To Make Love Like An English Man appears next romantic comedy that must monitor the release date. It will include Pierce Brosnan and Jessica Alba then, but also a very sexy Salma Hayek, or Kristin Scott Thomas. If for the moment, no synopsis has been revealed, in view of photos taken on the set, we can say that our dear Pierce Brosnan is caught between two fires, the flamboyant Jessica Alba and Salma Hayek fatal!