Oct 17, 2013

Kate Moss will be the fashion editor of a glossy magazine

Kate Moss will be the fashion editor of a glossy magazine

Kate Moss is omnipresent: the supermodel has time to participate in photo shoots, attend social events, create fashion collections .... However, the list is still long, but what is interesting - 39-year-old star just can not sit around. She decided to join the team of British Vogue magazine and a position as guest editor of fashion.

Over the past decade, Moss graced the cover of the famous edition of 33 times. Not surprisingly, the management has suggested that post is Kate:

It will be the editor and join the rest of the crew. She will work with stylists, photographers and models.

Reported that the fruits of Moss, we can already see in one of the spring issue of the magazine. According to the model, for her it will be a unique experience, because it had previously never been involved in anything like this.

Recall that in the spring of 2014 will also see the light capsule collection Topshop, created in collaboration with Kate Moss. Work mannequins with clothing brand of democratic began in 2005. Since it was created 14 collections, each of which has been very successful. This once again proves that the star has an exceptional sense of style and a new position in her e have problems

Marion Cotillard once again starred for the Lady Dior

Marion Cotillard for the Lady Dior

Marion Cotillard for five years touting the iconic line of bags Lady Dior, and now the network has a new picture actress, representing the brand. A new advertising campaign in the press has called the most modern of those who showed us the Dior and the French star.

Marion posing in a short blue dress from the cruise collection, created by Raf Simons, holding a handbag, colored by the technique of spraying . Starring actress photographer Tim Walker.

Fully shooting will be released in the Japanese Vogue, which will be released on October 28, and in the American Vanity Fair - the magazine will be released two days later. Also, it can be seen in the electronic version of Dior Magazine.

Meanwhile, admire the best cadres previous advertising campaigns Dior involving 38-year-old Cotillard.

Marion Cotillard for the Lady Dior

Brad and Angelina has previously consisted of marriages

Brad and Angelina has previously consisted of marriages

Fans of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, rejoice: it looks like a wedding the most talked about couples in Hollywood are coming soon! According to the British press in the past month, the actors signed a marriage contract.

total amount in the contract is approximately $ 320 million . According to the document, which is painted by as much as 101 pages, if the stars will decide to get a divorce, then the bulk of the money will get to Pitt - 176 million, Jolie also receive "only" 144 million dollars.

According to the source, Jolie long resisted but Pitt still managed to persuade her:

Angelina always disliked marriage contracts, but Brad convinced her that they need it. He's a romantic guy, but very pragmatic.

According to the informant, for Pitt's important not to hurt the children, if they suddenly decide to part with Jolie:

Brad and Angelina has previously consisted of marriages, so they know all the difficulties of divorce.

also rumored to play a couple's wedding later this year. However, some tabloids have reported that the marriage will be a place south of France, and others write that the celebration will be held in Hawaii, which was a favorite spot Jolie's late mother - Marcheline Bertrand.

fresh image of Kim Kardashian in a white bathing

Kim Kardashian in a white bathing

fresh image of Kim Kardashian that she has posted on his Instagram - reality TV star showed the fruits of their diet and hard training, presented in a picture in a white bathing suit that clearly demonstrates the figure Kim.

Beloved Kardashian Kanye West was delighted with the published picture, he commented on his blog:

I fly home!

And here's a guide Hollywood Walk of Fame is so sexy pictures, does not seem impressed - at least, candid shots in social networks and the regular appearance on the covers of tabloids have not been enough to get the names of the stars.

Not long ago, the show Jimmy Kimmel Mr. West complained that his passion still do not own Star. The answer was not long in coming:

The Walk of Fame is not a reality star. We simply do not have such a category. We are happy to award the reality TV star, when she was nominated and won the "Emmy", "Oscar" or "Grammy". We consider them candidates, if they are recognized by singers or actors.

Well, if Kim still decide to get a star, something tells us she may sing in the movie business or work.

Kim Kardashian in a white bathing

Miley Cyrus does not want a new relationship

Miley Cyrus new relationship

Recently, Miley Cyrus is credited affair with 26-year-old photographer of Rolling Stone magazine and ex-boyfriend Liv Tyler, Theo Wenner. However, the singer announced that he would not start a boyfriend for a year.

Recall that in September Miley Cyrus broke up with her fiance Liam Hemsworth after a year after the announcement of their engagement. He has already found another girl, but Miley is not able to follow his example.

According to an insider, the singer enjoy the company of Theo Wenner, but about something serious out of the question:

People inflate mountains out of molehills! They hang out, and she found it very sexy, but that's nothing. Miley does not want to be somebody's girlfriend. In the near future for sure. She promised herself that, at least a year will not start boyfriend.
In addition, a source close to Cyrus, says that she loves to swim in the love and attention:

It literally pursue the crowd of boys! Of course, she was hard to resist the temptation, but she swears that as long as one remains. She believes in themselves.
By the way, a few days ago Miley was joking:

I heard that after 40 years of sex does not happen. Well, when I'm the same, I can check it!
We also support Miley. After all, she's only 20 years old and she is at the peak of glory, so why get distracted by personal life? In addition, the singer perfectly relieves stress on fitness training. View

Robert Pattinson reveals what attracts him most in a girl!

Robert Pattinson

You want to please Robert Pattinson? We'll have to trust your body ...

It is not a muse perfume for nothing! While it is the Dior perfume man, Robert Pattinson admitted to being sensitive to odors of women in a recent interview with a Portuguese magazine.

It is so far not worth rush to know the brands of perfumes for women who seduced, as Kristen Stewart, Sydney Liebes or more likely Dylan Penn, the daughter of Sean Penn! The actor said:
""I'm not talking about being scented. I love the smell of people."
Robert Pattinson therefore think the smell given off our body, our skin!

For Robert Pattinson, a girl needs to know "who she is"

He also says:
"I'm sure it has to do with pheromones. We love people because subconsciously we like their smell. I always found it interesting to watch."
Well, we said we would not be sniffed by Robert Pattinson, but still! Meanwhile, the Twilight actor gives more details on what attracts among the fairer sex. Recently, he said love "when a girl knows who she is." Is it because he is unsure of his relationship with his new girlfriend?

Christening of Prince George: announced the date and place

Christening of Prince George

Announced the exact time of the baptism ceremony of Prince George, son of Prince William and his wife Catherine. At three o'clock in the afternoon of Wednesday, October 23, this ceremony will be held at London's St. James's Palace. The place of the ceremony, which will last 45 minutes and will be the Royal Chapel. As previously reported, to baptize the child will be the archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.

Before the baptism of Elizabeth II will hold a formal reception at Buckingham Palace, and after the ceremony, will be published photo of the queen with the three heirs to the British throne - Charles, by William George and the three-month .

representatives of the royal family say that public interest in the details of who will be the godparents of the prince and of the guests who will be present at this event will be revealed only on the day of the ceremony.

assumed that celebration will take place in a narrow family circle, and it is not all invited relatives. While it is known that at the ceremony in addition to parents George and Queen will attend Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, Prince Philip, Prince Harry and Kate's parents - Carole and Michael Middletons.

It should be noted that most of the rites of baptism in crowned family are elsewhere - in the Music Room of Buckingham Palace: they were baptized, and William himself, and his father, Charles. However, Kate and William chose to be baptized George chapel, where in 1997, held the funeral of his grandmother, Princess Diana. They say, so William decided to honor the memory of his late mother.

According to a source from the royal entourage, the parents of the little George thought long and hard over the venue for the ceremony, and at the Royal Chapel, and even stopped because it seemed to them the most comfortable:

This is a historic place and fit their personal taste, so after much deliberation, they stopped it.
Britons are preparing to celebrate the baptism of the heir to the throne. On this occasion in England will be issued special commemorative coins - just as it did when George was born.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley unveiled its new collection

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley arrived in his native England to present his new collection of Rosie for Autograph for British retailer Marks & Spencer. Inspired by the success of previous collections, this time Rosie has created not only a luxury underwear sets, but also the home clothes - silk robes, pajamas, cashmere capes, and more.

Very top model did not put on their new creations and for the presentation of chosen its favorite image, combining elegance and sexuality: a London department Rosie appeared in a black tank top, leather skirt with animalistic prints from Autograph and stylish black boats.

For those who crave sleep and wake up in clothes from Miss Huntington-Whiteley, reports: the price of the model in the new line variaruyutsya from 35 pounds for satin pajamas to 150 pounds for kazhemirovye cardigans. 


Charlie Hunnam offered 125,000 dollars for his role in '50 shades of gray'?

Charlie Hunnam offered 125,000 dollars

Even coming out of the film project "50 shades of gray," Charlie Hunnam continues to be in the spotlight as one could refuse such a role? Recall, according to the official version, the actor was too busy on the set of the television series "Sons of Anarchy", to how to prepare for the role of Gray.

But interestingly - the sources of all the Western media, not saying a word, said - there is no "conflict schedules "could not be, because the shooting of the" Sons "ends in late October, and the" 50 shades of gray "are starting to appear in November.

Why are" merged "Hunnam? Under the new version, the actor offered only 125,000 dollars for the shooting. By Hollywood standards - a ridiculous amount. Almost in the same situation (for shooting in the first part of "Twilight"), the then little-known Robert Pattinson was $ 2 million. And with each new film, his fee was growing exponentially.

Meanwhile, the publication of The Hollywood Reporter has made a list of reasons why Hunnam could give up the role of Christian Grey. First, he still feared so much attention. The announcement that he will play Gray, coincided with the promotional campaign of the new season of "Sons of Anarchy" - because of the hype around Hunnam channel management had to put to him a couple of guards and cancel some of the planned activities.

Second Charlie - not only an actor but also a screenwriter. So when he was given a script to read "50 shades of gray," he tried to make my edits, but received a categorical refusal. Third, according to rumors, Hunnam did not get along with the director of the project, Sam Taylor-Johnson.