Oct 24, 2013

Video Roma Acorn out of intensive care

Young Roma Acorn videobloger that October 23 was in intensive care after being beaten, posted a video in which shows his bruises. The young man, barely moving his tongue, said that "alive" and "all that will stand".

Recall the day before it was reported that the popular youth videobloger Roma Acorn (real name Ignat Kerimov) was in intensive care. 17-year-old boy was severely beaten. This was reported by the artist's mother, Oksana Kerimov. "My son is now in a very serious condition. We are in intensive care," - she wrote on the social network. It was reported that Acorn beaten because of his activities. Asserted that the victim went to the hospital in critical condition. Were hurt vitals boys and implied probability of death.

The news of the beating of the young videoblogera spread through the Internet at the speed of light, "brutally beaten by unknown assailants notorious" Roman acorn. "Or" Kerimov Ignat Rustamovich. "" Boys, Roma severely beaten, and now he is in intensive care in critical condition ... need more support of friends, I ask you to pray and spread the information so that it reached the eyes and ears of the family! Twitter, VC, whatever .. Pray and trust that all will be well "- and also wrote one of the group of friends videoblogera. Information quickly spread in social networks among fans of the artist. Hashtag # RomaZhivi came in third place in popularity in Twitter.

However, on October 24 appeared on the Internet a video message Roma Acorn. The young man in a 25-second spot shows his bruises, broken nose clogged nostrils with cotton, dissected lip and almost lifeless voice announces his many fans that "alive" and "all that will stand." He said that "he was sorry" but to whom exactly he apologize, did not elaborate. "I can handle" - a barely uttered Acorn.

Meanwhile, the police did not confirm information about the beating in the center of Moscow Roma Acorn. This was reported to the police department of the Central Administrative District of Moscow. "There was no evidence of wrongdoing in the shopping center" Gallery "today or next to the police did not arrive," - said in the police department. In the service of "first aid" Moscow also reported that the crew "03" no one from the street Ryad with serious injuries after the beating did not take, ITAR-TASS reported.

Note that Roma Acorn famous by movies portal Youtube which are made in a web format shows. In addition, last year the Roma was invited to the transfer of "Let Them Talk" as a co-host with Andrey Malakhov. This spring, the blogger was also one of the leading MUZ-TV.

Penélope Cruz: is the new ambassador of Lancôme's Trésor

Penelope Cruz

Spanish actress returns ambassador for Lancôme fragrance Trésor. Penelope Cruz epitomizes the chic glamor of the brand in this new commercial. Discover the video!

Penelope Cruz, the muse glamorous Lindex is the new ambassador of Lancôme's Trésor. The actress originally from Madrid found to be new face of French perfume. Sublime in this new ad, brown muy caliente proves that 39 years, it still rocks! This new campaign video, shot by Rob Marshall, with whom she had worked on the film Nine, transcends. Both class, glamorous and sexy, wife of Javier Bardem has never been so beautiful! For 90 seconds, sometimes wander admire Penelope Cruz in lingerie trying to do hair and makeup, sometimes covered with a black cloak or a cape sublime.

Penelope CruzOne who found her beautiful figure post -baby bikini on recent photos, proves that evening gown as she keeps an hourglass figure! She was discovered in black and ultra chic looks, playing the role of a model in full promotion of a perfume. The film draws a parallel between his work and the promotion of a boxer preparing to entering the ring. They end up in a lift to cross Paris and hug. So a typical scenario, but so beautiful to describe in the end "Love is a treasure."

Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz

Chris Evans in the first teaser action games 'Captain America: The Other War'

Teaser of the second film about the adventures of Captain America by Chris Evans called "The Other War" finally appeared on the network (and tomorrow will premiere a full trailer).

Shooting superhero painting started relatively recently - in April this year, but the first promo video is ready, and we once again have the opportunity to make sure that the cinematic Marvel universe is preparing something big for comic book fans and fans of action films of superheroes endowed with superpowers, for the salvation of the world in general and the struggle between good and evil, where the first prenepremenno wins.

The cast of the new part of Captain America has remained almost unchanged. In addition to Chris Evans, it included Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson and Sebastian Stan. Pleasantly surprised by the part in the film of the Robert Redford.

The story of Captain America adventure continues. This time the action will unfold in the picture today. Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, lives in Washington, trying to adapt to the modern world, but soon his regular life comes to an end. Once the organization SHIELD committed assault, Rogers enters the command to save the world under the leadership of Nick Fury played by Samuel L. Jackson. By joining forces with the Black Widow played by Scarlett Johansson, Captain America is trying to uncover a plot to destroy the world and successfully fighting the mercenaries, but on their way there is a new obstacle in the form of the so-called Winter Soldier.

Ball music video. Betty White is going in on the action too.

IT'S not simply faculty students UN agency ar parodying Miley Cyrus' currently notorious Wrecking Ball music video. Betty White is going in on the action too.

In a promo for her North American nation cable show Betty White's Off Their Rockers, the 91-year-old comedian, is shown wearing white swinging around on a wrecking ball just like the one from the pop star's video. She additionally provides a sledgehammer a fast peck.

Since it absolutely was discharged in August, Wrecking Ball has become one in all the additional parodied videos of the year. The videos are thus rampant, that a Michigan university had to require down an outsized apparatus sculpture to prevent students from mistreatment it in their own clips

Lindsay Lohan will be tried again

Lindsay Lohan will be tried again?

It was a bad girl Lindsay Lohan again in a heap of trouble with the law. It will be judged as the culprit of the accident - on his Porsche girl managed to enter the truck.

Accident occurred when the actress rushed to the shooting of the film "Liz and Dick" in Malibu - in a hurry girl topped put on the speed of the track. In this case, Lindsay police lied and tried to pass himself off as a passenger car, arguing that the wheel was her companion - apparently it previously had no criminal record, accordingly, he could not shake as much trouble. But that's not all - in her purse Lohan cops found a pill that, among others, were also scattered in the trunk of the car. The final piece, "still life" - a bottle of water, from which reeked of alcohol for some reason, and there is a quite typical picture of Lindsay.

In Lindsay Lohan filed a lawsuit against the driver of the truck, in which it has managed to blend. The man claims that he got tight and demands compensation for the physical and moral damage, the amount of which is not yet known.

Photos: Katy Perry: still crazy on stage

 Katy Perry secured a good performance in LA yesterday, still in its promo for the release of his album Prism!

near a good performance on stage at the iHeartRadio Theater in Burbank, California, Katy Perry was again the show yesterday (Wednesday, October 23) in Hollywood ... Indeed, the American singer set fire at the charity concert The Katy Perry's "We Can Survive", organized to benefit the Young Survival Coalition in the Hollywood Bowl.

The star of 28 , who just offer one of W Magazine, as was always excited and thus ensured its performance as it should be! And to charm his audience ever, the brunette with blue eyes were focused on a crazy and sexy look, a futuristic schoolgirl outfit suited her to perfection and made a splash with the audience.
Katy is currently in full promotion of his fourth album, Prism, released in stores on October 21, and already worn by Roar titles and Walking on Air.

It should also land in Europe soon for a passage at the MTV EMAs 2013 will take place Sunday, November 10 in Amsterdam in the presence of Miley Cyrus. Katy is also expected on the scene of the 15th edition of the NRJ Music Awards, scheduled for Saturday, December 14 at Cannes.

Really,  Katy Perry is omnipresent at the moment!

katy perry pictures

music downloads

Irina Shayk shows Roberto Cavalli collection for C & A

Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk became the face of the joint collection of Roberto Cavalli and C & A. In a new photo shoot Russian model demonstrates clothes created in the best traditions of the designer, I love animal prints and vibrant colors.

Author campaign - photographer Giampaolo Skoura.

Cavalli Collection is specifically designed for the popular chain stores C & A, will be able to evaluate only the Brazilian buyers, because it will be sold only in the country. The other day, designer flew to Sao Paulo to personally present his creation.

irina shayk photos

irina shayk photos

irina shayk


Irina Shayk swimsuit models

Irina Shayk swimsuit models

Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk swimsuit models

Filip Kirkorov became acquainted with their own clones

Filip Kirkorov
Filip Kirkorov and Ukrainian singer Olga Polyakova
Filip Kirkorov became closely acquainted with their clones on Ukrainian television program "How to drop or two." This show is created in the same format as the Russian "One to One", currently shooting in Kiev. Leading transmission was Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, and among the participants - former "VIA Gra" Eva Bushmina. Filip Kirkorov went on one of the competitive days as a guest of honor. And it just so happened that the two artists were right in the images of the King of Pop - Olga Polyakova and Dantes. Kirkorov, apparently, took both parodies very favorably. Photographed with both parties, the singer posted a photo on his page in the "Instagrame" and thanked the Ukrainian colleagues.

Note that the Russian project "As is" Kirkorov also parodied twice. The first attempt took Anastasia Stotsky, and in the final image of Filip Kirkorov presented Alexei Chumakov. He did it so skillfully that later Chumakov several times repeated the experience. In particular, the recording of the program Andrey Malakhov's "Saturday Night" Alex Filip sang the song "Snow" duet, while at the vocal level to distinguish the voice was impossible.

philip Kirkorov-Филипп Киркоров

Children Pugacheva gave birth to her ex-husband's girlfriend

Children Pugacheva

The story of how Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin became parents still cluttered with new rumors and details. Thus, recently the network has information that the mother of children Ally and Max became a friend of Philip Kirkorov.

If you believe the rumors, Alla was the first person who supported Philip Bedrosovich when he became a father through surrogacy . As a result, when Allah and Maxim decided to have children, Kirkorov advised them to seek help from a woman who helped him to have children.

Konchalovsky and Vysotskaya rented an apartment to be closer to her daughter

Russian director Andrei Konchalovsky and his wife, actress Julia Vysotsky rented an apartment near Marseilles hospital, which is still their daughter Maria. 14-year-old girl and did not regain consciousness, her stable condition.

Mean news continues to come from France, where the Andrei Konchalovsky, his wife Julia Vysotsky and their daughter Maria. Despite the fact that officials from the very uncommunicative and have reported only that the girl's condition unchanged, there is information according to which Andrei Konchalovsky and Julia Vysotsky bukvlano moved to the shattered daughter. They rented an apartment near the Marseille hospital in intensive care and that is Maria, reports StarHit.

Andrei Konchalovsky, Julia Vysotsky and their daughter Maria

As the issue with reference to the press service of Julia Vysotsky, Mary serious but stable condition. Recall that the car accident occurred on October 12. "On the territory of France Andrei Konchalovsky, lost control of the car, got in an accident.

Happened on collision with the oncoming car", - the press-service of Konchalovsky production center. Other participants of the accident suffered minor injuries not life-threatening.

Soon it became known that the 14-year-old Maria Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky at the clinic Hôpital de la Timone in Marseille. She is still in intensive care. Fighting for her life the best French doctors. One of them made a comment on the status of women.

"After the accident, she was brought from Avignon to Marseille. She's in intensive care, still not regained consciousness, it can not be anybody. To learn the status of girls, you need to consult with her doctor, "- said in a hospital.

young patient status was assessed by physicians as heavy. From the terrible accident Mary had to be delivered by helicopter. It was later revealed that the girl was not fastened. Parents - directed by Andrei Konchalovsky and actress Julia Vysotsky - literally moving away from her daughter.

Svetlana Svetikova became a mother

Svetlana Svetikova

Congratulations to Svetlana Svetikova 29-year-old singer and actress became a mother for the first time! The child's father - acrobat skater Alexei Polishchuk, whom Light met while touring ice show "City Lights".

Recall, while the Light going through a painful break with Andrei Chadov. She later admitted to journalists that Alexei supported her in that difficult period. Gradually, their friendship turned into a romance, and in October, young people become parents of adorable toddlers.

Just before the birth Svetlana admitted that without the fear of getting ready for the emergence of the baby, despite the fact that her mother she would be the first time. "Do not understand: how can you be afraid of the event, which you waited so long? The house is all ready for the arrival of a new member of the family "- told the actress.

Svetikova did not hide the fact that the boy is waiting. The first confirmation that she learned by signs: "Pregnancy is not presented me with little to no trouble. Is it that there was a time when everything smelled garlic. Even oranges and chocolate. According to the Internet, this is another sign that the burden boy ".

Later, this information was confirmed by doctors. "Doing ultrasound, the doctor said," Oh, and smart guy you will! Without a second lay quietly. A leg, you can see where lifted? Above your head! "" So we have the same dad acrobat! And his son - it! "

Light admitted that she had never been so happy as now. "Next to me the man I love is infinite, for one minute with him, did not hesitate to sacrifice not only his career. I can not imagine my life without him. For two years, lived together, we never had a fight. "

Dina Lohan: blame the paparazzi

Dina Lohan  blame the paparazzi

Dina Lohan, who was arrested a month ago for driving under the influence, a couple with lawyer Mark Heller came up with a "stopudovo" excuse. It turns out that she got behind the wheel drunk, blame ... paparazzi!

Said at once: they are mistaken who thought like photographers caught a poor mother Lindsay Lohan and forcibly dripped down her throat alcohol. No, they acted more sophisticated: the poor thing brought their persecution to stress that she drowned out by the bottle. It is this beautiful story with Mark Dean and told the other day in court on the hearing of her case.

Sum up: "I'm not guilty, he's here!"

Kate Moss and Johnny Depp on the set of the new video of Paul McCartney

Kate Moss and Johnny Depp on the set of the new video of Paul McCartney
At the beginning of last week, we learned that Paul McCartney's new music video for the song Queenie's Eye will not just celebrities and mega-stars - Kate Moss, Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep and Gary Barlow. Today, however, it became known that the list is much longer.

On set video were seen celebrities such as Jude Law, Jeremy Irons, Tom Ford, Lily Cole, Alice Eve, Chris Pine, daughter of the legendary singer - Stella McCartney and others.

By the way, one of the most famous couples 90 - Moss and Depp - for the first time after breaking up will appear together in public, that is - on the screen: the stars have gone to such a move for Paul McCartney.

According to the producer, model and fashion editor Laura Bailey, who also took part in the filming, the whole process was more like do not work, and a good time:

I worked only two days. The atmosphere was festive and relaxed. In the air, hovering some magic. On the set were Johnny Depp, who almost did not do anything, but it effortlessly became the protagonist, the fearless James Corden and others.

Everything was done so that we felt part of a new chapter Abbey Road ( The complex of recording studios in London. This is where the shooting took Paul McCartney's new music video - approx. edition of "Gossip").
Bailey also noted that the originator of the event felt like home, McCartney's never worried about what is happening around him:

Paul played the piano and joked between takes, he shared his memories of the past.
Well, the visuals for the track Queenie's Eye promises to be an incredible still - a cluster of stars in the one clip! Such could create only Sir Paul McCartney, look forward to!