Oct 14, 2013

Tal : discover the cover of her new single!

A few days after his second album "To infinity" was certified platinum, Tal reveals the downright stylish cover of her third single "The past" ... They said this!

Lookée streetwear-chic, Tal has everything an American would have a small shoppe style straight out of Harlem for the cover of his third single "The past."

Today, at the top with a first quadruple-platinum album and a second album just certified platinum, Tal has become the small vocal jewel of the French music scene.

And if his voice does not stop seducing, his talents as dancers also gave us want groover. On the dance floor with 4 Stars, the young woman of 23 years has shone on Saturday evening with a bogie-woogie. And if the jury has been a real increase, it will have to quickly find Yann-Alrick, his partner in order to compete with Alizée see even dethrone. Meanwhile, it is with her dancers she trains ...

Rihanna has settled in Johannesburg.

Rihanna leaves the trash girl is moved by animals in South Africa!

While in South Africa for two dates of his interminable Diamonds World Tour, Rihanna has settled in Johannesburg. The queen of provocation went to meet the local animals, a great moment of tenderness that the singer shared on her Instagram account.

We may be the queen of trash girls, it is enough that you will put a cub in her arms to you redeveniez a person like the others ...

After passing through Australia and New Zealand with its Diamonds World Tour, Rihanna flew to another wilderness, South Africa. To mark the occasion of his arrival in the country of Nelson Mandela, Huey has chosen to offer a manicure local color with the South African flag drawn on one of her nails.

Before mounting last night (Sunday, October 13) on stage at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg, the incendiary Brown went into a reserve to meet the animals of the savannah, a wild release that the singer shared with her fans on Instagram . Simply dressed in a long shirt and military boots floor board, Riri literally fell in love with a young lion of the reserve. How not to be charmed by this little baby that looks like a teddy bear? Face giraffe, Huey played engage in a competition draw languages ​​...

During his visit, the former Chris Brown also photographed his new tattoo, the one she made in New Zealand and has so much suffering.

.. After his stay in South Africa, Riri will enchainer with the United Arab Emirates. Not sure she can get in this outfit ...

We learned the name of the new girl's Andrei Arshavine

Since the beginning of summer the media circled the pictures of Andrei Arshavine, spending time at the beach in Miami of an unknown brunette, the national media began to hunt for a mysterious new passion athlete - Finally, the journalists managed to find out the name and some information about the new love of Russian football. Details of shares blogger Gato87.

Reported that the girl named Alice Kazmina (and not Daria, as erroneously assumed by some media). Chosen Arshavin is obviously not a big fan of social networking, so the information about it quite a bit. We know that Alice was born June 7, 1982 (ie, her one year less than the 32-year-old athlete), graduated from St. Petersburg State University Graduate School of Journalism.

Russian media sources reported that classmates describe Alice as bright and ambitious Woman - as they say, football (and sports in general), she was never interested in - at least, to a meeting with Arshavine. According to some reports, the girl was already married to a top manager of a Russian company, and she has two children.

New buzz about the pair rose after the premiere of the film "Stalingrad" in St. Petersburg: Arshavin appeared on the show in tape the company of his beloved, who gladly showed photographers its special decoration - gorgeous ring on the ring finger.

Recall that in June of this year, it was reported that the former common-law wife Julia Andrew, bringing up their three children, intends to sue the athlete half his property. The couple allegedly broke up last fall.

Reporters found out the name of his beloved Andrei Arshavine
Alice Kazmina and Andrei Arshavin in Miami in June of this year

The body of Miley Cyrus: how to achieve this?

We know that the 20-year-old Miley Cyrus likes to show her body and makes it possible for any event - be it video shoot Wrecking Ball, live performance, a walk around the city or photo in Instagram. It turns out, pumped up press - the result of the daily fitness workouts.

In an interview with People magazine Mari Winsor - known in Los Angeles Pilates instructor - shared the secrets of Miley:

Cyrus, who recently broke up with Liam Hemsworth, wants to lead a healthy lifestyle and have a perfect figure. For this purpose it performs twisting every day 30 minutes. The main thing - it's not just strain the abdominal muscles, and literally "pull" them to the lower back. At least try. If you just do 40 crunches, even daily, you will not get anywhere. Technique training - that's the main thing.
In addition, Mary Winsor, who worked with Cyrus for a year, argues that the singer owes her elegant legs:

I made her legs! We pumped them in the right places. Now they are spotless.
Note that the paparazzi attention to the fitness classes Cyrus forced her to build a hall at home. So now the coach visits her in person and she can "flat out" in full, without fear of prying journalists.

the refusal Charlie Hunnam did not surprise anyone :'50 shades of gray'

A few days ago we reported that actor Charlie Hunnam has decided not to star in the movie "50 shades of gray", abandoning the role of Christian Grey. It turns out that such a decision 33-year-old star of TV series "Sons of Anarchy" did not surprise anyone.

According to the source, who spoke with Charlie and the termination of the contract with Universal, "this role - not something that will go on benefit his future career. " In addition, fears of excessive popularity Hunnam:

He's going through because of the pressure and excessive attention to himself. He hates it! A survey in the "50 shades of gray" would have attracted a huge journalists and paparazzi. Charlie would have been forced to give interviews, participate in social events and television. He would not have made because he did not want to be a superstar.

It turns out that Charlie does not like to be told what to do - it is not acceptable for conformism. And the role of Christian Grey, in his opinion, would make him pretend. Actor worried that suffer as a result of his "I".

Recall that as the official cause of producers and tape company called Universal busy schedule actor. Now they are actively looking for a new leading man. According to rumors, the coveted contract may get all or Robert Pattinson or Ryan Gosling.

Well, in that case we wonder why Charlie Hunnam first still agreed to participate in the "50 shades of gray"?

Karl Lagerfeld's favorite mistress spoke about her relationship with him, Wladimir Klitschko and Prince Harry

2 years in the media write about a love triangle Evelyn Samsonchik, Wladimir Klitschko and Prince Harry.

19 year old Ukrainian supermodel these two years did not comment on the relationship with the star men. And recently signed exclusive contract with a global brand Chanel, gave an interview to Ukrainian TV channel 1 +1 and the local newspaper Varosh (as in Hungarian means - city), his native city of Uzhgorod, which told him the whole truth.

Today, she is studying at the Lviv State University of Physical Culture as "a physical education teacher." He says that if the model does not work, then do not mind working in the school. After the third year, during practice, I felt as a teacher quite organically.

After the end of the "Bachelor" is planning to enter the Master's abroad. Also in the plans to "tighten" the American language and enroll in courses cinematic, as the movie - it's an old childhood dream Evelyn.

Belle speaks Ukrainian, Russian, Hungarian, English, French and Italian. As for the modeling career, the age limit does not put himself so far. He says he trusts the fate and life. Evelyn told us about the everyday life of workers in Paris, the favorite corners in Uzhgorod, relationships with parents, and fans of the beloved.

Evelina where you live today: in Uzhgorod, Lviv, Paris or Milan?

- In Uzhgorod, of course. This is my home, where my parents live and friends. Even when I go to the city, then take with a small suitcase and know exactly what to wear Mondays, Tuesday, Wednesday, and so on. More than 5 days I bring things never take. In Paris and Milan, I'm only on work.

- When friends come to you from other cities in Ukraine, or show them the world in Uzhgorod?

- They're trying to come in May, when the cherry blossoms, to see the city in all its glory.

My brother entered the magistracy of Tourism, therefore, before the arrival of friends, always makes me the route. I love being in the center of the city and in the countryside. I was only two months in Paris, but when crossed the Hungarian border, on the way home, I like a stone from the shoulders down (ed. - smiles). I already wanted to see my parents, friends, boyfriend.

Evelyn Nevitsky on the tower of the castle, near Uzhgorod

- With a guy? He is from Uzhgorod? But what about those conversations online about Vladimir Klitschko and Prince Harry.
- It's just talk. I certainly intersect with them, talk, but no more. So take it with a smile. Yes, sometimes, it affects me, but as said, my friend - a journalist: they must always something to write about. So I try not to pay attention to it. After all, journalists have something to live for (ed. - smiles).

- A family is reacting to such gossip?

- They are closely watching all the press reports concerning me and the first time even asked again about every rumor and coincidence is not it? But now it is well understood, so it's OK.

- How are these rumors Men: Mr and Harry?

- I do not know, to be honest. Maybe they talk about their press - agents, and possibly not (ed. - smiles).

- Tell me about your modeling career?

- Really my career nachalps in Milan. I worked there for 16 years, has found a lot of good friends. Then he even went to them with my brother. Although Milan was not as interesting as Rome. That is - fashion network. Today, I work exclusively with Chanel.

- How do you adjust yourself? It's not just a display of some little-known brand ...

- It's all self-discipline. I think that the sport has given me a lot in this regard, because it is, and physical development, and psychological, and moral and discipline. Therefore sport gave me a good base and actually made me.

- You're still doing gymnastics?

- Unfortunately, no. Just keep fit. In fact, to have to deal with a lot of time, and now I have it not at all, so I just keep fit. I began gymnastics at age 4 and gone - in 18 years. Therefore, we can say that I was a good school and a great sport and life.

- You want to "pull" the U.S. and enroll in kinokursy. This means that the goal - Hollywood?

- Yes, that's exactly what I want. I think the main thing - it's a wish. A year ago, I even could not imagine that I would work in Paris with Chanel. So no one knows what a chance and what opportunities I will be in 2-3 years.

- Who you adjust so easily and naturally to live?

- Parents. It's all education. Up to now, mom keeps me strong gloves and controls at all times. And I think that's good. My mother - the authority for me.

My mother Evelyn, known athlete. She has appeared in the Soviet team and Ukraine in the women's 800 meters.

- This year you met many successful and famous people. How was the experience of communicating with them?

- They are very simple and pleasant people. Of course, I understand what they have achieved in my life, but I behave at all times and with all free. If they feel some stiffness, and then they shall treat me differently. Here, I also help parents set. Family - is my authority. And I'm proud of it.

Evelyn and Milla Jovovich

- media write about your familiarity with the genius Lagerfeld. Tell us about it and in fact, the familiarity.

- We met after a week of my time in Paris. I sewed on the dress with a plain fabric, I was followed, watched, as I am myself, have time to do all the time or not. And then I say, "Are you looking for Carl." It was quite simple and very nice person. Although he and his outfit really - perfect. It's easy to communicate.

- In the modeling business, you have girlfriends?

- Yes! Many people have asked me about colleagues - envy. There is a certain element of competition. But sometimes it does not make sense. For example, Kenzo looking for models with an Asian appearance, and what can I do if I have it Slavonic (ed. - smiles).

Evelyn and Miranda Kerr

Girls, in fact, everything is very nice. There are those who, for 15, and is also on the 25 years, but no one is offended and does not demean the opposite - help, support. There is no meanness. And not only in Europe. I worked in the winter of this year at the Fashion Week in Ukraine - same here - all friendly, affable.

- How do feel about travel: plan them in detail or let the occasion of their form?

- If it's work-related trips, everything planned out to the minute. If a holiday with friends and family - it's always all spontaneous and very interesting. Parents trust me at 100%, are well aware of my friends, so the problems with travel is never created.

- You have a large wardrobe?

- Yeah, pretty big. I still difficult to find the style, because I love the classic and sportswear, and casual design. I have a lot of different things. Therefore, I have something to wear but hard to combine. If we talk about brands, I dress in masmerketi as H & M, Zar, they are low cost and very comfortable. For formal events, I use branded clothes. Prefer Chanel.

- Many models eventually become designers.

- Yes, because they see, and many already know what to do and how. But I have no such plans. Although the lessons of algebra I always drawing girls in a notebook. I must confess that I draw is just awful (ed. - laughs).

- You're in Uzhgorod not had time to work?

- In time, in a restaurant Fan Fan (at 15 she became the advertising "face" of the French restaurant). She worked as a waiter in the summer vacation, then the kitchen. So I know the restaurant business from the ground up. And draila floors and hood. It's a good experience.

- Are you good cook?

- My parents and friends to enjoy (ed - smiles).

- Where are you planning to live?

- In Uzhgorod.(Oujhorod) I love this city. Even in Lviv me hard to sustain for days. Uzhgorod - more open.

Katy Perry : lookée and love for an after-party New York!

The American star was alongside her boyfriend last Saturday to enjoy the after-party on Saturday Night Live, where she attended a few hours ago! 

After noticed on the set of transition issuing Jimmy Fallon, Katy Perry ensured a good performance this time in the famous American show Saturday Night Live, hosted the evening was none other than Bruce Willis, this Saturday October 12.

Katy has performed live in its two new singles, Roar and Walking on Air, from his upcoming album which will invest Prism stores on October 22!

result, the Californian singer of 28 years went to party during the SNL after-party, and go, it is his love that John Mayer was accompanied! In fact, having a good time and relaxed, the couple was spotted at the output of the evening which was held at Heartland Brewery in New York.

Small camouflage dress, original perfecto fishnet ankle boots Black and chic bag as a back-bag it, Katy was well primed for this "party" during which she has not dropped her lover a sole! And it's not John himself, who was meanwhile wearing jeans and a varsity jacket, who's complaining!

To see all the pictures of the couple after their New York evening, it happens just above!

Madonna hit the ban list cinema chain

Cinema chain, located in the state of Texas has banned Madonna to visit their branches: the singer violated the local rules.

Last week, Madonna visited the New York Film Festival, which visited the premiere of "12 years of slavery" (12 Years A Slave ). During the session, and the star was an unpleasant incident: the artist decided to write a text message, that the rules of The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is strictly prohibited. When Madonna was asked to stop and remove the phone conversation, she has responded to the demand extremely irritable (obviously, with being under the influence of the film about the cruel slave-owners):

This is for business ... oppressor!
Network The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema has long been a policy - no SMS messages during sessions movie. Thus, when the story came to the founder and CEO Tim League cinema, he wrote on his page on the social networking site that Madonna will no longer be welcome in the chain of movie theaters:

Madonna included in the ban list the network of theaters, until she apologizes to fans of the movie.
pop star did not react to such a statement. Perhaps she still writes text messages, adjusting their business.

Penelope Cruz

Now all the attention of the Western media focused on Penelope Cruz. July 22 she gave her daughter, Javier Bardem, and now actively participates in all the social events associated with the last film by Ridley Scott's "advisor" (in which Pe performed one of the main roles). Since October 3, 39-year-old Spaniard appeared at the London premiere, prompting admiration of fans and critics around the world. Let's see what has changed its appearance, beauty and diet rules.

Penelope Cruz was born in 1974 near Madrid in the family car mechanic and a hairdresser. His first acting contract she signed as early as 15 years old, and a year later received rave reviews from critics, playing in a very unusual movie "Ham, ham." View

Penelope Cruz in 1995
In 2001, thanks to the tapes, "Cocaine" and "Vanilla Sky" Penelope came to real fame. Since then her career has gone navzlet, and genre roles truly impressive thrillers like "Gothic" adventure strip of "Sahara" and years of creative alliance with the eccentric director Pedro Almodovar.

Among the trophies Cruz senior - "Oscar" and a BAFTA. Let us remember and a nomination for the "Golden Globe" for the film "Vicky Cristina Barcelona." Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame - a fitting recognition.

Sultry Spaniard worked as a model for the brand Mango, Ralph Lauren and L'Oréal. Together with his sister, they released her own line of clothing.

Penelope was a girl of Javier Bardem in 2007, and three years later they were married in the Bahamas. In 2011 was born the first-born Leo.

In addition to a beautiful face and a stunning body in Cruz also good heart: it is actively helping charities and travels to third world countries, where the sacrifices their fees.

Early in his career Penelope compared to Audrey Hepburn. And in 2002, she first decided to cut its luxurious black hair and made a bean.

2002: Penelope Cruz made the cut, "bean"
As a Spaniard, Cruz, of course, loves red lipstick. But most of the actress still focuses on the eyes - the constant smokey-eyes.

In 2011, plastic surgeons turned her body into a list of one of the most desirable - along with Jennifer Aniston and Gisele Bundchen.

Age is not a problem for Cruz. In an interview with Mirror, she said:

I'm not going to hide your age. I admire actresses such as Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn, but they were never afraid of old age.
Our heroine has never aspired to the trendy Hollywood size zero. On the contrary, shapely Spaniard has always struggled with the promotion of unhealthy thinness.

When she became frantsuzkogo guest editor of Vogue, Penelope put the material with provocative photos of the then plus-size model Crystal Renn.

The usual weight for Penelope 54 kg with an increase in 168 centimeters, and during the first pregnancy actress gained 16 extra pounds. How she was able to get rid of them?

Contrary to rumors, Cruz has never adhered to the fashionable and harmful protein diet Pierre Duc. Its representatives have officially denied this lie.

Penelope Cruz on the beach: 2002 and 2013, during her second pregnancy
The main rules of beauty Penelope - is moderate Mediterranean diet, hydration and sleep:

One day I slept 18 hours straight! This is my record.
The diet of Spanish flu - fruits, vegetables, low-fat fish, and a little olive oil as a source of healthy fats for the beauty of hair:

I also love Spanish food - paella and tapas. A couple of times a week I eat burgers. I can afford meat even before going on the red carpet!
Penelope loves to dance - up to 18 years, she studied ballet:

It's much more fun than fitness. But, of course, more complicated.
A full-time care of their two children allows her to forget about the extra weight.

Her coach - a beautiful body guru Gunnar Peterson. It was he who helped her get in shape for Hollywood premieres, film roles and bikini season. But Cruz never reaches the point of absurdity:

Fitness and body - only a part of her life, this is not the main thing. Penelope sleeps well, drink plenty of mineral water and eating the right things. Look at it - it's immediately noticeable. Balance in all things - that's her motto.
In support of words - a compilation of our evolution actress.

Evolution Penelope Cruz: 

Penelope Cruz in 1993
Penelope Cruz in 1997
Penelope Cruz in 1999
Penelop in 2013