Oct 26, 2013

Anna Sedokova has created its own group

30-year-old Ukrainian singer and former member of the band "VIA Gra" Anna Sedokova became a producer. The girl has created a group of Taboo, which will present in one of the Moscow clubs on October 27.

Journalists suggest that Sedokova hastily set up your group to avenge the producer Konstantin Meladze. Former member of VIA Gra offended by the producer, which is the presentation of the composition of the group did not include Anna in the "golden part" of a popular female trio.

Constantine believes that Brezhnev Faith, Hope and Albina Meyher Dzhanabaeva - participants who believes Meladze "gold."

Anna Sedokova

Anna Sedokova

Juliet Almazova confessed, what, while under house arrest.

For weeks, the star of glossy magazines, attacked a mini-bank - or rather, Office of microfinance - sits under house arrest in an apartment in Nizhny Novgorod. Awaits trial.

Recall raid on the office of Juliet Almazova made in August 2013. With a gun in his hand and a black stocking on her head, she shot the video camera and took about 100 thousand rubles (about 25 ths.). Investigators soon found out: robbery was a setup, and delayed Almazova said she talked to the adventure of her friend, saying that the boss was paying little cashier. Here and wanted to teach him a lesson. Juliet, in turn, regarded it to her good PR.

We've reached "captive" to find out how she spends days locked up. She was talkative - probably boring to spend days alone. She told me that she graduated from high school with a silver medal, and then entered law (!) Faculty, but, despite the protests of parents, the university dropped and went into the model. "I suppose if it continued to learn, you would not be sitting now under arrest" - I thought.

Now says, sitting at home - reviewing favorite fighters. The voice happy and cheerful - it's not like guilty conscience.

- So how are you, an excellent student, a successful fashion model, has managed to fasten stockings and go rob a bank? - Surprised.

- Apparently seen too many crime movies ... I've got a large collection of home - about race, about love, about gangsters. One of my favorite movies - "Blind Man's Bluff." And Alexei Panin, who was shot there - my favorite actor. I would like to meet him. This, by the way, and I thought, when she agreed to go to work. What else? Fashion and actors - a completely different crowd. And they do not overlap in principle. That's had something izmudrit that he learned about me.

- And the Panin you like? - Amazed the second time.

- And because it does not depend on the opinion of the society completely.

- Well, it is something - yes (a few days ago we wrote about another riot, which gave Panin in a cafe during a tour in the Amur region). But at least you're sorry about what happened? - I ask with the hope of finally fading.

- Yes, absolutely! Now I'm even willing to lecture young people to read about what is not good loot.

Immediately after the conversation with Juliet, we phoned her idol Alexei Panin.

- I think that a normal sane person such cause rob can not be, - the actor showed sanity. - So, it turns out, watched a film Tarantino - take up arms, or what? This is nonsense!

Charlie Hunnam helps African children

While the world has focused on Jamie Dornan as the new Gray, Christiane, happy and free Charlie Hunnam involved in charity work. Together with his colleagues in the TV series "Sons of Anarchy" actor attended the event Hogs for Heart Fundraiser, which helps raise money charity One Heart Source, whose mission - to raise the standard of living and education of children in Tanzania and South Africa.

On that date, the foundation has collected 90 thousand dollars - and last but not least thanks to Charlie and his team. It turns out that every actor series supports a specific child: responsible for the medical care or educational programs. At the very Hunnam has three child for whom he is responsible. One of them - 13-year-old Simon. "He's an orphan who lost his mother and father and lived on the street, did not attend school at all - says Charlie. - Then he found this charity who was then 8 years old. We just want to collect as money for these kids.