Oct 15, 2013

Tickets for the Met Gala-2014 went up to $ 25 000

Anna Wintour
Traditional Costume Institute Ball is one of the most anticipated events of the year and the brightest. This event attracts a lot of attention, but, according to its organizers, including Anna Wintour, holiday lacks exclusivity. In this regard, the cost of tickets for the Met Gala-2014 will increase to $ 25 000.

This year, ticket prices ranged from 15 000 to 25 000, from next year, the same value for all is one. The organizers hope that this decision will lead to the fact that the ball will be the guests of the most iconic people of industry and business elite, and the "random" people will be eliminated.

Recall Annual Ball Costume Institute -2014 will be held on May 5 and will be traditionally held in the Metropolitan Museum in New York. Met Gala chairmen in the next year will be the Anna Wintour, Aerin Lauder, Oscar de la Renta, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lizzie and Jonathan Tisch, and Bradley Cooper.

Kara Devlin on fashion shoot in New York City

Maybe Kara Devlin and dreams of a career movie star, but fashion designers are still hoping that the profession model girl will not leave, because many of them simply adore her. Thus, the brand DKNY is not the first time the British star makes a face of its advertising campaign.

On Monday, the New York Times Square shot another photo shoot for the brand Kara (images found online blogger Cooper). Except it took part in the shooting and other heroes - the model Jordan Dunn, rapper Asap Rocky, and of course, the famous New York taxi, without which no recent advertising campaign costing DKNY.

Around the set, as usual gathered a lot of photographers, fans and Delvin simple observers, due to which we are able to consider the "behind the scenes" footage from the shooting.

Leonardo DiCaprio threw Tony Garnier for Brazilian fashion model?

Wow! Leonardo DiCaprio's new novel twisted. Loving actor can not stop: he changes girlfriends models like gloves. This time the star wide screens threw the German fashion model Tony Garnier, the place where hurried to take her 24-year-old colleague on the podium - Brazilian Kate Torres.

Unexpected news she shared the catwalk, which in one of his interviews, blabbed about the relationship with DiCaprio:

I met Leo in Cannes. During the festival, we had lived in the same hotel. Leo's amazing, but I'm worried that he will think of me after this interview. We had a deal - we've decided not to talk about our relationship.

Recall that two weeks ago the paparazzi caught DiCaprio in the company of Tony Garnier and Lukas Haas in Hollywood, where the trio sipped milk in the local eco-restaurant . Surely in that short time, the actor had to part with Garnier and an affair with a hot babe from Brazil?!

Irina Bezrukova and Sergey Bezrukov : We twins were born?

39-year-old actor Sergei Bezrukov became a father for the first time. The star series "Brigada" and his wife, 48-year-old actress Irina Bezrukova much to help children in need, it seems, finally my kids were born.

The news that Sergei Bezrukov a year ago, had children, said his father, actor Vitaly Bezrukov, on the radio morning program Ukrainian channel "1 +1».
According Bezrukov Sr., a daughter named Alexandra wife and son - Ivan.
Vitaly Bezrukov also added that the grandchildren are very similar to it. However, the actor did not tell exactly when the babies were born, and showed photos of children.

It should be noted that the information that Irina Bezrukov pregnant, appeared last year. Paparazzi managed to capture the actress on the beach during the filming of "Gentlemen of Fortune 2", which was filmed Sergei Bezrukov. Irene was in a white tunic, which does not hide much rounded belly.

However, the birth of children of a spouse, preferring to protect their privacy from prying not reported, nor commented on an interesting position actress. So, the rumors about the addition of the star in the family gradually subsided, and the news of the pregnancy Bezrukova many believed the gossip that has nothing to do with reality. All the more surprising was the announcement by Vitaly Bezrukov that he is a grandfather.

Recall that Sergei and Irina have been together for over 12 years. The actress has a 23-year-old son Andrew from her first marriage to actor Igor Livanov.

The way, the twins recently born in another stellar pair Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin became the parents of daughter Elizabeth and son Harry. Toddler spouses endured a surrogate mother. At the recently held in Minsk press conference on the play "Bully. Confession, "in which the main role played by Sergei Bezrukov, the actor was asked how he felt about surrogate motherhood. Bezrukov, declined to comment and said he preferred to "refrain".

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds in New Orleans

On Sunday, Ryan Reynolds flew to New Orleans to begin work on his new project "Selfless" (Selfless). In Louisiana, the actor did not come alone, accompanied by his wife - Blake Lively.

It should be noted that this is not the first time the star of the show "Gossip Girl" follows her husband to the shooting. At the same time, Lively not only manages to keep up with a busy schedule Reynolds, but do not forget about your career.

Recently, the actress participated in several projects, and is currently engaged in furnishing the family nest in pairs Bedford, New York. In addition, Blake said it would follow the example of Gwyneth Paltrow, who is actively promoting its lifestyle-project Goop, and deal with something like this.

But Reynolds chose to focus only on his film career. Fi thriller, for the sake of filming in which Reynolds arrived in New Orleans, will talk about the old man, who decided to prevent the death of his own mind and move into the body of a young man. Later, however, it appears that the body belonged to a man who died under mysterious circumstances. A hero Ryan begins the hunt.

Kim Kardashian: she reveals her post-pregnancy diet!

Kim Kardashian she reveals

Kim Kardashian unveils her secret to losing her pregnancy pounds.

Four months after the birth of North, Kim Kardashian agrees only to remonstrate publicly. Prior to his appearances at Fashion Week in Paris, the queen of reality had been very discreet. Some said they wanted to lose the weight accumulated during pregnancy. It is now almost done and the young mother of 32-year-old picked out with his sisters in particular.

A diet rich in ... fat! 

She also revealed she followed the diet to quickly eliminate the weight it took until her daughter. This is the Atkins diet. This system eliminates much of carbohydrates from the diet. Those who practice it can eat a little protein, but mostly ... Fats! However they limit the intake of carbohydrates (including sugars slow) and fruits and vegetables in the first place.

This plan was developed in 1970 by Dr. Robert Atkins and was attended by 40 million people in the world! Among them, Kim Kardashian So, just talk to her fans on Twitter, but also the Osbourne family. Each celebrity's diet! After giving birth, Jessica Simpson, for his part resumed its role as an ambassador Weight Watchers!

Fergie and Josh Duhamel took 6 weeks son on vintage

rents of singer Axl got to the vineyard Ferguson Estate, owned by the family of ex-soloist of the group The Black Eyed Peas. Family Day was a success, as evidenced by the photos in Instagram artist.

Oooooh, juicy grapes. It is a day of harvest.

Couple who became parents for the first time just six weeks ago, were not afraid to take the baby with you to Axel vineyard raspolozhivshiysyav Santa Barbara.

Judging by the pictures posted in the social network, parents Fergie were very happy that day with them was their tiny grandson. But it seems even more glad everything going on the singer, one of the photos she signed:

grandfather with his favorite berries in the vineyard.

Recall, Fergie and his father Patrick Ferguson founded the vineyard Ferguson Estate in 2006. Father and daughter even created his own label under which sell several kinds of drinks.

Fergie on the vineyard

Josh Duhamel and his son Axel

Patrick Ferguson and his grandson

Alla Pugacheva has named his son in honor of Harry Potter

Alla Pugacheva

As it turned out, no relation to the royal family of Great Britain Harry's name, which Alla Pugacheva gave his son has.

In a recent interview, Alla herself told me that when she met with Maxim, it reminded her very much Harry Potter. This similarity is remembered and when I saw Pugacheva born a boy - he was very similar to Maxim and, accordingly, on Harry Potter. Thus, it was decided to name the baby Harry.

However, to baptize the boy will still be under the name of Igor, as the name Gary is not in the Orthodox church calendar. But it raises another question, and will be a baptism? Some clergymen are determined and why they think that children born to surrogate mothers can not baptize.

Probably Alla be able to negotiate with the ROC. She has been living in the times when her actions were contrary to the rules of the church, but as is always the situation "resolves" in its favor.

Alla Pugacheva

Kate Winslet at the premiere of the film 'Labor Day'

Kate Winslet, Josh Brolin and directed by Jason Reitman, best known for the films "Juno" and "Poor rich girl", presented in London yesterday his new film "Labor Day" (Labor Day). In the afternoon of the 57th BFI Film Festival Photocall held devoted to film, and in the evening Winslet and her partners in the project have appeared on the red carpet.

38-year-old actress, who is about to become a mother for the third time, looked great by this release of the red Jenny Packham dress and jewelry De Beers.

Recall that in the drama "Labor Day" Winslet plays a single mother, at her home ukryvshuyu fugitive murderer.

Thai bar owner was arrested thanks to Rihanna's tweets

Rihanna's visit to one of the bars of Phuket turned to his host big trouble: yesterday learned of his arrest.

Varuna Dzhornmuang, owner of the establishment under the name of Season, was charged with unlawfully performing erotic shows. He will spend a month in jail and pay a fine of $ 1,900.

Representative of law enforcement confirmed:

This is the result of the visit by Rihanna. The authorities will be treated with the utmost rigor to the organizers of indecent shows and shows with wild animals.
During his stay in Thailand 25-year-old star is quite frankly described on Twitter all that she had seen during a local erotic show - so much entertainment very popular with the tourists coming into the country. It should be noted that participated in the presentation live birds and turtles, as well as mention the star.

Rihanna recently attracted the attention of the Thai police and other phenomenon: at the end of September, the singer appeared Instagram photo with a funny beast called fat lori - a rare primate, listed in the Red Book.

As a result, local police organized a raid on the area, where the rest star, and arrested people who collected money from tourists for photographs with rare animals.

Ivanka Trump gave birth to a son

Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner were parents in a 31-year-old business-woman and her husband was a boy.

Happy mother announced the good news in her Twitter account.

Jared and Ivanka married with 2009, in July of 2011 they had a daughter, Arabella. Name newborn son pair has not been announced.

Congratulations to the family with the addition of!