Oct 31, 2013

Do twins Galkin and Pugacheva appeared nanny

Recently, Lisa and Harry - the children of Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva one month old. Despite the fact that she feeds Alla twins to look after the kids Diva helps specialized nurse.

"Each of the kids their own room and his own nurse - told reporters sister named Alla Pugacheva, a businesswoman Alina Redel. - C finding babysitting Alla helped sister Natasha Maxim Galkin and another close friend ".

" Nian chose Alla - said the proud father Maxim Galkin. - Alla has involved her friends and acquaintances. A good nanny helped us to find the wife of my brother and Our close friend of the singer Irson Kudikova. Overall, the issue we are very responsible attitude. now I say "we" and mean Alla. Firstly, Allah is better versed in this, and secondly, I was on set. Alla And this was very involved in the last month of pregnancy ".

Recall that in early October, the couple Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin announced the birth of twins - a son and a daughter. Surrogate mother gave birth to a baby, but it's biological children Ally and Maxim.

The eggs were frozen Alla Borisovnoj 11 years ago, when she was with Maxim, but not yet married him officially. A little later, when the couple got married, they decided the decision to become parents. Maxim and daughter Alla named Elizabeth, and his son - Harry.

Metallica identified themselves as fans of Justin Bieber

Metallica band members called themselves fans of American singer Justin Bieber. This was announced in an interview with the band magazine Q.

the reason for this was the recognition laid out on October 15 in the Internet backstage Bieber's videos on which he sings the melody of the famous song Metallica "Fade to Black".

Frontman James Hetfield when asked what he thought about the Canadian pop star said: "Belibery me? Yeah!" (Ed. - Beliberami call themselves fans of Justin Bieber - from "Bieber" and the English "believer" - "believer"). Bassist Rob Trujillo also added that he would consider himself beliberom as long as the pop singer "stays away from trouble".

Drummer Lars Ulrich, in turn, said: "Is it possible to feel respect for him without being beliberom? I think this kid is actually very talented. Obviously, you can move the mind, if you go through all the things that he had to go through at such a young age. So the fact that he still continues to work, I admire. suspect that I am in some way beliber. If he likes the song "One", and he was like Liam Gallagher, what can I say more? "

Previously, the band's manager Peter Mensch told reporters that he wanted to would "take Bieber to shed it there and have a good spanking." Mensch also noted that the career of a young pop musician will last "on the strength of three years".

19-year-old singer on several occasions openly expressed his sympathy for the metal band. In 2012, he stated that the use of the song Metallica "One" and "Fade to Black" during his raspevok.

Rihanna finished tribal tattoo

Rihanna wanted to improve somewhat tribal tattoo on her hand, which she pinned to the natives of New Zealand.

But the singer used to work with "proven" celebrity-masters, so she called Keith McCurdy, who immediately flew to the Dominican Republic to Rihanna . 11:00 hard work - and the tattoo was ready.

25-year-old singer loves tattooing:

This is a whole culture. I study the different types of tattoos, history. Sometimes I do a tattoo, and sometimes - with your friends.

This time Rihanna has decided not to risk it and stay on the henna. Recall that the natives of New Zealand, literally "tortured" singer: tattoo tools - a hammer and chisel. Riri laid out the shocking photos in Twitter.

Note that the tattoo artist tried not to disturb the authenticity of pedigree drawing.


Miley Cyrus in the image of Lil Kim

Miley Cyrus in the image of Lil Kim

Miley Cyrus continues to shock his unique sense of humor: this time the 21-year-old singer posted on Twitter her new outfit for Halloween. It turned out she remembered the image of Lil Kim at a ceremony VMA MTV in 1999.

Purple wig and a sticker on his chest - a creative who look more to a person?

The way, in a recent interview, Miley said:

In a previous life I was a Lil 'Kim! I love it. We are so similar. It makes me happy. I can not do anything with my love for Lil!

By the way, the love was mutual 39-year-old Lil immediately responded in Twitter:

Aah! Look at my baby Miley! Today it is gorgeous! I wish I could touch your chest!

Well, let's wait for the new costumes from Cyrus: for some reason, we are confident that the fun ahead.

Miley Cyrus

Lil Kim


Daniel Radcliffe will be an Olympic champion

Daniel Radcliffe has signed a contract to participate in the filming of a biography of Gold tells of the double Olympic champion in the women's 1,500 meters Sebastian Coe.

Biopic will be based on the work of British sports journalist Pat Butcher "The ideal distance. Ovett and Coe: record rivalry" According to press reports, the author of the picture will become a consultant.

Tape will tell the life story of Coe preceding the Moscow Olympics in 1980. Also in the "Gold" will be touched upon confrontation Coe and other athletes, special attention will be paid to his rivalry with the famous runner Steve Ovett.

Movie is directed by James Watkins, who was already imbued with a new project:

I do not understand the beauty of the story, until he decided to explore their past. They are both fantastic athletes are completely different people. They are found only on the track, almost never in my life.

By the way, Watkins has previously worked with Radcliffe on the movie "The Woman in Black", where the actor played the lead role.

Work on a new project due to start in April next year. Filming will take place in the UK and Russia.

Daniel Radcliffe
Sebastian Coe, 1984

Princess Charlene at the presentation of the Princess Grace Awards

Princess Charlene at the presentation of the Princess Grace Awards

In New York on Wednesday night was the awards Princess Grace Awards. As a guest of honor at the ceremony came the daughter of the late Grace Kelly, Princess Charlene.

Award named after the famous Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly is awarded by the Foundation, which thus supports young talents in the field of theater, film and dance.

The fund was set up after the death of Princess Grace in 1982 with the active participation of her husband Prince Rainier III. Kelly herself in life has paid particular attention to supporting the talented members of the art world, and after the tragic death of loved ones continued her business.

the daughter of Andrei Konchalovsky and Julia Vysotsky out of the coma

French press mistakenly "brought" the daughter of Andrei Konchalovsky and Julia Vysotsky (Ioulia Vyssotskaïa) out of the coma. Recall, 14-year-old Maria got into an accident with his father, and from October 12, is in hospital. The day before, some media reported about positive changes in the state of girls, but, alas, it was not true.

Details about the situation with Maria yet. We only know that after the accident she was in serious condition, and next to her daughter her parents are constantly on duty. As previously reported, Konchalovsky and Vysotskaya rented an apartment in Marseille, to be as close to the hospital, where Mary.

Doctors state does not comment on the star's daughter, the director and the actress also refused to talk to the press (and they can understand) .

The alarm is known that driving a rented car was a Mercedes Konchalovsky. He lost control, drove into the oncoming lane and collided with another car. The director was not injured, but Maria was injured. According to some reports, the girl was not fastened.

In this accident also injured two French-pensioner, who were traveling in the second car. Their condition is satisfactory.

Pamela Anderson new haircut, yes or no?

You could imagine that? We are absolutely certain no! And one of the planet's most famous blonde Pamela Anderson radically changed the image: actress and fashion model hair cut "like a boy".

Anderson decided to follow the footsteps of Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce and other lovers of short haircuts. She said goodbye with no regrets with long hair, which for many years has been an integral part of her image.

Updated Pamela appeared on Wednesday in Los Angeles, she was wearing a light dress with stripes, a white blouse and black ballet flats . I must say that in this incarnation Anderson did not immediately know!

It is worth noting that many have already compared the star on the other equally famous blonde - Charlize Theron. Well, some of the similarities and the truth is.


George Clooney: "All the rumors of my novels - this is fiction!"

Since he broke up with George Clooney Stacy Keibler, he is considered one of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood. Not surprisingly, he is credited with many stories of girls.

Only last month we learned of the tabloids, at least, of the three possible girlfriends actor. First, the journalists decided that his new love - actress Katie Holmes. Then we are talking about the model from Croatia Monica Dzhekisich. A few days ago we reported that George had dinner in the company of sexual lawyer Julian Assange - Amal Alamuddin.

Is Clooney really is such an active lifestyle?

In an interview with People magazine, the 52-year-old star of "Gravity" said:

three stories in three weeks ... Yes, I'm the champion! Of course, this is all fiction.

As the representative of the actor Stan Rosenfield, Clooney has decided to clarify the situation on their personal lives, as simply tired of the rumors:

George fed up with this nonsense about Monica . In addition, he wants to Katie rested a little, and Amal - Sit still problems Assange. I even specifically called his charge to learn how pravidivy gossip in the tabloids. As I expected, he said that he does not comment on personal life. However, George opposed to paparazzi chased all the girls, so he decided to dot the "i".

Source close to the actor confirms this information:

Clooney with no one to meet. Katie Holmes, he just put his arm around the premiere of the film "Gravity". And he collaborates with Amal in the TV project about Syria.

So while George Clooney is absolutely free.

George Clooney et Stacy Keibler

Amal Alamuddin recently had dinner with George Clooney