Oct 29, 2013

Eugene Feofilaktova told about a secret diet

Young mother and star of the reality show "Dom-2" Eugene Feofilaktova told fans about his secret diet. Recall that after the birth of the participant of the controversial project's son Daniel in less than a year, and Jack has regained its former harmony.

Feofilaktova shared her beauty secrets with fans at once. Only now she is told what helped her get rid of excess weight.

According to Eugenia, even during pregnancy, she studied materials on nutrition, diet and sports. As assures Feofilaktova, it can now be considered a real nutritionist, because in a relatively short period of time, she read a lot of specialized literature.

Star "House-2" says that thanks to her method can lose 3-5 kg. In the first week to refuse a bad meal, and useful (low-fat, but nutritious) food to take up to five times a day. This will speed up your metabolism, insists Eugene.

Second week should give up fried foods and switch to foods, steamed or stewed without oil. Feofilaktova also advised to add to the diet of salads with vegetable oil.

In the third week to say a firm "no" to any fatty meat and say at least a solid "yes" fish, seafood and chicken breasts. In addition, Eugene recommended to reduce the amount of servings, but not the total number of the day.

Finally, the fourth week should be marked by rejection of the majority of carbohydrates. Drink water Feofilaktova offers and vegetable juices.

This diet Eugene advises to combine with exercise.

We can add that every beautiful maidens have their own characteristics of the organism, so all sorts of advice about nutrition is desirable carefully consider and discuss with his personal physician)

Justin Bieber: it helps to build a school in Guatemala

Justin Bieber did not hesitate a second to help disadvantaged children. Thus, the Canadian singer has recently visited the austere jungle of Guatemala with the organization Pencils of Promise, an organization that fights throughout the world to provide access to education for children in the country poor.

It is in a completely devastated by poverty landscape that Justin Bieber has lent a hand to build a wall of a school ... . An institution that will soon be able to accommodate future students eager to study

In a video posted on YouTube, the young man of 19 years said: "Today was probably one of the most days magic in my life. " Before telling: "I was in a place I never knew existed with beautiful children who live in a small hut ten and I was shaken ... Every problem I have is nothing because them, they have nothing (...) However, they are happy! " Watch!

Rihanna: break fumette with Snoop Dogg in Punta Cana!

While Bad Gal recently visited the Dominican Republic to perform there, she took the opportunity to attend a concert of his "boss" spiritual, called Snoop Dogg ... And their reunion, they did not fail to fumigate.

October 25, Rihanna was in the Dominican Republic ... And if she has settled on this paradise earth is to happen there, but before going on stage, Huey took advantage of his free time to attend the concert of Snoop Dogg.

In Punta Cana, inside the Hard Rock Casino, the Barbadian has not failed to support his idol and did not hesitate to show his excitement by moving his body to the music of the rapper.

Received as required by the staff of Snoop, Rihanna was then found that it considers "a masterpiece" (spiritual probably). And given that the interpreter Smoke Weed Everyday recommends regularly in his texts, smoking weed, it is a field day with Rihanna.

Rihanna and  Snoop Dogg in Punta Cana!

Nicole Kidman on the verge of divorce

Nicole Kidman on the verge of divorce

Famous Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman is on the verge of divorce. Australian diva hardly seen with her husband, singer Keith Urban.

Not have time to calm down the talk about the sudden break-up Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom and his wife model Miranda Kerr, as rumors emerged that the family is not the other famous actresses all right. We are talking about Nicole Kidman. Ostensibly lengthen separation between her and her husband Keith Urban is very negative effect on their relationship.

Interestingly, the difficulties in the family told himself Keith Urban recently when the show was well-known TV host Ellen DeGeneres. For some time now Keith became a judge of a very popular American TV project American Idol, takes him a lot of time and effort. Urban gave a candid interview in which he admitted that the work has a negative impact on their marriage with Nicole.

"I've always tried to plan your tour schedule in such a way as to not miss home more than a week. And I succeeded! While I became a judge on American Idol. This project takes a lot of time and effort. Meanwhile, my wife is shot in London. Thus, because of the work we can not stay together "- quote Keith Urban" 7 days . "

The musician said he and his wife, a very old-fashioned. For example, they absolutely do not recognize any of the modern means of communication, except the phone, because they believe that they are terribly unromantic. "We never send sms to each other and do not write your email. Telephone calls - the only way we keep in touch at a distance", - said the famous singer. However, neither Urban nor Kidman does not comment on rumors of a possible break-up.

It reminds edition, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman were married in 2006. The couple have two daughters - Sunday Rose's five-year and two-year Faith Margaret. Nicole also has two adopted children from his marriage to Tom Cruise: 20-year-old Isabella and 18-year-old

Rapper 50 Cent has received three years of probation

American rapper and actor 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, until recently threatened to real jail time. However, the kicker got off only a suspended sentence for beating girlfriend.

Rapper 50 Cent could get up to five years in prison, but he was lucky. Los Angeles court ordered him to pay compensation in the amount of 7,100 dollars a year to attend courses of treatment for angry outbursts. In addition, the musician received three years probation, according to Huffington Post.

Recall that the incident took place in June at the home of the former girlfriend of Curtis Jackson. According to police, on June 23 between the 37-year-old rapper and his former girlfriend, whom he met three years and with whom he has a common child, a quarrel broke out when they were in her apartment in Los Angeles. The musician began smashing property of the woman, and she locked herself in the bathroom.

Police estimated damage to its property of 7.1 thousand dollars. However, this did not stop Jackson. He knocked the bathroom door and struck the woman foot. As a result of his former lover was injured. The girl pulled the popular singer from the hands of his offense. She reported him to the court in Los Angeles.

Note that on October 29 another famous rapper, Chris Brown, who was arrested over the weekend for assaulting a passer-by, was temporarily released from the police station. Judges are appointed meeting on November 25. On this day, the executor will be finally judged. Before this date, the singer ordered to stay away from the victim less than a kilometer.

According to Western sources, the 24-year-old singer refused to consider himself guilty, however, if the court does acknowledge his guilt, at best, Brown faces 180 days in jail and a $ 1,000 fine. But the penalty can be much more severe because the rapper is now serving a suspended sentence for beating his former girlfriend Rihanna.

"X-Men: Days of Future past": the first official trailer

Just an hour ago, had its world premiere trailer of one of the most anticipated movies of 2014 "X-Men: Days of Future past" (X-Men: Days of Future Past) directed by Bryan Singer.

In work on the tape, which finished shooting back on August 17 of this year, with Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, and many other actors.

speech in the new film will focus on the distant future, in which the angry Guardians destroy holders of super-powers. It all started with the fact that the brave "X-Men" villain, killed the senator, thus triggering a new wave of terror. Under threat - not only the lives of mutants and humanity as a whole.

New part of the franchise will be released in the spring of the following year: a picture of "X-Men.

Justin Timberlake is the new video: TKO

Justin Timberlake has released a new video for the song TKO: just a few hours ago, he posted it on YouTube and reported it to Twitter.

TKO - the second official single from their fourth studio album, The 20/20 Experience: 2 of 2 , which went on sale in late September. Producer clip - Timbaland.

So, it all starts with a piquant scenes of seduction Justin in the kitchen. But love - an ominous thing: femme femme fatale played by 24-year-old granddaughter of Elvis Presley Riley Kew knocked him out with a frying pan, will tie to his jeep and ... One person will survive.

And what will happen next - see for yourself.

And be sure to express your opinion - what if Justin read. His world tour kicks off on November 6

Mariah Carey revealed the cover of the new single

Mariah Carey has always loved revealing outfits, and on the cover of her new single, the singer appears in a bathing suit with a plunging neckline. Song called The Art Of Letting Go star presents two weeks.

Yesterday 43-year-old Carey unveiled the cover of his many admirers singles (ie - 14 million subscribers on Facebook). By the photo, she added a comment that is left before the track exactly 14 days.

This year, Mariah has released a studio album, also bears the name of The Art Of Letting Go. It will be the 14th in a row in her career. Currently, the latest album by pop diva was released in 2010 - it was a collection of Christmas songs.

Nicole Kidman in the image of Brigitte Bardot for Jimmy Choo

Nicole Kidman, who will soon appear on the screen in the image of Grace Kelly, in advertising Jimmy Choo plays the role of another legendary figure - Brigitte Bardot.

Photoshoot where Kidman transforms into a sex symbol of the 60s, was created as part of advertising Campaign cruise collection 2014. Mark is a video from the shooting, in which Nicole admits that he loves shoes with heels and did not think that tall girls have to give it up.

Also in the video actress says her favorite model of the cult brand called Sunday - and, incidentally, also the name of her daughter.

This is the second ad campaign Jimmy Choo featuring Nicole.

George Clooney new girlfriend - Assange's lawyer?

George Clooney new girlfriend - Assange's lawyer

The other day, George Clooney dined in the company of a girl who represents the interests of the legendary founder of Wikileaks, and the prototype of the hero in the film "The Fifth Power" Julian Assange. Her name - Amal Alamuddin.

Note that it was in London. Amal and specializes in international criminal law, human rights and extradition. Overall, a very educated girl. Now her main job - it's possible extradition of Assange to Sweden. Recall that the last time he was living at the Embassy of Ecuador in London.

Interestingly, in a recent Internet survey Amal Alamuddin was considered the sexiest lawyer in Britain.

So it is not surprising that an outfit for a dinner with 52-year-old Amal Clooney chose a red dress and lipstick to match the gray coat. Frankly, most of us are struck her silver shoes.

Sam George Clooney says that while he is alone and busy, "Gravitation"

George Clooney and new girlfriend Amal Alamuddin

Maxim Galkin had an accident

The popular TV host Maxim Galkin became a member of an accident in Moscow. Car Bentley, which was known showman, collided with a minibus.

Maxim Galkin in the accident, fortunately, was not injured, but the car after the collision artist was heavily damaged. "I took the time to film" Kings Can Do Everything. "My car stopped at a traffic light near Paveletskaya, followed by a sudden blow. As we drove a minibus SsangYoung, apparently, the driver fell asleep at the wheel. But, thank God, the shot went on a tangent to the the right-hand side. considerable damage to the machine, the damage will be calculated a round sum - well, that car is insured. Personally, I waited for the traffic police, explained to them the circumstances of the accident and flew to the site - I was already there waiting. I was not injured, escaped with only a slight shock, "- told showman.

As it became known, in the accident that occurred on Sunday around seven in the morning on the Garden Ring, guilt Maxim Galkin not. Car wife Alla Pugacheva was driving at the time of the collision on the shaft in the direction of Zatsepskiy Krasnokholmsky bridge.

The machine has broken down the right side of the artist - the back door, mirror, molding and wheels. Maxim Galkin he was not driving and was in the back seat as a passenger, he was accompanied by a personal driver, writes Heat.ru.

guilty in an accident was found 37-year-old driver of SsangYong. Violation of the rules he had to rebuild to pay the fine. Galkina threaten foreign car repair work, so that the father of two children, Harry and Lisa will not soon sit in your favorite Bentley, where everything needed for comfortable movement artist.

Earlier machine showman already involved in road accidents, and suitable parts had to wait more than six months. This time the artist is counting on a quick repair, as for the maintenance of a large family a lot of work, and therefore often move around the city and beyond.

Monica Bellucci on the novel with Ismailov

After leaving Hollywood actress Monica Bellucci, with her husband, actor Vincent Cassel, there were rumors that actress meets with Azerbaijani businessman Telman Ismailov. Both long time refused to comment on the topic, but in the end Bellucci told about the "novel" with the businessman.

Information about the novel and Monica Bellucci Telman Ismailov began shortly after the actress split with her husband Vincent Cassel. And after the end of September in the Azerbaijani press Monica congratulated on his birthday, such rumors have intensified.

"That's the part that I do not know where she could appear on nothing builds" - quote Statement of Monica Bellucci RIA Novosti reported. Moreover, the actress allowed herself a little candor, saying that after breaking up with Cassel, "because they have personalities that develop in different directions," in her life, there is no other man.

On the question of whether Cassel meets with other women, Bellucci said she did not know about it. In this case, plans to return from France, where she lived with her husband at home - in Italy, the actress at the moment. In addition, Bellucci has denied rumors of a romance with film director Emir Kusturica, with whom she is working on his new film.

Recall that Bellucci met Ismailov back in 2009 at the opening of the hotel "Mardan Palace" in Turkey . Then he had invited 600 VIP-guests, but the focus has got to Monica. After that, the paparazzi allegedly repeatedly seen a couple together at social events.

As parting Italian actress and her husband, the first time the break Bellucci and Cassel became known at the end of August this year. Then, breaking the pair officially confirmed by a representative of Monica.

Causes separation of star spouses are unknown. However, the information about the quarrel actors appeared in the spring of 2012, when Vincent Cassel was accused of treason. The reason for the application are pictures of the actor in the company with an unknown woman.

Pugacheva surprised rejuvenated in a new way

After the birth of twins Lisa and Harry Alla has changed: postroynela, began to look younger.

At a fashion show Slava Zaitsev Diva came in bright sweater and jeans. A new image has not hidden transformations figures singer and her appearance as a whole. All noted that becoming a mom, Pugacheva literally blossomed.

Britney Spears in Halloween Parody

Britney Spears took part in a morning entertainment show BBC 1 and starred in the hilarious Halloween parody.

Singer flies on a broom, holding an ax and blood and orders a pepperoni pizza. All of this enchanting action served as a parody of a famous hit Michael Jackson's Thriller.

Note that the pseudo-British accent manages Britney Spears just amazing.

So, let's look to lift themselves and festive mood .

stars in the image: Halloween is come

Halloween is almost due. And the stars he apparently started a long time ago. And will end too, probably not soon.

Couple of days ago we presented the first collection of Halloween 2013.

Let's evaluate a new batch of images of the artists'.

The new collection - Jessica Alba, Fergie, the family of Hilton, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, Vanessa Hudgens and many others.

As you celebrity?

Fergie and Josh Dyuamel 

Kurt Russell
Goldie Hawn
Johnny Hallyday and his Cleopatra
Alessandra Ambrosio continues to amaze
Rachel Zoe and her husband
Paris and Nicky Hilton
Whether Paris Hilton, or Miley Cyrus
Nicky Hilton - Sexy Schoolgirl
Vanessa Hudgens with her sister at Halloween party studios fully
Lauren Conrad - Princess
Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom and Flynn until just bought a bucket-pumpkin 
Jessica Alba and Cash Warren
Melanie Griffith prefers to dress up dogs