Oct 28, 2013

Angelina Jolie with children preparing for Halloween

Angelina Jolie is now in Australia, where it is working on a new picture. However, the cause of time fun - hour: Actress with the children preparing for Halloween, which also witnessed the paparazzi.

Together with twins Vivienne and Knox Hollywood celebrity went on holiday shopping, where they have bought carnival costumes and decor for the home - certain day of all saints in the Jolie-Pitt family every year turns into a horrible let, but a fairy tale.

the way, while the younger children of the famous couple went shopping, seniors - Shiloh and Zahara - visited the roller core, where great fun under the watchful care of babysitting.

Valery Meladze divorcing his wife

Valery Meladze

Meladze divorcing his wife Irina. Employees of Russian media found out that on October 21 a 48-year-old singer filed for divorce in Kuntsevskiy court in Moscow.

The document stated that the marriage was registered in 1998, but in 2012 the marriage relationship between husband and wife actually discontinued. In a statement, Valery said that his wife agreed to a divorce.

The couple has three children: a 22-year-old Inga, a 14-year-old Sophia and 11-year-old Arina.

Recall that in August Ukrainian media reported on divorce brother Valeri, Konstantin Meladze. With his wife, Jana, he lived 19 years, they also have three children

Eva Longoria and Eduardo Cruz back together?

It would seem, Eva Longoria and Eduardo Cruz have long put everything in terms of their relationship, but, as it turns out, and this time the separation of the pair can end up happy reunion. The actress and her ex-boyfriend this weekend saw at the New York restaurant, and, apparently, was of a date is not a friendly character.

Eyewitnesses told reporters on Saturday that Eva and Eduardo came to one of the institutions of the city and behaved like a couple in love. Visiting the restaurant says:

They held hands and kissed. Their table was on everyone's mind, but they seemed to not care what someone looks at them.

The evening of the same day Longoria and her ex-boyfriend were spotted together again as early as directed another institution in the heart of New York City. According to observers, the two were in a good mood and did not stop smiling.

Relationship star of "Desperate Housewives" and the younger brother of Penelope Cruz began in February 2011, three months after Longoria officially divorced from ex-husband Tony Parker.

In March 2012, the Eva and Eduardo for the first time broke up, then started dating, but in June the same year, again ended their relationship.

Longoria recently met with businessman Ernesto Arguello - one of the participants in his television show Ready For Love. Affair only lasted a few months, and in the summer the actress was again free. According to insiders, was the cause of the break-time star, did not allow her to spend time with Arguello.

Said that after breaking up with Eva Cruz could not even an affair with George Clooney himself, but has rejected the advances of Hollywood sex symbol. Perhaps, after a series of failed relationships actress decided that nothing broke up with Eduardo?

Yulia Arshavin rests with Chadov in Florence

Relationship former wife of Andrei Arshavin Julia, who now prefers to be called maiden name Baranovska, and actor Andrew Chadova continue. As if young people are not denied their romance, they meet regularly, and now does go on a romantic trip to Italy. However, not one, and in the company of friends - Zadorozhnaya Anastasia and her boyfriend Sergei Slavnov. Couple celebrates the fifth anniversary of relations in Florence and invited friends to share their joy.

It seems that the relationship Yulia Arshavin Andrey Baranovsky and Chadova already beyond chummy. In any case, rest in Italy, Julia and Andrew starred in comic photo shoot in the arms of an angel. In the story, the ex-wife of Andrei Arshavin makes a wish, and it is immediately executed - with the advent of Chadova.

Recall that for the first time with Andrew and Julia appeared a couple of weeks ago. Photo from their walk on Petrburg placed all the same Anastasia Zadorozhnaja. "There is no romance between them! - Refuted rumors of a long-time friend of Julia, producer Petro Sheksheev. - Recently I introduced her to the actress Nastya Zadorozhnaya. Julia invited her to Peter, and Anastasia escaped there for a couple of days together with an old acquaintance Andrew Chadov. And they all just had fun walking around the city "

The Hunger Games- Catching Fire: Final Trailer

Wait! The network has the final trailer of the film "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire", which means that up to the premiere of one of the most anticipated bands of the year left quite a bit of time.

Already November 11 Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth , Elizabeth Banks, Stanley Tucci, and other actors, as well as director Francis Lawrence presented to the public its new creation.

On the Russian prime minister also screens films "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" will take place on November 21.

Recall that in the continuation of sci-fi thriller "The Hunger Games" will discuss how, managing to survive in the ruthless game, the main characters Katniss Everdeen and Pete Mellark return home. But now they are in even greater danger, since his refusal to play by the rules of the Arena defied the Capitol.

Traditionally these, anniversary, The Hunger Games should be special, and this time they involve only the winners of the previous years. Katniss and Pete are forced to re-enter the arena, where they will compete with the strongest.

Ciara and her boyfriend engaged

Ciara and her boyfriend engaged

Ciara Engaged: This weekend marked the singer's birthday, and the best gift for the 28th anniversary of her made her boyfriend - a music producer and rapper Future.

During the party, held in New York, the beloved star gave her a ring with a 15-carat diamond. Maybe Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have introduced among the celebrities fashion to make an offer during the celebration of birthdays?

Sunday Ciara shared joy in his tweet:

This is the best birthday of my life! If this is a dream, I do not want to wake up!

Ciara and Future are about a year. The date of the wedding the couple has not yet appointed.

Singer usually secretive enough in all that relates to their personal lives. The press is only known that before she met with rapper Bow Wow, but in 2006 they separated.

Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry sing at karaoke

Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry sing at karaoke

We all know that Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry - friends, but do not know how long they are friends. It appears, at least since 2008, that is, before the release of "Twilight," the network got an old video of Robert and Kathy, have thoroughly drunk, sing in a karaoke hit love Boyz II Men "I'll Make Love to You", and at some point, Katie is in a timid lap.

According to rumors, it happened at the birthday party of a mutual friend of Rob and Kathy. It is not known whether there anatomies couple, or they were friends - but behave citizens uninhibited and free. Well, nice to see Robert, who is not trapped and does not afraid of anything in the world-even singing out of tune.

Died cult musician Lou Reed

On Sunday at the age of 71 died an American musician Lou Reed - a former leader of the legendary band The Velvet Underground.

Official cause of death was not announced, but the press reported that in May of this year, Reed had surgery for a liver transplant. According to media reports, the operation was successful and the musician gradually returning to work. He himself after transplantation was also optimistic, saying:

This is a triumph of modern medicine, physics and chemistry. I'm now stronger than ever.

However, most likely, complications after surgery, and caused the death.

Lou Reed made no secret that for many years struggled with drug and alcohol addiction .

musician became famous as the leader of The Velvet Underground and as a solo artist. His team was created in the mid-1960s, and later it was named one of the most influential bands of the century. Reed also released during his career about 20 solo albums.

Listen biggest hits musician.

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis are expecting a baby

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis are expecting a baby - this is the press spokesman for 29-year-old actress. According to sources close to the couple, the expectant mother and her 38-year-old groom incredibly happy that soon they can expect replenishment.

Olivia and Jason met two years ago during the filming of the TV show Saturday Night Live. About six months after they met celebrities started dating, and their engagement was announced in January of this year.

Congratulations to the pair!